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Bibliography - Guadalupe County, Texas

If you know of any good references for the Guadalupe County bibliography, please send me the information via email and I will gladly place it on the Guadalupe County Web Site.   Donna Schulte Loth

The History of German Settlements in Texas, 1831-1861, by Rudolph L. Biesele, 1930. Reprinted by The German-Texan Heritage Society and Eakin Press in 1987. For lookups, contact: Dave Crane (

Richard Mycue, an architect by trade, said, on 9/26/97:
I am willing to do "looks-ups" and/or discuss, within the limits of my familiarity with the subject, information regarding Seguin/Guadalupe County, as time permits.

 The resources I will share are:
Moellering, "History of Guadalupe County". M.A. thesis, University of Texas at Austin, 1938.

 Blumberg, C. F. II, "Blumberg Klan Book", 1938. This private publication traces the descendants of Carl F. and Catherine R. Blumberg from 1845 to 1938 and includes a brief history of the family. Additionally available is the diary related to the family's travel to Texas and correspondance of C.F. Blumberg.

 Weinert, W. M., Numerous articles and histories related to Seguin, the fire department, Methodist Church, historical personages...varied dates

 And miscellaneous materials such as...

  • A large collection of historical photographs related to Seguin/Guadalupe County, primarily.
  • Several plats (copies) of 19th century Seguin/Guadalupe County showing land grants, town and farm lots, etc.
  • General knowledge of Seguin/Guadalupe County history and early families (Blumberg, Koepsel, Mertz [Merz], Koehler, Elley [von Elterlein] and a specific knowledge of the development of Seguin since its founding, particularly the building types/technologies and town growth.
  • Copies of Sanborn insurance maps of Seguin starting circa 1880.
  • ...and miscellaneous unorganized material, documents, etc.

Thompson, Mildred. "History of the Staples Community from 1852-1856 for Use in Social Studies in Elementary Grades", M.A. Thesis, Southwest Texas State Teachers College, 1960. (Now Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas).

 Copies of theses are best obtained from the student; they are glad to get rid of the extras and happy somebody cares. Failing that, try writing the chairman/person of the appropriate department at that university and asking how/where you can get one.

Redwood Cemetery in Redwood, Guadalupe County, Texas.
Laurie Ackels will do Redwood Cemetery lookups in Family Footsteps Magazine, published by the Comal County Genealogical Society, Volume XIII, Number 3, Nov 1996, pp 151-52. It has directions to and a diagram of those interred at the Redwood Cemetery as well as birth/death dates. It was put together by the Redwood Cemetery Association.
Ford & Mary Ann Davis of Friendswood, TX volunteer:

 The Guadalupe family names we are researching are McKay and McClain. I recently purchased two of the old WPA indexes pertaining to Guadalupe Co. I am willing to do lookups for folks in:

  • Index to Probate Cases of Texas, No., 94, Guadalupe County, March 22, 1846 to August 11, 1939. Prepared by The Texas State-wide Records Project, Division of Community Service Programs, Work Projects Administration. This publication lists name of Deceased, Minor or Lunatic, Date Filed and Case Number.

  • Guadalupe County, Texas, Marriage Records 1847 - 1874, Registers A & B. This publication lists marriages on file. Register A lists groom first and Register B lists bride first. It gives both names and the date, nothing more. In some cases the date is blank, either unreadable or destroyed or for some reason not recorded.

  • J. Tracy Walker, III of Charlottesville, VA, volunteers:

     I have "The History of The McClaugherty Family" by James D. McClaugherty. To my knowledge, all of the McClaughertys in the US descend from James McClaugherty (born in Scotland, married in Ireland, died in Giles County, VA 13 May 1813). A grandson of James D., also named James, born 12 Mar 1812, graduated in law from Virginia Military Institute and migrated to Seguin, TX 1850-1852. He became the Sheriff, Tax Assessor, and Tax Collector of Guadalupe County the Summer after his arrival and served until 1862.

     While this book is unindexed and slightly out of order, I will be glad to do "lookups" as time permits.

    If you have not seen anything that you recognize yet, and you cannot find it in the census or death records of your own local library, and you still need help with research at the Seguin Library in Guadalupe County, contact Karen Robinson. She has volunteered to look in the genealogy section of the Seguin Public Library if you have a specific question you would like researched.
    In addition to the folks listed above, the Guadalupe County Genealogical Society mentions these volunteers in its bulletin:

    Laura Ford 830/303-5186
    Micky or Dorothy Butler 830/303-6734
    Virginia Schulmeia 830/379-4593