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Grimes County News Items

The Daily Examiner 1899



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02 Jan 1899
Page 1

Business Changes
Several Removal of Store Houses and Some Sales.
An Old Established Drug Store to Remove and a New Hardware Firm Takes an Old Business Stand.

Today being the beginning of the New Year, is the day upon which it is the rule to announce business changes, moves, etc., and in this respect it seems that Navasota's commercial circles are not subject to any particular convulsions or changes apt to alter the even tenor of existing conditions.

The most noteworthy removal, probably, is the settled removal by Mr. S. B. Rucker of his stock of drugs to his own store property recently occupied by Ed. Woodward and the Weekly Review; Mr. Woodward retires from the market business, and the newspaper has not yet announced its future home.

In turn, Mr. W. B. Wesson will, about February 1, take the store now occupied by Mr. Rucker.

Another trick in the world of business is the resignation of Mr. R. C. Terrell from the position of book-keeper at F. W. Brosig's, and his purchasing a half interest in the hardware business of Mr. E. L. Ahrenbeck; which change took place today, and the firm is now styled Ahrenbeck & Terrell. These are both energetic young men and will doubtless make things hum in a merry and lively manner and attract much trade to that portion of the city.

Mr. R. D. Blackshear takes the position of book-keeper at Brosig's, vacated by Mr. Terrell.

Stone & Kennard is the style of a new cotton warehouse firm to succeed W. H. Stone in his present business. It is made by W. W. Kennard buying a half interest and will add much popularity to the promising enterprise.

W. C. Newton, who has been doing a fruit and confectionery business on Washington avenue and known widely as "Candy Bill," consummated the sale of his business this morning and turned the keys over to Arthur Smith, who will continue same at the old stand and also take advantage of a lease of the vacant part of the lot adjacent to his present building.

The barber shop of J. M. Codwell, run by John Bates, on Railroad street, has been closed.

There are one or two more minor trades said to be in contemplation, but no definite announcement is made.

Will Be Married Wednesday

Gus Mittanck left yesterday morning for Kenny, near Brenham, where he will be united in marriage the coming Wednesday to Miss Mary Pheffer, and will return to Navasota to make their future home.

Page 4
Personal Mention

J. F. Bednar is sick.
J. Youens went to Lyons this morning on a visit.
Miss Ella Leake returned yesterday to Monaville, Waller county, to resume her school work.
O. B. Gooch was in Bryan yesterday.
M. Gabert spent Sunday in Galveston.
Eugene Sellers spent yesterday and today with his parents here.
Col. R. A. Horlock is reported ill.
W. A. Johnson and son, O. S. returned to Bryan yesterday.
S. H. Garvin has removed from Roans Prairie to Navasota and will occupy the Elson Kelley place in the McNair addition.
Miss Maude Hardesty, of Houston, is visiting Miss Pearl Garvin in Navasota.
Richard Mittanck returned to Bellville yesterday to spend the holidays.
Fred Dixon has finally decided to decline the agency of the Central at Cypress.
Dean Hearne, returned to Bryan today after visiting several days in Novasota [sic].
Chas. Easley and wife are in Navasota and will make their home with Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Easley, Sr.

03 Jan 1899
Page 1

Society Ablaze
Three Swell New Year Reception That Were Enjoyable.
A Dance at the Club Hall Rounded off the Festivities.

The handsome and commodious home of Col. and E. L. Bridges was the scene yesterday of one of the most brilliant and swellest social events of the year and the lengthy list of guests will readily attest the mansion's popularity and reputation for hospitality both of which were assuredly augmented by the winsome young ladies who assisted the hostess in her many duties. The home was appropriately enlivened and beautified for the especial occasion by artistic hands and the refreshments served were of the most delicious and seasonable viands, and offered in royal style.

The following young ladies received the callers:
Misses Ella Coxx, Bessie Barry, Agnes and Ida Horlock, Minnie Camp, Marie Ketchum, Adalia Miller, Lena Smith, Nana Mae Sellers, Myrtle Shell, Mattie Ella Yarborough and Corinne Bridges.
Following were the callers during the evening:
Messrs. Ira and Collie Camp, Tom Matthews, Ernest Youens, Ernest Schumacher, Tom Foley, Frank Etheridge, C. H. Holman, Will Lott, Roland Smith, Rev. J. G. Tanner, Ollie Preston, F. S. Dixon, H. H. Scott, A. E. and Walter Scott, Hood Boone, S. M. Collett, Ed. F. Blackshear, Ben Ahrenbeck, John Driscoll, E. M. Smith, Baylor Wilson, Erle Yarborough, Robt. Flewellen, Jr., H. H. Knox, Robt. Harrison, B. W. Pearce, Jr., J. M. Felder, R. A. Patout, Green Wood, H. J. McNair, Tom Bechtol and Roger Smith.

Among the houses that were opened for the reception of New Year's callers on yesterday afternoon, none presented a handsomer or more inviting appearance than did the home of Mrs. F. W. Brosig, where Mr. and Mrs. J. Wallace Brosig received from 5 to 9, with the following young ladies:

Misses Nettie Brosig, Hilda Preston, Anne Terrell, Beatrice Hearne and Olla Wilson.
. . .
Continued on page 4

The home of Mrs. and Mrs. I. Y. Chinski is beautifully adapted for entertaining . . .

Mrs. Chinski was assisted in receiving by Mrs. James Culbert, of Little Rock, Mrs. H. Lee Roan, Mrs. Jno. Mickleborough, Mrs. A. Chinski, Mrs. Louis Chinski and Mrs. Virginius Cuthrell.

Misses Irma Chinski, Maud Hardesty, of Houston, Ira Blackshear, Mattie Fisher, Pearl Garvin and Cora Froehlich. . . .

Personal Mention

Isaac Clark is reported ill.
Joe Bednar is better today.
C. W. Carr went to Bryan today.
W. W. Sangster went to Bryan today.
Miss Stella Clark is confined to her bed.
Mrs. A. W. Hurst left for Ledbetter yesterday.
Dave Baker returned to Georgetown to attend school.
Misses Minnie Ferguson and Alice Dunlap went to Millican this morning.
Miss Gertrude Forrester went to Calvert this morning to spend a few days visiting friends.
Dr. W. G. Peterson went to Taylor this morning to attend the wedding of a Port Lavaca friend.
Miss Birdie Pitts, who has been visiting Miss Fannie Leake for some time, returned to her home in Acquilla this morning.
Rev. J. P. Cochran, Methodist preacher at Bryan, was here today on his way to visit relatives between here and Courtney.
Misses Lillie Hagerman and Maude Neal left for Sherman this morning to attend school, they were accompanied by Judge Geo. D. Neal.
Guy Woodward, Chester Hardy, Mark Lott and Walker Moore went to Waco this morning to attend shcool there. Walker goes to a business college.
Miss Myrtle Shell, who has been visiting Miss Nana May Sellers, returned to her home in Georgetown today, accompanied by Will Sellers.

A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hillsman at Ledbetter Sunday night. Mrs. Hillsman was a Miss Annie Hurst of this city.

Last Night's Dance

Yesterday's new year festivities could hardly have been more pleasantly rounded off than by the dance given last night in the German club hall, which was made to be quite in keeping with the polished social events of the earlier evening. The Mexican band seemed to out do itself for the occasion; those whom the scribe noted present were:

Misses Cora Froehlich, Ira Mae Blackshear, _____ Hendley, Mattie Fisher, ____ Harn, Minnie Ferguson, Monnie Peacock, Maggie Wasson, Olla Wilson, Maud Hardesty, Irma Chinski, Hattie Chinski, Nettie Brosig, Nita Camp, Beatrice Hearne, Agnes Horlock, Hilda Preston, Mattie Yarborough, Alice Dunlap, Katie Norwood, Corinne Bridges.

Messrs. W. G. Peterson, W. G. Scott, B. W. Pearce, Knox Williams, R. a. Patout, F. S. Dixon, Ernest Schumacher, W. E. Wilson, H. L. Boone, John Driscoll, E. M. Smith, David Marks, O. B. Preston, Robert Harrison, S. M. Collet, John Felder, Arthur Smith, Will Dunlap, G. A. Wood, Robert Flewellen.

04 Jan 1899
Page 1
County Capital Notes

Anderson, Jan 4 -
Mrs. Dave Throop is visiting friends and relatives here.
Misses Lillian Campbell and Vivian Taylor two _____ school techers, spent the holdidays at home.
Rev. G. S. Sandle preached in the M. E. church Sunday to a fairly good congregation.
. . .
Dudley Brown returned Sunday after an absence of a week visiting his sister, Mrs. Jones Heard, at Big Springs.
Tax Collector Howard is again in his office taking in the cash.
P. C. McKee and son, Wiley, paid Houston a visit last week, preparatory to a final move there.
School opened again Monday after ten days holiday.
Brown McDonald has gone to San Angelo to engage in the practice of his profession - law.
Mrs. Goodyear and family returned home a visit to College Station last Monday.
W. T. Wasson, contestant for the seat of I. M. Bennett in the legislature, starts to Austin tomorrow ready to prosecute his suit.
Ernest Lindley, of Houston, is visiting relatives and friends here.
I. M. Bennett, representative-elect from this county, is in Anderson on his way to Austin to be present at the opening of the legislature.
Tuesday being the legal land [Continued on Fourth Page]

Page 4 County Capital Notes continued

sale day, under execution, etc., A. F. Brigance, trustee for W. H. Brown, depositor of E. F. Baxter bank, sold the undivided one-half interest in 1076 acres in the Isaac Jackson league, jointly owned by W. H. Brown and S. M. Cook. Cook's interest was offered at public outcry and was bid in [sic] by E. H. Terrell for $2300. There being several other liends on the land, notice of same was given. The sum of $4050 of the original purchase money is still against the land.
. . .

Personal Mention [Navasota]

E. Harris of Ennis, is in the city.
Ivy Brooks is in Navasota from Bryan.
Dr. Flewellen is reported seriously ill at Houston.
Mrs. Will Ash was taken suddenly ill this morning.
R. D. Blackshear has resigned the position of book-keeper at F. W. Brosig's.
Miss Sallie Eddleman of the Conroe Courier, stopped over here last night on her way home to Bryan.
Mrs. John Sharp, of Turnerville, Coryell county, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Tom Brooks, in this city.

