Passengers on Ships Arriving in Galveston in 1885

These passenger lists are courtesy of Paul Monschke, who writes:
"After reading some research by Lawerence H. Konecy on Galveston immigration and more recently one of the books on Czech immigration by Leo Baca, I found the actual source of two of the passenger lists used by Mr. Konecy and/or those associated with him.

"Two (partial) passenger list for 1885 were published in the Galveston Daily News of 1885. I used the word "partial" because in some cases, the listing refers to Mr. and Mrs. "X' and family, in this case no children are listed. However, these cases are not that prevalent.

"The works by Mr. Konecy and Mr. Baca are copyrighted, but the passenger list themselves are not.

"According to what I read in Mr. Baca's books, only the Czech passengers from these two lists were published in his books.

"The two passenger list are for the only two immigrant ships to arrive in Galveston from Europe during 1885 according to Mr. Konecy.

"The first ship to arrive in Galveston in 1885 sailed from Bremerhaven on September 13, 1885 and arrived in Galveston on approximately October 3, 1885. The ships name was "Weser".

"The passenger list was published in the Galveston Daily News about 3-4 days earlier than the ships arrived. According to Mr. Konecy, the ship stopped at Cuba and the passenger list was most likely to have been telegraphed to Galveston from Cuba.

"To my knowledge, these full list have not been published. However, they may have been published in the German Texan Genealogical publication of which I am aware, but don't subscribe.

"Please note the following with regard to origin of the families in this list. An origin is given sometimes after listing of several people of families. I don't know whether this origin applies to all the preceding families/persons or just the one shown. There is no way to tell from reading the Galveston Daily News of the period.

"You are free to copy and distribute these as you wish.

"Paul Monschke

"p.s. The reason I am interested is that my ancestors arrived in Galveston in October, 1884 from Bremen, Germany.

"Here are the two ship lists from 1885 from the Galveston Daily News."

Page 8, September 30, 1885:

The following is the passenger list of the German Steamship Weser, Captain H.B. Bruns, which sailed from Bremerhaven September 13, (1885) and is expected to arrive here in a few days.

Cabin passengers:

Misses Maria Bergmann,
Anna D. Westlund, of Hamburg
Mrs. Lina Roench of Galveston
Mr. Percy Polland, of England

Steerage passengers:

