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Grimes County Bible Records


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James W. Hargrove Bible


Hargrove Family Bible, The Illustrated Polyglot Family Bible published by Wm. Garretson & Co, 1871

Jas. W. Hargrove was Born Jan 19th 1823
Derinda E. Hargrove was Born June 27th 1827
William L. Hargrove was Born Oct 5th 1858
Belzorah A. Hargrove was Born Oct 23th 1855
Bernice A. C. Hargrove was Born Aug 8th 1857
Ida Elizabeth Holland Hargrove was Born Nov 23th 1859
Zephaniah C. Hargrove was Born Sept 13th 1865
Doctor Crawford Hargrove was Born November 5th 1868

Change in handwriting

A. A. Hargrove was Born February the 21 1868
Rubble Hargrove was Borned Oct the 18 1905
Felton Hargrove was Borned May the 6 1907
Rubie Hargrove was Borned March 19- 1911
Annie Ophelia Hargrove was Borned Aug 13 1871
D. C. Hargrove was borned Nov 5 1868
William Crawford Hargrove was Borned Sep 12 1890
Frank Neal Hargrove was Borned Dec 29 1891
Ardell Hargrove was borned Dec 8 1896
Hattie Girtrue Hargrove was borned Sep 25 1899
Nettie A. Gressett was Born Oct the 2 1886
Lucy Gressett was Borned Nov the 6 1889
Frank Gressett was Borned Nov the 24 1891
Willie Gressett was Borned Dec the 18 1893
Zula Gressett was Borned Nov 25 1896
Jinnie (?) was Borned Nov the 6 1901

Bernice A. C. Hargrove Died Aug 22th 1862
Ida E. H. Hargrove Died Aug 27th 1862
William L. Hargrove Died May 17th 1864
Jas. W. Hargrove Died July 31th 1877
W. C. Hargrove Died Aug 31st 1891
A. O. Hargrove Died Dec 16 1899
Ruble Emett Hargrove Died Dec 2- 1909
Amer A. Hargrove Died May 3- 1941
Doctor Crawford Hargrove Died Sept 1948

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Zula Gressett died May 15 1902

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