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Grimes County News Items - The Daily Examiner 1901

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Submitted by Herb Mitchell.

Killing at Courtney
FROM: The Daily Examiner, Navasota, Texas, Thursday, January 31, 1901:
Constable Jones slain by his son last Monday
Courtney January 30
Page 1...."At about 6:30 a.m. Monday a tragedy occurred here in which R.H. Jones, constable at this place, was shot and instantly killed by his son Robert. Deceased is said to have been unmercifully beating his wife with a large black snake whip, when the boy interposed in behalf of his mother. It is said that the father had been belaboring his wife for quite a while that morning when the boy and a younger brother had interrupted him, and each time were struck several licks by the deceased. At a time when the mother was being beaten so severely the boy Robert interfered when the deceased hit him on the forehead with the (continued on page 4)

(page 4) whip, whereupon the boy stepped into an adjoining room, picked up the gun loaded with duck shot, advanced towards the father and shot him in the head. The brain was torn from the deceased's skull and was seen scattered on the floor, the man dying instantly. Robert, the son, is 19 years of age and is a quiet, unassuming kind of a boy. After the killing he went immediately and gave himself into the officer's hands. On being asked why he had killed his father his reply was, "I could not stand to see my mother beat and abused in any such manner." The deceased, Jones, has been constable here for about the past 8 years, was a stout, robust man, about 50 years of age and over 6 feet in height, and is said to have been a man who was a tyrannical ruler in his home on quite a number of occasions for years. Mrs. Jones is a small, weakly woman, and one who was unable to perform her household duties. Her condition at present is serious; one or two ribs being broken, besides several severe bruises about the face and body.

The examining trial was held the afternoon (sic) of same day the killing took place, and the son was placed under a $100 bond, which was made instantly. The consensus of opinion is that the deceased came to his death in a well deserving and meritorious manner."

Transcribed from microfilm in Navasota Texas Library by Melba Jarvis Miller Dec. 2007

The Daily Examiner
Navasota, Texas, Wednesday, February 20, 1901


Anderson Texas, Feb. 20, 1901 One batch of 26 sales of oils and mineral rights to lands in Grimes county have been filed within the last few days for record in the office of the county clerk. The first instrument noted is that of W.M. Lyons and wife to W.S. Napier and associates (J.M.Leigh, Norman G. Kittrell and L. McDaniel.) For consideration of $1 and stipulated share in products yielded the grantors bargain, sell and convey to grantees oil and mineral rights on all lands owned by them in Grimes county, including homestead. Party of the first part to received one tenth of all oil of commercial value found, to be delivered in a pipe line to the credit of said party; also 5 cents per ton for coal mined as the produce is marketed; as to asphaltum, ochre, marl and other minerals found grantees receive as much a ton as will be in the same proportion to the value of such product on the market as the price agreed to be paid for coal or lignite is proportioned to the value of that product. If illuminating or natural gas be found, grantor has the privilege of using such gas for his own domestic uses by making his own connections; provided that such gas is found in greater quantity than is necessary for these in working this or adjoining premise. Should no work be done on said conveyed property within 5 years and conveyed rights reverts back to grantor provided that should grantees find and work for minerals purposes property , within five miles of this conveyed property then the time for working this property is extended for five years. Should products of paying, quantity be found on said premises and not worked for a period of two years, the grantees forfeit all rights and titles. Grantees to have right to sink water wells and to cut timber for operating machinery. Rights thus obtained by party of the second part to be assignable. E.F. Helmer to same parties; all lands owned; same conditions. William Medland to same parties, all lands owned; same conditions. J.J. Keith to same parties, all lands owned; same conditions. Francis Helmer to same parties, all lands owned; same conditions. John Churchwell to same parties, all lands owned in George Mason survey; same conditions. R.W. Crenshaw and Mrs. S.T. Turner to same parties, all lands owned singly or jointly in Tuttle league about 400 acres; same conditions. W.T. Trant to same parties, all lands owned in certain leagues, same conditions. Howell Mallett to same parties, all lands owned in A. Gates league south of Martinís Prairie, same conditons. Like instruments were executed to the same parties by W.T. Schumacher, J.J. Hicks and wife, W.S. Pyle and wife, Perry Parnell and wife, William Pope and wife, John E. Wells and wife, H.H. Cook and wife,J.H. Turner, Robert Owen and wife, Henry R. Murdock, E.F. Murrah north one half of Daniel M. Horton homestead survey. Samuel Trant and W.A. Trant, William Churcwell and Mary Churchwell all lands in George Mason survey. W.E. Owen and wife 52 1/2 acres in Amos Gates league. B.F. Smith and wife, John S. Black and wife, J.M. Flint an undivided half interest in 200 acres in the J.W. Tuttle league. All instruments are signed by grantors and S.W. Napier; two witnesses signed and in most instances a witness acknowledges same. All have $1 revenue stamps.

Submitted by Dennis Morris, Sr.


Navasota, Texas July 16, 1908


Shot Four Times While Opening Gate, Going Home:
Word was received here yesterday of the assassination of young Sam Thomas on Mustang Prairie, Thursday night. It seems Thomas had been to church and on returning to his home got down from his buggy to open a gate near the home of Mr. Mack Thomas when whoever did the killing instantly shot him. He was hit twice with a shot gun and twice through the head with a pistol. His body lay where it fell until the next morning at sun up when it was found.

Several arrests were made by Sheriff Hooker and his deputies and thorough investigation is being made of all causes that tend to throw and light on the deed. Tracks leading from the scene of the murder to a certain house resulted in the arrest of one or more parties and in all some five or six persons were placed under arrest. A message this morning, however, states that all suspects were turned loose but Godie Wheeler, a cousin of young Thomas.

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