Last Night's Frolic.

The country home of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Camp, near the suburbs of the city, was the scene of a lively gathering of pleasure seeking young people last night, where Miss Minnie entertained a list of friends; and the crowd, notwithstanding the darkness of the night, was large and jolly.

Misses Bonnie Deadrick and Louise Brown presided over a handsome punch bowl filled with a thirst quenching mixture.

The other guests were:
Misses Minnie Camp, Carrie Davis, Nana Mae Sellers, Helen Lott, Corinne Bridges, Fannie Leake, Anne Terrell, Effie and Ida Horlock, Clara Lange, Marie Ketchum, Clarabel Jack, Corinne Kennard, Pearl Terrell, Virgie Scott, Mary Lou Thomas, Edna Roberts, Mattie Ella Yarborough, Lucile Shaw.

Messrs. Tom Buckingham, Tom Trisfrith of Dallas, Joel Terrell, Mack Meachum, Latham Boone, Arthur Smith, Larry Jacobs, Oscar Davis, Hood Boone, George Dwyer, Robert Cuthrell, Collie Camp, Tom Matthews, Sterling Davis, Minter Uzzell, Ira Camp, W. E. Wilson, Ben Pearce, Ben Ahrenbeck, Roy Camp, Robert Flewellen, Shield Norwood, Jesse Dwyer.

05 Jan 1899
Page 1

A Card of Thanks

Wife and I desire to express our appreciation to the members of the Baptist church, and friends, of Navasota, for their generous and kind tokens of appreciation in their handsome and valuable Xmas gifts; in sugar, coffee, flour, hams, turkies, fruits, lard, eggs, fancy groceries, cash and a very handsome couch for wife. And then especial thanks to Sisters Fannie Anderson and May Baylor, who so energetically got up this Xmas gift. And also to Bro. Artee, our Asyrian merchant, for fine table linen. Then to our S. S. pupil, the Chinese laundryman, who sent us fine teas, nuts, citron, etc., from his country. May God graciously bless all these kind people and grant them a happy and prosperous year.
Isaac Sellers and Wife.

Bankruptcy Petition

Galveston, Tex., Jan. 4. - B. W. Pearce, of Navasota, filed a petition in bankruptcy in the Federal court here today. Liabilities $3087.50; no assets, except about $600 of personal property, which is exempt under the state law.

J. J. Mickler, who has been doing a small grocery business in the Creagor block, has closed up the establishment.

Personal Mention

Jeff Lott returned today from a business trip to Houston.
Miss Ethel Bridges is suffering from an attack of bronchitis.
Mrs. Amelia Haber, of Avery, O., is in Navasota visiting Mrs. William Bosse, Jr.
Miss Nora Collins returned today from an extended visit to relatives at Houston.
R. E. Walton, merchant of Plastersville [sic], in North Grimes, was buying goods in Navasota today.
Attorney John M. King has moved his family to Navasota and taken the Brown place on Washington avenue.
Dr. D. A. Jameson went to Millican this morning in response to a summons from Charlie Fisher, who is not expected to live.
Miss Bessie Stewart returned to her home in Montgomery this morning, after spending several weeks with Col. and Mrs. C. W. Stewart.

06 Jan 1899
Page 1

Another New Family Here

Gus Mittanck and bride arrived here on yesterday evening's Santa Fe from Kenny, where they were married Wednesday. They went to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Rowland to remain several days, after which they will take a cottage in the Felder addition, to which they will be cordially welcomed and Gus' friends here wish for himself and wife unbounded happiness in their new relationship.

Gone After Offices

F. L. Plasters, known throughout the width and breadth of Grimes county as the "Bedias Chief" and close competitor in the last primary for the democratic nomination for representative, took yesterday evening's train for the state capitol to run fo the position of doorkeeper of the house of representatives, which assembles on the 10th. He would certainly be the man for the place, and if any fellow got fancy and wanted to kick a door down to break a quorum he would be more apt to get his back broken.

W. R. Francklow from Roans Prairie, was also along. He is a candidate for assistant doorkeeper of the senate chamber, and has strong hopes of being able to put up a strong or winning fight.

The gentlemen's friends in Grimes wish them a prosperour trip and are sure they will have a jolly time, if nothing else.

Page 4
Personal Mention

Mrs. W. W. Sangster is indisposed.
Earl, little son of Mr. and Mrs. Will Hoyle, is quite sick.
Miss Zudie Holiday of Belton, is in Navasota visiting friends.
Jared E. Clarke and family of Navasota, spent New Years day with relatives here - Hempstead News.
Mr. Lankford, who has been living near Yarborough, has moved to town with his family. They are occupying, for the present, the Ashford place near the fair grounds.

07 Jan 1899
Page 3

Hose Company No 1 Election

At a meeting held at the truck house last night, the senior Hose company No. 1, choose as officers for the ensuing year:

Ward Templeman, foreman
E. M. Perry, first assistant
Ed. F. Blackshear, second assistant
J. H. Freeman, secretary
J. M. Shaw, treasurer
Ed. Woodward and Ben Romm, delegates to the department
Ed. Woodward, delegate to the firemen's state convention to meet in Paris in May; J. M. Shaw, alternate. The election of sponsor was deferred.

The company is in spendid condition and interest in its affairs is lively.

Page 4

Was Thrown from a Horse

Gerald Lott, the young gentleman who presides over the Examiner's First Ward route, met with a severe accident while out rabbit hunting this morning. His horse was going at a gallop when he stepped into a ditch or hole and threw the rider, whose head came in violent contact with a rock. Six stiches over Gerald's left eye attest the force of the descent and for the present mar his smiling countenance.

Personal Mention

Joe Baylor is sick.
Karetta, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gille, is reported ill.
Finney McDonald, Esq., of Montgomery, was in Navasota on business today.
Mrs. Birdie Wagner and son, who have been visiting Mrs. John W. Schumacher, returned home to Columbus last evening.
Jacob Hamberger has been quite sick for some days but is now much better.
Miss Rebecca Gibson will arrive here this evening from Dallas to visit Miss Ira Mae Blackshear.
Alex McAlpine has gone to Louisville, Ky., to take another course in a medical college.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. West have returned after several days' absence at San Augustine.
Mrs. Jno. D. Flewellen has returned home from a visit to Houston.
Miss Katherine Pfeuffer, of San Antonio, is in the city on a visit to her grand-mother, Mrs. E. G. Owen.
Misses Effie and Ida Horlock went to Dallas this morning to school.
Gus Jameson went to Hubbard City this morning to accept a position with his brother-in-law.
Ed. Easley went to Sherman this morning to spend a few days visiting.
Miss Hattie Chinski left this morning to spend a few days visiting friends at Marlin.
Mrs. Emma Talley went to Millican this morning accompanied by her son, Johnnie.
Miss Jessie Busby returned today from an extended visit to friends and relatives at Hempstead.

10 Jan 1899
Page 1

Personal Mention

Robert Smith has the grippe today.
Dudley Brown, of Anderson, is in the city.
V. A. Mapes left for Dallas this morning.
C. E. Tribble has a very sick baby at his home.
C. A. McMillan returned from Madisonville last night.
Col. E. L. Bridges left this morning on a business trip to Dallas.
Mrs. Skelton, who has been ill for some weeks, is somewhat improved today.
Mrs. May Wilson and Miss Madeline Baylor went to Galveston last evening.
Abbie Nolan went to Wellborn this morning to spend a few days visiting relatives.
John Thomas, Ed. Foster and Marion Thomas were here from Mustang Prairie today.
Miss Kirk, who stopped over here yesterday, has departed for her home in Baltimore.
Mrs. A. W. Hurst returned home last night after a visit to her daughter at Ledbetter.
Lawyer Brigance went to Austin yesterday evening to assist in the Bennett-Wasson contest.
Dr. G. W. Emory and Lieut. Thos. P. Buffington will leave for New York and other eastern points tonight.
Mrs. M. Pfeffer, of Kenney, who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Gus Mittanck, returned home this morning.
Mrs. R. L. Sands returned to her home in Lyons this morning, after spending several weeks with her parents in this city.
Miss Leeana Herren returned to her home in Conroe yesterday, after spending a couple of weeks with her sister, Mrs. James Garloff.
Claude Smitheal stopped here a few hours last night, on his way from Calvert to Beaumont with the Thomas Book Auction company.
Miss Sallie Ross and Mrs. Emma Talley returned last evening from Millican, where they attended the funeral of J. J. LeFebure's little child.
Miss Lestarjette, of Beaumont, who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Chinski, left this morning to make a short visit to friends at Bryan.

Page 4
A cute little girl and boy were born this morning to Mr. and Mrs. Gus Black, at their home of Mrs. L. J. Wilson's plantation.

11 Jan 1899
Page 1

County Capital Notes

Anderson, January 11 -
Frank Miner shot Henry Ward yesterday. Both parties live on John T. McGinty's place and are colored. It appears that Ward took a sweet potato out of the fire that Miner had put in to toast. He ran out of the house with it and Miner shot him with a gun, using No. 4 shot; the charge took effect in his feet and legs.

Dr. Bell and Lawyer Meachum were in town Monday on business.

Commissioner Gillespie opened the sealed bids for the bridge across Dickson creek yesterday evening, and it was found that M. Gibney's bid to build the bridge out of oak for $2 per foot was the cheapest. The bids on the rock crossing of the Singletary creek resulted in showing that E. Parks' bid for $95 was the cheapest.

Mrs. Lizzie N. Throop and Mrs. Hattie Taylor attended the theatre in Navasota last night.

The Knights of Honor held their regular meeting last night and installed the new officers for the year, as follows:
Dr. F. B. Johnston, dictator;
C. B. Nichols, past dictator;
W. G. Howard, vice dictator;
T. L. Thomas, asst. dictator;
J. R. Howell, treasurer;
J. E. M. Reid, financial reporter;
R. W. McDonald, reporter;
Gifford Smyth, guide;
Dudley Brown, conductor;
W. B. Loftin, sentinel;
Rev. J. R. Cason, chaplain.

