City Park Seguin Texas
Central Park
Behind the Courthouse

Juan Seguin
Juan Seguin
Juan Seguin
Juan Seguin
Juan Seguin
Juan Seguin
Juan Seguin
Plaque on Statue of Juan Nepomuceno Seguin
Oct 27, 1806  *  August 27, 1889
Dedicated To The German Pioneers
cattle drive
Cattle Trail To Kansas
cattle trail
John Ireland
John Ireland
John Ireland
John Ireland
Governor John Ireland
1827 - 1896
Kentucky Born Came To Texas 1853 Mayor
Of Seguin 1858. Member Constitutional
Conventions 1866 - 1875 District Judge
1866-67, Removed By Reconstruction
Authorities, Legislator 1872-75  Called
"Oxcart John" For Opposing Land Grants
Subsidies To Rail Roads. Supervised
Plans To Oust Governor E.J.. Davis In
Bloodless Conflict Marking Political
End Of Texas Reconstruction.  Judge
State Supreme Court 1875-76.  Governor
Of Texas 1882-86  Fence Cutting Wars
Brought On When Certain Landowners
Began Fencing The Open Range Prompted
Him To Call Special Legislature Which
Made Fence Cutting A Felony.  He Ruled
That State Capitol Be Of Texas Stone.
Urged Strict Enforcement Of Criminal
Laws, Economy In Government, Reducing
Public Land Sales Term Was Marked By
Opening Of University Of Texas And
Bust Major Disturbances Texas Had.
He Was Buried State Cemetery In Austin.

Home Town Of Texas Confederate
Colonel John Ireland
Delegate to Secession Convention 1861
Joined Army As Private, Won Laurels In
That Most Brilliant Wartime Effort - The
Defense Of The 800 Mile Texas Coast In
September, 1862, Repulse Of Federals At
Corpus Christi, Ireland Captured Fleet
Captain Kittredge, His Flag And Arms.
Though Ireland Was An Infantry Officer
He Once Plunged Waist Deep To Capture
A Federal Vessel Off Padre Island At
War's End He Was In Command Of The 8th
Texas Regiment Defending Galvestion

A Memorial To Texans
Who Served The Confederacy
Erected By The State Of Texas 1964

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