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On this page you will find a listing of Resources that may be valuable to you in your research of your ancestors in Gregg Co., Texas. You will also find a listing of volunteers and the resources they are willing to check for you.



Because of our desire to comply with the TXGenWeb Policy concerning lookups, we ask that you follow these simple rules when asking for help:

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**When requesting a look-up, please remember that these are VOLUNTEERS. They are not doing this for a living, just in their spare time. PLEASE be as specific as NOT just send a general name and place (such as would you see if John Brown might have been in Gregg Co. in 1880). Please give names, dates, places, etc. and ask for a specific lookup. Please do not ask for multiple lookups at one time. Remember that these folks are doing this out of kindness. Do not expect an answer the same day.....they will do it when they have the available time.**

If you own or have access to Gregg County Resources, and will do "look-ups" please contact Elaine, Etta & Sheila.

Volunteers are needed and valued at this site. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please check out this rootsweb page for volunteers.


These nice folks are helping Sharon & Elaine dig up information for you to use. If you would like to help
(have information to donate, can walk a cemetery, can type, go to the library,
go to the courthouse, etc)
please contact Elaine, Etta & Sheila and get your
name added to our list.

Resource Volunteer
Cemeteries Glenda Wood
1880 Census for Gregg County Elaine
SUNDAY ONLY   Longview News Journal Jan.-Mar. 1975 Obits Rita
Rosedale Cemetery or Gladewater Memorial Cemetery (Upshur County) Etta
Longview Public Library Genealogy Department
(Be SPECIFIC - this means give exact name, date, type of lookup being requested; Do NOT give the whole family history for Linda to have to wade through to get what she needs. She politely states that if you are not specific with the information, she will no longer be able to do the lookup; only ONE lookup per request; be PATIENT, the library is a busy place and her time for lookups is limited; NO scanned images)
Linda Laminack
Longview High School Lobo Yearbooks - 1948, 1949, 1960 - lookups & will scan requested pages Mona Hart Tucker
1994 Pine Tree alumni directory published by the PT Alumni Association.  It lists graduates alphabetically, by class year, and by geographical location  PA
1986 Winterfield Cemetery Book - Contains Biographical sketches - Only request pre 1986 burials - Please also check the Winterfield Cemetery listing online. Renee
Scans from items at the Longview Library Linda Laminack
Longview Lobo annuals - Longview Library has nearly a complete set Linda Laminack


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Research Aids for Gregg County

Available through your local Family History Center
LDS Family History Center
 1700 Blue Ridge Pkwy

 Longview, TX


Call for hours

  • Inventory of County Records at the Gregg Co. Courthouse by K.L.Durham
  • Gregg County, Texas Marriage Records 1873 - 1876 
  • Gregg County Court Records - Deeds 1873 - 1901
  • Gregg County Court Records - Probate Records 1876 - 1934
  • Gregg County Court Records - Birth Records 1858 - 1982
  • Gregg County Court Records - Death Records 1903 - 1959
  • Gregg County Court Records - Marriage Records 1873 - 1936
  • Gregg County Court Records - Minutes 1873 - 1910
  • Gregg District Court Records - Civil Court Records 1873 - 1933
  • Gregg District Court Records - Civil Court Minutes 1873 - 1937
  • Gregg County Cemeteries Vol I & II by the Gregg County Genealogy Society
  • History of the Creation & Organization of Gregg Co., Texas by Richard B. Levy
  • Index of Probate Cases of Texas #92(Gregg Co.) 1872 - 1939
  • Gregg County Texas Marriages Vol. A & B 1873 - 1874
  • Welch Funeral Home Records 1925 - 1935
  • Trinity Episcopal Church Records 1853 - 1973
  • Kelly Memorial First Methodist Church 1895 - 1935 
  • 1890 Tax Record Abstract for Gregg Co., TX by Mathilda F. Underwood 
  • East Texas Family Records 


Welch Funeral Home & Memorial Center 4619 Judson Road
Longview, Texas 75604
Rader Funeral Home 1617 Judson       Longview   903-753-3373
Bigham Mortuary  (African American)* 1107 Martin Luther King 
  903-758-5221 903-753-5296
Citizens Funeral Home 117 South Harrison Longview   903-753-0221
East Texas Funeral Home 412 North High    Longview   903-757-8898
Lakeview Funeral Home 5000 Harrison Rd.  Longview   903-759-9493
Lewis-Garret Funeral Home 1221 Estman Rd.   Longview   903-758-7344
Stanmore Funeral Home 1105 Martin Luther King
Croley Funeral Home 401 North Center   Gladewater   903-845-2155
Dearion Davis Funeral Home 
(African American)*
900 East Broadway Gladewater   903-845-5141

McCauley & Son Funeral Parlor 
(African American)*

504 West Willow   Gladewater   903-845-5538 800-913-0999
Radar Funeral Home 401 North Martin   Kilgore   903-984-2525
Cunningham Funeral Home  (African American)* RFD 1     Kilgore   903-984-2072
East Texas Funeral Home Kilgore   903-983-7707

*Please note that a funeral home listing African American underneath it does not mean that it is strickly African American. The same applies for the ones that do not list African American underneath. It simply implies that it mainly serves the African American population or the White population. All races can and do use all of the above listed Funeral Homes.

