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Grimes County News Items - The Daily Examiner - 1898

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06 Sept 1898

Published every evening except Sunday.
M. L. O. Andrews, Publisher
Entered at the Navasota postoffice as second-class mail matter.
Delivered by carrier to any part of county. Subscription price:
Per week . . . . . . 10 cents
Per month . . . . . .40 cents
Office of publication in the Ackerman & Gudger block; upstairs

Personal Mention

Charles Bissell left today for school at Sherman.
Miss Alice Rodes left today for Waco, where she will enter Baylor University.
Mrs. M. A. Flaournoy, of Hempstead, arrived today on a visit to her daughter, Mrs. H. F. Fore.
R. A. Stacey, of Houston, is at the Camp today.
Mrs. J. G. Tanner's condition is improved today.
Mrs. Carson, of Temple, who has been visiting Mrs. Robt. Schumacher, left for her home this morning accompanied by R. W. Horlock.
Mrs. C. P. Tharp, of Conroe, who has been visiting Dr. and Mrs. F. A. Young, returned home this morning.
Dave Baker left this morning for Georgetown, where he will attend school.
L. H. Harrison, of Anderson, was shopping in the city today.
Chas Stone, J. T. Presswood, Bob Siddall and F. A. Meineke, were here today from Yarborough.
John Thomas has two very sick boys at home.
Mrs. Sam Madeley is reported to be much improved today.
Tuck Kennard, an erstwhile native of this section, was here yesterday.
Night Operator W. E. Farmer is back at his post with the Central in this city, after 30 days relief agent at Hockley.
H. A. Jacobs went to Galveston yesterday evening on business and will return tonight.
Joe Hallis, of Willis, passed through Navasota last night en route to Italy.
Jno. Felder is reported ill with fever.
C. H. McMillan, of Iola, was in town yesterday.
Robt. Mooring returned last night from a visit to Plantersville.
W. N. Norwood, Jr., returned from a business trip to Plantersville last night.
Miss T. L. Hayward, of Virginia, was registered at the Camp hotel last night.
B. B. Throop, of Anderson, passed through the city this morning en route to Bobbin.
J. B. Stincey, of Bobbin, who has been at Marlin for the past three weeks, passed through the city this morning en route home.

Killed near Longstreet

Anderson, Sept. 6
About 11 o'clock this morning Rube Loggins shot and killed Dick May near Hurst's gin, two miles west of Longtreet [sic].

Bad blood has existed between the two men for some time and they are connected by marriage. They had a personal encounter in Anderson a few day [sic] ato, but were parted by friends.

Loggins came to town and gave himself up to the authorities. In a statement he says that himself and May met in the road; they had bitter word [sic] and May abused him and spoke disrespectfully of some of his female relatives. They dismounted from their horses and May came at him with a drawn knife thereupon he shot May two or three times and killed him.


Today was sale day here and the Hurt place in Navasota was sold to Mrs. Emma Vaughan for $100. The sale was protested.

The old Cawthon house in Anderson was sold under foreclosure and bid in by the county for $271.

A Correction

I instructed Mr. Henry McCulloch to bear my message of grateful thanks to those who were so kind to me in my husband's last illness through your paper. I see my name not mentioned in the thanks rendered last evening and do not want my friends to think me unappreciative.

Mrs. B. Eustice McCulloch

10 Sept 1898

Death of Jim Nolan

Jim Nolan, who lives near section 10, south of Navasota on the Central road, died at 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon at Welborne, after only a couple of days illness. Deceased was a member of one of oldest families of Grimes county, and he himself, has been here many, many years and has a wide acquaintance and many friends besides a number of relatives.

He was 53 years of age and leaves three sons and one daughter all of whom are about grown.

The remains started from Welborn at 7 o'clock this morning and will be interred in the family lot in the City cemetery upon their arrival this evening.

New Trimmer Arrived

Miss Ada Tucque arrived last night from St. Louis, Mo., to accept the position of head trimmer in R. B. Templeman & Son's milinery department. This is the second trip of Miss Tucque to the great state of Texas, the one other time she came as leading trimmer for Sunger Bros., at Dallas, since then she has held a like position with Barr's, of St. Louis. The lady's credentials assure her a most profitable season in Navasota.

Personal Mention

W. S. Ashe went to Ennis last night to visit.
John Greer is sick in a room above Clark's saloon.
Mrs. E. D. Terrell and daughter Miss Annie and Miss Katherine Owen returned last night from their summer trip to several points in Colorado.
T. M. Owen returned from Dallas last, where he spent several days on business. He purchased and sent home four fine trotting and saddle horses.
Eugene Sellers returned last night from Comanche.
Judge J. H. Teague and Ben Deadrick, went to Plantersville this morning.
Conductor Haynes, of the Santa Fe is on a two day lay off, and Conductor Allen is filling the vacancy.
R. A. Patout returned from Galveston last night.
Mr. and Mrs. Pickens Bookman have taken up their home with Mrs. Collins on Washington Avenue.
Capt Gordon Boone returned here from Sherman last night. His furlough has been extended.
Sergeant Richardson, of J. C. White's farm, went to Ft. Worth today on business.
Mrs. W. H. Hatfield, of Ennis, who has been visiting S. H. Hatfield and family here and relatives at Anderson, returned home today accompanied by little Miss Annie Hatfield.
R. N. Wright left today for Belton where he will engage in the watch making and jewelry business until the new conditions of American affairs are settled in Porto [sic] Rico, then he intends going there.

A Party from Jacksonville

The noon train today brought back to Navasota quite a party of the Navasotians who have been on military duty among the swamps of Florida and at Jacksonville, together with visiting relatives of the soldiers.

They were: Mrs. D. P. Wilkerson, Mrs. W. T. Wilson, with their son and brother, Private D. P. Wilkerson, home on a sick furlough.

Mrs. D. L. Peeples, returning from a visit to her husband, Surgeon-Major of the Second Texas Regiment.

1st Lieut. Chas Ahrenbeck, who has resigned his rank and returned home. This step was taken on account of continued illness.

Private George Campbell, of Anderson, honorable discharge on account of sickness.

Fifth Corporal Baylor Wilson arrived home last night on a sick furlough and is most happy to be among home folks again.


All the soldiers appear to be in fairly good shape and the best of spirits, except Private Wilkerson, who has had a frightfully hard tussel with typhoid fever . . .

20 Sept 1898

Personal Mention

Geo. W. Jones, A. F. Brigance and Boone Kirk went to Bryan this morning.
W. C. Sadler of Memphis, Tenn, is in the city to-day.
W. E. Harrison of Galveston is at the Camp to-day.
E. L. Edwards, of Roans Prairie, passed through the city to-day en route to St. Louis on business.
P. Litwora, of Bremond, who has been in the city for the past few days, left this morning for Bryan.

Ed Binford Assigns

Late yesterday evening an instrument was filed in the county clerk's office at Anderson, by which W. E. Binford, doing a grocery business in the Miller building, on Washington Avenue, turned over to A. J. Binford, in trust, his entire stock of goods to satisfy claims of the following creditos in the order named:
J. D. Binford $200.00
J. A. Binford 600.00
A. J. Binford 373.00
H. Miller 8.90
H. Shannon 150.00
Griswal Seede Co 4.10
Loose Bros. 11.55
Trash Fish Co. 13.00
Bernardt Baer & Co 49.95
Dodson & Hill 58.20
David G. Evans 44.40

The preference list amount to $1,517.10, and the stock on hand invoices $977.35.

