Houston, Harris County, Texas

February 17, 2000

This old cemetery is located in North Houston off Jenson Drive. McDaniel Street, east off Jenson Drive curves to Schuler Street and runs parallel with Jenson. Just north of Crosstimbers, this cemetery is located in the curve of McDaniel & Schuler.

While walking this cemetery, it was quite obvious that vandalism has taken it’s toll. Very few of the headstones were standing. Only those that could not be pushed forward or knocked over were barely legible. Decay and fungus was apparent everywhere. The cemetery was filthy and full of sunken graves with no markers visible.

The central section was encased in a red brick wall with an entry arch that read "Wescott Cemetery 1930". The oldest grave we found in this cemetery was 1862, it seems that it took 68 years for an enclosure to be built around the cemetery which leads us to believe that this particular section of the cemetery was claimed by the Westcott family. Also, there was a separate concrete cinderblock fence section on this property. The following information was recorded on February 17, 2000 by Woody & Lou Ann Lunsford.

Cours, Joseph

1876 – 1934

Wescott, Elmira

1873 – 1951

Blackwell, Robert Wescott

1895 – 1949

This was a smaller headstone on his side of a large double headstone that reads:

Blackwell, Robert Wescott

      1. 2-22-1949

Blackwell, Dora Applin

      1. 4-6-1957

There was not a smaller headstone on her side of the double marker.

Cours, Arthur

      1. 4-4-1883

Broken headstone

Sayers, Mary Jane

Daughter of Andy & Annie Sayers

      1. Jan. 1886

Broken headstone

Beecham, C.M.

5-17-1844 June 11, 1903?

Kane, Lawrence

      1. Aged 5 years

Grissom, Alexander

      1. 8-21-1880

Two white jasper markers on a base and broken, both marked L.W.

Wescott, Gideon C.

  1. 1918

Wescott, Louisa H.

      1. 9-19-1884

Wife of Gideon C. Wescott

Wescott, Joseph M.

12-14-1879 8-8-1887

Son of G.C. & L.H. Wescott

This information was noted on the headstone of Louisa H. Wescott.

Daughter of G.C. & L.H. Wescott

      1. June 1887

Wescott, Harriett C.

1-19-1883 11-15-1884

Daughter of G.C. & L.H. Wescott

Small white jasper marker, H.M.

Wescott, Gideon C.

4-9-1873 7-18-1877

Son of G.C. & L.H. Wescott

Wescott, Amanda

2-6-1872 7-24-1872

Daughter of H. & H.R. Wescott

Wescott, Claricia

1-15-1862 5-21-1862

Daughter of H. & Amanda Wescott. This is the oldest headstone we found among those that were legible.

Wescott, Amanda A.

2-27-1845 4-15-186?

Wife of Hampton Wescott

Wescott, Hampton

      1. 1-18-1877

Madden, Hattie

8-29-1882 10-7-1886

Daughter of D.A. & Mary H. Madden

Large Granite headstone laying face down. Too large to move. Could not read. This marker is beside Hattie Madden.

Wescott, James D.

11-29-1869 7-29-1873

Son of J. D. & Emma E. Wescott

Wescott, Richard D.

3-19-1866 7-17-1866

Son of J.D. & Emma E. Wescott


Wescott, James D. **(see end of cemetery list for census information)

11-21-1842 9-4-1873

Son of R.D. & A.D. Wescott

Wescott, Emma Aurora

5-21-1846 9-18-1915

Wife of J.D. Wescott

Scranton, Josephine

1865 - 1891 or 1894

Wife of H.O. Scranton

Daughter of J.D. & Emma E. Wescott

Wescott, Denmar

1-10-1894 10-28-1898

Son of J.P. & D.A. Wescott

Tucker, Hampton

  1. - 1953

Tucker, Julia A.

      1. 3-26-1948

Tucker, John E.

