Thirteen First Families of Hill County

Thirteen First Families of Hill County, Texas, 1853-1903 Certificates  Were Issued in 2015

Thirteen pioneer families were honored with First Families of Hill County, Texas 1853-1903 certificates in 2015.

The certificate program originated before the Hill County and Hillsboro Sesquicentennial Celebration and the awards ceremonies were part of the celebration in 2003. Three hundred and eighty-two have now been issued by the Hill County Genealogical Society in honor of early Hill County settlers.

Sarah Birdwell Bell of Liberty Hill, Texas received two certificates. Stephen P. Farquhar, certificate no. 370 and Charinna Bullard, certificate no. 371 were the ancestors honored.

Donald G. Cockrell of Laguna Park documented and received seven certificates honoring his Hill County pioneer ancestors. Cincinatus & Mary T. (Kirkpatrick) Brooks, certificate no. 372; Leonidas W. & Lena (Crockett) Brooks, certificate No. 373; Nelson W. & Edith (Ferguson, Patty) Crockett, certificate no. 374; Moses Samuel & Sally (Turner) Cockrell, certificate no. 375; Joseph Ross & Musette (Brooks) Cockrell certificate no. 376; William Hawthrone Kirkpatrick (collateral ancestor), certificate no. 378 and Addison Young Kirkpatrick, certificate no. 379.

Charles J. Bryant, certificate no 380 is the ancestor of Debra R. (Russell) Nolan of Red Oak, Texas.

James Wesley Moore, certificate no. 381, was honored by his descendant, Jerald W. Moore of Tow, Texas.

Ellis W. Faulkner, Jr. received certificate no. 382 in recognition of his pioneer ancestor, James Faulkner.

Early settlers who were living in Hill County between 1853 and 1903 can be honored with a First Families of Hill County, Texas, 1853-1903 certificate by one of their direct descendants. To quality, a person must prove that their ancestor settled in Hill County sometime during the first fifty years of its existence, 1853 to 1903. Evidence must also be presented to support that the applicant is a descendant of the family. It is not necessary to be a member of Hill County Genealogical Society to apply.

Applications may be obtained from HCGS website Click on First Family application print PDF file to print an application. Or request an application by mail at Hill County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 363, Hillsboro, TX 76645. Forms are also available at Hillsboro City Library. Enclose $10 with each completed application. Approved applications are filed in the Genealogy Section of Hillsboro City Library and are a valuable resource for researchers. For information contact the society by mail or by E-mail at You may also call Mollie Stinson at 254 582 3242 or E-mail: .