23 Sept 1898

Personal Mention

Jno. Black, of Fuqua's Prairie, is in town today.
B. B. Throop, of the Houston Post, is in town today.
P. B. Bookman left this morning for St. Louis on business.
Rev. Geo. McDaniel left this morning for Waco, and from there he will go to Louisville, Ky, to attend school.
J. H. Whitfield, of East Grimes, is in the city today.
Mrs. Agnes Collins, of Dallas, was at the Camp last night, and left for Conroe this morning.
Mrs. B. Goodman, who has been visiting in Houston, returned home today noon.
Attorney Meachum went to Bryan today to attend to some business before the district court.
G. W. Horton and wife and Mrs. Chas. Madeley, of Conroe are in the city.
A. J. Madeley, of Montgomery county and W. H. Madeley of Bell county are in Navasota.
Miss Sadie Agan, of Marlin, is spending a few days in the city with her sister, Miss Helen Agan.
T. B. Amick, of Roan's Prairie, was here today.
John Manley, John Harrison, T. J. Lucass and Jno. Oliphant, farmers of the Prairie Plains vicinity, were in the county's metropolis today.
Joel Terrell is ill with fever.
Mrs. Sumpter West's condition remains substantially the same. She is low, but hopes for her recovery are entertained.

24 Sept 1898

Personal Mention

Gus Steele came in last night from his farm at Allenfarm.
Mrs. M. E. Sandell, of Roan's Prairie, is visiting relatives in the city.
Mrs. Collins has returned from a short trip to Houston on business.
Dr. Alex McAlpine, of Wallace's Prairie, is in the city today with cotton.
L. A. Robertson took a couple of horses to Bryan last evening and returned home on the night train.
Bruce Rollo went to Conroe this morning to attend the funeral of his brother J. J. Rollo, who died yesterday. The deceased was well known here and his death is quite a painful surprise.
Mrs. Brosig and daughters, Misses Eleanor and Nettie, returned Friday morning from their summer trip to Colorado. They were accompanied as far as Fort Worth by Miss Kate Woodward, where she stopped for a few days.

Mrs. Bauguss' Death

After a long drawn out seige of acute illness the shadow of the scepter of death fell upon the spirit of Mrs. Sophia Wren Bauguss at 3:50 o'clock yesterday evening and the summons were answered. The deceased was nearly 52 years old and was married to Prof. B. C. Bauguss some 32 years ago at Willis, Montgomery county, by which happy union she leaves surviving her six children, as follows: L. B. Bauguss, Mrs. Gertie B. Sanders, of Iola; Mrs. Taylor McMillan, of Iola; Mrs. J. M. McGinty, of Yarborough; and Miss Marion and Master Cuthrell at home, besides her aged husband, who has the sympathy of a wide circle of friends.

The funeral will take place at 3 o'clock this evening and the body will be laid to rest in Harmony church yard.

J. J. Rollo Dead
Plantersville Postoffice Safe Blows Open, but Nothing Lost - Personals

Plantersville, Sept 24 -
Lem Faw has been quite indisposed and under treatment of his physician for several days.
Justice court met today and County Attorney A. M. Campbell is here making it warm for the law-breakers.
T. J. Grant returned today from a business trip to West Texas.
Miss Carrie Grant has been quite sick this week, but we are glad to report that she is now much better.
J. J. Rollo died near Conroe yesterday about 1 o'clock. His remains will arrive tonight and be buried here with Masonic honors.
The post office safe was blown open by burglars last night. It must have been well loaded, as the planks were knocked off on two sides of the house and one side of the safe landed ten feet away from the house. Nothing was obtained as Mr. Wise had his change in a box on top of the safe and they moved the box off on the floor, where the money was found unmolested.
Plantersville public school will open Oct. 3, under the management of Mr. Bizzell, of Navasota.
Jas. B. Jeter made Navasota a business visit Tuesday.

A letter from Jacksonvile, Fla., in today's Post, mentions a Navasota boy, thus:
Second Lieutenant C. J. Kirk, Co. C, Second Texas, who was recently promoted from the first sergeantcy as a result of the resignation of Lieutenant Ahrenbeck, is developing into a model officer and is very very popular with the men of the company.

Colored School Teacher Dead

Miss Hulda Ryan, a well known colored school teacher, who has lived in Navasota a great deal of her time, died at the home of her father on J. R. Baldridge's place near Braball in Washington County last night. The body will reach Navasota late this evening and be interred in the colored cemetery.

The deceased was well known among the colored people here, bore a high reputation and moved with the better classes of her race.

27 Sept 1898

Personal Mention

L. B. Clark is sick in bed.
Chas. Lee is reported to be improving.
Geo. Creagor is not so well as yesterday.
Dolph Lee, of Co. B ?th Texas is in the city.
Mrs. A. S. Border, of Houston, is in the city.
J. M. Stenein, of Bobbin, is in the city today business.
Sam H. Hatfield spent yesterday in Bryan on business.
Miss Zenobia Daunis returned last night from a visit to relatives in Marlin.
Hines Muldrow and wife left last night for Houston where they will visit relatives.
Dr. D. A. Jameson will go to Hubbard City tonight to attend his daughter, who is ill.
Col. H. Shumacher and daughters, Misses Ada, Ella and Ruth, are confined to their rooms with illness.
Miss Nora Collins has just returned from Austin county, where she spent several weeks visiting relatives and friends.
Mrs. M. A. Fisher and her daughter, Miss Mattie, who have been visiting Mrs. H. D. Holland of Eminence, Ky, for the last two months, returned home last evening.

Married at Conroe Sunday

Mr. Jim Garloff and Miss Mamie Herring were united in the sacred bonds of wedlock at 5 o'clock Sunday evening at Conroe and boarded the train for Navasota to make their home in this city. The bride is a charming young lady of many graces. The lucky groom is a brother to Mrs. J. J. Martin, of this city, and is roundhouseman and extra fireman on the Santa Fe, . . .

28 Sept 1898

Personal Mention

Mrs. Sumpter West is resting better.
J. M. Stenein left this morning for Conroe.
Rev. J. C. Mickle arrived here from Bryan last evening.
Miss Ida McDonald of Bedias, was in Navasota this morning.
Rev. Clarence Waller was in Navasota awhile yesterday evening from Anderson. He returned to his home at Waller station.
Mrs. Chas. Green, mother of Mrs. J. T. Sloan, will leave tonight for her home in Philadelphia after a ten months stay in Navasota.
Miss Lillian Horlock left this morning for Millican to visit her aunt. She will attend the Taylor-Mills wedding at Allenfarm this evening.

29 Sept 1898

Personal Mention

Joe Forrester is ill.
W. B. Wesson is sick.
Major Smith left this morning for Brenham on business.
Miss Lilian Shaw returned last night from Dallas, where she has been on a visit.
Misses Gurtie and Clara Lang went to Yarborough this morning to visit relatives.
Mrs. Steinhagen and Miss Etha Stiehagen [sic] are in the city visiting Mrs. J. C. Froehlich.
Misses Nona and Lula Coulter of Bryan arrived here last evening on a visit to Miss Ivy Foster.
Rev. Isaac Sellers was indisposed last night and Chas. Blatherwick conducted prayer meeting at the Baptist church.
J. W. Evans, General Claim Agt., for G. C. & S. F., of Brenham, was in the city last night and went to Conroe this morning.
D. F. McLaughlin, now express messenger on a line between Ennis and Ft. Worth, but until late a resident of Navasota, is in the city on business.

01 Oct 1898

Personal Mention

Miss Mattie Dickson went to Hempstead yesterday afternoon.
Mrs. May Ward, of Bryan, who has been the guest of Mrs. John West in this city for some days, left for Houston last evening.
W. R. Beaumier and wife left for Temple this morning after a short visit to Mrs. J. W. Leake. Rev. McIver, of Anderson, was here today.
Ed Woodward is quite sick at his home on Tenth street.
Mrs. Chas. V. Bieberstein left for Round Top, Fayette county, this morning.
Mrs. Geo. L. Conoly is convlescent, the EXAMINER is happy to report.
F. Teague, Esq., of Brenham, was here on legal business today.
John D. Binford has taken a berth behind the counter at the Fruit Palace.
Mrs. C. W. Stewart has been quite ill for two or three days, but is better today.
Miss Carrie Marcher, of Bonham, who has been visiting Miss Katie Norwood, returned home this morning.
Graham Baker, of Houston, is in the city visiting his cousin, Stratton Baker.

