1900's Pictures
Photo's from Our Century Decade By Decade
All Photo's Courtesy of Leon Studios
to the Gazette-Enterprise
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Also note these were scanned from the paper and not all are as good as
they were when in the paper or donated by Leon Studios.  I could not
find a Telephone number or address for Leon Studios in Seguin.  If you can
identify any of the pictures please let me know.   Wanda Qualls

Pictures that were sent by
Thomas Richard Crump, P. C.
Braden Cotton Gin

October 20, 1999

1910 Pictures
Parade, 1904
Seguin Normal School, 1902
1906 Float
Downtown Seguin
Austin & Court Streets
St. Joseph's Acadamy 1904
Conrads, 1903
Fire Department Kids, 1911
Schultz's Saloon Fire, 1907
Guadalupe County Commissioners Court
Barber Shop


October 21, 1999

1920 Pictures
Note: Richard MyCue says this is the Ice Plant on North Bowie St.
The building is still there but visually modified.  

Koepsel Lumber


October 22, 1999

1930 Pictures
A Church
Note: Richard MyCue says this is the Methodist-Episcopal Churh.  It was on the
NE corner of River and Mountain Streets.  It was demolished in mid 1970's
Bathing Beauty
Boys Club
Burned out College
Beauty Contest
Unknown Building
Note: Richard MyCue says this is the Old Baptist Church on the corner of Camp
and Center Streets.  It dates from the 1850's or so and is modified in apparence
Rally or Gathering
Two men
Note: Richard MyCue says this is that one of the men appears to be Max Starcke.

Centennial Parade 1938
Unknown Building
Note: Richard MyCue says this is the St. Joseph's School and was oringinally the
Male Acacadamy circa 1850 and is still used as a school.
Navarro School Class Picture
Bonnie and Clyde


October 23, 1999

1940 Pictures
Spanish Theme
Lady working
Showing livestock
Ed Boehnke and Frank Klein

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