HILLSBORO EVENING MIRROR--Monday May 18, 1936, page 1


Henry Hickerson Haygood’s Grandfather, who had the same name, Participated in the siege of Bexar

Understanding that the grandfather of Henry Hickerson Haygood of Hillsboro was a hero in the Texas Revolution, the Mirror editor wrote our special representative at Austin, Mrs. Mayme Atwood Kelly for information. With her usual promptness, she searched the records of the general land office, the archives of the University and other historical sources and reported with the following information.

The records of the general land office reveal that Henry H. Haygood (which she thinks might easily have been an error and meant Henry H. Haygood) received a grant of 640 acres of land for having helped in the siege of Bexar between the 5th and 10th of December 1835.

The Hillsboro man, whose name is the same as his grandfather, states the elder Haygood was born in Mississippi September 3, 1815; and also fought at the battle of San Jacinto in which Santa Anna was captured.

The younger Haygood, who has been a resident of Hillsboro for many years is now 58 years of age.

Typed exactly as written by Yvonne Akin, HCGS Vonlunteer