Page 4

Personal Mention

Rev. J. W. McMahan is in the city.
W. W. Sangster went to Bryan today.
J. M. Shaw is in Plantersville today on business.
Judge J. H. Teague returned today from Austin.
Allen Pundt left this morning for Somerville on business.
W. C. Connor, South Texas commercial agent of the Frisco, was here today from Houston.
Mrs. J. A. Conns, of Independence, after spending several days visiting relatives, returned home this morning.
S. D. Hearne, of Bryan, is spending a few days here and keeping up W. E. Wilson's watch repair business, while the latter gentleman is on a business trip to Wharton.

Mr. and Mrs. G. K. F. Gille requests the EXAMINER to thank, in their behalf, the very considerate people of this city who have generously assisted them in taking care of their sick little girls.

12 Jan 1899
Page 4

Personal Mention

Miss Eme Steele is sick.
Maj. A. O. Norwood went to Dallas this morning on business.
Miss Madeline Baylor returned today from a visit to Galveston.
Dr. E. A. Thompson went to Tharp this morning to see a sick relative.
Miss Pearl Billitz returned to Houston last evening after spending some time with Mr. and Mrs. Sam M. Bock.
Mrs. T. J. Thornhill and 2 children left this morning for Independence to spend a few days visiting relatives.

13 Jan 1899
Page 1

Firemen Meetings

Hook and Ladder and Hose No. 2 Elected Officers Last Night

Hook and Ladder fire company held its first regular meeting for '99 at the truck house last night with almost the entire membership in attendance, and an extended and rousing meeting it was.

The following officers were elected for the year:
R. A. Patout, formean;
M. L. O. Andrews, first assistant foreman;
C. J. Kirk, second assistant foreman;
R. C. Terrell, secretary;
Will Gibson, treasurer;
C. A. McMillan and Sam Madeley, delegates to the department;
R. A. Patout, delegate to the State Firemen's Association; T. W. Foley, Jr., alternate;
Miss Zenobia Daunis, sponsor;
T. W. Foley, Jr., Jack Wyatt and D. E. Callabam, were appointed as auditing committee;
J. N. Baylor, W. R. Lott and J. W. Schumacher, were appointed as relief committee.

Hose company No. 2 held a called meeting at the Camp Hotel, with a goodly number of the members answering to the roll call. The meeting was for the purpose of choosing officers for this year, and they were named as follows:
Kemp Thompson, foreman;
Ben Ahrenbeck, first assistant foreman;
Green Wood, secretary;
R. A. Sangster, treasurer;
H. H. Knox and R. A. Sangster, delegates to the department.

Back from Austin

H. F. Plasters returned today from the shadows of the state capitol, where he journeyed forth in search of a lucrative position in the service of the state, having immediately in view the position of doorkeeper of the lower house. He didn't get the place, but he had lots of fun and his happy spirit gives forth no indication of humiliation or umbrage.

Death of Mrs. Jack

Another Spirit has Flown to its Happy Home Beyond the Skies

At 9:40 o'clock last night in the home of her mother, Mrs. E. A. DeMaret, the spirit of Mrs. Carrie DeMaret Jack took its flight of its earthly tenement toward that world of eternal day and sunshine, where joy is perpetual and sorrow unknow [sic]. Although death is common to us all, and the last debt of nature must be tendered sooner or latter [sic], the news of the lady's taking off in the fullness of her useful life will be received by her many true friends in Navasota with special marks of genuine sorrow. And the family, which is among the town's oldest inhabitants, will be the recipients of hearty and sincere sympathy in their bereavement.

Mrs. Jack was born in this county 45 years and 11 months ago, and here received her earliest instructions in the duties of life and blossomed into womanhood. She was united in married life little less than 25 years ago to Capt. Sam M. Jack and of recent times has been a resident of Velasco; of this union there survives five children, two boys and three girls, some of whom have attained their majorities, while none are babies.

The funeral will take place at 10 o'clock tomorrow evening from the home of Mrs. DeMaret, to the City cemetery. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend.

Personal Mention

Harry J. McNair went to Bryan this morning.
Ed. McIntyre, of Caldwell county, who has been visiting W. S. D. Saunders, returned to his home this morning.
O. L. Steele and Chas. Ahrenbeck left yesterday for Port Lavaca on a hunting and fishing expedition of two or three weeks duration.

14 Jan 1899
Page 4

Personal Mention

J. N. Baylor, Jr., is out again after several days' illness.

D. F. McLaughlin, of Fort Worth, is psending a few days with friends in Navasota.

Steele Steele and daughter, Miss Pauline, spent the day in Millican today visiting relatives.

Miss Birdie Booker, who has been visiting J. B. Lott's family, returned to her home in Brenham this morning.

Master Claude Cuthrell returned to his home in Roans Prairie today, after visiting relatives here for a few days.

J. D. Harder, express messenger on the G., C. & S. F., is ill today, and Col. Robert Smith is running on the road.

Senator Geo. D. Neal returned from Austin last night to spend the Sabbath with his family; the senate having adjourned until Monday.

Robt. T. Flewellen, accompanied by his son, Eugene, left this morning for Waco, to make arrangements for the removeal of his family to that city.

The funeral of Mrs. Jack occured from the family residence at 10 o'clock this morning, and was attended by a number of citizens, besides many relatives.

County Capital Notes

Aderson [sic], Jan. 14 -
Tax Collector W. G. Howard's report for December collections show the following to be the net collections:

                       COUNTY TAX
County ad valorem .................................$2,836.82
    "      road and bridge..........................1,655.29
    "      court house and jail...................  1,104.57
      Total .......................................$5,596.68
About same amount collected of state taxes.

H. F. Plasters returned from Austin yesterday, he having failed to get the position of assistant doorkeeper of the house of representatives, but was second best, his successful opponent being Wayne Mitchell, of Madison county.

Knox Howard, deputy tax collector, has moved here with his wife and is boarding at the Preston hotel.

There is some little railroad talk here among the citizens.

Tom Terrell, now of Kaufman county, but for a long time a citizen of our town, is here visiting old friends.

A small one horse show came to town yesterday and will show tonight. The small boy is in his glory.

Col. W. W. Meachum is getting the material on the ground to remodel and re-build his dwelling.

A great deal of light sickness is in town, such as colds, coughts and la grippe.

Our public school will have public exercises on Feb. 22, in commemoration of George Washington's birthday.

16 Jan 1899
Page 2

Married Sunday Morning

At 10:30 o'clock yesterday morning Rev. Isaac Sellers performed a ceremony at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hutchins which united for life in the holy ties of matrimony Mr. Lon Ogg, of Plantersville, and Miss Annie Taylor, of this city. The happy couple left yesterday evening for their future home at Plantersville, where they are well known and will be given a hearty reception by their many friends. The bride has been a resident of Navasota only a few months but has drawn to her in friendship all who met her.

Page 4

Personal Mention

Dr. F. A Young went to Tharp this morning.
W. E. Wilson has returned from Wharton.
Miss Nora Collins returned yesterday from Hempstead.
Prof. S. H. Flake went to Waco yesterday on business.
Dean Hearne returned to his home in Bryan yesterday.
District Attorney Ed. A. Scott went to Hearne this morning.
Dr. LeGrand, of Hempstead, was visiting relatives here yesterday.
A. W. Kennard has secured a position in the general land office at Austin.
A. S. Blumenthal left this morning for Waco and Ft. Worth on business.
Mrs. A. McFarlane left yesterday for a point in North Texas to see relatives.
Mrs. Will Horlock, who has been sick for some time, is somewhat improved.
Jas. B. Gilliam left yesterday for Waxahachie, to work up a lodge of the American Guild.
Miss Marian Foote, of Bryan, spent last night here with her friend, Miss Zenobia Daunis.
Brakeman Robinson, of the H. & T. C. spent Sunday in this city with his brother, J. M. Robinson.
Mrs. J. J. Mistrot is here from Bryan and will remain with Capt. and Mrs. P. A. Smith for some time.
Mrs. Robt. T. Flewellen and daughter, Miss Bettie Bird, left this morning for their future home in Waco.
Misses Mamie Hendley and Ethel Harn, of Georgetown, who have been visiting Mrs. Robt. Moore, left this morning for Brenham.
Mrs. S. J. Thomas and son left this morning for her home at Comanche, after visiting her parents, Rev. and Mrs. Isaac Sellers, in Navasota.
Rev. Weems Wootton was here this morning on a little business and returned to his home in Marlin this morning. He told of the burning of the Arlington hotel there yesterday.

Harriet Gibson, a colored woman, died on the Boone place last night, aged about 36 years.

17 Jan 1899
Page 2

Plantersville Items

Plantersville, Jan 16 -
Mr. Lon Ogg and bride arrived in town about 4 o'clock Sunday evening. They will occupy the late residence of Mrs. Carrie Stephenson.

After a pleasant visit to relatives here Mrs. Fronia Belk returned to her home in Corrigan. Mr. John Ogg accompanied her.

Rev. George Cook preached a most acceptable sermon in the Baptist church Sunday morning. He has accepted the pastorate of that church for this year and will preach every third Sabbath. The rain Sunday evening prevented services that night.

Mr. and Mrs. Wise have adopted a little orphan girl, who arrived from Galveston a few days since. Her name was Julie Peterson, but will take the name of Wise hereafter.

Mr. Jim Ogg and Miss Stella Phlying, of Tuckers Prairie, were married Sunday; several from town attending.

Mr. H. B. Kelley died Friday night and was buried at Apolonia. He was eighty-one years old. He lived with his daughter, Mrs. Reginald Smythe, of Bobbin. He was a good Christian man and was a member of the Methodist church in Plantersville. Peace to his ashes.