Jacob Preedecki, Prussia
Charles schafer, America
Carole Rommel,
Ida Rommel, Prussia
Theodore Reinlack , Saxony
Christoph Everts
Franz Ibrom
Christine Braun
Louise Braun
Ninna Braun, Prussia
Friedreick Imhof
Johanna Imhof, Baden
Margaret Weingerber, Hessen
Bertha Gabriel, Prussia
Anna Sembera
Albina Sembera
Franz Chlastak, Bohemia
Johanna Petrusek, Mahren
Carolina Koppen
Anna (E/C)llinghausen, Oldenburg
Theodore Abel
Sophie Leckau, Prussia
Wilhelmina Hatzel, Spanien
Wilm. Dieckmeyer, Prussia
Carl Feichmann, Osterrich
Conrad Struckmann, Lippe
Wilhelm Miebelsen, Prussia
Christian Strubling, Anhalt
Mathilda Hill,
Fredrick Hill, Thuringen
Gustav Busacker, Mecklenburg
Adolph Doring
Herman Gergenfrol
Paul Erdmann
Heinrich Wutike
M.F. (mother and father?)
Ernst Mittman
M.F. (mother and father?)
Pauline Purrman
August Krause
Anna Dresler, Prussia
Anna Tu(f/l)nmann, Prussia
Carl Dornberger, Thuringen
Friedrich Krefsel, Saxony
Jenny Keiten, Prussia
Emilie Prescher, Saxony
Faria Fiedler, Bayern
Minna Littmann
Otta Littman, America
Catharina Nebel, Bayern
Johann Jahn, Osterreich
Peter Engelmohn
Mina Engelmohn
Theordore Engelmohn, Prussia
Gottfried Herbat
Pauline Herbat
Heinrich Herbat, Baden
Wilhelm Bremacher
Wilhelm Bonscheck
Wilhelm Gohmert
Wanda Kelm
Sophie Wollp
Dina Pillmann
Wilhelm Bohm, Prussia
Mageel Marek, Bohemia
Ulianna Koroncz(o/c)k
Caroline Meyer
Caroline Chasing, Prussia
Reinh. Koopman
Johann Fischbeck
Margr. Cathr. Flachm(a/e)yer
Hel. Wilhe. Flackm(a/e)yer, Oldenburg
Hermann Ruckert, Prussia
Bertha Geyer
Andr. Pietsch
Gustav Pietsch, Saxony
Albert Opperman
Heinr. Schenk, Hamburg
Ernst Helfer, Prussia
Christl. Ziegelt, Saxony
Joh. Weber, Breman
Carl Deininger, Baden
Maria Bransche, Prussia
Ernst Hunger, Saxony
Joseph Bauer
Heinr. Ellerman
Fr. Brock(s)schmidt
Herm. Leiber
Anna Backen
Maria Backen
Wilm. Knipslein
Wilm. Brinksmeyer
Wilhelmine Heckmann
Fritz Fehler
Juliue Jaster
Heinr. Ehlers
Friedr. Schomberg
Sophie Hellerman, Prussia
Emil Brandt
Heinr. Sonneman, Oldenburg
Otto Seili Kahn, Bayern
August Backe, Hessen
Herm. Lautzch, Saxony
Anna Cordes, Oldenburg
Ulfert Ulers, America
Herm. Loffler, Saxony
T.H. Peiper
Heinr. Kuck
F. Hobbieslefken
H. Hobbieslefken
Johan Hobbieslefken
Joh. H. Bosse, Oldenburg
L. Lehmann, America
Carl Ludeker
Wilm. Eugel
Louise Schmal(e)
Anna Weghorst
Hr. Wilh. Tiemann
Hr. Foltermann, Prussia
Josef Lagua, Schliesen
Christian Sullivan, America
Johan Howadik
Maria Dedek
Valentin Hubner
Cecilie Winkler
Martin Huncica
Ferdinand Da(v/w)id
Franz Suzik
Johan Hubacek
Franz Jurik
Josef Lojka
Josef Rafaja
Johan Holik
JOhan Cepak
Matheus Cepak
Pauline Zatopek
JOhann Slowak
Agnes Kocian
Adolph Morkowalsy
Julie Bermansky
Joh. Schwec
Anna Feltschik
Agnes Kallus
Josef Skuca
Magdalena Marek
Anna Hauptmann, Morovia
Ida Schwarz, Hamburg
Franz Boehm
Ferdinand Schlenk
Josef Brossman, Prussia
Ernst Welfort, America

The Weser is the first immigrant ship which will arrive at the port of Galveston this season. It is consigned to Messrs. Haufman and Kunge, and the immigrants are destined for different parts of the state, having been sent out by agents.

Note: these ship lists were apparently telegraphed to Galveston from Cuba or other places where the ships stopped for a while en route to Galveston.

At least it can be clearly seen that the passenger lists were printed in the Galveston Daily News 3-4 days before the ships arrived at the port.

From the Galveston Daily News:
More immigrants - (Header)

The following is the passenger list of the Steam HohenZollern, which sailed from Bremehaven for this port, consigned to Messrs, Kauf(f)man and Runge.

The HohenZollern is expected to arrive here next Sunday. Galveston Daily News. Tuesday, October 27, 1885, page 8.