03 Oct 1898

Personal Mention

Rev. McMahan is in the city.
Jno. Talley, of Tharp, is in the city today on a business trip.
Mrs. John Cochran, of Grange Hall, went to Dallas yesterday.
J. C. Roberts and J. C. Phillips, of Houston, are in city today.
J. D. Franklow went to Bobbin this morning in the interest of his firm.
Mrs. S. M. Cook left today for Kyle to visit her friend, Mrs. J. C. Poulton.
Miss Willie Cuthrell, of Oakland, is visiting her brother, A. V. Cuthrell.
Editor Carnes, of the Bryan Eagle, was in Navasota a while last evening.
Mrs. J. B. Cobb left on this morning's Santa Fe for Brenham to visit a few days.
J. L. Franklow who has been indisposed for sometime is but slightly better today.
Misses Clara and Gertie Fahey took the cars here yesterday for Austin to attend school.
A. A. McCaskill is in Navasota today on his way from Alabama to his home in Retreat.
Mrs. W. D. Branum will, occupy the Brooks' cottage just vacated by Mrs. Gibson.
A. G. Throop, a ex-resident of Navasota, now a citizen of Belton, is in the city on business.
Mrs. Ivy Brooks sopped with relatives in Navasota Saturday night on her way home from Temple to Bryan.
Miss Ebbie Williamson, of Roans Prairie, returned home yesterday after spending a week with relatives in Navasota.
Mrs. Lydia Gibson and family are moving into the Duncan cottage near the base ball park today.
Will Gibson has purchased the property.
Arthur Smith took his run as messenger on the Santa Fe yesterday morning. Ed Easley takes back the wagon as a steady job and Henry Fore goes back to his laundry.
Hospital Steward Sam Goodman and Sergeant Chester Easley returned home from Dallas last night and are meeting friends after five months absence. Sam's red cross uniform is one of the prettiest in the service. It denotes the highest ranking non-commissioned officers in the service.

A Quiet Wedding

T. J. Wolsey, of Bryan, and Mrs. Ada Kennedy, formerly of Roans Prairie but now a resident of Navasota, were quietly wedded last night at the residence of Squire Forrester. The newly married couple left this morning for their future home in Bryan.

07 Oct 1898

Anderson Locals

[Most of these were too hard to read on my copy]
Rev. J. R. Cason and Clay Jones left for Waco yesterday where they go ____ to the Baptist convention.
Gary C. Thomas (?), belonging to the hospital corps at Jacksonville, passed through town a few days ago on his way home on a 30-days furlough. He looks bad, having just gotten up from a spell of typhoid fever.
Mrs. W. F. M. Beaty, of Retreat, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Emmett L. Scott.

About 3 a. m. this morning little Hattie Joe Lange, 2 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lange, Jr., passed into that everlasting life beyond the shadows of death. The bright little baby had been sick with slow fever and other complications about three weeks and rapidly grew worse the last few days. Sympathy of the community is extended to the bereaved parents in the taking away this their first born bud of life. The funeral will take place at the public cemetery this evening at 1 o'clock.

Mrs. Hill and sister, Mrs. Davis, sisters of Mrs. Lange, came down from Waco this morning.

Personal Mention [Navasota]

Sam Levy has returned to Navasota from a long sojourn at Taylor.
Mrs. J. C. McIntyre, of Anderson, is in the city, the guest of Mrs. C. E. Henry.
John L. Francklow, who has been confined to his bed for some time now, is reported to be no better, and a surgical operation is thought to be necessary.
Mrs. Sumpter West continues to grow a little stronger; although she is still quite sick.
Albert Keith and son, of Milam county, are visiting Mrs. Ed. Woodward.
Rev. Cason and Clay Jones, of Anderson, took the early morning train here for Waco. They attend the Baptist convention.
Misses Hattie and Lizzie Fowler, of Anderson, took the train here last night to attend the Baptist State convention at Waco. They were accompanied by J. W. Rodes and daughter, Miss Mary.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Felder are also among the Navasotians in attendance upon the session of the Baptist convention at Waco.
Mrs. J. A. McCauley, of College Station, who has been visiting in the city, the guest of Mrs. N. C. Lockett, returned home today.
Misses Lula and Dona Coulter, of Bryan, who have been visiting Miss Ivy Foster, in this city, returned to their home this morning.
J. J. Johnson, M. D., of Atlanta, Tex., is in the city, looking for a suitable place to locate. He is the guest of Dr. O. S. Johnson.
Miss Sloam Peacock, of Apalonia, is visiting in the city the guest of Miss Genie Muldrow.
E. C. Easley, who has been very sick for the past two or three weeks, was on the streets yesterday.

10 Oct 1890

Personal Mention [Navasota]

Jno. F. Martin went to Yarborough this morning after spending Sunday in this city.
Larry Jacobs left this morning, via the Santa Fe to attend the Dallas fair.
Dr. W. Ward went to Brenham on a professional trip this morning.
John McIntyre, of Roans Prairie, is so ill that nearly all hope for his recovery has been given up.
Mrs. M. Gabert is indisposed today.
Richard Mittanck, of Bellville, is in the city visiting his brother Gus.
Mark Steinhagen is down with fever.
Mrs. Beulah Callahan, of Prairie Plains, was here yesterday to see relatives.
Mrs. Will Barry returned today from a trip to visit relatives in Houston.
R. D. Gordon spent Sunday here with his little daughter, Ruby.
Constable Clay Jones, of Anderson, returned last night from the Waco Baptist convention and reports a glorious conclave.
W. T. Neblett, of Anderson, was in Navasota Saturday night on his way to Temple and other points on business.
Capt. Gordon Boone returned to Navasota Saturday night, having left Mrs. Boone and little girl doing well at Sherman

Grand Jewish Wedding

The Jewish wedding which occurred at 8:30 o'clock last night at the home of Mrs. M. Levy on La Salle street was an event that will cement its self in the memory of all who were present as well as making a happy epoch in the life of the high contracting parties.

The occasion was the earthly union in the bonds of holy wedlock of Miss Cecile Vivian Levy to Mr. I. David Kuperman and the officiating rabbi was Dr. Harry Cohen, of Galveston, who conducted the impressive ceremony in an easy, graceful manner as the couple, to the measured strains of a wedding march, took their station before him in the spacious parlor.

The bride is a native of Navasota and is known and esteemed by the people universally for her many traits of noble and inspiring character and true womanhood. While the lucky groom has for quite a while held a good position in the dry goods department of J. M. Shaw's store, is from St. Louis here and stands high among a large circle of staunch friends and acquaintances.

After the ceremony sometime was spent in having a jolly time and refresments [sic] of almost every variety were served in pleasing abundance; and then, with best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous life for Mr. and Mrs. Kuperman, the guests departed.

The wedding presents were notably numberous, costly and handsome.

The newly wed will make their home in the new Levy cottage on Nolan street.

Those present from a distance were noted a [sic] follows:
Mrs. Ida Schwartz and Miss Stella Schwartz, of Hempstead, Mr. and Mrs. H. Levy, of Jewett, Geo. Colberg of Caldwell, Samuel Levy and wife, Julius Levy and Miss Marwilski of Bryan.

