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Grimes County Probates, Wills and Estate Records


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Microfilmed Grimes County Probate Records

These are available through Sam Houston State University Interlibrary Loan or at your local Family History Center.

Index to Probate minutes; 1838-1957; FHL US/CAN Film 1006262
Probate minutes, v. 1-2; 1838-1852; FHL US/CAN Film 1006263
Probate minutes, v. 2A; 1852-1855; FHL US/CAN Film 1006264 Item 2
Probate minutes, v. 3; 1852-1853; FHL US/CAN Film 1006264 Item 1
Probate minutes, v. 3A; 1856-1861; FHL US/CAN Film 1006265
Probate minutes, v. 4; 1861-1868; FHL US/CAN Film 1006266
Probate minutes, v. 5-6; 1868-1881; FHL US/CAN Film 1006267
Probate minutes, v. L; ca. 1854-1875; FHL US/CAN Film 1006268
Probate minutes, v. M; ca. 1855-1857; FHL US/CAN Film 1006268
Probate minutes, v. B; ca. 1870-1875; FHL US/CAN Film 1006268
Probate minutes, v. N; 1860-1865; FHL US/CAN Film 1006269
Probate minutes, v. O-P; 1867-1878; FHL US/CAN Film 1006270
Probate minutes, v. Q-R; 1878-1884; FHL US/CAN Film 1006271
Probate minutes, v. S-T; 1883-1888; FHL US/CAN Film 1006272
Probate minutes, v. U-V; 1888-1895; FHL US/CAN Film 1006273
Probate minutes, v. W-X; 1894-1901; FHL US/CAN Film 1006274
Probate minutes, v. Y-Z; 1901-1907; FHL US/CAN Film 1006275
Probate minutes, v. 27-28; 1906-1910; FHL US/CAN Film 1006276
Probate minutes, v. 29-30; 1910-1919; FHL US/CAN Film 1006277
Probate Docket 1-2; 1838-1848, 1852-1855, 1883-1894; FHL US/CAN Film 1006278

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Assorted Probate Records - Floyd, McGuffin, Hadley, Martin
HADLEY, Joshua; Will; Written 20 Jun 1845
HADLEY, Obedience; Estate Records
MCGUFFIN, Joyce Violet Bostic Floyd Hadley; Will
MCGUFFIN, Joyce V. Floyd Hadley; Estate Records

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Assorted Probate Records - Floyd, McGuffin, Hadley, Martin


Probate minutes of Montgomery Co, TX, Volume D-6
by Vickye White [[email protected]]

06 Dec 1845, pages 1-7
Estate of Joshua Hadley
Heir - Grantham Hadley, 25 years, mentally incompetent and incapable of attending to himself or property. John F. Martin, brother-in-law, petitions to be appointed guardian.
24 Jan 1846 - Denny P. Hadley, brother, petitions to be appointed guardian.
18 May 1846 - D. P. Hadley, guardian, petitions to sell estate of Grantham hadley, consisting of stock of cattle and horses; also to hire out the negroes.
26 Jul 1847 - Sale - Buyers: Drury Kinnard, C. Dickson, W. F. Case, S. Black, S. M. Garwin, Marks S. Kennard, M. M. Kinnard, F. W. McGee, James R. Bennett, D. MaGee, Jesse Gray, Joice Hadly.
Amount of sales: $576.25
Negroes kept together and hired by D. P. hadley for taking care of Grantham hadley from 20 Feb 1846 to 20 Jan 1848. Guardian requests records be transferred to Grimes County, where he and his brother reside.

Montgomery Co, TX Black Box Document - #218
Joshua Hadley, deceased
D. P. Hadley, Admr.
14 Sep 1846 - Grimes County - Petition of Joyce Hadley, Admrx. of Joshua Hadley - represents - that her husband died in the area what is now the limits of Grimes County. Prays for removal to Grimes County
02 Mar 1847 - Petitioner M. M. Kennard represents he is the security to Joice (Hadly marked through) Floyd, Admrs. of the estate of ______ Floyd, deceased, that the said Joice has married with Samuel McGuffin. Asks Joice Floyd alias McGuffin to make exhibition of estate and be discharged from further said bond. W. W. (or M. M.) Kennard

27 Mar 1849 - Page 49
Estate of Joshua Hadley
Administratrix - Joyce Hadley
Upon application of W. H. Fowler, court orders said Joyce Hadley to pay court costs incurred by her as administratrix of estate; to be directed to Sheriff of Grimes County.

28 Mar 1849 - Page 52
Estate of Joshua Hadley (Heirs of)
Guardian: Denny P. Hadley
Failed to make twelve months annual report; failed to pay fees of court and have said guardianship transferred to Grimes County.

Submitted by Vickye White [[email protected]]. Probate Docket Vol 1; 1838-1848; 1852-1855; 1883-1894. Rol #32. Interlibrary loan from: Interlibrary Services; Sam Houston State University; Newton Gresham Library; Huntsville, TX 77341-2179.