Page 4

Personal Mention

Miss Mary Lou Thomas is ill.
Col. Wm. Falconer left today for Calvert.
John Meadows left for West Texas last night.
E. Harris, come down from Waxahachie last night.
Col. J. A. H. Hosack is in Navasota today on business.
Mrs. W. B. Loftin is reported to be very low with fever at Austin.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Shope, of Waco, are in the city, the guests of Mrs. J. C. Froehlich.
Mrs. Flournoy, of Hempstead, came in today on a visit to her daughter, Mrs. H. T. Fore.
Miss Nellie Van Cleave, of San Antonio, is in the city visiting her aunt, Mrs. R. R. Brown.
Miss Lena Wilson arrived here yesterday from Fort Worth to visit her sister, Miss Olla Wilson.
Miss Cordie Collins returned Sunday from an extended visit to relatives and friends in Brenham, Bellville and Chapel Hill.
Sam Corley, of Red Top, and Geo. Allen and son, from Gibbon's creek, were among the farmers trading here today.
B. B. Throop, of the Post, and Ed. A. Gebhard, of the News, are working Navasota today in the interest of their respective papers.

18 Jan 1899
Page 2

County Capital Notes

Anderson, Tex., Jan. 18 -
P. C. McKee had a public sale of household furniture last Saturday, preparatory to his departure to Houston.

Quarterly conference was held here last Saturday and Sunday at the M. E. Church, South. Presiding Elder Rev. J. C. Mickle, being present, preached Saturday night and Sunday. Sunday the Lord's supper was taken.

Deputy County Clerk E. B. Rhodes has bought, on trial, a late improved type writer for writing in large books of record; and it is expected to record all instruments much neater, handier and more legible than the old style - and will redound to the benefit of the public.

P. C. McKee and son, Wiley, left last Sunday by private conveyance for Houston. His family will follow in a few days by rail. We are sorry to lose so useful a citizen and we wish him success in his new home.

Mrs. Lizzie N. Throop and Miss Eleanor Meachum attended the opera in Navasota last night.

E. H. and A. P. Terrell have bought the Jim Q. Yarborough place, save and except the 200 acre homestead. There was 1100 acres in the deal and the consideration was $9000. It is considered one of the best up land places in the county. The place is situated about three miles northeast of Anderson, on Scott Prairie.

Mack Meachum, of Navasota, was in our town on legal business yesterday.

Tax Collector Howard is kept busy in his office waiting on the tax payers. They only have until Feb. 1st before the 10 per cent comes on the tax payers.

Page 4

Personal Mention

County Commissioner Colson is here today.
Mrs. Robt. Brown is ill with the 'grip.
Jim Quinn, of Fulshear, is visiting in the city.
E. Harris went back to Waxahachie this noon.
W. F. Hoppess went to Dallas last night to see relatives.
Abe Blumenthal returned last night from Waco and Fort Worth.
J. D. Bone, commercial agent of the Cotton Belt, was in Navasota today.
Alf Meyers, of New Orleans, is in the city visiting his brother, Joe Meyers.
Ed. Woodward left last evening to attend the Cattlemen's convention at Galveston.
Miss Gertie Nass, of Hempstead, is visiting in Navasota, the guest of Mrs. G. G. Nass.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Bednar and Miss Stella Clark went to Hempstead to a dance last night.
Miss Freddie Wainwright returned today from a month's visit to relatives at Mobile, Ala.
W. C. Preston was bustling among the business men here today in the interest of the Frisco.
Miss Amy Lyon arrived today from Evansville, Ind., to visit the family of Col. R. A. Horlock.
Miss Rebecca Gibson, of Dallas, who has been visiting Miss Ira Blackshear will go to Houston this evening.
Mrs. S. Nusbaum left for her home at Columbus yesterday, after spending a few days with her brother, Abe Lewin.
After an extended visit to her sister, Mrs. J. W. Schumacher in this city, Miss May Wagner departed last night for her home in Columbus.
Mrs. R. H. Brown, who has been visiting W. A. Scott and family, returned to her home in Calvert today, accompanied by August and little Miss Mattie Bell Scott.

19 Jan 1899
Page 4

Personal Mention

J. H. Lee is rusticating in Galveston today.
Miss Eleanor Steele went to Millican this morning.
Mrs. May Wilson returned today from a visit to Galveston.
Mark Kennard and Will Stone left this morning for Recil (?) on business.
The baby of Dr. and Mrs. F. A. Young has been quite ill, but is better.
Mrs. Poulton, of Kyle, arrived here last evening to visit Mrs. S. M. Cook.
Miss Fannie Aaron, who has been visiting Mrs. Sam Keller, went to Houston last evening.
Lee Neblett is drumming trade among Navasotians today, and shaking hands with school-day friends.
Mrs. H. Marwilski returned to her home in Bryan today after visiting her daughter, Mrs. A. S. Blumenthal.
Mrs. A. B. Smith is here from Honey Grove on a short visit to relatives. She goes to Galveston this evening.

Clothes Caught Fire

Julia Erwin, a colored woman living in the eastern part of town, was severely burned about the body and arms at 11 o'clock this morning, but not so badly that she will not recover.

She had lit some trash and while it burned she turned her back to talk with Mattie Davis, wife of Andrew Davis. The latter has a severely burned hand, in consequence of heroic efforts to save the first woman's life.

20 Jan 1899
Part 4

Personal Mention

Mark Kennard has returned.
Senator Geo. D. Neal is in the city today.
Dr. E. A. Harris went to Bryan this morning.
Ed. Woodward is at home from Galveston.
Mrs. John McKay has returned from a visit to Louisiana.
W. G. Bennett, of Courtney, was here on business this Sun.
Judge T. C. Buffington, of Anderson, was in Navasota today.
District Attorney E. A. Scott is again at home for a day or two.
John Driscoll returned last night from a week's visit to Houston.
Corporal Vance, company B, Fourth Texas, is here from San Antonio visiting friends.

Lieutenant Hammond Norwood, of company B, Fourth Texas, is in the city on a furlough.

Miss Mittie Uzzell returned home to Apolonia yesterday after visiting Mrs. G. W. Saunders.

H. B. Beers, cotton broker of New Orleans, was in Navasota today gathering personal information of conditions, and actual statistics.

Ted Davis, who represents the Iglebart cotton Brokerage firm, of Austin, returned to Austin yesterday, after spending several days here.

Robert Schumacher went to Bryan today to settle a dispute between a mill and a machinery manufacturer. The Navasotian is authority in such matters.

John Quinn is at home again from the Medical University at Galveston. He is yet undecided as to whether he will return to college any more this year or not.

Tom B. Bolton was doing business in Navasota today. He has recently purchased the interest of Mr. McKinney in the firm of McKinney & Bolton and is going it alone in nice shape. Tom is looked upon as a rattling good young business man and his success is looked for.

21 Jan 1899
page 1

Death of Bunny Baldridge

His Life Quietly Passed Out Early this Morning - Funeral this Eve.

It was with much sorrow that the people on the streets learned this morning of the death of J. R. Baldridge, who passed quietly away at 12:45 o'clock this morning, after an attack of paralysis which was so severe he could only withstand the malady a few weeks.

The body will be laid to rest in the City Cemetery at 4 o'clock this afternoon, the funeral to be under the auspices of the Knights of Pythias, from the residence of Dr. A. H. Ketchum.

"Bunny" Baldridge, as he was known far and wide, was born in Washington county 52 years ago, and from infancy almost up to the time of his death led an active life. He was a man possessed of a high sense of justice and with whom a fellow feeling for all mankind was ever dominant, and it was reputed to be only the flimsiest "tales of woe" that could not draw pure charitable help from his free heart. With these characteristics he was endowed with a spirit that prompted him to do all he really could in an enterprising and progressive way, and by it made and retained staunch friends in all walks of life.

He has been a merchant in Navasota for about ten years and leaves to mourn his loss a mother, brother and sister, who reside at Ennis.

A Colored Man Killed

John Melton, a negro man, was killed yesterday by Major and Jim Smoot, in the Navasota river bottom, near the mouth of Gibbon's creek.

The trouble arose over some bogs, of which animals the Smoot boys have many roaming through the woods. Melton opened fire on the two brothers and they returned it from two Winchester rifles. In the operation the negro received nine bullets in his body.

These are all the particulars that can now be gleaned.

Justice Thomas, of Anderson, was called upon to hold the inquest.

Page 4

County Capital Notes

Anderson, Jan. 21 -
Following are the jurors for the first week of the county court, convening on Feb. 6th:

E. W. Kerl,           Wm. Fain,
W. H. Fuqua,          T. J. Cone,
W. T. Martin,         W. S. Neblett,
J. B. Todd,           J. H. Heil,
R. A. Martin,         Will Mabry,
J. E. M. Reid,        Alex White.
The county commissioners meet on the second week.
Third week, Feb. 20:
J. T. Smith,          J. W. Teague,
Ed. Magee,            R. W. Jeter,
Charley Lee,          Joe Sechelski,
P. B. Jennings,       Will McAlpine,
Jno. M. Adkins,       Heat Prescott,
T. T. Prescott,       W. C. Colson.

Suit has been filed in Guadaloupe county, in district court, by Felix and Ceyloma Douglass vs. the Guarantee Life Association of Chicago. The parties in question are cousins of the late John B. Terrell, deceased, whose life was insured in said company for $1,000.00 in favor of Mr. and Mrs. Douglass. Citation was served on Dr. W. D. Littler, the company's local agent here. The company has refused to pay the policy.

Sergeant-at-Arms of the house of representatives, Tip Jones, of Austin, reached our town last Thursday and created quite a stir by summoning quite a batch of witnesses in the W. T. Wasson vs. I. M. Bennett contest case, witnesses to appear before the election committee on Monday, January 23rd, 1899. The following is a list of the witnesses summoned in and near our town:

C. B. Nichols, county clerk; W. W. Smith, deputy clerk; M. Gibney, J. H. Kennard, W. T. Neblett, M. S. Womack, H. C. Jones, G. L. Scott, W. G. Howard, Wm. Olliver, Claud Taylor, F. M. Childers.

The witnesses are to meet the sergeant at Navasota Sunday evening at 5 o'clock p. m. to go south, via Hempstead.

Mr. John N. Scott, of Longstreet, is in town visiting relatives.

Sergeant-at-arms Tip Jones went from here Friday morning to Bedias to summon several witnesses near that place. Clay Jones went to Martins Prairie and Iola and Knox Howard to Prairie Plains for witnesses in the contest case.