6-10-1856 12-18-1939

Tucker, Girtrued

2-8-1891 9-18-1900

Daughter of J.E. & J.A. Tucker

Kindall, A.L.

      1. 6-7-1896

Wescott, R.D.

      1. 9-28-1897

Wescott, Almiara D.

3-13-1820 6-28-1877

Wife of R.D. Wescott

One headstone laying face down just beside Almiara D. Wescott

Wescott, Christina W.

      1. 3-26-1941

Wescott, H.

      1. no death date

This was a double headstone for Christina & H. laying on it’s back.

Wescott, Charles Hampton

      1. 10-11-1919

Daughter of C.W. Wescott

5-9-1918 1-7-1919


Wescott, Nona Lee

      1. 11-6-1961

Wescott, John E.

      1. 1-31-1949

Ezell, Lois Lavena

      1. 9-6-1939

Daughter of John E. & Nona Lee Wescott

These three headstone are close together in a row.

All of the above headstones were inside the red brick fence wall in the central part of this cemetery.


The following are outside, probably an expanded area of this cemetery.

Mc Daniel, Dora A.

10-5-1880 10-8-1911

Wife of George E. Mc Daniel

Miller, Henry Louis

      1. 2-24-1934

Miller, Hettie Ann

      1. 1-26-1943

Wife of Henry Louis Miller

Double marker

Concrete cinderblock fenced area with trim on the corners held the following graves:

Hammett, Ira W.

  1. - 1946

Prevett, Robert P.

  1. - 1922

Prevett, Margrate B.

1855 - 1941

Farmer, John

      1. 3-2-1886

Farmer, Lucy

11-8-1853 8-4-1909

Wife of John Farmer

Large masonic marker, white jasper stone on a platform of silver granite. His name & dates on one side, her’s on the other.

These are the only headsones readable in this enclosure.


Outside this concrete fence to the other part of the cemetery, there are two rounded concrete vault tops showing. No markers on these graves, ground has been washed away and sunken badly.

Wire arbor sagging with sticks and debris over only one headstone that we could see. There is a place on the concrete headstone for a plaque. Plaque is missing. No other identifiable markers


Preston, Tryphena B.

      1. 4-26-1929

Smith, Charles William

      1. 11-12-1897

Poirier, Alphonse J.

      1. 7-6-1944

Son of A.L. & A.D. Poirier

Poirier, Annie D.

      1. 3-10-1935

Wife of Alphonse L. Poirier

Poirier, Alphonse L.

      1. 10-12-1915

These three headstones in a row. Badly grown over with vines and weeds.

Bryan, Roy Iley

TX Sgt. 141st. Inf. April 4, 1941

Military commerative marker

Infant Son of U.P. Bardwell

      1. 5-22-1912

Fenced off area with chain link holding these three graves:

Cours, Eugene

      1. 2-5-1998

Cours, Marie


Double headstone with:

Cours, Adalade


Cours, Albert

1873 – 1957

Woodman of the World on marker


The spelling of the names in this listing are as they appeared on the headstones. The dates noted are as accurate as we were able to make out on some of them.

The Wescott, Mc Daniel & Cours’ families have streets named after them in this area. It is a very old part of the Houston area known as North Houston. On the 1947 street map of the Houston area, this cemetery is located on Graveyard Street, just off Wescott Blvd. The general area for this cemetery is around Crosstimbers and Jensen Drive. (Note: Wescott Blvd. No longer exists in this area. There now is a Wescott Street in the Washington Avenue area, close to Memorial Park off Memorial Drive.


1870 Harris County, TX census, Ward #2

James D. Wescott, age 28, white male, b. TX. Occupation: Runs Plaining Machine (sic)

Wife: Emma, age 24, white female, b. LA

Josephine, age 3 b. TX

James D. (Jr.), age 6 mos b. TX

Also in household: Martha Wescott, age 19, b. TX (probably sister to James D.)

This was the only Wescott family noted in the 1870 census. The McDaniel family & the Cours’ family were not listed.