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Grimes County, Texas
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Photo Tour of Anderson

Photo Tour of Iola

Photo Tour of Navasota

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Bradley, Melissa Gilmore

Charter Members of Iola Missionary Baptist Church Here's a picture taken in the mid 1950's of seven of the charter members of the Iola Missionary Baptist Church that was chartered in 1917. From left to right they are Mr. E.E."Sam" Nation, Mrs.R.E..Cleveland, Mrs. Paul Cleveland, Mrs. W. A. Boney, Mrs. Lievenia Darby, Mrs. W. F. Atkinson and Mr. W. F. Atkinson. Submitted by Bob Cleveland

Robert Early Cleveland He was the first president and one of the founders of the Iola State Bank in 1907. Grandfather of and submitted by Bob Cleveland

Cleveland Family, Iola Bob Cleveland's grandparent's home and their first car. The boy in back is his father Ely Cleveland and his two sisters, Bebe Cleveland Mallett and Lola Cleveland DeForke. The lady in the front seat with Bob's grandfather, Robert Early Cleveland, is his grandmother, Mae Shanks Cleveland. Submitted by Bob Cleveland

Children of Sallie Coleman

Colson Family of Iola

Dean Family This is a picture of the grandparents and mother of Bob Cleveland. Seated is Thomas Zachery Dean and Rachel Phipps Dean, and standing is his mother, Paralee Dean Cleveland They were early settlers to Grimes County around the early 1870's. Submitted by Bob Cleveland

Downs, William and Savannah of Navasota Submitted by William Downs. William was a farmer and later ran a grocery store on LaSalle Street. He died on 02 Jul 1940 and is buried in Oakland Cemetery. Savannah died 08 Jun 1951 and is also buried in Oakland Cemetery. William was born to William Downs, born in Texas, and Doretta Vulgosh, born in Germany. Savannah's parents are Lewis Jake Hibbard, born Wyoming, and Sarah A. E. Broadwater born in South Carolina.

Hadley, Joshua H.

Hargrove, James W.

Howard Family of Iola

Iola residents in front of Iola Masonic Lodge, ca 1917

Keith, Reuben W., wife Mary Margaret Martin, and daughter Julia Alice

Keith, Robert Lee - Annie Mallett Wedding

Landis, John S. and Maudie Perry

Long, Martha Louise King Submitted by Robin Kenney. Born 10 Dec 1817 in Alabama, died 27 Nov 1881 in Sulphur Branch, Grimes County, Texas, buried in Waller Cemetery in Grimes County. Her husband was Jesse Galliton Long, born 22 Nov 1815 in Caswell, North Carolina, died 27 Aug 1889 in Bedias, Grimes, Texas, also buried in Waller Cemetery. Jesse was a confederate soldier in the Civil Was, serving in Company B of the Mississippi Light Artillery. Jesse and Martha raised 10 children in Mississippi and Texas.

Mallett, Samuel Simmons, wife Sarah Frances Keith, and family

Martin, Alice Stevens

Morris Family of Bedias

Morris, Howard Andrew

Morris, Turffie Franklin

Morris, Turffie and others

Ward Family of Iola

Wilcox, J. T. and some of his family

Sons of Green Mark Wood and Mary Jane LeGrand

Grimes County Baptisms, Martin's Prairie Baptist Church

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1919 Navasota High School Photos Men's and Women's Basketball teams and football team from 1919. Contributed by Don Brownlee. Thank you Don!

Iola High School for 1929 - 1930 school year From Bob Cleveland:
"The older picture is the 1929/30 class. I don't know all the people, but will give you the ones I know.:

Front row left to right - Ruby Faye Dean, Unknown, Cleo Hammonds. Unknown

Back row left to right - Faye Davidson, Unknown, Rosa Dean Colson, J. C. Howard, Flossy Pyle."

Iola High School for 1953 From Bob Cleveland:
"The other picture is my class of 1953. Since we are not in straight rows, I'll start at the left and include names as they appear in the picture:

Bonner Marsh, Ona D. Bean, Evelyn Bruce, John Stover, Dorthy Yeager, Edward Isbell, Mary Dell Nevill, Jimmy McClendon, Noel Abbott, Billy Carter, Waymon Worsham, Coy Kennedy, Robert Cleveland and Leroy Crocker."

Mesa School for 1925 - 1926 school year From Bob Cleveland:
"It was a rural two teacher school located a few miles south of Iola that was consolidated with Iola. My mother, Paralee Dean Cleveland, is one of the teachers in the picture".

Pankey School in 1920s From Bob Cleveland:
His mother, Paralee Dean Cleveland, is one of the teachers in the picture.

Old School Photos from Iola From Bob Cleveland:
1. The girl's basketball team was at a country school near Iola by the name of Mesa. My mother, Paralee Dean Cleveland, taught there several years and is the coach in this picture. This is from 1920.
2. This is an elementary school picture from Iola for the 1924-25 school year. The teacher on the left is my mother, Paralee Dean CLeveland.

Children at Plantersville School, about 1908

Names of Children at Plantersville School

Bedias High School, 1924

Bedias School, ca 1923-24

Bedias Basketball Team - 1923

Bedias Class of 1903

Mustang School, ca 1906 Link submitted by Charlotte Sandel Beck

Students of Martins Prairie School in 1909-1910

Martin's Prairie School Sign

Richard's School 1919

Richard's School 1938

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Business in Iola Second man from the left is Bob's grandfather, Robert Early Cleveland. Submitted by Bob Cleveland

General Merchandise Store,Iola Late 1800's to early 1900's. The store was owned by Robert Early Cleveland and two Isbell brothers. An outside and inside shot. Submitted by Bob Cleveland

Navasota, date unknown

Haynie Hotel in Richards, 1911

Richards Bank, about 1920

Rush Wood's Cotton Gin, 1912-1917

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Byrne Cemetery Photos, Keith

Lake Grove Cemetery, Iola

Zion Cemetery Photos, Iola

William Augustus and Sarah Turrentine Blount William Augustus - 1822-1879 [I believe birth year on tombstone to be wrong; Sarah Turrentine - 1824-1871; Buried at Red Top Cemetery

Dugald McAlpine Located in McAlpine Cemetery. Submitted by Sharron

John Thornton 1850-1919; Son of John Thornton and Rebecca Carpenter; Buried Lake Grove Cemetery

Will and Mollie Thornton Ward William Daniel - 1879-1962; Son of James W. Ward and Sarah Frances Williford; Mollie - 1882-1968; daughter of John Thornton and Araminta Lucritita Blount; Buried Lake Grove Cemetery

William T. Worsham 1836-1923; Son of James H. and Margaret McKneely Worsham; Buried Lake Grove Cemetery

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Bennett Marker at Lindley Cemetery

Jared Ellison Groce Homesite

Lake Grove Community

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