Hillsboro High School Seniors 1947

Hillsboro High School Seniors ~ 1947

These records were taken from El A'Guila 1947 which was the yearbook for Hillsboro High School. 

Foreword: El Aguila Round-Up has folded up and gone on its way for another year. Some of us will be part of the Rodeo again; others have witnessed the last great spectacle in the big show. We have endeavored to capture all the magic, thrills, and excitement of the moments we have all loved. It is our sincere wish that it brings you pleasant memories. On inside pages was the following: To express our appreciation for his contribution and genuine interest in us, we dedicate EL AGUILA to Mr. Charles, better known as "Pop", Christian. We have listed the staff and the seniors and all the different activities they were involved in during their high school years from 1943-1947.


Name Remarks
Eastland, Mr. Herman Jr. President
Stubblefiels, Mr. Cecil ......
Beard, Mrs. E. D. ......
Calvert, Mr. R. W. ......
Keeton, Mr. E. B. ......
Carter, Mrs. Henry .......
Lance, Mr. M. T. ......
Wilson, Mr. J. D. Superintendent
Hickey, Mrs. Tom Book Keeper
Barnes, Miss Janie Secretary
Evans, Mr. Curtis L. Principal
Wilson, Mrs. Joe Donald Secretary
Bond, Miss Mina Librarian
Davis, Mrs. Nancy Business Administration
Brown, Miss Frances Home Economics
Dawson, Mrs. Read Home Economics
Campbell, Mrs. Dale Home Economics
Eubank, Mrs. L, C. Science
Conaway, Miss Ruth Business Administration
Dalton, Mrs. Roy English
Galiga, P. T. Coach, Science
Long, Miss Minnie Beall Mathematics
Guthridge, Sam Band Director
Manion, Edward J. Coach, History
Harrell, Miss Ruth English
Musgrave, Miss Demetra Physical Education
Kaderli, James N. Shop
Rabb, C. R. Agriculture
Lattimore, John C. Mathematics
Rattan, S. D. Coach, Social Science, Mathematics
Sweeney, Miss Helen History, Civics
Raymer, Lloyd Physical Education
Tarpley, Miss Ben English
Reed, Miss Fannie History
Webb, Miss Blanche Mathematics
Richardson, Mrs. Parmer Music
Wood, William N. Speech
Sims, Mrs. Jack Science, Spanish, Business Administration, Mathematics