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Joshua Hadley Will; Written 20 Jun 1845; Proved 30 Sep 1845

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Submitted by Vickye White [[email protected]]

This was in Montgomery County but Joshua Hadley made his home in Grimes County. Joshua lived at Hadley's Priarie, or Roane's Priarie. I have never figured out if it is one and the same or not. I also have copy of them asking for court to switch legal work to Grimes instead of Montgomery since they were now resident of Grimes County.

Probate page 89, Will & Testment of Joshua Hadley: The Republic of Texas, Montgomery County, June 20, AD1845.

The Last Will and Testament of Joshua Hadly. now being afflicted in body not in mind doeth will and bequeath all of my seal and personal property after paying all of any just debts as follows to viz". I will and bequeath to my son Henry F. Hadly two negros one named Bob about seven years old, also William a boy about four years old and five hundred acres of land lying East of D Hadleys land, also all the cattle that is in his mark and a Roan Mare and bay colt. I will and bequeath to my son Denny P Hadley five hundred acres of land the tract that he the said Denny P Hadley now lives on also two negros a girl about eleven years old named Jean, a boy named Redic (sic) about six years old. I will and bequeath to my deranged son Grantham H Hadley a negro man named Jack about thirty eight years old also a negro woman named Nelly, and if she has any children after this time they are to be divided between my first wifes children equally, and three hundred and twenty acres of land lying on the Navasota river known as my soldiers claim and all the catlle that is in his mark, and all the horses that is known as his by the family. I will and bequeath to my son Travis K Hadley ten hundred acres of landby Mr. U. F. lease for the two hundred acre tract known as the Millet Tract on my headright league, also a negro girl named Sarah about twelve years old, and all the cattle that is in his mark and brand and all the horses that is known as his. I will and bequeath to my daughter Carolina Martin, Mrs Joseph Beunetts (sic) Bond for six hundred and three acres of land, and a negro Girl named Omanda about fourteen years old . That she the said Caroline Martin has in possession at this time also a negro girl named Sidney about six years old. I will and bequest unto my little children not named above with my son Henry F. Hadley all the ballance of negroes, that is not named above also all the land and stock horses cattle and hogs for their support for the time of fourteen years all of which I leave in the care and keeping of Joyce Hadly my wife for the said time of fourteen years and then the property shall be equally divided between all of my children both old and young by each child ordering(?) in its value of all the property that him or she have received at this time or at my death, my wife Joyce Joyce is to share alike with the children and to hold said property as long as she lives and then to be equally divided between all of my children. I nominate and appoint James Scott and John F. Martin as my Executors of my last will and Testment. Witness my hand and scroll in place of a seal the day and date above written.

Signed by Joshua Hadly with Seal
J Cam Massie
Peter Tomlinson
Danial E Harper

Codicial to my last Will and Testament which is I bequeth to my son Grantham H Hadly a negro girl Elvira 8 years old for his use for life
Joshua Hadly (seal) Test J. Cam Massie Peter Tomlinson Danial E. Harper

Republic of Texas, County of Montgomery Probate Court September Term 1845. This day came into open court and personally app and Daniel E Harper who is will known to the Court and a citizen of the County aforesaid and being duly sworn under oath deposeth and states that the foregoing Instrument of writing bearing date 20th day of June 1845 and subscribed by him and J. Cam Massie and Peter Tomlinson the other subscribing witness thereto and will fully appear by reference thereto the last Testament and Codicil of Joshua Hadly dec: that he saw the Testator sign and seal the same and in the presence of each of the witnesses and Testater both the will and codicil was executed and therein shown that on the day and date thereof at the residence of Testator and during his last sickness of which he died and at the time that testator executed and published said writing as his last will and Testament and at and during the time of the signing he was of sound diposing mind and memory. Testator Executed and signed the same freely and voluntarily and requested the subscribing witnesses hereto to attest the same.
Danial E. Harper
Sworn and subscribed in open court this 30th Sept 1845-
Ewyn Morrison Probate Judge

In open Probate Court 30th September 1845
This annexed will and testament of Joshua Hadly dec being duly proven by the oath of Danial E Harper. It is ordered by the Court that the same be recorded as being fully probated 4-307 Gwyn Morrison Probate Judge Montgomery County

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Obedience Grantham Hadley Estate Records

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Scans submitted by Vickye White [[email protected]]
Obedience Grantham Hadley was the first wife of Joshua Hadley.

Scan of page 196, Obedience Hadley Estate Records

Scan of page 197, Obedience Hadley Estate Records

Scan of page 198, Obedience Hadley Estate Records

Scan of page 199, Obedience Hadley Estate Records

Scan of page 200, Obedience Hadley Estate Records

Scan of page 201, Obedience Hadley Estate Records</font.

Scan of page 202, Obedience Hadley Estate Records

Scan of page 203, Obedience Hadley Estate Records

Scan of page 204, Obedience Hadley Estate Records