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Tony and Cecilia Kimich

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Tony Kimich family

Photo of Tony and Cecelia and their 14 children taken about 1968.
Top left to right: Janie, Angie, Lucille, Cecilia, Tony, John, Joe, Louis, Floyd
Bottom left to right: Gerty, Kathaleen, Nush, Leon, Billie, Steve, Frank


Tony (Anthony) Kimich
Born: December 30, 1899 to Luke Kmiec & Kate Kolodziejczak of Grimes County
Died: January 30, 1973
Married: November 4, 1924 to Cecelia Pavalock
His parents Luke & Katie married in Grimes County about 1880, possibly listed on marriage record as Lukofs Kemetz and Caly Koldjiusok, 17 November 1881
Census lists their children as: Stally, Frances, John, Agnes, Walter, Victor, Marianna, Anthony, Mike, Rosie, Hattie, Elizabeth
Both Luke & Katie are buried at St. Stainslaus Cemetery in Anderson, Texas

Cecelia Pavalock
Born: November 6, 1906 to Walter Pavalock & Kathreina Ubnoski
Died: June 28, 1969

Annie Mea "Nush", Johnie Frankie, Joe Tony, Louis, Frank Billie, Luke "Leon", Kathaleen Mary, Lucille, Janie Blanche, Floyd Paul, Billie Phillip, Steve Thomas, Gertude "Gerty" Margaret, Angeline

Burial Information
Tony and Cecilia are buried at St. Joseph Cemetery in Stoneham

Submitted by Pam Farquhar

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