Personal Mention

Will Stone has returned home from Marlin.
A. L. Gilliland is confined to his home by illness.
Tom Terrell, of Apolonia, is in the city on business.
Graham Baker, of Houston, is in the city, visiting Stratton Baker.
Mrs. Finch, who lives on Fuqua Prairie, is reported to be very ill.
L. M. Norman, of Roans Prairie, is in the city today, purchasing goods.
L. C. Peacock, a merchant of Apolonia, is in the city today on business.
Walter Salyer has been a very sick boy for a few days past, but is now some better.

J. E. Cuthrell left today for Prairie Plains, to attend to some business on his farm.

Jim Mayfield, a prominent merchant of Roans Prairie, is in the city today purchasing goods.

Miss Gertrude Forrester returned from Calvert yesterday, after an extended visit to friends there.

Mrs. L. S. Meekins returned to her home in Millican today, after spending several days here with her brother, Steele Steele.

John Weatherford, of Roans Prairie, is in the city today, on his way home after a business trip to Dallas and Fort Worth.

Boss Driscoll, of Prairie Plains, returned today from Houston, and reports having bought a large stock of drugs for his store out home.

Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Mistrot, of Bryan, who have been visiting Capt. and Mrs. P. A. Smith for sometime returned home today, accompanied by Miss Zenobia Daunis.

25 Jan 1899
Page 4

Personal Mention

Constable Forrester is ill.
Chas. J. Kirk went to Bastrop yesterday evening.
Jake Harris was in Navasota today; he is traveling now.
Chas. Doerge has resigned his position with J. M. Callaway.
Leal Wasson returned to Navasota yesterday from school at Austin.
Mrs. M. A. Fisher went to Hempstead yesterday evening on business.

26 Jan 1899
Page 1

County Capital Notes

Anderson, Jan. 24 -
Sergeant-at-Arms Tip Jones returned from Bedias Saturday evening and received message by 'phone to summon Wm. Heil and M. R. Mobley in addition to those already summoned.

The examining trial of Major and Jim Smoot for killing John Melton was held Monday before Judge Lane Thomas and resulted in the bond being set at $1000.00, which was readily given.

Miss Edna Taylor of Roans Prairie, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. John Preston, of this place.

Miss Clara Lange returned home Tuesday from Houston, where she has been visiting friends for the past two weeks.

Miss Mamie Loftin, who has been quite ill, is now improving.

Miss Lillian Campbell, who is teaching the Apalonia school, spent Saturday and Sunday at home.

Miss Mollie Lange spent Tuesday in your town shopping.

Mrs. Brigance of this place, is with her sister, Mrs. Finch, who is quite sick at her home on Fuqua's Prairie.

The Patrick Academy is preparing for a concert on Washington's birthday; quite a nice program is being prepared.

A crowd of our citizens left Sunday for Austin where they were summoned to appear in the Wasson-Bennett contest.

The small boys and girls had quite a pleasant party Tuesday night last at the residence of Mrs. B. B. Throop.

Miss Bernice Goodyear, who has been visiting friends for the past three weeks, returned to her home at Wellborn last week.

Miss Virgie Gillespie, who has been a little sick, is now convalescent.

A New Resident

Algie Allen and family, who have been living at Brenham for sometime, have moved to Navasota. They have purchased the old Rollo place in Camptown and will make it their future home.

Page 4

Personal Mention

Mrs. M. A. Fisher returned from Hempstead this morning.
Mrs. Lela Cawthon, of Houston, is in the city visiting relatives.
Cross Baker, who has been in the city on business for a day or two, left for is home in Plantersville this morning.
Jas. M. Shaw went to Conroe on business this morning.
District Attorney Ed. A. Scott went to Millican this morning.
Mrs. Lydia Gibson, who has been visiting her daughter at Waller for a month, returned home this morning.
Mrs. J. C. Poulton and baby, who have been visiting Mrs. S. M. Cook for some time, returned to their home in Kyle this morning.
Rev. J. G. Tanner went to Marlin this morning.
Misses Minnie Ferguson and Alice Dunlap went to Millican this morning.
Rev. A. Lowery returned from Montgomery county last night.
J. R. McDade, of Hempstead, was in the city yesterday. He went to Montgomery this morning.
J. H. Kennard, of Anderson, was here today.
Joel Smith, the genial hotel man at Anderson, was in Navasota this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Shope returned to their home in Waco this morning after spending a week or more with relatives here and at Anderson.

Prof. Dick, the conjurer who promised to perform in magic at the opera house tonight, is ill today and cannot show. He will give part of last night's proceeds to the public library.

28 Jan 1899
Page 1

County Capital Notes

Anderson, Jan. 28 -
About all the witnesses in the Wasson vs. Bennett contest, have returned from Austin. A great many who never saw the capitol before came back feeling a greater pride in Texas than ever.

Wm. Oliver, a Mexican war veteran, one of the witnesses who went to Austin, said it had been firty-three years since he saw Austin; that time after the City of Mexico had been captured by Gen. Scott, Robet E. Lee being the civil engineer of the army, after he (Oliver) was discharged he rode horseback from said city passing through Austin and on to Nashville, Tenn., and never crossed a railroad on the trip. Surely the world does move.

Mat J. Fuqua is asessing in this precinct.

Judge Teague has supplied himself with a new type writer for his office.

J. H. Kennard paid Hockley a short business visit this week.

The I. O. O. F. and Temperance Union have placed a stove in their hall which adds greatly to the comfort of the same.

. . .

The rehearsals for the Washington birth day celebration has begun in the public schools.

Page 4

Personal Mention

Attorney Boone is in Bryan on legal business.
Chas. J. Kirk returned from Bastrop last night.
Miss Deborah Matthews went to Galveston last evening.
Marcus Clark, of Gatesville, is in the city today visiting.
George Woodall was shaking hands with friends here today.
Dr. J. H. Neal and Mrs. C. N. Perry, who have been ill with fever, are recovering.
Senator Geo. D. Neal and Representative I. M. Bennett are in Navasota today.
Miss Maude Kelley left this morning to spend a few days with D. E. Kelley and family at Bryan.
Geo. W. Medland, who has been to Penargyl, Pa., his old home, returned this morning to spend some time here.
John Martin has resigned his position as the road master's clerk of the Santa Fe; and the same is now filled by Robert Harper, from the Indian Territory.

A Convict Escaped

Henry Robinson, a convict on Horlock & Terrell's farm, made his escape from the plantation gin yesterday, and up till today nothing has been heard from him. He was a good hand and had always received the best of treatment for his good qualities and had but about nine months on his sentence yet to run. He was sent from Livingston, Polk county.

30 Jan 1899
Page 1

A Birthday Dinner

An Aged Navasotian Celebrates His Seventy-Fifth Year's End.

Seventy-five years past yesterday, that spry old citizen of Navasota, Dr. J. P. Barnett, entered this world and began a journey over its meandering path that has been drawn well past the three score years and ten, with no indication that he has yet began to double back upon the course; on the contrary, all who know him feel sure he has many years yet to serve mankind in his laudable and charitable ways.

The doctor was born in Jefferson county, Kentucky, in 1823, came to Texas in '53 and located in Navasota thirty-three years ago.

It has been his custom for years to give what he calls a preachers dinner each anniversary of his natal day, to which he invites all the ministers of the city and a few friends besides; each year these affairs become more elaborate, until it would seem hard to surpass the affair of yesterday afternoon, and the party who there assembled could hardly entertain the slighted desire to sit down to a more bounteous spread, which was handsomely prepared and served by "Aunt Susan," the old colored housekeeper and servant, whose experience in this line entitles her to graduating honors.

Those who enjoyed the hospitality were: Rev. Isaac Sellers, Rev. and Mrs. C. A. Hooper, Rev. and Mrs. Burrows, Rev. and Mrs. Henry Cox, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Craig, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. White, Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Bookman, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Felder, Dr. Mahon, of Hemptead [sic], and M. L. O. Andrews.

Incidentally it may be mentioned that Mr. J. J. Felder, who was a jolly member of the party, on the same day commenced his sixty-fifth year; having first seen the light of day in South Carolina on January 29, 1838.

Page 4

Personal Mention

C. A. Taylor, of Apolonia, was here today.
Geo. D. Neal went back to Austin this morning.
Mis Genie Muldrow returned home from Waco yesterday evening.
Major Riddick is on a few days' lay off, while Capt. Robert Smith is filling the vacancy.
Eugene Sellers returned to Houston last night after spending Sunday with his parents.
Miss Betina Jacobs returned from St. Louis last night, where she has been spending several months.
W. A. Scott went to Calvert yesterday and brought back his little son and daughter, who had been visiting there.

This afternoon a horse belonging to Robert Terrell mounted the sidewalk in front of Rowland Smith's, ran along to Wilson's corner; here an awning post that was tied to him fouled another post and he turned a somersault. The strange thing about the escapade being that no window or show case glass was touched.

31 Jan 1899
Page 4

Personal Mention

Will Preston is in the city.
Emanuel Harris went to Bryan today.
C. W. Carr went to Bryan this morning.
Lieut. Norwood went to San Antonio yesterday evening.
Capt. Gordon Boone, went to Bryan on business this morning.
Dr. Gulledge and wife, of Graball, were in Navasota today.
Rev. R. W. Adams, of Willis, passed through Navasota yesterday going to Anderson.
Rev. Isaac Sellers and family left last night for their new home in Abilene, going by way of Waco.
Mrs. Geo. W. Start, who has been at Temple with her husband, returned to Navasota yesterday and will go back to Temple tomorrow.
Mrs. F. S. Carter and children and Miss Marie Mistrot, of Bryan, were in the city last night, the guests of Capt. and P. A. Smith. They returned home this morning.

An alarm of fire at 9:30 o'clock this morning called the department to Mrs. Rebecca Hyman's boarding house, where a flue was burning out. It was extinguished without the aid of the firemen, with no material damage resultant.

A German Last Night

The young gentlemen, of the Navasota German club, gave a dilightful dance in their spacious hall last night, which was well attended by those who enjoy such exhilarating and exercising entertainments.

