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Look-up Volunteers

Volunteering is fun and we hope you will join us  (See below)

Feel free to request a look-up from the following sources:
Remember this is a Look-up request.  For more extensive research contact Haskell County
Historical and Genealogy Society
for information about their Research Services.

 S o u r c e


Look-up Request Guidelines:  
In the first line of your message, put the name of the book
in which you are requesting the lookup, along with the
 name of the person you are researching.  
Don't forget to thank your Look-up Volunteer.

Click on Volunteer's Name
 or Other Link Below

     Haskell  County Cemetery Records, Volume 1 - Willow Cemetery
Haskell, Texas, pub 1998 by Haskell Co Historical &
                       Genealogical Society (with written permission)


        Eloise Charboneau

Haskell  Haskell County & its pioneers - by Rex Felker   


        Eloise Charboneau
                              STAMFORD CEMETERY 

Don Haynes has agreed to do Look-ups for the burial
information in the Stamford Cemetery which is located in
Haskell County as well as in neighboring Jones County.

Please be as specific as possible with your request and
give a first and last name whenever possible.


           Don Haynes



  If you are interested in joining the Haskell County Look-up Volunteers (it's fun to do),
please let  Jane Colmenares, webmaster, know.
You can do look-ups in books, in the census records, the cemeteries or other Haskell County locations.
A copyrighted work must have the author or publisher's permission before we can allow a
Look-up in it.    Those Haskell cemeteries which are not online
will also need a look-up volunteer who can check for a specific burial there.

Remember, a Look-up Volunteer is not being asked to do lengthy research - just to check a particular record
to see if a name is there and, if it is, what the record says about that name and/or event.   Then you
report that information to the person who wrote to ask for the Look-up.   After that you
can feel good about yourself for helping a fellow genealogy researcher.

     (Note:  TXGenWeb  has set a policy that Volunteers & Query responders are not required to click on a link to register in order to answer a Query or Look-up Request.   For this type of spam blocker, please add the volunteer's e-mail as an allowed address or inform those who might respond to your Query that they'll be required to register.   Your Query and Look-up Request may not be answered if a registration form must be completed in order to do so.) 

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