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Guadalupe Cemetery

Guadalupe Cemetery

Near Stonewall, Texas
Gillespie County, Texas
My grandfather Great-Grand father Mariano Venzor was one of the original owner. 
Then it was given to my Grandfather Jesus Gaytan and than he gave it to his grand-daughter, Joann Najera. 
There is a list of people that were buried and he also took pictures of the cemetary.
Mary  <[email protected]>
updated Oct 28 2005

The History of The Stonewall Mexican Cemetery.
    Originally granted to Justa Flores (Justina). She bought the acre of land out of survey No 12, and being out of 207 acres.  It was recorded to Justa Flores on December 19, 1905.  Matias Correon, Mariano Venzor, Esteban Martinez, Vital Flores, and Juan Cortez purchased that same acre of land.   They purchased it from Christian Hahn for $75.00 and it was to be used as a cemetery.   It was recorded on February 20, 1916.  The cemetery was never given a name, everyone referred to it as The Stonewall Mexican Cemetery.
    For year Joann Arriaga and her husband Santiago Najera  have taken care of the cemetery.  

Mariano Venzor (My Great-Grandfather) was one of the owners of the cemetery that purchased on February 18th 1916.  He married Cruz Arias and there children were Anastasia, Julia, Angelita, Lazaro, Santiago, and Jose Vidal Venzor.  They were all born in Mexico but decided to stay in Texas.  Anastasia married Jose Jesus Rivera Gaytan and they had nine children in Stonewall.   He was the son of Marcelina Rivera and Poncino Gaytan.
Mary Gaytan Corpus

The cemetary was originally called The Mexican Cemetary.
Refugio Rivera (Marcelina Rivera Gaytan's brother and Natividad's Father), Rosa Rodriguez Rivera (Natividad's Mother)  and Ponciano Gayton are believed to be buried here.
Balero, Guadalupe
May 03 1942
May 03 1943
son of Teofilo & Yamasa Medrano Balero

Castillo, Saprina Arriaga
age 41
May 16 1916
Mother of Maria Castillo Ramirez
Yladio Castillo
Castilleja, Crespin
Oct 25 1897
Jan 28 1977

Locadia Carrion
Carrion, Blas
May 14 1905
May 14 1986
Son of Felix and Felicita Carrion
Conception Flores
Carrion, Felicita
Mar 12 1953
Mother of Simona & Blas
Felix Carrion
Carrion, Felix
no date
no date
Father of Simona & Blas
Felicita Carrion
Carrion, Simona

Jan 28 1932
Daughter of Felix & Felicita Carrion

Carrion, Trinidad Flores
May 31 1931
Apr 25 2002
Blas Carrion & Conception Flores
Castillo, Angelito

May 16 1928

Castillo, Eugenio
age 25
Jan 11 1933

Castillo, Hilario
age 70
Nov 02 1918

Castillo, Salvador
Dec 24 1876
Feb 04 1944
son of Alcario & Vincente Berges Castillo
Carman Felan ?
Encarnacion C.

May 27 1916

Leodia G.

Jul 01 1933

Maria C. C.


De La Cruz, Alvino
Schaetter Funeral Home

De La Cruz, Jose Luis
Paul De La Cruz and Eufemia Barrientes

De La Cruz, Mike

Mar 31 1961
Miguel De La Cruz

De La Cruz, Paul, Sr.
Jun 30 1933
Feb 12 2000
Alvino De La Cruz & Vicenta Felan
Eufemia Barrientes
De La Cruz, Vicenta Felan
Jul 07 1903
Feb 02 1969
Basillo Felan & Anastisia Vargas
Alvino De La Cruz
Elizondo, Leanardo
Nov 08 1888
Jul 07 1967
Schaetter's Funeral Home

F. R.
no date
no date

Gaytan, Bernabe Venzor
Jun 11 1930
Jun 18 1997
son of Jose Jesus Rivera and Eustacia Venzor Gaytan
Never Married
Gaitan, Silvanio Venzor
May 04 1938
Dec 19 1947
son of Jose Jesus Rivera and Eustacia Venzor Gaytan
Garcia, Maria de Jesus
age 65
May 04 1932

Gaytan, Anastasia Venzor
Mar 29 1900
Sep 26 1944
Mariano Venzor & Cruz Arias
Jose Jesus Riveria Gayton
Gaytan, Jose Jesus Rivera
Jan 08 1905
Jun 01 1985
Son of Ponciano Gayton and Marcelina Rivera
Born Silao, Guanjuato, Mexico
Anastasia Venzor
Gaytan, Marcelina Rivera
no date
no date
wife of Ponciano Gaytan and mother to Jose Jesus Gayton
Ponciano Gaytan
Lozano, Vincente
Jan 1905
Apr 1984
From Kerr County, Texas
Isabell Reyes
Lozano, Henry
Jul 15 1954
Jun 28 1972

Munoz, Beatrice Ramirez
Jul 29 1910
Jun 20 1996
Felix Ramirez & Carmen Perez
Martin Munoz
Nieto, Ambroisia De La Cruz
Dec 07 1943
Jun 13 1993
Alvino De La Cruz & Vicente Felan
Francisco Nieto
Perez, Baby Girl
Aug 1976
Aug 1976

Perez, Panfilo

Timotella Felan
Perez, Raymond Rios
Feb 24 1941
Jul 27 1958
Rudy Perez & Andrea Rios

Perez, Timotea Felan
Aug 22 1922
Aug 01 2000
Pedro Felan & Teodora De La Cruz
Panfilo Perez
Ramirez, Maria Castillo "Lina"
Sep 23 1911
Jun 04 1999
Yladio Castillo & Cipriana Arriaga
Julio Ramirez
Ramirez, Julio
Apr 12 1880
Sep 10 1960
Valerie De La Rosa
Maria Castillo
Reyes, Dionisio
Oct 08 1928
Manuel Reyes & Guadalupe Garcia

Reyes, Mateo
Apr 15 1938
Age 78

Rivera, Saraha Escobedo
Feb 25 1896
Feb 26 1974

Natividad Rodriguez Rivera
Rivera, Natividad Rodriguez
Dec 25 1909
Jun 23 1995
Refugio Rivera & Rosa Rodriguez
Saraha Escobedo
no date
no date

Silva, Plasido
Oct 15 1899
Oct 25 1926
Recuerdos de Tus Hermanos

Toca, Pablo
Jun 30 1983
Jun 30 1983
Schaetter Funeral Home

Unknown grave
no date
no date



Venzor, John Manuel
Feb 01 1961
Nov 11 2000
McCoy Funeral Home - Conception
Venzor, Cruz
no date
no date
mother of Anastasia Venzor Gayton
Mariano Venzor
Venzor, Jose Videl
Apr 28 1919
Feb 18 1989
brother of Anastasia Venzor Gayton

Venzor, Mariano
no date
no date
father of Anastasia Venzor Gayton
Cruz Venzor
no date
no date

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