11 Oct 1898

Personal Mention

Mrs. M. A. Fisher returned from Hempstead today.
L. A. Robertson returned from Dallas yesterday evening.
Capt. W. B. Anderson is reported quite sick at his home.
Miss Millie Marwilski returned to her home in Bryan today.
Henry Fore went to work for John D. Quinn this morning. Harry Elliott is in charge of Henry's laundry business.
"Uncle" John Dreher, of Roan's Prairie, was in Navasota today associating with the boys.
J. W. Teague and Norman Greer went to North Grimes this morning.
Mrs. Oscar Lewis returned to her home in Millican today, afte spending a couple of days with her parents in Navasota.
John L. Francklow underwent a surgical operation yesterday at his home in this city, and his many friends will be glad to learn that he is resting easy today.
Rev. A. Lowery returned to Navasota last evening from the Baptist State convention and departed for his home at Montgomery this morning. The old gentleman is 82 years old, but still an active worker in the vineyard of the Lord.

Baby Ate Matches

There was a case of poisoning from phosphorus at the Houck house this morning, occasioned by the swallowing of matches by the baby boy of J. M. Robinson. A physician was promptly called and gave the proper antidote. The little fellow is now probably out of danger.

12 Oct 1898

Personal Mention

Miss Aubrey Saunders is reported ill.
Mrs. J. P. Neblett went to Waco this morning on a visit.
Will Sangster left today for Bryan after a few days spent in this city.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe A. Bednar are confined to their room by illness.
Mrs. M. A Flouarnoy, of Hempstead, came up this morning to visit her daughter, Mrs. H. T. Fore.
Simon Fuqua and family are spending the week in Navasota.
Mrs. Chas. Doerge went to Hempstead yesterday evening to visit her daughter, Mrs. Thomas.
Rev. Sellers and Mr. and Mrs. Felder returned last evening from the Waco convention.
Mrs. M. Gabert, who has really been quite dangerously ill for the past two or three days, is much better today.
District Attorney E. A. Scott returned home last night after finishing his work in the district court at Hutsville [sic] for this term.
Duncan McDonald, road master of the H. & T. C., passed through the city today from Houston going to attend the Dallas fair.
Mr. E. J. Holland, organizer of fraternal organizations, arrived this morning with charter and other necessary papers to organize a Legion No. 2 of Select Knights of Texas.
Capt. Gordon Boone has received orders that the captains, first sergeants and clerks of each company of the Second Texas are to report at the camp on Oct. 24 - five days before the command reassembles.

Married Today D. V.

If there has been nothing unexpected happening to prevent same, two well known Navasotians were united in the bonds of wedlock at 4 o'clock this afternoon at St. Louis, Mo.

They are Mr. Will C. Preston and Miss Anna Ehinger, both of whom are widely known here, popular and highly esteemed. Nothing definite is obtainable of the details of the event, more than that they will leave st. Louis immediately after the ceremony for Dallas and will stop there two or three days: will arrive in Navasota Monday or Tuesday and will make their future home in Houston, where Mr. Preston makes his headquarters, as a hustling commercial man of the Frisco.

John McIntyre Died Monday

John F. McIntyre died at 2 o'clock Monday afternoon, at his home on Roan's Prairie, and the remains were laid to rest in Oakland cemetery at 4 o'clock yesterday evening.

Deceased was a native of North Carolina and came to Grimes county, Texas, in the early 80's, was in his 69th year and was favorably known among the citizens hereabouts.

He leaves a wife and five children, two of whom are at the old home.

13 Oct 1898

Robt. McGinty No More

The large number of that gentleman's friends in this city were pained to learn this morning that the spirit of Robert McGinty had passed to the other world at 10 o'clock last night at his home near Yarborough after a short illness.

Deceased was 53 years of age and was born and raised in Grimes county; was married and reared an interesting family of sons and daughters who are in turn highly esteemed. He, himself, was known to old and young, and numbered his friends by the circle of acquaintanceship.

The body will be buried at Harmony church yard at 4 o'clock this afternoon, Rev. Sellers officiating.

Personal Mention

Ed Easley is sick today.
Searcy Baker is at Yarborough today.
Tom Thornhill went to Conroe this morning.
Roy Smitheal went to Brenham this morning.
Miss Laura Gibson is reported ill, but improving.
Dr. F. A. Young went to Montgomery today.
W. N. Norwood went to Montgomery this morning.
Mrs. Robert Brown returned last night from an extended visit to Covington, Texas.
B. B. Rollo returned home last night after a few day's stay in Houston, where Mrs. Rollo has been quite sick, but she is now better.
Burt Hull is visiting in the city, on his way home from the Dallas fair. Burt says he likes Navasota better than he does Houston.

A Death on Wallace Prairie

Mrs. Elizabeth Poss, relict of E. A. Poss, who died at the home of her son, Henry Poss, on Wallace Prairie, at 1 o'clock yesterday morning and the body was interred at 10 o'clock today in Harmony church yard.

14 Oct 1898

Personal Mention

Mrs. A. J. Binford is quite sick.
Miss Bertha McMahan is quite sick.
S. B. Rucker is at home nursing a case of fever.
Dr. Littler and wife, of Anderson, were in Navasota today.
Mrs. J. F. Martin has been quite sick for the past few days.
Larry Jacobs returned home last night after enjoying himself at the Dallas fair.
F. M. Plasters and Joe Dean from the Bedias precinct were noted on the street here today.
Surgeon-Major D. L. Peeples returned to Dallas this morning pursuant to orders from the commander of the regiment.
Yesterday's EXAMINER should have stated that Mrs. Robert Brown had returned from Covington, Tennessee, instead of Texas.
G. H. McKinney and wife, were in town today from Whitman, Washington county. They bought a general assortment of staples.

15 Oct 1898

Anderson Locals

Anderson, Oct 15 -
There was a threatened serious difficulty on our streets yesterday between some horse drovers and some of our citizens but the matter was settled without harm.
Elliott Rhodes has a dark photographic room fixed up and a kodak and will make his debut as an artist. His rooms are over his father's shop.
Rev. J. R. Cason received a telegram from his mother in Louisiana Thursday saying she was very sick.
Rev. J. R. Cason and H. C. Jones returned Wednesday from the Waco Baptist Association. There is a new baby at the home of Cicero Woodard about ten days old.
A grand rock crossing has been made on the White Hall road across Dry Fork, which is a great improvement.
The following is a list of jurors for November term of county court:

First Week
W. L. Terrell          Richard McDonald
Riley Green            I. B. Clark
George Cude            R. M. Mallard
Chas. Whitesides       Joe Hollman
Richard Dokes          Arch Garvin
W. S. Stampley         L. H. Harrison 

Third Week
John Murray            J. I. Kennard
Knox Howard            Will Stephenson
J. J. Bradley, Sr.     John ? Cuthrell
J. R. Trapp            Charley Vickers
Will Shellman          John Bay
Charley Stone          S. V. Smith
John Preston has rented the Sloan Hotel and will move in within a few days and take charge.
J. L. Cobb has rented the residence of Miss Bettie Thomas.
Mrs. Alice Scott has had a relapse the last few days but is now again better.
Mrs. Dr. Fred B. Johnston has recently purchased and received a new fined piano.
The Woodmen of the World have erected a monument over the grave of the late John B. Terrell and it will be unveiled with appropriate ceremony, consisting of songs, etc. on Sunday October 23rd. The public are invited to attend.

