San Geronimo Schutzen Verein - 1891
First Grand Prize of the San Geronimo Schutzen Verein
Apr 9 1891 Seguin Enterprise

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As a member of the San Geronimo Schutzen Verein, we looked forward with great pleasure to the dawn of the day when our club was to have its first grand prize shoot.  The date fixed for this great occasion was April 5th.  Fortunately on that day, the sun rose clear and bright; and the atmosphere seemed as light as our spirits when we started on our seven mile drive through the loveliest country in the world.  On either side of the road were small farms, of a few hundred acres each, laid off like city gardens.  The crops of small grain were the most beautiful green, the corn was just peeping from the earth and the cotton in most places had just been planted.. This drive of seven miles, north from  town, is over level prairie country and as far as the eye could reach could be seen neat farm houses at an average of half a mile apart.  After an hour's pleasant riding we reached the grounds, which are situated on Mr. Weinert's place on San Geronimo creek.  Here we found many friends and readers of the Enterprise, from different parts of the county.  The contest had begun when we arrived and the fire was in incessant until four o'clock in the afternoon, there being eighty aspirants for prizes,  At 12 o'clock dinner was served by Herman Bulgren, one of Seguin's lunch men.  During the afternoon the ladies began to arrive from far and near, Consequently most of the young men present lost interest in the prize shoot and spent the evening in casting "sheep" eyes toward the benches,  Sweet music was furnished during the entire day by Prof. Eberhardt's band,  The following is a list of the successful riflemen with their respective prizes:

 1.  H. Segring
Cibolo Valley
 2.  H. Adams
Cibolo Valley
wicker chair
 3.  F. Scholl
New Braunfels
kitchen safe
 4.  W. Forke
San Geronimo
 5.  Albert Pieper
San Geronimo
meat cutter
 6.  F. Galle
New Braunfels
clothes wringer
 7.  E. Mittendorf
washing stand
 8.  E. Gruenne
New Braunfels
knives and forks
 9.  C. Conrads

saddle bags
10.  J. Schnabel
Live Oak
bowl and pitcher
11.  W. Weyel
Live Oak
towel rack
12.  A. Specht
San Geronimo
13.  Ad. Hardeman
Live Oak
sad irons
14.  Ch. Specht
San Geronimo
gun scabbard
15. W. Koepp

Steinmeyer bridle
16.  R. Drause
Green Valley
17.  O. Friederich
Thorn Hill
box of cigars
18.  O. Jonas
Thorn Hill
19.  W. Kellerman
Thorn Hill
coffee pot
20.  J. Hilbert
Cibolo Valley
21.  F. Werner
Cibolo Valley
bowl and pitcher
22.  J. Behrendt
Sandy Elm
23.  F. C. Lambrecht
Cibolo Valley
cups and saucers
24.  B. Weingar
Swift Springs
25.  Ernst Dolle
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