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The Johnson Family Cemetery
The Johnson Family Cemetery
Article  was in Fredericksburg Standard, January 24, 1973
republished December 13, 2000.

LBJ To Be Buried With Ancestors

  The Johnston family cemetery, located high on the north banks of the Pedernales River, not far from the birthplace of former President Lyndon B. Johnson, is a picture of a peaceful, idyllic countryside.

   Enclosed in a rock wall with wrought iron gates, it is dotted with liveoak trees with giant trunks and spreading, low-
hanging branches.

    Beneath the branches of these liveoaks America's 36th President, Lyndon Baines Johnson will be laid to rest on Thrusday afternoon, in a simple ceremony after having been accorded all the pomp and honor due one of his stature both in the state's capitol, Austin, and the nation's capitol, Washington, D. C.

    Here he will take his place alongside his parents and with his paternal grandparents and other relatives.

    In the front row are his grandparents Sam Ealy Johnson, Sr., who died February 25, 1915, and next to him his wife Eliza Bunton Johnson, who died January 30, 1917.

    Next are the former President's parents, Sam Ealy Johnson Jr., who died October 22, 1937, and his wife Rebekah Baines Johnson, whose death came September 12, 1958.

    At the end of the front row is buried LBJ's sister, Josepha, Mrs. Jim Moss, who died in Fredericksburg December 25, 1961.

    In the next row are John Harvey Bright and his wife, Ava Bright, who died March 11, 1955, a sister of Sam Ealy Johnson, Jr.  Here also is a grave of George D. Johnson, a Bachelor brother of Sam Ealy Johnson Jr., who died March 11, 1940.

    Then comes the grave of the first person buried in the cemetery, Priscilla Jane McIntosh Bunton, the mother of Mrs. Sam Ealy Johnson, Sr., who was buried here after her death on April 28, 1905.

    Her husband, Robert Holmes Bunton, who died August 22, 1895, in Stonewall was buried in the Stonewall cemetery, south of the Pedernales River, and that was where she was to be buried, too, but the river was on one of its spring rampages and could not be crossed for her burial.  Arrangements were then made for her to be buried on the north side of the river, and Sam Ealy Johnson Sr. offered that the grave could be dug on his property at the spot where the Johnson family cemetery is now located.

    James Tanner, a Christadelphian minister, with the help of relatives and friends forded the river on a strong horse holding on to a rope that had been tossed across the river and secure at the other sied.

    One of the other graves is that of J. M. Bunton, a brother of Mrs. S. E. Johnson, Sr., a bachelor, who died February 28, 1929.

    There are some other graves, three of which are not members of the Johnson family.  They are those of a Mr. and Mrs. Forsythe and his brother.

Note: The words from Thomas Gray's "Elegy in a Country Churchyard" which appear on a small metal plaque at the cemetery gate and which were a gift to her boss from Liz Carpenter.
His maternal grandparents Joseph Wilson Baines and Ruth Ament Huffman are buried in Der Stadt Friedhof.

He was born August 27, 1908 and died January 22, 1973 of a heart attack which occured at his ranch.

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