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1850 Gillespie County Census - Fort Martin Scott

Fort Martin Scott
Gillespie Co. Texas
1850 Census
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              In 1848 the first United States troops arrived in Gillespie Co and established Fort Martin Scott.

Lieut. Col. Thad Staniforth 55 M Soldier Connecticut
Jane Staniforth 40 F . New York
Jane B. Mumford 34 F . New York
Thomas S. Mumford 1 M . Mississippi
Major M. J. Merrill 35 M Soldier New York
Captain J. Beardsley 30 M Soldier New York
Mary Beardsley 25 F . New York
Margaret Rockford 25 F . Ireland
Lieut. E. D. Blake 26 M Soldier South Carolina
Sergt. Henry L. Hall 28 M Soldier Connecticut
Sergt. John R. Scott 29 M Soldier Pennsylvania
Sergt. John F. Smith 26 M Soldier Maryland
Sergt. John Black 26 M Soldier Ireland
Corpl. Richard Bangs 30 M Soldier South Carolina
Corpl. Daniel Hart 26 M Soldier New York
Capt. W. W. Davis 24 Soldier Kentucky
Corpl. Michael Donald 25  M Soldier New York
Phillip Rivers 25 M Soldier Canada
John Delany 28 M Soldier Kentucky
Thomas Langhorn 26 M Soldier Ireland
David Hutchison 41 Soldier Ireland
George James 33 M Soldier Pennsylvania
Frederick Fuchet 27 M Soldier Germany
William Simmons 27 M Soldier Ireland
John Murphy 35 M Soldier Ireland
Peter Helmes 26 M Soldier Germany
W. W. Kingsland 26 M Soldier New York
B. McManus 26 M Soldier Ireland
John Rider 25 M Soldier Germany
Charles Rose 22 M Soldier Germany
Owen Fyid 22 M Soldier Ireland
John Hayes 28 M Soldier Pennsylvania
Michael Cunningham 21 M Soldier Ireland
Robert Ashman 29 M Soldier New Jersey
John Beatty 22 M Soldier Ireland
Walter Collings 27 M Soldier Ireland
W. G. Ellis 22 M Soldier Maine
O Heaney Rafogh 24 M Soldier Ireland
John Kensley 22 M Soldier Pennsylvania
G. Pattozzi 24 M Soldier Austria
L. Batty 25 M Soldier France
John Camfield 29 M Soldier Ireland
P. Clancey 28 M Soldier Ireland
James Moffat 30 M Soldier New York
C. McCarmick 25 M Soldier Ireland
P. Tracy 28 M Soldier Ireland
James King 34 M Soldier Scottland
Peter Mittenburger 32 M Soldier Germany
Jacob Haight 24 M Soldier Germany
John McCann 28 M Soldier Ireland
W Buchanon 21 M Soldier Pennsylvania
John Gross 26 M Soldier Pennsylvania
Isaac Kliski 28 M Soldier Poland
P. Murphy 23 M Soldier Ireland
C. Raynor 23 M Soldier Connecticut
Thomas Monchal 23 M Soldier Ireland
Henry B. Simms 31  M Soldier New York
John O. Brown 23 M Soldier Ireland
Patrick O'Gormon 37 M Soldier Ireland
Thedercok Williams 33 M Soldier Canada
Elizabeth Hellnor 22 F Laundress Germany
Minna Weigth 23 F Laundress Germany
Minna Weigth 3/12 F . Texas
Catherine Smith 17 F Laundress Texas
Mary Simms 23 F Laundress Pennsylvania
Rose Bougs 32 F Laundress Ireland
Mary Duffy 4 F . Texas
Frances Garig 10 M . Canada
Mary Ann Garig 4 F . Texas
Sergt. John C. Kennugle  Company  "K" 36 M Soldier Scottland
Sergt. Peter Kelly 32 M Soldier Ireland
Sergt. John Hart 26 M Soldier Ireland
Sergt. John Fak 39 M Soldier Rhode Island
William Gordan 27 M Soldier Scottland
Jacob Digkmann 26 M Soldier New York
Felix Bums 27 M Soldier Ireland
Thomas Ballentine 24 M Soldier Scottland
Berry Lewis 26 M Soldier New York
Martin Murphy 17 M Soldier New York
Andrew Alexander 27 M Soldier Germany
William Benard 24 M Soldier Ireland
John Bennett 18 M Soldier New York
John Bostan 24 M Soldier Ireland
Iguin Coller 22 M Soldier Ireland
James Donmoney 21 M Soldier New York
John Ingler 24 M Soldier Germany
Thomas Finelly 21 M Soldier Ireland
William Gaier 22 M Carpentor Germany
James Gondime 24 M Blacksmith Ireland
John Gellmon 28 M Soldier Illinois
M Goffnay 24 M Soldier Ireland
James Harnis 36 M Soldier Ireland
Robert Harris 18 M Soldier Illinois
Daniel Hughes 30 M Soldier Ireland
Edward Hughes 26 M Soldier Ireland
Richard Howlet 28 M Soldier Ireland
Frederick Kottz 36 M Soldier Germany
William Little 38 M Soldier Massetusetts
Patrick Mulduny 23 M Soldier Ireland
Thomas Menigan 23 M Soldier Ireland
John Morris 23 M Soldier Scottland
Charles Papen 21 M Soldier Germany
John Reppite 36 M Soldier Ireland
James Seely 32 M Soldier Ireland
John Shiu 36 M Soldier Germany
Michael Shelty 38 M Soldier Ireland
John Smith 23 M Soldier Germany
Dennis Sullivan 27 M Soldier Ireland
Robert Timpany 32 M Soldier Scottland
John Setton 23 M Soldier Ireland
John Wilson 29 M Soldier Norway
Elisabeth Morris 23 F Hospital Matron Scottland
Elmora Harris 40 F Laundress Ireland
Plonira Harris 9 F . Illinois
Mary R. Harris 7 F . Illinois
Susan Harris 6 F . Illinois
Sarah Dykunen 16 F Laundress New York
Margaret Engler 21 F Laundress Germany
Catherine Fisk 36 F Laundress Germany
James R. Fisk 18 M Clerk Georgia
C. I. Dewitt 24 M Merchant Bathmire