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St Marys Catholic Cemetery Military Records


St Mary's Catholic Cemetery Military Records

Baumann, Thomas Felix TX ET1 US Navy WWII Korea 
Blanchard, Leo J. Sr. 1st Lt. US Army  WWI & WWII 
Bryla, Louis John N. J. PFC 2535 Base Unit AAF WWII 
Duecker, Harry W. TX PVT 1cl II Cav.
Eberle, Charles A. TX Sgt US Marine Corps
Eberle, Henry Anton US Army WWI
Fritz, August J. Texas Orvt. 28 Balloon Co.
Grona, Alfred TX WAGR 26 Co 165 DEPOT BRIG WWI
Hartman, Bruno M. Jr. Texas S. Sgt Engineers WWII
Hartmann, Felix J. PVT US Army WWI
Hartmann, Norbert O. Tsgt US Army WWII 
Hawkins, Benjamin L. TX TEC5 3 Convalescent Hosp WWII
Hopf, Walter TX PFC CoD 144 Inf 36 DIV WWII
Jung, Alonzo J. A. PVT US Army WWI
Knopp, Oscar Henry Pfc US Army
Knopp, Robert P. TEC5 US Army WWII
Krause, Richard M. PFC US Army
Kunz, Herman TEC5 US Army WWII
Langehennig, Herman H. TX PVT US Army WWII
Lorenz, Ewald H. TX PFC 275 Port Co. TC WWII
Lott, Hilnar John PVT US Army WWI
Metzger, Richard TX PVT Co D 46 Inf WWI
Meuer, Hieronymus A. TX CSK US Navy WWII
Mosel, Walter Adoph Texas Cook Co A 315 Engineers WWI
Novian, Ewald J. Texas PVT. 383 Inf
Roeder, Emil PVT US Army WWI
Rosenbach, Victor A.  TX PVT 383 1cl Q M Corps
Schlueter, Werner H. Texas Sgt Air Corps WWII
Staudt, Heribertus H. Texas Pvt 35 Co 165 Depot Brig WWI
Stehling, Benno J. Sgt US Army WWI
Stehling, Joseph L. Pvt US Army WWI
Straube, Edward J. Pvt US Army WWI
Straube, William K. Texas Pfc 336 Field Rmt SQ QMC WWI
Turrentine, James S.  Kansas CFR 5BLN Co Air Service WWI
Vail, Woodrow W. Jr. TX A3C 3628 Student SQ AF
Wallendorf, Kurt J. TX PVT 450 HQ & AB SQ WWII
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