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St. Marys Cemetery - Misc. Notes


St. Mary's Cemetery Miscellaneous Notes
Alexander, E. L. Metal marker lying on C. Billo grave  .
Back, J. F. Born in Houston, Tx; died in Kerrville, Tx   .
Blanchard, Hugo P. Woodmen of the World Memorial    .
Brown, Mary Wife of Ed. J.   .
Delz, Barnhard Woodmen of the World Memorial .
Dummermuth, Jacob Born in Germany .
Enderlin, Helene  Mrs. Joe Enderlin nee Heep
Fritz, Dena Mrs. George Fritz .
Hartmann, Anna K. Mrs. Henry Hartmann .
Heckmann, Alfons Rt. Rev. (Msgr); Ordained July 25, 1906 .
Hetzel, Herman Tombstone was hard to read .
Hildebrand, Rev. Joseph Ordained 03/25/1930 .
Hutschenreuter, nee Kraus Mrs. Max nee Kraus
Jenschke, Katharina  Mrs. Robert Jenschke .
Jenschke, Anna M. Mrs. John Jenschke nee Staudt
Johnson, Anna Mrs. Johnson MD nee Benner
Kaderli, Othmar O. new grave .
Keller, Johann Born in Niedeerelbert Harzogtham, Nassau .
Klein, Katharina K. Born in Germany .
Klein, Gertrude  Mrs. Christian Klein nee Knopp
Klein, Catharina L. Mrs. Jacob Klein .
Klein, Gertrude Mrs. Christian Klein .
Knopp, Anna M. zu Hof Denserherd bei Eitelborn .
Knopp, Joseph Born in Eitelborn .
Knopp, Magdelena Born in Eitelborn, Deutschland .
Knopp, Johann Born in Eitelborn,Provinz Nassau, Deut.  .
Knopp, Franz Born in Eitelboorn, Deutschland  .
Krauskopf, Rosa Mrs. Engelbert Krauskopf, possible reinterred .
Krusa, Eugene Mexican - in pencil .
Lange, Mathilda  Mrs. B. Lange nee Krause
Larson, James born in Fbg, Denin died in Fbg Tx .
Larson, Susanna Z. born at Riesental in Tria, Germany .
Lee, Ira Woodmen of the World Memorial .
Lee, Thomas N. Woodmen of the World Memorial .
Lochte, F. W. Woodmen of the World Memorial .
Merz, Margaret Mrs. Adoph Merz .
Metzger, Lena  Mrs. William Metzger nee Wallendorf
Metzger, Clara M. Died in Austin, Texas .
Meurer, Meta  Mrs. Charles Meurer .
Moehle, Brian D. Son, Brother and Friend .
Moritz, Gertrude Helen Buried with Therese Moritz .
Murphy, James Born in Dublin Ireland .
Novian, Hedwig  Mrs. Jacob Novian nee Voight
Pehl, Matilda Daughter of Peter Pehl & Anna Maria Fries .
Pehl, Jacob buried 06/19/1898 Dry Creek h/Clara Hitzfeldt .
Pohler, Flora Mrs. Bruno Pohler .
Pyka, Theresa  Mrs. Valentine B. nee Knopp
Rauls, Franz J. Son and Brother .
Reeh, Olga Eckert Mrs. Kuno Reeh nee Eckert
Reinbach, Christine Alter 65 Jah 4 Mon .
Schmidt, Olivia Doodle .
Schnappauf, Werner R. Born in Germany .
Schuler, Eliza Boorn in Germany, died in Gillespie Co. .
Speyer, Anna  Mrs. John Spyer nee Petsch
Spitzhorn, Karl B. Germany son of Christian & Maria Miller Spitzhorn .
Staudt, Josephine L. Mrs. Richard Staudt .
Staudt, George geb in Deutschland .
Stehling, Amandus zu Walling, Hessen-Nassau .
Stehling, Barbara Geb in Deutschland .
Stieler, Marie  English Ivy Aarbor covering grave nee Keller
Thomas, Benjamin F. Masonic emblem on headstone .
Thomas, John W. Masonic emblem on headstone .
Thomas, Georgia A. LFATA emblem on headstone .
Thomas, Mary E. OES emblem on headstone .
Weber, Armand J. Priest, Ordained June 7, 1928 .
Weber, Katherine Mrs. John George Weber .
Wehmeyer, Sophie Mrs. Emil Wehmeyer, Born in Germany .
Weinheimer, Theresia Mrs. Jakob Weinheimer,  Ehefrau .
Weinheimer, Lena  Mrs. G. Weinheimer nee Fiedler
White, Stanley Sr. Kerrville Funeral Home Marker .
White, Ida May Grimes-Plummer marker .
White, Lucindy Grimes-Plummer marker .
White, Gussie Grimes-Plummer marker .
White, Eliza Grimes-Plummer marker .
Wolf, Frances Ordained May 15, 1913 .
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