Those whom the EXAMINER's informant noted present were: Misses Marie Mistrot, of Bryan; Lena Wilson, of Fort Worth; Frankie Kauffman, of Palestine; _______ Lyons, of Indiana; Mattie Fisher, Cora Froehlich, Ira Blackshear, Beatrice Hearne, Irma Chinski, Mary Knox, Nita Camp, Nettie Brosig, Olla Wilson, Freddie Wainwright, Genie Muldrow, Hilda Preston, Mattie Yarborough.

Messrs. Ollie Preston, Will Gibson, Green Wood, Fred Dixon, John Felder, Ben Pearce, Hannibal Scott, Tom Foley, John Driscoll, Ernest Youens, Robt. Harrison, Ernest Schumacher, Walter Scott, Frank Etheredge, Knox Williams and Arthur Smith.

Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Chinski and Mr. and Mrs. Will Backloupe.

01 Feb 1899
Page 1

Personal Mention

O. M. Hurd, of Yarborough, was here today.
Little Grady Saunders is quite ill with congestion.
Ira Camp went to the ranch in Coleman this morning.
James Harman, of Roans Prairie, was here trading today.
Isaac Clark has gone to Waco to attend a business college.
C. C. Camp is taking his turn with the popular la grippe.
Representative Bennett returned to Austin yesterday evening.
Miss Adelle Winfree, who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Mark Floyd for a month or so, returned to her home in Crockett this morning.

Memorial services for the death of M. Levy, were held at the ramily residence last evening, and were attended by a number of Navasota's Jewish citizens.

02 Feb 1899
Page 4

Personal Mention

Grady Saunders is very low.
Capt. Gordon Boone went to Bryan today.
Emanuel Harris went to Ennis this morning.
Capt. L. J. Granary was ill last night and today.
Mrs. Jas. B. Gilliam went to Waxahachie this morning.
Dr. Jameson was called to Millican today on medical business.
Eugene Sellers passed though [sic] the city today en route to Dallas.
Miss Stella Easley will go to Hempstead this evening on a visit.
U. P. Melton, of Cuero, is in the city visiting E. A. Chinski and wife.
Mrs. W. B. Thomas and daughter, Miss Mary Lou, went to Bryan this morning.
Cecil Saunders and wife came down from Temple last night to spend a few days here.

09 Feb 1899
Page 4

Personal Mention

Rev. W. Wootton, of Marlin, is in the city today.
Miss Nora Gibson is confined to her bed with la grippe.
Mrs. Blanche Keefe, of Yarborough, was shopping in Navasota today.
Conductor J. H. Allen and wife have taken rooms with Mrs. M. ? Yarborough, and friends are requested to please not.
Mrs. M. Marks and son, David, leave for New Orleans this evening, to visit relatives and enjoy the Mardi Gras festivities.
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Saunders, who have been visiting relatives here for some time, returned to their home in Temple this morning.
Corp. Chas. H. Vance, of Co. B Fourth Texas, who has been here on a thirty day furlough, returned to his company this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Nelson and Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Shearn, of Houston, are in the city visiting Col. and Mrs. R. A. Horlock and family.

Attorney Humphrey returned this morning to his new home in Conroe. In conversation with an EXAMINER reporter he expressed himself as being exceedingly well pleased with his choice of location, and thought his chances for a fair practice quite bright - all of which is good news to his legion of friends in this city.

10 Feb 1899
Page 4

Personal Mention

Claim Agent Crowder, of the Central, was here yesterday.
Col. C. W. Stewart is suffering from an acute attack of the grippe.
C. A. Noack is a home today, laid up by an accidental fall from a ladder.
Mrs. Sam Bookman is reported to be very ill at her home near Prairie Plains.
Dolph Hamilton, of Dolph, was in Navasota today with bundles of cotton samples in his hand.
Tom Andrews, of Port Arthur, is in Navasota today on a visit to his brother, M. L. O. Andrews.
Miss Annie Youens returned yesterday afternoon from a two months' visit to her aunt, Mrs. Lucy Huckaby, of Edge, Brazos county.

Mrs. Skelton, mother of Lee Stevens, is so very low at her son's home in the First ward, that she is not expected to survive long.

Miss Frankie Kauffman, who has been visiting Col. and Mrs. Robt. A. Horlock, returned to her home in Palestine the [sic] this morning.

J. I. Bradley, of Anderson, and I. Bock, J. H. Freeman and R. M. McCoy have returned from the meeting of the Odd Fellow's grand lodge, which was held this year in Dallas. The next meeting will be in Galveston.

13 Feb 1899
Page 4

Personal Mention

Mrs. E. Goodman left yesterday evening for Richmond to visit her daughter.
I. Goodman and wife went to New Orleans last evening on business and pleasure.
Andrew McDonald started for Bedias this morning after remaining in Navasota yesterday.
Sam Edwards, of Lampasas, spent Sunday in the city and went to Millican last night to look after some of his interests there.
Hon. Jas. R. Burnett, referee in the bankruptcy cases before the United States court at Galveston, is in Navasota, on business today.

14 Feb 1899
Page 4

Personal Mention

Dr. King left for home last night.
Geo. S. Wood returned last night from his eastern trip.
Mrs. A. R. Skelton is reported to be resting very much better today.
Mrs. C. C. Cone has fully recovered from an attack of la grippe.
Mack Meachum attended court in Hempstead and returned home this morning.
Willie Wilson and Frank Myatt left last evening to witness the festivities at New Orleans.
Mrs. J. W. Hageman, who has been spending a day or two here, went to Galveston yesterday evening.
Misses Lilian Shaw and Cora Froehlich left on the early morning Central for Galveston, to take a look at the battleship Texas.

A New Store Established

Ben Randolph, lately from Huntsville, has decided to open a grocery and general merchandise business in one of the rock buildings on West Washington avenue. He is now receiving some goods and when the building is put in more attractive shape and all the stock in this will be a progressive establishment and add greatly to that part of the city's rapidly growing business.

Mr. and Mrs. Randolph are now stopping at the home of Capt. W. B. Anderson.

15 Feb 1899
Page 1

A Double Wedding

Two Couple from Navasota Are Married by Judge Teague

The County Commissioners' Court is Now in Session - Other Notes

Anderson, Feb. 15 -
The commissioners court met Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock. Present: Judge J. H. Teague; Commissioners W. E. Gillespie, Gaines Colson, M. R. Reeder and F. H. Behn; C. B. Nichols, county clerk; G. L. Scott, sheriff.

Accounts and claims against the county were taken up and many allowed. The stationery accounts were discussed; there being a tangle in them, some appearing to have been paid before.

The Court will be in session all this week, and the order of their business will be given later.

The temperature of the weather was shown to be here Sunday, Monday and Tuesday as follows: zero, 3 above and 28 above; first two days one mercury thermometer registered 5 below zero and Monday zero. We are certain this is the coldest weather since Columbus landed in America - for this latitude.

John H. Shannon, of Madisonville, is in town on business with the commissioners court.

Two couple from Navasota, seeking happiness, came to our town about 12 m. [sic], yesterday and licences were issued authorizing Mr. Joe Loyd and Mrs. Jennie Duane and Mr. Joseph Stacey and Miss Lizzie Cobb to have the longed for marriage ceremony performed. Judge Teague was notified that his presence was wanted at the Smith hotel, where he repaired and, in short order, joined in holy wedlock the above named parties according to his pleasant and happy style. All parties live in Navasota and are well-known there. Immediately after the nuptial knot was tied they returned to their home in Navasota. It is hoped they will not be sidetracked on life's journey, but from the station of matrimony to the terminus of death they shall have smooth rails and good track and a clear right of way. Both the grooms being railroad men in the employ of the Sant Fe railway company. Mr. Loyd is a freight conductor and Joe Stacey, who is a Navasota boy, is a fireman, both are popular among their comrades; as are the brides among their extended circle of acquaintances.

We understand that Mr. and Mrs. Loyd came here to be joined in matrimony by the Catholic priest, but he was not in town. They will occupy the J. C. White cottage in Navasota. Mr. Stacey and bride did not originally expect to wed until next month, but probably thought one time as good as another and had the ceremony over with; they will live with the groom's mother in Navasota.

Mr. Rufe Daniel, of Houston, is visiting friends here and to regain his health.

Lovett Boggess has completed a rock causeway across the Bradbury bottom on the White Hall road.

Constable H. C. Jones, while riding through the timber a few days ago, had his horse to run against a tree, which came near breaking his leg; he is able now to be about.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Jennings a girl baby a few days ago.

St. Valentine's day passed off quietly here.

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Personal Mention

Ben Marwilski is visiting in the city.
Senator Geo. D. Neal is here today.
Mrs. Major Smith and Miss Ella Coxx are ill.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Callaway have a sick child.
J. M. Shaw and J. W. Leake went to Galveston last night.
J. H. Lee, Mrs. Jack Havercott and Miss Kate Holly saw the Texas at Galveston yesterday.

Nearly Chocked [sic] to Death

An old gentleman named Stringer is reported to have virtually chocked [sic] himself to death at his home near Anderson during the eating of his supper yesterday evening. He got a larger piece of biscuit in his mouth than his throat could accommodate and in attempting to swallow it, he strangled. Only by prompt and hard work of the physician was he resuscitated.

Joe Coburn, an old negro living three miles north of Navasota near C. C. Camp's, died last night.

16 Feb 1899
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Personal Mention

Miss Millie Marwilski, of Bryan, is here.
Bennie Marwilski went to Waco this morning.
Mrs. W. M. Bissett is up again after a short spell of illness.
Willie Wilson and Frank Myatt returned home today from New Orleans.

Dr. Peeples returned this morning from Houston, where he went yesterday evening to see N. V. Deadrick, He reports the gentleman getting along all right and will soon be himself. He was suffering from a severe attack of sudden illness.

The wife of Elder William Massey, pastor of the colored Friendship church of this city, died in Austin at 7 o'clock this morning.

