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Adkins, James Benjamin
Angel, John
Angell, John W
Armstrong, Benjamin Franklin
Armstrong, Ruben
Bennett, Willie Bradford
Birdsong, James H
Booth, Robert Louis
Bramlett, Thomas Anderson
Brown, Bluford W
Brown, Frank Robert
Brown, John Garland
Brown, Robert Garland
Bruce, Simeon Robert
Bryant, Monnie Sr
Buie, Douglas Alphones
Castleberry, Richard Watkins
Connor, Arthur Lee
Cunningham, Walter Holland Jr
Cunningham, Walter Lee
Davis, John #1
Davis, John #2
Echols, Jefferson Benjamin
Faith, Lester Lee
Flewellen, Junius Jefferson
Flewellen, Thomas Archelaus
Fortune, Edgar Marshall
Franklin, John Rex
Freeman, Joe
Freeman, Samuel
Freeman, Tom Gerome
Fuller, James
Fuller, William M    
Gary, Andrew Washington #1
Gary, Andrew Washington #2
Gary, Earl Thurman Sr
Gary, Jesse Battle #1
Gary, Jesse Battle #2
Gary, S Henry
Goodjoin, Joseph B Jr
Gregg, Charles Wesley
Griffin, Wyman Watson
Gross, Danial Stephen
Hall, Mary Crowder Hunter
Harris, Charles Newton
Herndon, Albert George
Horton, Jesse Winfield
Howard, Henry Ervin
Hudgins, John Wilson
Ingle, Peter Talton
Jones, Alonzo L
Keasler, Joseph Cefus
King, Henry Franklin
Kirby, Robert Sidney
Kirby, Robert Sidney #2
League, Cicero C
Lee, George Thomas
Magrill, John R
Magrill, Samuel D
Marshall, Thos. Wiley
Martin, Henry Clay
Massie, Dr John W
McDonald, Bertram Alexander
Mercer, Thomas Jefferson
Miller, William
Mills, Ira
Moore, James Patrick
Morrow, Henry Olin
Morrow, William A
Myers, Ora Wendell
Nicholson, Alexander William
Patrick, Henry Austin
Paul, William Wilson
Pettiette, Harold Dwain
Pointer, Bobbie
Redding, Albert Howell
Sherrod, Richard Stephen
Smelley, William Henry
Smith, Cecil Eugene
Smith, Charley Stewart #1
Smith, Charley Stewart #2
Smith, Jacob
Smith, John A
Smith, John Tyson
Smith, Levi Alfred
Smith, Robert Tom
Stratton, Francis Clarence
Wardlow, Oscar Eugene
Watkins, Thomas Franklin #1
Watkins, Thomas Franklin #2
Welborn, James Franklin
Wells, William Torplin
Westover, Craig Duane
Wilson, Robert J
Womack, Albert Alonzo
Zeigler, John P


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