Herr Gustav Brauer, Bremen
Herr Emil Reiffert,
Frau Helene Reiffert, and their children,
Fraulein Alma Tips, Indianola
Herr George Kroepline, Hamburg
Herr William Muller, Krossen
Frau Johanne Ru(r/n)ge und Kinder neibat Gedienung, Galveston
Fraulein Johanne Fock, Galveston
Fraulein Anna Fock, Galveston
Herr August Faltin, Comfort
Faeu Clara Faltin, Comfort
Fraulein Emille Faltin, Comfort
Herr August Faltin Jr. Comfort
Fraulin Henry Burhard, Roestock


Julius P(a/o)hl,
Agnes Kirchoff,
Louise Windleman,
Heinrich Kemper,
F. Hack, Preussia
Heinrich Edward Band,
Friedrich Herman Bohme, Saxony
Wilhelm Mueller,
Louise Mueller,
Caroline Mueller,
Christina Mueller,
Wilhelm Herbold,
Hetmr. Hauptrelf and family,
Wilhelm Schultenberg, Prussia
Gerth Schroeder, Oldenburg
Annie Meyer, Bremen
Paulline Huntzoch,
Emile Herfurth,
Herman Zander, Prussia
Jacob Stock,
August Stock, Prussia
Friedricke Baack, Mecklenburg
August Ho(l)tmann, Prussia
Maria Bergmann, Saxony
Christene Pletzer,
Gertrude Pletzer
Cathari(n/z)a Pletzer, Prussia
Marie Ende, America
Joseph Schmucki with family, Switzerland
Ida von der Thussen and children, Saxony
Chr. Fuhrmann and family
Robert Ferver
Pauline Ilgner
Emil Mertins and children
Otille Mertins
Franz Haack
August Beselt with family
Victor Hegemann
Friedrich Duwe with family
Ernestine Lunow
Wilhelm Lunow
Joseph Boeseft with family
Marie Boeseft
Anna Boeseft, Prussia
Theres Wimmer and children, Bavaria
Margarethe Schillkopf and children, Wurttenberg
Oakar Englbad, Sweden
Johan Macker with family
Johan Macker, Prussia
Franz Machart
Marie Nowak, Bohemia
Katharina Mikota
Thomas Holey, Mahren
Wenzl Kalas, Bohemia
Johan Jurek
Valentin Svoboda
Johan Jerforth
Agnes Schmahlik
Marie Kanicek
Hernrich Kosler
Thekla Kunz
Ernestine Feicher
Johan Mayer with family
Rosina Selzer
Aloista Selzer
Franz Anders
Johan Ordelt
Ernst Hermann
Anton Berger
Joseph Hautaky
Josef Heger and family
Caroline Heger
Theresia Dolatacheck, Mahren
Franz Bohm
Franz Wanjura with family
Franz Wanjura
Josef Brossman
Ferd Ohnbauser, Austria
Wenzl Andel, Bohemia
Otto Blac(h/k)man, Prussia
Adolph Fuchs, Wrettenburg
Theodore Bauls, Prussia
H.W. Busselman
F.G Wiechering
Helene Vahrenkamp with family - Prussia
Gerh. Behrends, Oldenburg
Alb. Sanger, Prussia
Anton Krug, Wruttenberg
Allertine Krause
Fritz Hausen and wife, Prussia
Johann Ludemann
Anna Schu(l/h)macher, Olderburg
Louise Meischner, Saxony
Diedr. Herm. Apts. with family, Oldenburg
Sopjie Schmare
Sottlieb Hauser with family, Wruttenburg
Johan Schroeder
Meta Haverhank
Wme. Oeltjen
Herman Busing
Diedr. Busing, Oldenburg
Wilhelmine Fischer, Saxony
Diedr. Ger(h/k). Roben
Gerhard Roben with family
Johan Diedr. Lack, Oldenburg
Christ Hemmi
Chistine Hemmi
Johan Hemmi
Marie Hemmi, Switzerland
Enrst Hagner, Wrettenburg
Rud. Engelmann, Saxony
Wilhelm Buck, Prussia
HeinRick Oblebusch with family
Friedrick Wilhelm Schroeder, Oldenburg
Johanne Wiederschein, Hessia
Wilm. Otto Gotz
Catherine Gotz and children, Oldenburg
Johanna Pe(d/l)rusek
Josefa Mikus with family
Josef Kopecky
Martin Rozno(?)jak
Pavel Mikulencak with family
Stephan Srala and wife
Jan Valehar
Marianna Kotrlova
Frant. Psencik with family
Josel Kucera with family
Peter Madar with family, Mahren
Steian Ra(n/?)gerga, Croatia

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