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For your convenience ... I am starting this page on 10-22-2006 ... so it will be easier for those returning to this website to view information that has been listed since their last visit.  Thank you for visiting TXGenWeb Garza County, Texas.


Awards Page: TXGenWeb Garza County won the July 2014 County of the Month Award.  Now in the TXGenWeb Hall of Fame



Biography Page: Augustus Edward Anderson



Records Page:  Passport Application:  Mrs. L. Morrow Wilkes, Mar 18, 1921

Records Page:  Passport Application:  Harry W. Parr, Oct 13, 1922



Records Page:  Passport Application:  James F. Hartford, Mar 7, 1913

Records Page:  Passport Application:  Wilibald Robert Graeber, May 12, 1924

Records Page:  Passport Application:  for Jim Evans with Honorable Discharge records



Terrace Cemetery A-D: correction to Bonine, Beata (Davies); Source: Jerilyn Cook

Terrace Cemetery E-H: Dora, Thomas, Sarah, Joseph, Sarah (m/o Joseph) Harrison names added:

      Source: Jerilyn Cook



Terrace Cemetery A-D: listings of Job Davies, Ruby R Davies, William E. Davies & Molly Latrille Davies; Source: Jerilyn Davies Cook



Terrace Cemetery U-Z: listing of Wheeler names: Source: Anna Marie Wheeler



Terrace Cemetery E-H: Hayes, Warren J.; Source: Billie Nichols Bennett



Terrace Cemetery: Edgar Carter added to cemetery; Source: Nancy Blackburn



"Life On The Texas Frontier": A book with interesting information on pioneer activities that helped settle this area. Submitted by: Norman W. Brown



Terrace Cemetery E-H: info on John Ruben Ely & Maude Ely; Submitted by: Jane McAshan

Photo Page:  Photo of  Post Dispatch, January 1928; Submitted by Dan E. Cockrum



School Page: Photo of Post School c.1929; Submitted by Dan E. Cockrum

Photo Page:  Photo of Hamilton's Drug Store; Submitted by Dan E. Cockrum



Biography PageFrancis E. "Bud" Marable, photo added; Submitted by Dan E. Cockrum

Photo Page Boy Scout Troop 16 - taken July 30, 1930, after they won the South Plains Council McMillian Cup; Submitted by Dan E. Cockrum



Vital Records Page:  Over 100 Death Certificates entered



Biography PagePicture of Elizabeth Lowrance Callis, first wife of Henry C. Callis; Submitted by Dan E. Cockrum



Biography PageCALLIS, Henry C.; Submitted by Dan E. Cockrum



 Biography Page COCKRUM, Dan Bush; Submitted by: Dan E. Cockrum



Biography Page MARABLE, Francis Edward "Bud" & COCKRUM, Sybil Lorene (Marable); Submitted by: Dan E. Cockrum



Photograph Page: Cowboys of Garza Co., TX section, OS Cowboys 1888 Group picture of Oscar Kelly, Joe Smith, Bud Boren, Hal McCarty, F.E. "Bud" Marable and Willie Williams.  Submitted by: Dan E. Cockrum (grandson of Bud Marable)



Terrace Cemetery: listing for Marable, Willie E. (Callis); Submitted by: Dan E. Cockrum

Obituary Page: MARABLE, Willie E. (Callis); COCKRUM, Sybil Lorene; Submitted by: Dan E. Cockrum



Obituary Page: COCKRUM, Dan Bush; Submitted by: Dan E. Cockrum

Terrace CemeteryAdded listings for Sybil Lorene (Marable) Cockrum & Dan Bush Cockrum;

         Submitted by: Dan E. Cockrum

Terrace Cemetery:  Name correction for Francis E. Marable; Submitted by: Dan E. Cockrum



Biography Page: HALE, David Franklin;   HOLLEY, Giles T.;   LUCAS, Allen Moses;   ARROWOOD, William Travis


Biography Page WILLIS, Frank Harvey



Home Page:  added painting "Cowboy Cut" by Tim Cox

History-Post:  History of Garza County & Post, TX

Museum:  History of the Garza Historical Museum



Census Page:  1835 Texas Census - Old Nacogdoches area



Photo Page:  First Presbyterian Church; Submitted by: Shirley Cutler

Identify Page:  Requesting information on the First Presbyterian Church, Post, TX:  Submitted by: Shirley Cutler