Adam, Gilbert Track
Arnold, Lu Jeanne F H T,Pep Squad, Choral Club, Dramatic Club
Barger, Joe Ray Football, Track
Bassinger, Edsel Basketball
Beard, Douglas Football, Annual Staff
Blackburn, Jo Nell F H T, F H A
Bessire, Geraldine Marie Choral Club, F H T
Blocker, Vivagene F H A
Booker, Jerry Football
Boyd, Homer Band, F F A
Brackett, George Football, F F A, Basketball, Track
Books, Billy Gene F F A
Bullock, Bobby Football, Basketball, Track
Carr, Billie Jean Choral Club, F H T
Chambers, Loy Ethel ..........
Chastain, Patsy F H T
Clements, Dorothy F H T
Cleveland, Jo Ann F H T, Parlimentarian, Choral Club
Cogswell, Yvonne F H T, Reporter FHT, President FHT, Choral Club, Band, Girl Scouts, Dramatics Club
Connevey, Jimmy Band
Conaway, Douglas Football, Co-Captain, Basketball, Junior Class Treasurer, Senior Class Vice President
Cunningham, Vernon .............
Curbo, Letha Faye ............
Davis, Thelbert ..........
Dohoney, Bobby Fottball, Basketball, CoCaptain Football, Senior Class President, Eagle Scout, Order of the Arrow, Senior Favorite
Dugger, Joe F F A, F F A Reporter, F F A President
Eastland, Donald Football, Basketball, Basketball manager, Track manager, President Dramatics Club, President Senior Class, American Legion Boy, Eagle Scout, Order of the Arrow, Senior Favorite Nominee
Emmons, Peggy F H T
Evans, Twilla F H A, Band, Choral Club
Farquhar, Jimmy Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball, F F A
Farrell, Leighton Basketball, Football Manager, Junior Class President, Tennis, Dramatic Club, Junior Favorite Nominee, Boys State, Annual Staff
Fawcett, Clinton Band, Football, Yell Leader, Junior Class Secretary
Forstner, Mary Beth F H T, Choral Club, Junior Sesame Club, Girls Scouts
Garrison, Kenneth ............
Grant, Kenneth F F A, Lone Star Farmer
Graves, Hilary .........
Greenhill, Wanda Ruth ...............
Grissom, Koe Basketball, Track manager
Hart, Margaret Ann F H T, Band
Helms, Jo F H T, Choral Club, Pep Squad, Band flag Bearer, Dramatic Club, Girls Scouts
Hernandez, Cynthia .........
Hill, Charles Football manager, Basketball manager, Junior Class Secretary, Chieftain Staff-Senior Edition
Hollingsworth, Jean ..........
Honeycutt, Ruth Choral Club, F H T, Band
Isbell, Jerry Band
Kane, J. K. Jr. Football
Lee, Ralph Football
Lowrey, Madelyn F H T, Choral Club, Girls Scouts
McAdams, Estelle .............
McAdams, Olita F H T
McCauley, Billy Ray Yell Leader, Yell Leader Club, Dramatic Club
McCauley, Don Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Eagle Scout-Bronze Palm, Order of the Arrow, Band, Chieftain-Senior Editor
McClung, Ted ............
McClure, Joyce F H A, Choral Club, Pep Squad
McCoy, Harlod F F A, Football
McCreight, Gloria Marie ...........
McFarland, Bobby Football, Basketball, Track, Dramatic Club Treasurer, Senior Class Treasurer
Malone, Harvey Basketball
Martin, Bobby Football, Track
Meeker, Charles F F A, Band
Middleton, Billy F F A, Band
Middleton, Sue F H T, F H T Pianist, Band, Band President, Annual Staff
Moore, Mary Margaret Choral Club, Band Majorette, Pep Squad Drum Major, Junior Favorite Nominee, Senior Favorite Nominee, Junior Les Causeuses, F H T
Muehlstein, Virginia ...........
Oglesby, Dorothy May Junior Sesame, Dramatic Club, Senior Favorite
Owens, Wanda Choral Club, F H T, Dramatic Club
Padgett, Sammie Lou F H T, Choral Club, F H T Vice-president
Patterson, Milton Football, basketball, Track, Yell Leader, Yell Leader Club President, Band, Senior Editor of Annual, Chieftain Staff, Order of the Arrow
Penn, George Football, Track, Annual Staff
Powell, Clara Jewel ...........
Priddy, Vernell F H A
Qualls, Charles Football, Basketball, Track, Track manager, Baseball, F F A Reporter, Junior Class Reporter, Senior Class Reporter, Order of the Arrow
Ramsey, Frank ..................
Scott, Bobby ...............
Shotwell, Betty June F H T, F H A, American Legion Girl, Girl Scouts, Dramatic Club
Sides, Jimmy Annual Staff
Simmons, Johnnie Ruth F H T
Smalley, Bobbie ............
Smith, Alton ..........
Smith, Betty Ruth FHT, President FHT, Choral Club, Vice president Choral Club, Girl Scouts, High School Trio, Junior Sesame, Pep Squad, El Guiador Representative, Annual Editor in Chief, Chieftain Staff, High School Beauty Nominee, Senior Favorite Nominee
Springer, Lucille Choral Club, F H T, F H A, F H A Pianist, Pep Squad, Dramatic Club
Snelson, Wayne F F A, Band
Swint, Joe Dan Track, Football
Tollett, Ruth F H T, Pep Squad, Dramatic Club
White, Joy Beth Choral Club, F H T, Pep Squad
Wilkinson, George Lynn Football, Basketball, Track, Secretary Senior Class, Senior Favorite Nominee
Wood, Catherine F H T
Williams, Evelyn Choral Club, F H T
Davis, Jimmy ..........
Payne, Billie Tuggle .........
Youngblood, C. J. Track, Football, Basketball