17 Feb 1899
Page 4

Personal Mention

T. D. Bolton was here today from Graball.
George W. Medland went to Bryan this morning.
Jonh [sic?] McKinney, of Yarboro, was in Navastoa today.
Miss Florence McIntyre returned from Calvert yesterday.
W. T. Neblett, of the county capital, was in Navasota today.
R. L. Hall has accepted a position with the house of Lewis J. Wilson.
Robert Siddall, of Anderson, went to College Station this morning.
Gilbert McKinney and wife were here today from Wm. Penn; as was Mr. Dotson, of the same place.

Misses Lillian M. Shaw and Cora Froehlich, of Navasota, are in the city and accompanied by Dr. Samuel W. McJunkin yesterday were visitiors to the battleship Texas and were entertained by Capt. Sigsbee - Yesterday's Galveston News.

18 Feb 1899
Page 1

A Sudden Death

Lee Roan Taken With a Hemorrhage of the Lungs

Death Came Almost Immediately -- Was a Sufferer From Consumption

H. Lee Roan died very suddenly at his home in the First Ward about 2 o'clock this afternoon.

He has been a brave and patient sufferer from consumption for a long time and of late has been confined to his home, yesterday being the first day that he has been down town for a week or two. Today he was again able to be out and he himself, besides many friends, noted his unusually good spirits and he felt quite well.

About 2 o'clock he was sitting on his front gallery awaiting for his sister, Mrs. H. W. Kilpatrick, to call in her carriage and bring him to town. When she arrived he spoke a few sylables [sic], arose and started for the steps. He gave a little cough as if to clear his throat and blood came gushing from his mouth. It was a hemorrhage from the lungs, the first he ever experienced, but it brought almost instantaneous death.

His wife, who had stepped over to her mother's was called and with assistance of neighbors Lee was taken to his room up stairs - though the spirit had already gone higher. Dr. Bell reached the house as quickly as possible, but greater skill than his was needed to do earthly good.

The remains will be interred in the City Cemetery at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.

Jim Henderson is dead, the furneral [sic] will take place from the Union depot here tomorrow at noon, burial at Prairie Plains.

Page 4

Personal Mention

Mrs. N. V. Deadrick returned home today.
Mrs. Will Horlock is somewhat better today.
Prof. Will Bizzell is here today from Courtney.
Dr. D. L. Peeples went to Millican this morning.
Hood Boone returned home last night from San Antonio.
N. V. Deadrick returned from Houston last night but is still ill.
Sam Smith and Bryant Stewart, of Union Hill, were in Navasota today.
Miss Emma Miller left this morning for St. Louis to purchase the spring millinery stock for R. B. Templenan [sic] & Son.
Sank Henderson left last night for Austin in response to a telegraph message telling of his brother, Jim's serious illness.
Traveling Passenger Agent, of the Texas and Pacific, H. P. Hughes, was in the city last night and left on No. 1 this morning.

Miss Nettie Abernathy, of Pulaski, Miss., has returned to Navasota and will open a nice class in art painting Monday. Quite a number of Navasotians go in for this beautiful study and appreciate the teacher's locating here.

County Capital Notes

Anderson, Tex., Feb. 18 -
Mr. Ephram Fuqua reports that he had two hogs to freeze to death during the cold spell last week and they were in a barn at that.

Ed. Blackshear, of Navasota, was in town this week with business before the commissioners court.

Harry MacNair was in town several days before the commissioners court on business.

Commissioner J. L. Gillespie has received the rock work across Singletary creek, on the Montgomery road, made by Erastus Parks.

Dr. Littler happened to a right bad accident last Wednesday, while attemping to open his yard gate on horse back. Saddle turned, he with it, and the pummel of the saddle got caught in the breast of his overcoat. He was drug a short distance and the horse stepped on his breast and face before he was disentangled. The accident resulted in breaking his collar bone and cutting his face, which had to be sewed up, and nearly putting out an eye. The wounds are painful, but not considered dangerous.


Ordered that Will Williams be appointed overseer on road No. 55.
That Louis Thompson be placed on the pauper list, at $2.50 per month.
Also Jim Evans and Matilda Washington, at same price; and George Preston and Mary Williams at $3.00 and $5.00 per month, respectfully.
Phillis Chatman, pauper, was allowed $2.50.

The following are some of the accounts allowed:
Mobley & Mosely, rock work                       $112.50
W. E. Bess, bridge                                 75.00
Navasota Lumber Co.                                17.50
R. S. Womack, for stationery                       21.70
M. Gibney, book shelf                               2.00
Cicero Woodward, bridge                            35.00
G. L. Scott, waiting on county court               64.00
Milligan Printing Co                               13.90
A. B. Stovall, bridge                              16.00
Sampson, Moore & Evans                             43.50
Kennard & Brown, merchandise                       39.37
W. C. Henderson, stationery                        21.75
Geo. Maxwell, lumber                               50.00
L. T. Boggess, rock work                           30.00
E. Fuqua, rock work                                18.00
Navasota Lumber Co.                                20.00
J. W. Shannon, inquest                             15.00
Gifford Smyth, fees in suits                       12.55
J. A. Hendley, over time on road                   10.00
W. T. Wasson, lumber                               32.80
E. Parks, rock work                               130.00
A. M. Campbell, commission on fines?                8.31
Dorsey Pringtin Co                                406.25
G. L. Scott, boarding prisoners                   270.70
A great many smaller accounts were allowed.
The following levy of taxes was made by the court - same as in 1898.  
The state taxes are as follows:
State ad valorem          20 cents on the $100
State school              18  "    "   "   100
County ad valorem         25  "    "   "   100
Co. road and bridge       15  "    "   "   100
Co. court house            5  "    "   "   100
Co. jail                   5  "    "   "   100
     Total                88 cents on the $100

The following order passed:
That D. D. Greer, tax assessor, be allowed on his commissions $150.

Ordered that C. B. Nichols be released as purchasing agent for the county, and J. L. Gillespie be appointed in his place.

Ordered that the petition asking for a hog election in Grimes county be and the same is refused, there being a great many petitions against the same.

Ordered that same election officers be re-appointed that served in 1898, except J. A. Murray to act in Wm. Oliver's, deceased, place in Roans Praire.

Ordered that A. M. Campbell be allowed $10 for defending Grimes county in suit with M. P. Yarborough.

Ordered that F. H. Behn be authorized to have road line established in Peteete lane and same widened to proper width.

Ordered that Grimes county contract with H. J. McNair to make county map 4X8 feet at cost of $135.

The following reports were accepted:
W. R. Vickers, justice peace precinct No. 4;
C. I. Albertson, justice peace precinct No. 8;
R. G. Deaderick, treasurer;
C. B. Nichols, county clerk;
Lane Thomas, justice peace precinct No. 1;
J. L. Gillespie, commissioner;
G. L. Guerrant, justice peace precinct No. 2;
W. M. Forrester, justice peace precinct No. 3.

Ordered that certificate of good moral character be granted to W. W. Smith, for purpose of applying for license to practice law.

Ordered that Judge J. H. Teague be ordered to turn over convict bonds not collectd to A. M. Campbell, county attorney, for suit for collection.

The commissioners counted the county's money in hands of the treasurer and found same "o.k.," according to report.

The court spent part of yesterday in checking up accounts and script of M. S. Womack, but decided to have a call session, to complete the same, in the future.

The court will adjourn today.

20 Feb 1899
Page 1

Funeral of Lee Roan

The funeral of H. Lee Roan, whose sudden death was chronicled in Saturday's EXAMINER, took place from his late home in the First Ward at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon; and the long cortege of sorrowful friends who paid this last mark of respect to the departed citizen, was but a small testimonial of the lofty regard in which his memory is held.

Deceased was a member of the honored Roan family of this old county, and was born at the old homestead, on Roans Prairie, on February 27, 1868. He was raised and educated there and in the schools of Navasota; since which time he has been actively identified with the commerce of this city and county, having spent his last years in the drug business here, as a member of the firm of H. W. Kilpatrick & Co.

In 1893 he married Miss Dellie Chinski of this city, who, with a little son, mourn the loss of a considerate husband and father - whose life boat has been far too early stranded in the gulf of Time. In their severe loss they will have the full sympathy of a large number of steadfast friends, business associates and even passing acquaintances, who had learned to appreciate the sincere, gentlemanly friendship of the one whose remains now lie in the City Cemetery, and whose soul is on high, at peace with man and God.

Page 2


I would respectfully announce myself as a candidate for re-election to the office of city tax assessor and collector. I thank the citizens of Navasota for their kindness in the past, and hope by my conduct as an officer I will continue to deserve your confidence.


The EXAMINER is authorized to announce E. D. BLACKSHEAR as a candidate for re-election to the office of CITY SECRETARY, at the April election.

Plantersville Items

Plantersville, Feb. 19 -
The temperature of the weather stood at zero last Sunday and at seventy today. Early gardens were destroyed and our people are replanting.

Considerable sickness in our neighborhood - mostly la grippe.

Cards are out announcing the marriage of Dr. Henry Waters and Miss Cherrie Dean, of Montgomery county, which event will take place at three o'clock next Tuesday at her father's residence.

Rev. George Cook visited Willis last week, bringing his two young sons home with him. He then moved to Stoneham where he will reside this year. Rev. George Cook preached a most excellent sermon this morning in the Baptist church; subject, "The Sun." He will preach again tonight, his subject being "The Moon."

A prayer meeting every Thursday night at the Baptist church.

Miss Weathersby, who has charge of the school at Tucker's Prairie, attended divine services in town today, the guest of Mrs. Jeter.

Mrs. Williams, of Apolonia, who is visiting her sons at Stoneham, attended church in Plantersville today.

The Bailey troupe arrived in town about noon today and are putting up their tents for an exhibition tomorrow.

John Bleusch has gone to Waco to live.

Page 4

Personal Mention [Navasota]

J. M. E. Reid, of Anderson, was here today.
Simon Fuqua is quite ill at his home in this city.
Miss Marie Ketchum went to Courtney last evening.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hillsman are visiting in Navasota.
Mrs. A. R. Skelton is reported to be a good deal better.
H. J. McNair went to Millican this morning on business.
Earl Yarborough went to College Station this morning.
Tax Assessor D. D. Greer is out again after a long sickness.
Henry Lange, of Anderson, was among Navasota's visitors today.
Mrs. H. Kernole, of Bryan, is in the city, the guest of Mrs. E. C. Rollo.
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Walker spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Lewis, in Millican.