Personal Mention [Navasota]

Polk Melton is visiting in the city.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bednar are recovering from their spell of fever.
D. W. Hardy and sons Rufus and Dave are spending the day in Allenfarm.
Geo. and Frank Brooker of Plantersville are in the city today on business.
Miss Lillie Hagerman is confined to her room by illness.
W. A. Johnson and Mrs. A. E. Lawrence, of Bryan, who have been visiting Dr. and Mrs. O. S. Johnson for the past few days returned home today.
Mrs. W. W. Sangster, after spending several days in this city visiting relatives, returned to her home in Bryan this moring [sic].
Col. and Mrs. F. S. Roberts and infant child are spending the week with relatives in Hempstead.
J. W. Rodes is making more substantial additions to his home on Washington avenue.
Capt. W. B. Anderson is up again.
P. B. Bookman is a victim of slow fever.
Mrs. S. F. Coffy and baby returned yesterday evening from Ellis county.
Mrs. Sumpter West's condition is critical.
S. E. Goodman has been called back to Dallas to duty.


Having determined to go into other business I shall from this date sell my entire stock of groceries, boots and shoes, dry goods absolutely for cost. My stock is fresh and new and for the cash you will certainly save money by coming to see me.

J. T. Barry


Mr. I. David Kuperman and Miss Cecile Vivian Levy were united in marriage at 8:30 Sunday night at the home of the bride's brother, P. H. Levy, of Navasota. Dr. Harry Cohn, of Galveston, officiating. Both parties are numbered among the cultured Jewish people of that city. - Brenham Press.

20 Oct 1898

Personal Mention

The little child of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Binford is quite sick.
Mrs. Barrow is reported quite ill today.
Ed Hobdy and lady, of Apolonia, were shopping in the city today.
D. K. Uzzell, of Apolonia, was in Navasota today.
Mayor Smith left for Sealy and other southern Texas' towns last evening.
Jno. Hamblen, of Montgomery county, was doing business in Navasota today.
"Uncle" Jack Wood was here today from Cawthon.
R. C. Wood, of Dolph, was in town today.
R. P. Siddall, of White hall, was in Navasota on yesterday.
H. S. Branch left last night for Houston to deliver an address before a Forum giving a public entertainment; and also to organize a Forum there composed entirely of professional men.

A Successful Operation

Dr. E. A. Thompson assisted by Dr. W. T. Wilson and Dr. E. A. Harris performed an operation on Mrs. M. Gabert this morning for appendicitis and while the operation was not entirely completed, it was a very successful one so far and will afford the patient much relief. The operation will be finished tomorrow.


George Medland contends today that we all moved about a thousand miles further north last night. None of which assertions appears to be debatable.

21 Oct 1898

Anderson Locals

Anderson, Oct 21 -
Mr. John Preston has moved into the Sloan hotel.

Mr. R. C. Pope and daughter passed through Anderson Wednesday en route home.

Quite a number of persons passed through Anderson Friday en route to attend the Baptist association. Among others were Prof. B. C. Bauguss, J. J. Felder and wife, Rev. J. R. Cason.

Mrs. J. R. Cason received intelligence Sunday that her mother died last Monday in Louisianna. The letter was miscarried or was delayed someway.

Mr. Bean, a blind man, living in the north west part of the county has been here several days seeking help from the county.

Emmet Scott and Rufe Womack were both made happy yesterday morning by the arrival of a daughter and son respectively; Mrs. Scott is yet quite sick.

The school examining board met today and will be in session two days examining teachers who instruct young ideas to shoot. The board consists of W. L. Campbell, Esq., W. W. Smith and J. M. Codwell, several applicants are before the board but not as many as heretofore.

B. B. Throop, representing the Houston Post, has spent the week at home sick but is now able to be up and will be on the road in a few days.

The unveiling of the monument of the late John B. Terrell by the Woodmen of the World will take place Sunday evening. Friends and the public are invited.

Harry Lange, Jr., returned from San Angelo Thursday night. He reports his brother Wilhelm's examining trial was waived and the bond fixed at $4,000.00 which will be filled out here by his friends and forwarded to the sheriff of Tom Green county. It is thought the circumstances are extenuating which led to the tragedy.

Mrs. Alice Scott left for her home in Groesbeck, Limestone county, on today's train.


The eleven year old family cat of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Youens suffered this morning for being too particular about her comfort last night. She crawled into the cook stove and was "baked to a turn." Cold weather generally results in a slight diminution of the cat family.

Personal Mention [Navasota]

Will Roan is sick at his home on Church street.
John Evans, the Santa Fe agent, was quite ill last night, but is reported to be much better this morning.
Major Smith returned today from a business trip to Brenham and Hempstead.
W. C. Newton returned today from a trip to Houston on business.
Mrs. Cole and Mrs. Jno. M. Ackerman went to Roans Prairie this morning.
Rev. J. G. Tanner returned from Velasco last night.
W. T. Neblett, of Anderson, was among the Navasotians today on business and pleasure.
Dr. W. Ward returned last night from an extended visit to Washington county.
S. D. Moore, Great Sachem of the Red Men of Texas, returned home to Houston yesterday evening.
Misses Corinne Bridges and Carrie Smith went to Galveston yesterday evening.
Mrs. J. E. Clarke went to Hempstead yesterday evening to visit friends. Here children will follow this evening.
City Secretary Blackshear is still tussling with slow fever.


For sale or rent - my home in this city.
J. H. Muldrow.


A 10 pound baby boy arrived yesterday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. White and is a welcomed guest with the family.

22 Oct 1898

Personal Mention

Lieut. Buffington was in Navasota today from the county capital.
Mrs. S. J. Barrow is reported as not doing so well this morning.
Miss Mattie Ella Yarborough returned today from a visit to Galveston.
Weyman Taliaferro, clerk Co. C, 2nd Texas, left today for Dallas to straighten up that company's business.
Chas. W. Carr went to Houston last night on a visit.
Miss Mattie Dickson returned today from an extended visit to Harrisburg.
J. H. Muldrow has returned from a business trip to Houston.
A family of about 18 Polanders are in the city today on their way to settle near Plantersville. The larger portion of the number are youngsters.
T. W. Wilson arrived here Wednesday night with a bunch of 100 steers from C. C. Camp's ranch in west Texas. They are now in Mr. Camp's pasture and will be fed for marketing later on.

His Business is Personal

The reporter is informed that Mr. Will Stone silently speed [sic] away to Florida last evening and will be gone a few days only. Capt. Hatchett is in charge of Mr. Stone's warehouse during his absence.

24 Oct 1898

Personal Mention

Miss Bertha McMahan is some better.
Jno. L. Francklow is now improving.
Joe B. Welsh, who resides in one of the Rucker cottages on Railroad street, is reported to be in a dangerous condition. Having black jaundice.
Mrs. Gabert's condition today at noon was not all that could be wished for. The wound was doing very nicely but her mental state was not so favorable.
L. E. Daniels, of Austin, is in the city visiting friends.
E. E. Adpins, of Philadelphia, Pa., is at the Camp today.
Mr. and Mrs. K. G. Holland, of Austin, who have been visiting in the city for several days, returned home today.
Miss Bessie Sandels, of Roans Prairie, came to Navasota yesterday to attend the public school.
W. H. Gay Sr., of Montgomery, is in the city on business.
Emmett Countryman, of Courtney, is in the city.
Miss M. A. Roberson came in yesterday from Austin to visit.
D. B. McCall, of Dallas, is at the Camp today.
Second Lieutenant, Hammond Norwood of Co. B, 4th Texas stationed at San Antonio, is in the city shaking hands with his many friends.
Mrs. Fannie Goree is continued to her room with the dengue.
1st Sergeant Hood Boone left yesterday to prepare for the mustering out of the Shaw Rifles at Dallas.
Miss Lizzie Edwards, Roans Prairie, who has been visiting friends and relatives in the city for the past month returned home today.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Sangster, of Bryan, are in the city on a visit.
Mrs. B. B. Lowrie is confined to her room by illness.
Rev. Sellers and son, Will, returned yesterday from a visit to Oakland.
Marvin Wallace, of the Bryan Eagle force, spent Saturday evening in the city.
Miss Carrie Sangster is quite sick.
Col. R. A. Horlock left last night for Chicago on business.
R. A. Patout spent Sunday in Galveston on business.
J. B. Peverly, of Millican, was here today.

