Haskell County O'Brien Schools

O'Brien Schools
Haskell County, Texas

1900 - 1910 Era

Photos courtesy of Wanda Bates 2010

Wanda's Haskell County ancestors included the families of H. B. Huddleston;
W. C. Speck; A. V. Stanfield and W. H. Smith.
They came from Comanche County to Haskell County.

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About 1900 - Mesquite School at O'Brien, Haskell Co., TX
Wanda's grandfather, O. C. Speck, was born in 1895 so she bases the date
on how old he looks in the photo - 5 or 6 years old.


School at O'Brien - 1910
Teachers are Mr. Watson, principal; Miss Maud Pope,
Miss Mary Nichols and Miss Estelle Harrison


O'Brien School - early 1900's


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