 Biography Page KING, Robert Edwin


Biography Page LEGGOTT, George Nelson


Biography Page:   KEETON, Samuel Ennis; MAXEY, Simeon Casey


Cemetery Page:  Terrace Cemetery; family names of Rosenbaum, Brown, Foster, Cochran, Dewitt,  Duke & Caywood -  added to this cemetery; Submitted by: Jimmie Currie


Cemetery Page:  Oak Grove Cemetery, Graham, TX

Vital Records - Deaths: Link:  DEATHS:  1900 - 1920

Photo Page- locations: Postex Cotton Mill;   Postex Cotton Mill interior


Terrace Cemetery Q-T:  George Albert Tillman listing with copy of death certificate


Awards Page:  Garza County won the "TXGenWeb County of the Month" Award


Cemetery Page:  file of Headstone Abbreviation meanings.


Cemetery Page Justiceburg Cemetery:  Photographs have been added; Photo's by David Sifford


Cemetery Page Justiceburg Cemetery

Biography Page: LONG, Walter J. Long & Blanche Eva RobertsCARY, John Thomas & Isophene Johnson BLACKLOCK, Clark Wilson & Amanda L. Edwards


Biography Page WOODARD, Elmer Melton "Early" & Hattie Elizabeth Reed

11-21-2008: Biography PageHEAD, Thomas Jefferson & Mary Frances Meeks; Submitted by:  Janis (Head) Reasnor

09-27-2008: Biography PageBARKER, Joel Alvin & Laura Shelby POSEY

08-17-2008:  Identify Page:  Information added from Ricky Cross about photo.

07-22-2008:  Vital Records - Death Certificates:   Bennett, SolomonBennett, WileyBennett, Roy G.Davis, Glenn MaxwellPrice, Gladys Louise

07-18-2008:  Obituary Page MOORE, Shirley MullisBLACKLOCK, Bobby McCOOK, W.E. "Mose"WOOD, Laura Gerner BRITTON, Harold H. "Buddy", Jr.

07-11-2008:  HISTORICAL MARKERS of GARZA co., TX

                        Biography Page:   Davis House & Lucinda Rachel McCord

07-04-2008:  Biography Page SPRABERRY, William Alfred & [1] Elizabeth TIPTON, [2] Martha Adeline SCOTT

06-30-2008: Vital Records - Death Certificates:   Nichols, Lillian Edith (Rhoades)Nichols, Isabel (Sowell) Banks, Tonnie Rodgers, N.N

06-14-2008:  Terrace Cemetery Q-T:  listed Rogers, Lillian Eva (Wilder); b. Apr 20, 1896 d. Oct 16, 1974; w/o Hayden Tracy Rogers;  Submitted by:  Linda Lane

06-11-2008:  Vital Records

The LDS Family Search now has:TX 1890-1976 Death Certificates On-line FREE -

This is an ongoing process and all records will go online as volunteers complete the listings.

05-01-2008: Obituaries: FORD, Arlon; McCLESKEY, LaVerne (Allen); GUITRON, Reynaldo; MOORE, Tatum Rae; WILSON, Ollie Mae; REYNA, Nelda Lopez CHILDS, Glenda (Young); LANDA, Angelita SANDERSON, Arnold SHUMARD, BillyFRANCIS, Thurman WALLS, Lois (Veach) WHEATLEY,  Ardalia Wells

04-29-2008: Biography Page VAUGHT, Thomas Benton & Mary Clementine Rainwater

04-28-2008:  Biography Page McELROY, JOHN & Frances Gainey

04-10-2008:  Biography Page STONE, Noah & Eula Pearl Edwards;  WOODARD, Early Milton & Hattie E. Reed; MATHIS, Edward Bethel & Martha Ann "Mattie" Ramsey

01-11-2008:  Vital Records: 1933 Births;  Frank Weldon Pippin, Jr.;

Vital Records: Births-Early: Frank Weldon Pippin, Sr.; Submitted by Laura Callas (Lindsey)


Biography Page:   BENNETT, James Wiley & Ammie Mary Gilstrap; Pictures added: Submitted by: Nellie Luce


 Biography Page:   BENNETT, James Wiley & Ammie Mary Gilstrap; Submitted by: Nellie Luce


 Biography Page:  COWDREY, Alfred Mathew "Bud" & (1) Cora Anderson; (2) Mae Bennett;   SYBERT, Palmira Rainwater Anderson Osborne Sybert


Obituary PagePARRISH, Frank, Jr.Submitted by:  Vicki Shaffer


Cemetery Page:  Added a "Find-A-Grave" Search Engine to find grave locations of Garza County people listed on that website.