26 Oct 1898

Anderson Locals

Anderson, Oct 26 -
Owing to the absence of several parties who were to officiate at the unveiling of the Terrell monument Sunday, it was postponed until next Sunday, Oct. 30.

Mrs. Lizzie Throop has been quite sick for several days, but is better now.

The Temperance Council met Sunday, after a vacation of several weeks.

Mrs. W. F. M. Baty is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Emmett L. Scott.

Rev. C. C. Waller, of Waller, was in our town Monday.

Hon. Thomas Ball, congressman from this district, was in our town Monday evening shaking hands with friends. Mr. Ball has made us a good, safe, conservative business member of congress and we are glad he will be returned without opposition.

Several Polanders around Anderson are preparing to go to the coal mines in Palo Pinto county to hunt employment.

Lon Holliday, of Millican, was in Anderson Saturday on legal business.

The school board met last Friday and Saturday. There were eight applicants before the board. The white ones were as follows:
Miss Agnes Adams,
Miss Ada Chandler,
Miss Irma Haynie,
Leo Lalsy,
J. Zaceck.
The names of the colored applicants cannot be given. All passed except one or two.

Mrs. I. Herbert is having a rock pavement put next the house and in front of Buffinton & Buffington's office.

Drs. Emory and Johnston have placed in their office a fine Harvard surgical chair.

Personal Mention

P. B. Bookman is able to be out again.
Mrs. Eula L. Lott is somewhat indisposed.
Sergeant Chester Easley went to Dallas today.
Col. W. W. Meachum was in Navasota today from Anderson.
Corporal Baylor Wilson left today for Dallas as his furlough is out tomorrow.
Rev. J. G. Tanner went to Weatherford this morning on church business.
Miss Nena Stewart left this morning to spend a short while with friends at Montgomery.
Mrs. Sallie Eaves and Miss Etta Mills, of Millican, are shopping in the city and stopping with Mrs. Lydia Kennedy.
Will Sangster left last night for St. Louis to buy more goods for R. B. Templeman & Sons stores here and at Bryan. This is the second trip north this fall.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Preston, returned today from their bridal tour, and will spend a few days here with friends and relatives; after which they will leave for their future home in Houston.

Married Last Night

In the parlor of the parsonage at 7 o'clock last night, Rev. S. F. Chambers, the Methodist pastor, performed the ceremony that made John G. White and Miss Sussie D. Taylor husband and wife. Both the contracting parties are well known and boast of a number of friends in Navasota, all of whom wish them bon voyage.

27 Oct 1898

Personal Mention

Col. R. A. Horlock returned home last night.
Lee Kemple, of Hempstead, is in the city today, in the interest of the Knights of Honor.
Miss Carrie Smith, who has been visiting relatives in Galveston, returned home today.
J. J. Mistrot and wife, came up today from Galveston to visit Capt. and Mrs. P. A. Smith.
Agent Evans is again at his desk this morning in the Santa Fe office, after a spell of illness.
Ward Templeman went to Bryan today to take charge of the branch store there during Mr. Sangster's absence.
Mrs. J. E. Clarke, who has been visiting relatives at Hempstead, returned today accompanied by Misses Clarke and Hughes.
Sergeant Arthur Smith, of Co. C, 2nd Texas, this morning received an honorable discharge from the service and will not have to go to Dallas with his comrades.

Resolutions of Respect

Whereas, our Heavenly Father has ordained to remove from our midst a good and faithful member.

Resolved, That, in the death of Mrs. M. Gabert, the Hebrew Ladies' Aid society lose one of their most sincere workers, the husband's loving wife, the child a devoted mother.

Resolved, That it grieves us to the utmost to lose one who so cheerfully assisted us in all deeds of charity; but we resign ourselves to Him who doeth all things well, and find consolation that she now rests in peace with her maker.

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to the relatives of the deceased.

Mrs. C. Chinski, President
Mrs. Joe Jacobs, Secretary

28 Oct 1898

Married Forty Years Ago

Our fellow townsman, J. J. Felder and his estimable better-half are today happy over the fact that the kind director of the universe permits them to see the fortieth anniversary of their wedding. She was a Miss Victoria Briggs, and they were married in Union District, South Carolina.

Personal Mention

Dr. Littler and wife, of Anderson, were in Navasota this morning.
J. D. Quinn came up from Galveston last night to spend a few days.
J. J. Lieb, of Longstreet, was here today attending to business matters.
R. N. Perry is at home today, sick.
D. J. Bookman and Enoch Rigby, of Prairie Plains, were in town today.
W. R. Ayers, of Yarborough, is in the city today on business.

Colored Couple Married

Steve Williams and Miss Viola Ackerman called on Justice Forrester last night at his home and being the bearers of the necessary legal documents, were gracefully united in the bonds of matrimony by the venerable judge.

The couple are prominent colored folks and have many friends. Steve is the popular attache of J. H. Lee's establishment.

29 October 1898

Personal Mention

Rev. J. C. Mickle left yesterday evening for Hockley.
Prof. Will Bizzell, of Plantersville, is in Navasota today.
Private Will Horlock, of Co. B, 11th Texas, is spending today in Navasota with parents.
Valley Hart, the well known Baptist revival singer, is in Navasota in the interest of a Baptist publication.
Joe Myers returned to Navasota last night, after spending a few days attending the Leon county fair at Marque.
Miss Robie Taylor, of Anderson, is in the city visiting Miss Mary Montgomery.
Graham Baker, of Houston, is in the city today visiting Stratton Baker.
Rev. R. A. Reagan, who has been assisting Rev. Chambers in a revival for the past ten days, will leave tomorrow night for San Antonio.
Miss Ellen Hughes returned to her home in Hempstead yesterday evening, after spending a few days with Mrs. J. E. Clarke.

After the Show was Over

After the play last night a few couples were enjoyable entertained at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Creagor's. A light luncheon was tastefully served and those present were:
E. M. Smith and Miss Kate Woodward.
Mr. Hassell, of New Orleans, and Miss Ella Coxx.
C. H. Holman and Miss Ollie Wilson.
Fred Dickson and Miss Beatrice Hearne.
Mr. Boyd, of Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Creagor were the chaperones.

31 Oct 1898

Anderson Locals

Anderson, Texas, October 31 -
Robert Kendrick and wife, nee Miss Nellie Gibney, were visiting the old folks at home Saturday and Sunday.

William Lange, of San Angelo, arrived here a few days ago with a carload of good western horse, which he will sell.

Sterling Davis and sister, Miss Carrie, spent yesterday visiting the family of W. T. Neblett.

The unveiling of the monument erected to the late John B. Terrell, by the Woodmen of the World, took place yesterday evening at 4 o'clock. The Woodmen of the World fraternity marched to the grave, each officer bearing the jewel or emblem of his office, the gavel, the wedge, the axe, the spear, the banner. Andrew Floyd being presiding officer. As the order marched in the ladies, Mrs. Lizzie N. Throop, Misses Florence McIntyre and Esther Steinhagen, sang "Nearer my God to Thee," after which some remarks were made by Mr. Floyd. Then that beautiful spiritual song "Beyond the River," was sang by the ladies with expression and merit. Then Miss Ollie Prescott repeated that beautiful poem: "Oh! Why Should the Spirit Of Mortal Be Proud."

Then the veil was uplifted, displaing a beautiful slab monument - dedicating it with water and salt. Then the appropriate soul-inspiring song, "Lifting The Veil," was sang.

