Grimes County Civil War Scrip
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Grimes County Civil War Scrip

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Does anyone recognize or know about this Grimes County scrip from the Civil War era? If so please let me and or Dennis Reavis know.

I am a private researcher working for the U.S.D.A. Forest Service near Wilmington, Illinois. Recently while going through some of my old files (private), I came across some photos I took of county script about 20 years ago. The script was from Grimes County, and today is in the collection of the McClean County Historical Society, Bloomington, IL. The script was brought back to Illinois by members of the 33rd Illinois Infantry during the War Between the States.
I am looking for information and identification of the script in question. I am attaching copies of the photographs for your reference. Any assistance you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Dennis R. Reavis

From John W. Wilson:

The attached photo is submitted to supplement and correct the item on the Grimes County GenWeb page titled "Civil War Script." The correct word is "Scrip," misspelled by the submitter of the posted photo. Grimes County, as did other counties, issued scrip as legal tender during the Civil War. G. M Patrick, Chief Justice, signed the scrip and G. A. Mooring, County Clerk, attested his signature. Anyone who has a piece of the "Patrick" scrip today has a valuable collector's item.

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