If anyone knows where any of the following books can be found,

        please contact Elaine, Etta & Sheila.

There is a website for societies, authors and regular genealogist to buy and sell their genealogy books. It has no cost to anyone and is not a commercial site.  Genealogy Classifieds    The place to find new, used, out of print and just plain hard to find Genealogy Books. If you have an old, used genealogy book or publication on your bookshelf and no longer use it then you can make some extra money and help another fellow researcher out by selling it here as well as putting some of the original cost you incurred back into your own pocket for new genealogical books or publications purchases.

  • Inventory of County Archives of Texas #92(Gregg Co) - Texas Historical Records Survey by the W.P.A. 
  • Obituaries from Gregg County Newspapers by Rachael T. Garner


Addresses That May Be Helpful

You can now do a search of the Gregg County Judicial Records,
County Clerk's Records, and Property Tax Records

Official Gregg County Website

Gregg County Clerk's Office          (Records Search)
& District Clerk's Office
101 E. Methvin St
Longview, TX 75601
Land Records from 1873, Marraige Records from 1873 and Birth / Death Records from 1903, Court Records from 1873, and Probate Records from 1876.
 Gregg County Courthouse
 101 E Methvin St
 Longview, TX 75601
 Main Number
 This is the physical address and not 
 the mailing address.
 Longview Public Library     -     Local History Dept
 222 W. Cotton St
 Longview, TX 75601
 Open Mon -Sat 10-6
 Tue & Thur 10-9
 Sunday 1-5
 Gregg County Historical Museum  (Photos)
 214 N. Fredonia St
 Longview, TX 75601
 Open Tues-Sat 7-4
 $2 Adults 
 $1 Senior Citizens & Children
 LDS Family History Center
 1700 Blue Ridge Pkwy
 Longview, TX 
 Call for hours
 Harold B. Simpson Research/Genealogy Center 
 (Confederate Research Center) 
 Box 619 
 Hillsboro, TX 78711 
 Lee Public Library
 312 W Pacific
 Gladewater, TX 75647
 Open Mon-Fri 9-5:30      Sat. 9-12 
 Gregg County Appraisal District
 1333 E. Harrison Rd 
 Longview, Texas 75604-5537
 Voice (903) 238-8823
 Fax (903) 238-8829
 Longview Chamber of Commerce
 410 N. Center St
 Longview, TX 75601
 Gladewater Chamber of Commerce
 215 N Main
 Gladewater, TX 75647
 Kilgore Chamber of Commerce
 813 N. Kilgore Street
 Kilgore, TX 75662
 East Texas Genealogical Society
 P.O. Box 6967
 Tyler, TX 75711
 Texas Certified Copies of Birth/Death
 P.O. Box 12040
 AUSTIN, TEXAS 78711-2040
Kilgore Public Library
301 N. Henderson Blvd.
Kilgore, Texas 75662
 Liberty City Chamber of Commerce
 PMB 200 Gateway, Box 200
 Kilgore, Texas 75662
Grace Hill Cemetery Community Mausoleum
Marshall Ave & Tyler St
(908) 938-2392
Lakeview Memorial Gardens Cemetery
5000 W Harrison Rd
(903) 759-9493 Fax: (903) 759-1203
Memory Park Cemetery
2823 E Marshall Ave
(903) 759-9493 Fax: (903) 759-1203
Rosehill Garden Cemetery Inc
400 1/2 Hampton Ct
(903) 938-2392
Rosewood Park Cemetery
1940 Hwy 1844 Seven Pines Rd
(903) 663-0034 Fax: (903) 663-0168

Newspapers in Gregg County and Surrounding Towns

Longview News Journal Gladewater Mirror
Gilmer Mirror Kilgore News Herald
Marshall News Messanger Tyler Morning Telegraph

Newspapers From Days Gone By:

Source: The State of Texas ---- 100 years of Progress ca1937

Source: The State of Texas ---- 100 years of Progress ca 1937

The first newspaper in Gregg County was the "News Item" published in 1873, although several other papers date back into the nineteenth century, including the "Gregg County News" at one time published by James S Hogg, Governor of Texas. Other papers were the
"Times Clarion" published by J W Johnson, the "Longview Leader" published by D B Coats and F A Taylor, and the "Gladewater Gazette" published by W C Holloway.

The leading newspaper of East Texas at this time (Note: 1937) is published by Col. Carl Estes of Longview. He publishes two dailies, Longview Morning Journal and The Longview
Daily News. There are also both daily and weekly newspapers at Gladewater and Kilgore.
A labor paper, the Workers Forum, is published by F N Henderson at Gladewater. Amos
Harper owns and publishes The East Texas American, a weekly newspaper, at Greggton.
Jimmie Clifford owns and publishes a weekly newspaper, The Longview Ledger at Longview.

Gladewater Journal
Gladewater Daily Mirror
Gladewater Daily Times
Gladewater Daily Times-Tribune
Gladewater Hi-Ways
Gladewater News
Gladewater News-Times
Gladewater Tribune
Kilgore Daily News
Kilgore Flare
Kilgore Mirror
Kilgore News Herald
Longview Daily News
Longview Daily Times-Clarion
Longview Democrat
Longview Morning Journal
Longview News
Longview Texas' New Era
Longview Times-Clarion


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