Rev. J. R. Cason spoke for the fraternity, in well chosen words, drawing a lesson of life and its ever ending at the grave, concluding with a few lines from William Cullen Bryant's "Thanatopsis:"

"So live, that, when they summons come to join
The innumerable caravan, that moves
To the mysterious realm, where each shall take
His chamber in the silent halls of death,
Thou go not, like the quarry-slave at night,
Scourged to his dungeon; but sustain'd and sooth'd
By an unfaltering trust, approach thy grave,
Like one that draws the drapery of his couch
About him, and lies down to pleasant dreams."

Eight or ten couples from Navasota were up yesterday evening and were present at the unveling of the monument.

Lieutenant T. P. Buffington and Privates Tom Womack, Geo. Chandler, Steve Preston, all of the Second Texas, went to Navasota Thursday and Friday to take the train for Dallas, where they were required to be Oct. 29.

Ollie Cobb, of the First Texas regiment, has just arrived from Jacksonville, Fla., on a 30-days' furlough. HE is indisposed with a cold, but otherwise looks well.

The sad news was received here Friday morning that the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Siddall died Thursday night near White Hall. Geo. Siddall and Mother, Mrs. Lizzie Siddall, have been at White Hall several days.

The several frosts that we had last week killed nearly all the sweet poptato vines, and that vegetable is being dug very extensively and a fine crop will be made.

Personal Mention [Navasota]

Frank Youens went to Plantersville this morning on business.
C. A. Hoover, an old Navasota hotel man, is in the city today.
Will Sangster returned last night from St. Louis and went to Bryan this morning.
J. J. Mistrot and wife, who have been visiting Capt. P. A. Smith and family, for several days went to Bryan today.
Little Miss Louise Conoly is quite sick.
E. Harris, of Ennis, is in Navasota greeting old-time friends.
D. D. Greer is up again after a short spell of illness.
H. C. Miller, of St. Louis, arrived here last night to visit Chas. Doerge and family.
Henry Hymen has resigned his position at the Ice factory and accepted the place of coach cleaner for the Santa Fe.
Mrs. Neal Stewart, of Montgomery, came in last night on the Santa Fe to visit Col. C. W. Stewart. She was accompanied home by Miss Nena Stewart.
Mrs. E. M. Eddings, of Marlin, passed through the city last night enroute to Plantersville to attend her sister's wedding.
Baylor Schumacher went to Brownwood this morning to attend the Daniel Baker college.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Brosig returned home last night from the north and are at home with Mrs. F. W. Brosig on Washington avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Stone arrived in Navasota last night from Mariana, Florida, and are at the home of Mrs. Julia Yarborough, on McAlpine street.

01 Nov 1898

A girl baby was born this morning to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Warneke.

02 Nov 1898

Personal Mention

County Commissioner J. M. Mayfield was in Navasota today.
Mrs. M. Granary has returned to her home in Baton Rouge, La., after a six weeks' visit to her son, L. J. Granary, of this city.
John Keith, prominent citizen of Cawthon, was here today.
Mrs. Sank Henderson and Miss Lena Henderson will leave this evening to visit in Austin.
Mrs. Geol L. Conoly came in last night from Temple.
Will Gibson is sick at his home today.
Eugene Roads went to Bryan today on business.
Ward Templeman went to Galveston last night.
Mrs. M. A. Fisher went to Hempstead yesterday on business and returned this morning.
E. R. Rhodes of Anderson, is shaking hands with friends here today.

Anderson Locals

Anderson, Nov. 2 -
Dr. Cocer, of Fort Bend county, is here looking out for locations for several families of farmers.
Miss Minnie Hunter, of Huntsville, is visiting the family of M. M. Cone.
Solomon W. Wood, member of the Farmers' Mutual Insurance association, has been paid his money for the loss of his building which burned a short time ago.
The special election held yesterday was very quiet and orderly, there was no enthusiasm and no excitement. The polls here were opened about 8 a. m., M. Gibney presiding with one judge and three clerks. The class of voters mostly were middle age and old men; about eight or ten negroes and about the same number of foreigners voted.

Following is the result:
For the amendment                  71
Against the amendment              15
Total number of votes polled       86

Total voting strength of this precinct is 750.

It is wonderful how few people were posted upon what the amendment was intended to amend. This is truly the "Initiative referendum," that is, direct legislation by the people, which it always requires to amend the constitution. But if the people don't take more interest than upon constitutional amendments it would be a failure.

A Halloween party was given Monday night at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Cone. Several games were indulged in, such as bitting [sic] an apple afloat in a vessel of water. The party was complimentary to Miss Minnie Hunter, of Huntsville.

Miss Bettie Thomas, who has been visiting relatives in San Antonio and San Diego, arrived home last Wednesday.

03 Nov 1898

Personal Mention

Jno. A. Brown, of Tyler, is in the city today on business.
A. Castanedo, of Waco, who has been spending a few days in the city returned home today.
Miss Stella Easley, left this morning, to visit friends and relatives, for a few days at Montgomery.
Tom Thornhill went to Montgomery this morning on business.
W. A. Shannon went to Caldwell this morning on a short business trip.
E. D. Moore, of Dallas, is visiting in the city.
J. C. Roberts, of Houston, is autographed at the Camp today.
Judge T. C. Buffington, of Anderson, is in Navasota today.
R. K. Lockett sold to T. E. East two cars of stock cattle this morning, and they will be immediately transported to Mexia.
Mrs. H. M. Faw, of Plantersville, accompanied by her son, A. E. Faw, was in Navasota today.
Will Blumenthal, of Chicago, has accepted a position at the Fruit Palace.
City Secretary Duncan E. Blackshear is again at his post at Rodes & Owen's.

Plantersville Items

Plantersville, Nov 6 -
There has been several real estates deals in our town lately. Jack Baker has purchased the old Dr. Neely place. Mrs. Markey has purchased the Townsend place. Dr. Barnhill has bought two lots near the Methodist church. Pete Hawkins has bought the Searcy Baker lot. James McMurrough has bought the lot in front of Mrs. Stephenson, all expect to make improvements at once.

We had a magic lantern and graophphone exhibition at the school house last night.

A. E. Faw, of Falls county, is visiting his favorites.

Miss Ada Chandler, of Anderson, was here Sunday, on her way to Hughey Chapel, where she will teach school.

Lem Faw has been confined to his bed for six weeks, and is improving slowly.

04 Nov 1898

Personal Mention

Mrs. Lewis J. Wilson returned yesterday from a visit to relatives at Kosse.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Sangster went to Bryan today.
W. A. Shannon returned last night from Wellborn.
Mrs. J. E. Lockhart, of Montgomery, and Miss Abbie Dildy of Gatesville, are visiting Sam Madeley.
Gus Stolz was here this morning from Mineral Wells en route to his home in Washington county where his father, Fritz Stolz, is dangerously ill.
Congressman Ball left this morning for his home in Huntsville, where he will close the campaign.
W. G. Bennett of Courtney, was here last night.
Col. Moody, of the Rockdale Messenger, was in Navasota last night on business.
H. S. Branch returned today from a business trip to Houston.

Partnership Dissolved

The partnership heretofore existing between Dr. W. T. Wilson and Dr. E. A. Harris, under the firm name of Wilson & Harris, has expired by limitation. All accounts due the firm are made mayable to Dr. W. T. Wilson.