Capt. J. Earl Preston left on this evening's Central for Galveston, to attend Federal court.

Col. C. W. Stewart was able to be on the street this morning after a severe spell of grippe.

A. W. Kennard, who is now holding down a "sit." in the state land office at Austin, spent Sunday in Navasota with his family.

Mrs. Nelson and son, Bentley, and Miss Shearn, who have been visiting Col. R. A. Horlock and family, returned to Houston Saturday evening.

Capt. J. R. Gililland and wife are here visiting the former's brother, A. L. Gililland. The captain has been in command of Co. H, Third Texas, on the Rio Grande, is now mustered out and on his way home to Decatur.

The remains of Mr. Jim Henderson were received here from Austin on the noon train yesterday and immediately started for the burying ground at Prairie Plains.

Hattie Farris, colored, died at her home in Camptown at 2:30 o'clock this morning.

21 Feb 1899
Page 4

Personal Mention

Mrs. Will Horlock is not doing so well today.
Dr. Harris was in Houston on business last night.
L. L. Chinski left for new [sic] Orleans yesterday evening.
Joseph Hillsman returned to his home at Ledbetter yesterday.
L. H. Barry and sister, Mrs. A. B. Smith, went to north Grimes this morning.

Isidore Goodman returned today from New Orleans. Mrs. Goodman stopped off at Houston.

Mrs. Kernole and daughter, of Bryan, who have been visiting Mrs. E. C. Rollo returned home today.

Joe Mayfield, Robert Oliphant, Max Ferguson and Hep Francklow were in Navasota today from Roans Prairie.

Mrs. L. E. Hill, nee Miss Mattie Patrick, of St. Louis, is in the city visiting Mrs. E. G. Owen and family.

22 Feb 1899
Page 1

County Capital Notes

Anderson, Feb. 22 -
The young folks of our town are going to give the people another concert or play. It will be "The Lady of Lyons." The principal characters in the play have been arranged and a complete organization was affected this week.

Mrs. Dr. Johnson, while out riding Saturday evening lost her diamond ring, and offers a reward of $10.00 for its recovery.

The Mollie Bailey show, owing to the bad weather and roads, did not materialize last Friday, but has made a new date for today.

Sheriff Scott has been sick for several days.

Miss Florence McIntyre, who has been living with her sister, Mrs. Ada Morse, at Calvert, for several months, is visiting relatives and friends here.

The public celebration of Geo. Washington's birthday by the public school will come off today.

The few bright days of sunshine, after such a dreary spell, has been doubly appreciated by both man, child and beast. How little we value good weather and health except by the opposites.

The commissioners court, after passsing [sic] a few orders Saturday, adjourned to meet in called session next Thursday and Friday, Feb. 23rd and 24th. They passed an order inviting bids for repairing the court house roof at their called session this week. The tax collector's report being very voluminous it will be taken up at the called session. Several other minor orders were passed and the court adjourned.

Dr. W. D. Littler is able to be up after his accident, though he still carries his arm in a sling.

County court with civil docket met yesterday; the jury was empaneled and the case, set for the day was continued and there being no further business for the day the court adjourned over for the day.

In county court yesterday the case of M. P. Yarborough vs. Grimes county came up for trial and the case submitted to a jury in the evening and after about an hour's deliberation they returned a verdict for Grimes county. The county was represented by A. M. Campbell, the plaintiff by G. B. Abecrombie. The case was appealed from justice court and will be taken up to the court of civil appeals.

Page 4

Personal Mention

J. O. Davis, of Hillsboro, is in town today.
Charley Jones spent yesterday in Houston.
S. T. Tooke, of Fort Worth, is in the city today.
Arthur Smith returned from Houston last night.
Dr. Wilson, of Prairie Plains, is in the city today on business.
Frank Johnson, of Fort Worth, is in the city today on business.
J. W. Evans, of Brenham, was a guest at the Exhcnage yesterday.
R. P. Siddall, of Yarboro, was here yesterday and returned home today.
Mr. Shannon, of Anderson Prairie, is in the trading center today.
Tom W. Ewing, of Bryan, is in the city today trying to make someone happy.

Ward Templeman, of Navasota, is in the city today - Monday's Brenham Press.

Dr. Kendall, formerly of Anderson, but now of Mississippi, is in the city on business today.

C. S. Primrose, advance agent for Prof. Gentry's dog and pony show, is billing the town today.

R. A. Jeffress, who has been visiting in the city for some time, went to Fort Worth this morning on business.

Dr. Roberson, of Bedias, was seen on the streets this morning shaking hands with his many friends.

G. C. Stoneham, of Yarboro, and S. L. Stoneham, of Stoneham, are here today on business and pleasure.

O. C. Gatlin, traveling freight agent of the M., K. & T., was in the city yesterday and today on business for his road.

Miss Marie Ketchum, who has been visiting in Courtney, returned home today, accompanied by Miss West, of that place.

J. F. Coffey, of Waxahachie, who has been visiting his brother, S. F. Coffey, for the past month, returned to his home this morning.

23 Feb 1899
Page 1

County Capital Notes

Anderson, Feb 23 -
An old Polander by the name of Kroll died, two miles east of Anderson, Tuesday night and was buried yesterday in the Catholic cemetery with church ceremonies.

T. P. Buffington, Esq., left for Austin yesterday on legal business.

J. R. McIntyre and Will Stone, of Navasota, were in our town yesterday.

The county treasurer is paying off all county scrip when presented. The county is once more on a cash basis.

Wiley McKee, of Houston, is here on a business trip. . . .

Page 4

Personal Mention

A. T. Ross returned from Brenham last night.
James Garloff and wife went to Conroe this morning.
T. D. Binford, of Dacus, is here today on business.
Mrs. Dr. Furlow, of Montgomery, is in Navasota.
Little Lilian Whitley is confined to her bed today.
Dr. O. S. Johnson was at his office a little while today.
Messrs. Solomon and Rush Wood, of Dolph, are here.

News reached town yesterday that G. H. Brown, of Wallace Prairie, had the misfortune to lose his house and contents by fire Tuesday. The family were absent at the time and nothing was saved. We do not know whether or not Mr. Brown carried any insurance.
24 Feb 1899 Page 4 Personal Mention Mrs. J. C. White has la grippe. Mrs. Robt. Brown has la grippe. District Clerk Gifford Smyth is in our city. Dr. D. A. Jameson went to Millican this morning. Knox Howard, of Iola, is in the trading center today. Geo. Colberg arrived in our city from Calvert last night. C. W. Carr went to Conroe this morning on business. Simon Fuqua is seriously ill at his home on Cameron street. W. R. Ayers, of Yarborough, was in the city today on business. D. E. Kelley, of Bryan, is spending the week here on business. Little Henry Horlock, who has been sick for the past week, is better today. P. Phallon, of Pankey, was here this morning purchasing farm impliments. Dr. J. J. Johnson and wife, of Roans Prairie, are in the city visiting Dr. O. S. Johnson. W. W. Howke, John Howard and Lemm Norman, of Prairie Plains, are in the city on business today. Mrs. Dr. Rees, Mrs. W. W. Yates and little son, of Brenham, are in the city, the guests of Mrs. Bechtol. Mrs. Chas. Doerge, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Thomas, of Hempstead, returned home today. Major M. D. Riddick and wife, of Navasota, were in the city this morning en route to Austin - Wednesday's Brenham Press. Willis Robards, formerly of this city but now connected with the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe, at Navasota, is in the city - Austin Tribune. Mrs. John Steele, who has been visiting in Navasota for the past week, the guest of Mrs. Kennedy, left this morning for her home in Allenfarm. John Peterson and family, who have been living in this locality for several months, moved to Allenfarm this morning to make that place their future home. General Road Master Scott, of the Santa Fe, arrived in the city last night in his special car via Brenham, and left this morning on the Conroe branch to see how things were running. Wm. R. Jefferson, of Austin, an old time resident of Hempstead and Waller county before the war, and a member of Terry's rangers in the Confederate service, was visiting old time friends in the city the latter part of last week, and left for Navasota Saturday morning. - Hempstead News. ******************* H. E. Wolford is all smiles today on account of the arrival, yesterday evening, of a new 10-pound girl at his home. Mother and baby are doing well. ******************* 27 Feb 1899 Page 4 Personal Mention Erle Greer is sick in bed. Miss Isabelle Steele is sick. Dr. E. A. Thompson is ill today. R. A. Patout spent Sunday in Glaveston. Mrs. I. Goodman returned yesterday from Houston. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Ackerman's little baby is very sick. Miss Nora Collins returned today from a visit to friends at Courtney. Mrs. J. H. Allen returned today from an extended visit to Conroe and Houston. E. Harris returned to Waxahachie today after spending Sunday here with his family. Miss Helen Agan has returned from Marlin and is again at her post at Mistrot Bros. & Co.'s. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Hill, who have been visiting Mrs. E. G. Owen, left this morning for Waco to visit relatives. C. P.? Spann, Dr. J. H. Neal, H. A. Jacobs and E. H. Terrell spent yesterday taking in the sights at Allenfarm. Mrs. M. Marks and son, David, arrived at home yesterday from New Orleans, where they pleasantly passed the past week. Miss Bertha Youens, accompanied by her cousin, Miss Lillian Youens, of Galveston, went to Lyons Saturday to see friends. **************** The 2-year-old child of Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Sullivan, of near Courtney, died at the family home Saturday and was interred yesterday afternoon. ***************** Lost - Last night between Maj. Templeman's home and the Methodist church, a lady's god watch; inscription within, "Uncle Jack to Deen." Reward to finder. Miss Palmore *************** Two Fingers Mashed Off "Missie" William Henry Lewis, colored, son of John Lewis, is the last victim of the train jumping habit, so prevalent among the rising generation of both white and colored population. The boy was taking a ride on the south bound evening Central train as it started out from Navasota last evening, and in some way he slipped and fell beneath the cold, cruel wheels; but, luckily, he is said to have bounced out so that only the last two fingers of his right hand were on the track. They were mashed off. . . .

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