Twenty-five First Families of Hill County, Texas 1853-1903 certificates honoring pioneer families were issued 2018.


The certificate program originated before the Hill County and Hillsboro Sesquicentennial Celebrations and the awards ceremonies were part of the celebrations in 2003. Four hundred and twenty-one certificates have now been issued by the Hill County Genealogical Society in honor of early Hill County settlers.


The first certificate of 2018 was issued to David L. Underwood of Garland with William Andrew Underwood as his ancestor.  He was issued certificate no. 397. Certificate no. 398 belongs to Tommy Gene Farias of Itasca with W. A. Farias as his ancestor.


Thomas Fearn Mastin, IV of Ft. Worth received certificate 399 and his ancestor was
Thomas Fearn Mastin.  Billy D. Arnold of Clifton was awarded certificate 400 in honor of his ancestor, John Francis Arnold.


Andrew Lewis Smith of Hillsboro received six certificates. His ancestors were: William I. Satterfield, Sr. and Frances E. Massey, certificate no 401; William I. Satterfield, Jr., and Lela Loyal Stanley, certificate no. 402; Benjamin E. Stanley and Elizabeth C. Appling, certificate no. 403; Francis Dumas Smith, Jr. and Mary Ann Cole, certificate no. 404; Andrew Lewis Smith and Minnie Stroud, certificate no. 405; and Eliza Hester Johns Stanley, certificate no. 406.


Jana Elizabeth Nors of Abbott was issued certificate no. 407 in honor of her ancestor, Aubrey Joseph Rangeley.  Frances Ann Smith Lefevre of Fort Worth received certificate no. 408 and her ancestor was James Napoleon “Pole” Weatherred. Ella Louise Smith Martin of Benbrook received certificate no. 409 in honor of James Napoleon “Pole” Weatherred.


Receiving certificates in honor of their ancestor, James W. Orr were William Seth Orr, no. 410;

Samuel James Orr, no. 411 and Emma Marie Orr, no. 412. They live in Itasca.


Jesse Booth was the ancestor honored with certificate no. 413 by Ronnie E. Booth of Whitney.

Billy Dwain Ward from Ponder, TX was issued certificate no. 414 with Henry Carlton Ward, Sr. as his ancestor. Mr. Ward also received certificate no 415 with John W. Riley as the ancestor. Bonnie J. Riley Ward of Hillsboro received certificate no. 416 honoring John W Riley as her ancestor.


Certificate no. 417 went to Robert Edward Savage of Coppell for his ancestor Jesse Lemuel Teaff. Megan Terrell of Hillsboro received certificate no. 418 for her ancestors, William T. Terrell and Janie Kirkpatrick Terrell.


Wilbur Reese Reid of Keller received certificate no. 419 in honor of his ancestor, John Whitney Reid. Daniel Stephen Williams was the ancestor honored on certificate no. 420 by Ronnie Golden of Whitney. Charles Craig Hooker of Hillsboro was issued certificate 421 in honor of his ancestor, John Carson Hooker.


Early settlers who were living in Hill County between 1853 and 1903 can be honored with a First Families of Hill County, Texas, 1853-1903 certificate by one of their direct descendants. To quality, a person must prove that their ancestor settled in Hill County sometime during the first fifty years of its existence, 1853 to 1903. Evidence must also be presented to support that the applicant is a descendant of the family. It is not necessary to be a member of Hill County Genealogical Society to apply.


Request an application by mail at Hill County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 636, Hillsboro, TX 76645. Forms are also available at Hillsboro City Library. Enclose $10 with each completed application. Approved applications are filed in the Genealogy Section of Hillsboro City Library and are a valuable resource for researchers. For information contact the society by mail. .