Biography Page:  JUSTICE, Jefferson Davis "Jeff" & Martha J. Humphreys


Census Page:  1900 Census- Transcribed by:  Vicki Shaffer;  Proofread by: Tom Withrow


 Terrace Cemetery listing:  Taylor, Neoma Jewell; Submitted by: Denise Stotts Edwards

 Photograph Page:  Neoma Jewell TAYLOR ; born 16 Feb 1914 in Close City, Garza, Texas, USA, and died 16 Apr 1918 in Post,  Garza, Texas, USA; buried in the Terrace Cemetery. Daughter of William Tom Taylor & Nettie Byrom;  Submitted by: Denise Stotts Edwards


Stories, Letters, Articles, etc. Marie Wells' letter to her mother; Fannie Martin, post marked Mar. 5,1925: Submitted by:  Glenn D. Wheatley




Terrace Cemetery Listings Q-Z:  Added information for: James Auguston Sparlin, Dallas Sparlin, Albert Sparlin & Dorothy Estill Sparlin: Submitted by C. Martin


Obituary Page:

                  MARTIN, Mabel Beulah - Submitted by:  David Minton

                  AKERS, James NewtonALLEN, JacquelineDOOLEY, James ATCHISON, Billie June BEALL, Edward Ray "Ed";

                  HERNANDEZ, Cameryn CahlynBLEVINS, Thelma BIRDWELL, Rosemary Terrell


CAN YOU IDENTIFY THESE? - Vicki Shaffer writes:  This photo was taken on my great-grandparent's ranch near Post.  Can you identify the occasion?


Obituary Page: BILLINGSLEY, Vada Sarah

Vital Records - Marriages after 1966: E.B. Billingsley & Vada Sarah Shumard


Photographs Page: Garza County, Texas Courthouse - 1940's


Terrace Cemetery: 

               listings for Rosa Sanders Day; Gloria Mable Day Horton; Loyd Elve Horton; Clarence Hollis Gunn; Evelyn Sanders Jones; Barnie C. Jones; Iva H. Donham Sanders; Sam Carroll Sanders:  Submitted by: Nardine Brandon

Obituaries Page:   Obituaries Submitted by: Nardine Brandon

              GUNN, Clarence;

              JONES, Barnie C.

              JONES, Evelyn


Obituary Page: BROWNING, Nealy Don "Rusty"Submitted by: Nardine Brandon


Terrace Cemetery:  Added -- Davies, Leta Pearl:  Submitted by: El Wanda Davies Culvahouse


Obiruary Page:  Amy Palmer, died 1984 Lovington, NM, born Post and attended school in Post, TX. 


Home Page: Verbena Church - Garza County's first Church - Pictures & Church history submitted by: Donnie G. Helton


Terrace Cemetery: Correction to J.F. Albright information.  Submitted by Joan Crouch Graves


Biography Page WILLIAMS, William Newton & Lela Ann Tubbs     


Biography Page

           TEAFF, James William & Nancy Cathrine MADDOX

           WALSER, George William & Olive E. KING

           WHITFILL, Benjamin Benedict  & 1) Callie Sanders; 2) Delima Besse

           STOCKARD, James Alfred  & Josephine Evaline Cozby


Obituary Page:  SHARP, William Duray


 Biography Page

          RAINWATER, Reason & 1) Julia BRITT & 2) Arildada Jane ELDERS

          RAMSEY, James Leonidas & Naomi Elizabeth Burroughs


Biography Page:   AUTRY, Robert Martin ;   PRUETT, Francis Marion; REED, John Samuel & Martha Jane Riley RICHARDSON, Lacy JoshuaSELF, Richard Watson

10-21-2006   Schools Page:  some pages of the 1923 Annual.


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