Calaboose - Guadalupe County Texas

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    Previously located on the Guadalupe County Poor Farm. The Calaboose was donated to the Seguin Conservation Society January 31, 1986 by Harriet and Dick Phillips in memory of her parents Arthur and Una Schmidt, who bought the property from the county, made it their homestead, and used the acreage for cattle raising.

    The property was part of a 202 acre tract owned by Edward Nolte and sold December 23, 1893 to Guadalupe County for a "Convict Farm". The county auctioned the northeastern 31 acres of the tract to Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt on March 31, 1937 for $67.15 per acre. The deed from the county refers to this 31 acres as the "Poor Farm".

    The Calaboose was originally mounted on wheels and served as a means of transportation for county prisoners. It was pulled by horse or mules to the fields where the prisoners performed work duties such as picking cotton. Still visible on the the metal lined walls of the calaboose are graffiti left by the prisoners.

    The calaboose was left in a pasture under a large live oak tree that had been used as a "Hanging Tree" for prisoners sentenced to death by the county courts. Nearby stood barracks type structures where paupers were housed. Close by is the area used as the "Paupers Graveyard". The county still has burial rights for indigents at this location.

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