First Methodist Church 1892

First Methodist Church ~ 1892

Subscription to Build the New
Methodist Church at Hillsboro

     As per advertisement, bids were received to up to noon, Thursday, December 15th, 1892, for the erection of the new Methodist church in this city. About thirteen bids were before the committee and after a thorough canvass of the same, the contract was awarded to Messrs. Babb and Elben, of Bonham, Texas. They will erect the house, complete, exclusive of the glass, and furniture, for $7,200. This amount will just about enable the committee to complete and furnish for the amount of $10,000 which was the original idea as to amount necessary to build. The committee reserved the privilege of sub-letting the foundation if they can do so to advantage. Work will begin about the first of January, and the contractors have until July 1st to complete the building. The contract is let and subscriptions are now due, and funds are very much needed. Some member of the committee will probably call on you for your amount soon. We hope ever one will make it a point to be ready. 
     Below we give the list of subscribers, that you may see and know, the interest and confidence with which our friends and business men take hold of the enterprise.


T. B. Bond   $1,250  Ed Rodgers   $50
J. R. Thompson   $1,250  J. Turner   $25
E. M. Turner   $600  C. W. Moulton   $25
T. S. Smith   $300  Miss Jennie Wood   $25
R. J. Ware & Wife   $300  Charles G. Schwartz   $25
L. L. Works   $300  Miss Mattie Lovejoy   $25
G. M. Dunham   $200  J. Frier   $25
A. T. Rose   $150  W. W. Phillips   $25
N. H. Whitmire   $100  Mrs. J. B. Young   $25
W. H. Knight   $100  T. B. Patterson   $25
Wm Wood   $100  J. H. Miller paid $5 $25
Jno P. Cox   $100  Mrs. Erinkelow   $25
A. J. Thompson   $100  Thos Tarver   $25
E. S. Crumley   $100  J. H. Griffin   $25
A. J. Turk   $100  T. D. Carney   $25
S. F. Sullenberger   $100  L. K. Harpold   $25
A. L. Lowrey  $100  T. S. Johnson   $25
Dr. Geo D. Bond   $100  George Patterson   $25
W. R. Lang   $50  A. B. Jones   $25
J. G. Newman   $50  J. O. Moore   $25
G. T. Jones   $50  H. W. Kelley   $25
J. W. Stevens   $75  H. C. Newman   $25
T. P. Turk   $75  Mrs. J. Taliaferro   $25
C. F. Graham   $75  R. A. Messick   $20
G. W. Hunton   $50  W. E. Goodman   $20
W. H. Hearn   $50  J. S. Bounds   $15
W. H. Ellington   $50  W. L. Booth work $15
Mrs. J. W. Stevens   $50  S. A. Phillips   $15
R. M. Vaughan   $50  E. L. Harvey hauling $15
E. H. Edens   $50  J. T. Wooten   $15
H. N. Spooner   $50  N. W. Moores   $10
Geo D. Bond   $50  O. W. Ellington   $10
F. Scott Shook   $50  J. T. Ballard   $10
J. C. Turk   $50  W. P. Ware   $10
R. M. Hardy paid $25 $50  G. Jack Carter   $10
W. E. Spell   $50  J. B. Buchanan   $10
C. W. Hickey   $40  Miss Nannie Dixon   $10
R. T. Dennis & Bro   $30  Miss Maggie Dixon   $10
A. P. McKinnon   $25  Frank Eckert paid $5 $10
S. D. Pate   $10  George Carmichael   $10
Mrs. N. A. Haley   $10  T. E. Tomlinson   $10
O. D. Cheatham   $10  Johm L. Lovejoy   $10
C. Stevens   $10  Miss Joe Cowan   $10
Will Williams   $10  J. N. Johnson   $10
G. S. Dickerson   $10  L. P. Garrison   $10
Thomas Ivy   $10  G. D. Tarlton   $10
T. B. Jones   $10  J. R. Ponder   $10
T. G. Hawkins   $10  J. E. H. Railey   $10
Wm A. fields   $10  W. H. Reynolds   $10
Guy P. Carney   $10  John Caruthers   $10
W. R. Rhoads   $10  L. Brin   $10
George L. Porter   $10  George I. Jordan   $10
P. R. Thornton   $10  J. G. H. Buck   $10
Piper & Wakefield   $10  D. M. Morgan   $10
W. B. Groves   $10  J. S. Hood   $10
C. B. Anderson Dray $10  J. J. Robert   $10
W. O. Oldham   $10  Rosenbaum Bros.   $10
R. M. Duff   $15  Mrs. Dixon   $5
C. H. Baker   $5  Oscar Rogers   $5
Morton Ware   $5  Mrs. M. E. Case Paid $5
L. P. Corry   $5  John Phillips   $5
W. H. Henderson   $5  O. Holland   $5
Tam Brooks   $5  E. J. Cooper   $5
W. A. Findley   $5  Preston Ivy   $5
W. C. Herring   $5  H. C. Ferguson Paid $5
C.R. Williams   $5  C. M. Hall   $5
Isaac Green   $5  J. P. Orr   $5
J. A. Hill   $5  R. S. Bradley   $5
O. H. Young   $5  Mrs. W. T. Smith   $39
Lamar Thompson   $8  Garland Smith   $1
Miss D. Robinson   $1  Wm Oberfoell Paid $1
Guy C. West Paid $1  D. W. Campbelt   $25
G. R. Bennett   $100  W. T. Lovell   $25
J. H. Jonz   $5  T. N. Eliff work $6.75
E. A. Sturgis   $2.50  J. V. Proctor   $2.50

Total: $8,383.75
The above appeared in the Hillsboro Reflector newspaper on Wednesday, December 28, 1892.