Riverside Cemetery
Riverside Cemetery

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Riverside Cemetery
    This cemetery traces its origin to the Smith Family Graveyard established by early settlers to this area.  Ezekiel (1781-1854) and Susanna (1774-1848) Smith and their four sons migrated to Texas from Virginia.   In 1837 Ezekiel was granted land in present day Guadalupe County.  There son, French Smith (1809-1880), was one of the first shareholders of the City of Seguin.  He donated land for a City Park, High School, and Methodist Church.   In 1880, French Smith deeded the Family Cemetery to the City of Seguin.
    A Public Cemetery North of the Smith Cemetery was founded, and later called Riverside. George B. Hollamon deeded additional land to the city for the Cemetery in 1888, and in 1896 a third parcel was deeded by W. E. Goodrich, these cemeteries were combined for a total of 15 acres.  Among the more than 2000 burials are those of pioneer settlers, veterans, elected officials, business leaders, clergy, and former slaves.
    Although well maintained at times, over the years the cemetery fell into disrepair.  In 1994 Friends of Riverside Cemetery undertook a complete restoration of the site through voluntary efforts of concerned citizens and descendants of those buried here.  The Riverside Cemetery continues to serve the community (1996)

cemetery1  flood
Earliest Portion of Cemetery                                            After the Flood
jones  jones 2
Timothy Pickering Jones
Born Nov 22 1824  Entered Texas on his birthday 1835 Independence 1835-1836 Captain of a Company in the Mexican War.  Colonel
Sixth Tennessee Regiment 1864 Died in Texas October 18 1904
Erected by The State of Texas 1962

monument   Nolte
Schmidt Monuments                                                  Eugene Nolte Crypt
Sarah Fields  sarah Murphy
Sarah Fields
Dec 18 1870
Jan 13 1943

Sarah Murphy
Died Nov 8 1917
age 52

Snively  Snively 2
Daniel D. Snively
Son of Da? A. Snively of New Albany Ind Diedat Camp Bee
Oct 26 1862 aged 23 years

Smith  Flowers
Ezekiel Smith
A Soldier in the Army of Texas
in the Mier Expedition, 1842
Born in Virginia Died in Seguin, Texas October 28 1854
Erected by the State of Texas

Flowers in the Cemetery

Elsa Anna Giesick
Elsa Anna Giesick
Ida Giesick
Ida Giesick

Otto Giesick
Otto Giesick

Wilhellm & Louise Giesick
Wilhelm and Louise Giesick

William Giesick
William Giesick

Otto and Anna Jahns
Otto and Anna Jahns

Metha Schmoekel
Metha Schmoekel

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