W. T. Wilson
E. A. Harris
Navasota, Nov 3, '98

05 Nov 1898

Personal Mention

Mrs. Simon Fuqua is very sick at her home on Fuqua Prairie.
Dr. J. E. Wilson, of Prairie Plains, was here today on business.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Creagor last night observed the thirtieth anniversary of their marriage.
Jim Goodin and wife and George Shields and wife, from Dacus, were in Navasota today shopping.
Will S. Boyd, who has been spending the past ten days with the family of Mortimer Smith, left yesterday for his home in Chicago.
Miss Dora Cabeen, of Courtney, is in the city visiting kinfolks and is a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Throop.
M. E. Upchurch, from North Grimes, was in the city today.
W. H. Steed, a prosperous farmer of Montgomery county, was here this morning selling cotton and buying merchandise.
W. H. Hensley, of Bedias, was here trading this morning.
Dr. E. A. Thompson and wife have removed to the residence of Mrs. Sallie Saunders.
W. W. Hunter, from Prairie Plains, was here today.
County Commissioner Gains Colson was in Navasota on business today.
Cawthon was represented here today by Lee Taylor.
Tuck Henderson and Wad Callahan were in Navasota today from Red Top.
Rafe Daniels, of Houston, is in the city today on business.
Mrs. Tom Brooks left this morning for Gay Hill to visit her sister for a few days.
Mrs. J. R. Carleston, of Bryan, who has been visiting Miss Mary Finch for several days, returned home today.

08 November 1898

Personal Mention

Miss Eleanor Steele is quite sick.
Ben Blumenthal spent the day in Bryan.
Little Miss Louise Conoly is still quite sick.
Tom J. McNair went to Bryan today on business.
Miss Alice Rodes left this morning for a visit to relatives in Bryan.
J. B. Lott came in today, after an extended visit to relatives in Houston.
L. L. Chinski today returned from a trip to Houston where he went on business.
After a prolonged spell of illness, Jno. L. Franklow, is again able to be upon the streets.

The store of Simon Meyer was relieved of about $100 worth of goods Sunday night by a burglar entering from the rear. An iron bar was parted. No clue has been obtained as to the criminal's identity.

Ed Woodward will pay the highest cash prices for beef cattle and oxen.

09 Nov 1898

County Capital Notes

Anderson, Tex., Nov 9 -
Herman Kelley, of Fuqua's Prairie, and Miss Maggie Black, daughter of G. P. Black, were married at the Baptist parsonage last Thursday, Rev. J. R. Cason officiating. Mr. Kelley is a sterling young man and the bride is a young lady of fine character and is well thought of by those who knew her. May they be happy in their new relations of life.

Judge Rigsby, majestrate [sic] of Prairie Plains, tied the matrimonial knot for a colored couple in the county clerk's room here Wednesday evening.

August Maywald, of Plantersville, and W. T. McGilberry, of Prairie Plains, brought the election returns in Wednesday for the election held last Tuesday at those places.

C. F. McCarty, "the wild Irishman" third party speaker, was in Anderson a few days ago and said he expected to make several speeches in the county in the interest of that party.

The little children had a party Friday night at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Loftin.

_____ J. Fuqua, formerly deputy sheriff here, has returned from south Texas after an absence of nearly a year.

County court was opened Monday morning, the Jury empaneled [sic]. All the business was continued and the jury discharged.

The commissioners court also convened in special term Monday. Present, Judge J. H. Teague presiding, commissioners E. H. Terrell, J. W. Mayfield and W. E. Sapp. The object being to canvass the returns of the election of Nov. 1 on the pension amendment, which resulted as follows. . .

Personal Mention
Dave Greer is sick in bed.
Chas. Lee is under the weather.
Jack Havercott is again up after several days illness.
Miss Ophelia Greer left this morning for a few days' visit to Waco.
A. O. Norwood went to Bryan this morning on business.
L. G. Bassett, of Brenham, has taken a position behind the dress goods counters of R. B. Templeman & Son.
N. T. Gallimore is reported indisposed.
Capt. Brown, of Dallas, is in Navasota in the interest of the Fidelity Insurance company.
Mrs. S. Gabbs, of Plantersville, passed through the city this morning en route home from a visit to relatives at Mexia.
Mrs. W. L. Robards and daughter Miss Eva, of Austin, stopped at the Camp last night, they were en route to Huntersville [sic] to visit relatives.

Will Leave for Cuba

Mr. W. W. Somerford of Grimes county, was in the city yesterday and left last night for Galveston, wehre he will take passage for Cuba today, going via Key West. Mr. Somerford spent the summer in Cuba four years ago, and is thoroughly familiar with the island. He is an agriculturist by profession, and was extensively engaged in the busi- [sic] when in Cuba, but his apairy and other property were destroyed by Spanish soldiers during the Cuban insurrection. He intends to embark in this business again, if suitable arrangements can be made. - Houston Post.

FOR RENT - My residence, furnished or unfurnished. M. Gabert.

10 Nov 1898

Personal Mention

W. G. Milroy went to Bryan today in the interest of R. B. Templeman & Son's cotton department.
District Attorney Ed A. Scott went to Hearne today on business.
W. H. Meyerlambera left today with his tools to do some carpentering at College Station.
Rev. J. C. Mickle came in today on business from his home in Hempstead.
Little Master Vernon Cuthrell was quite sick last night but was better today.
P. H. Goodwyn, general freight agent of the Santa Fe, is in the city today.
Miss Jeanette Martin is confined to her bed from illness.
Miss Etta Stocking who has been quite sick for sometime, is able to be up and at her place at Mistrot Bros. & Co.'s.

12 Nov 1898

Capital Personals

Anderson, Nov 12 -
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Tom Terrell, on Nov 10, a fine girl baby.
Judge T. C. Buffington and Col. W. W. Meacham went to Houston yesterday on legal business.
John A. Boggess is in Houston on business.
Ref. J. R. Cason, returned from Conroe Friday, where he went to fill his regular pastoral appointment.

26 Nov 1898

Plantersville -
Mr. Lee Childre died recently at his home near retreat.

01 Dec 1898

Minnie, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Loftin, died at their home in the Harmony community at 11 o'clock yesterday and will be interred in the Harmony church burying ground this evening at 3 o'clock.

13 Dec 1898


Sudden and Sad Tragic End of John Busby

A Pistol That he Had Bought for Five Cents was the Weapon

John Busby, son of Mr. and Mrs. I. S. Busby accidently shot himself at daylight this morning and died in 15 minutes afterward.

John and his brother Louis both bought pistols in town Saturday; John gave five cents for the 38-calibre weapon he had and Louis paid twenty-five cents for his.

About daylight this morning the lads were in the corn crib shucking ears of grain preparatory to feeding the barn yard stock, and performing other chores that usually fall to the lot of boys getting along in years and with a aptitude of making themselves generally useful before going to study their lessons in school. It is presumed that the boys had their pistols concealed in the crib and when they had the opportunity to survey them he unfortunately did not lose it. John had been playing with the pistol before and did not think it loaded. He pointed the barrel up so he could look into the chambers and pulled the trigger; it exploded and the ball struck the poor lad in the right cheek, just below the eye; ranging upward and lodging near the brain.

The alarm was quickly given and the almost lifeless body conveyed to the house, where he expired in about fifteen minutes, and before medical attention could arrive.

John Bennett Busby was born in Grimes county June 25, 1884, and was in his fifteenth year, was in the sixth grade in the public schools and was at all times a quiet, unassuming lad of industrious inclinations; and none stood better among his schoolmates and friends for general popularity.

The parents and sisters and brother are heart-broken and prostrated over the awful suddenness of the terrible end of the son and brother.

The funeral will occur from the family residence tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock to the city cemetery.

Mrs. Busby, the reporter is told, says that he did not know where the pistol came from but thought it had been laying about for a long time. The reporter gets his part of the pistol story from the deceased boy's companions.


Reba, the baby daughter of Mr. Ward Templeman, died at 3:20 o'clock this afternoon.

30 Dec 1898

Another Little Angel

Mildred, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will S. Ash, passed to her eternal home at 9 o'clock last night, aged 2 years 5 months and the remains are to be consigned to the dust at 3:30 this afternoon. The bereaved parents are the recipients of the sympathy of their many friends in their sad loss.

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