The following information was taken from a book written by Bertha Ellen Beall and transcribed by Floyd "Lanny" Martin.    Bertha Ellen Beall has given us permission to share this information on the TxGenWeb.Thanks to both Bertha and Lanny. We have tried to provide this information as it was printed, and if there are any corrections, please let us know. We cannot change the information, but we can note your correction. Email: [email protected]



Cover Sheet

Johnston-Young Funeral Service

Galveston, TX

Page 2 City Directory

Johnston-young funeral Service 2525 Ave J.


Johnston – Young Funeral Home

Establish in 1947

Location of Funeral Home

2525 Broadway
Galveston Texas

Founded by

James B. Johnston & Shelby Young

Mr. Johnston and Mr. Young, also owned Colonial Funeral
Home in Pasadena, Texas
Mr. Johnston traded his stock in Colonial Funeral Home for the
full interest in the funeral home in Galveston.

First Funeral was conducted June 20 1947.
Last Funeral was conducted January 12 1950.

Funeral Home closed and most of the employees went to work at
Malloy & Son


Funeral Record Book was given to James Crowder, Sr. Owner of the James Crowder Funeral Home in LaMarque.



Johnston-Young Funeral Services Galveston Texas   Records 1947 - 1950


Last Name         First Names       Address                             Death Date/Place                            Cause death      

      Cemetery                Birth Date                Father                           Mother                                    Remarks                        


Abundy              Patrocinco         Mission Tx                           10-24-1949                                                                                                                                                                                                           Chg to Flores Funeral Home


Allen                Le Roy              312 Dawson Powderly Ala.      8-14-1947  Pier 22 Galveston                             Drowning

 Lakeview Galveston Tx                                                                                                              Cert. Phys. J of P McKenna


Allen                 Wm. Preston     3315 Ave R Galveston Tx        8-25-1947             

Ordered by St. Marys                                                                                                                         Refrigeration Mechanic



Ashcraft/Aschroft     Infant          1306 15th Galveston Tx         10-10-1949 St, Mary's Inf.                               Stillborn          

Gal. Memorial Hitchcock Tx                     Wm. C. Ashcraft                                          



Ayres                Walter Eugene   Port Bolivar Tx                      11-22-1947 Port Bolivar Tx                              Coronary  

Forest Park-Hou        12-19-1873 Flatonia Tx    James F. Ayers-Mary Crisswell                             Services Forest Park Houston,Tx



Batson             David I.             Zavalla Tx                            1-15-1948 John Sealy Hosp                              Skull fracture 

Oakley-Metcalf Lufkin Tx    11-9-1907 Longview Tx   A. A. Batson-Margaret Schmidt                            Auto Accident LaMarque Tx



Berg                Henry               4522 Ave. Q 1/2 Galveston     10-20-1947             

Gal. Memorial Hitchcock Tx  12-22-1878 Galveston Tx  Conrad Berg ( Ger. ) - Emilie Richter (Ger) 



Blaydes            Robert Sam       4812 Ave. P 1/2 Galveston      6-21-1949
                                                                                                                                    Catholic-chg to Lawrence Anderson



Boddeker         Sidney L.           1214 20th St. Galveston          5-13-1948   26th & Blvd. Galv.                           Drowning(Gulf)
Calvary Galv. Tx.                8-27-1881 Galv. Tx .                                                                    Services at Sacred Heart Church



Bosman           Mrs. Johanna     Hitchcock Tx                          3-30-1948 Hitchcock Tx                   

Lakeview Galveston Tx        12-26-1869 Polk Co. Nb.                                                             Chg Mrs. Helen Pizzatola 4019 I.



Bouziques         Leon                                                             3-19-1948 John Sealy Hosp                            Arterial Sclerosis  

Gal. Memorial Hitchcock Tx  1867  France                                                                                     Chg BPOE #126 Mr. Barnett



Brannon          Janna La Dell      Oleander Atp #5 Galv. Tx .       9-1-1947 John Sealy Hosp                                  Pneumonia       

Wichita Falls Tx.                6/11/1940 Wichita Falls Tx     W. J. Brannon(Ok )-Fredia Bryan ( Ok )                     Funeral 9-3-1947



Brown              Carl B.                                                           10-6-1948                                                                      
Chg US Marine Hospital                                                                                                                                       


Bryant             John Rustin        Alta Loma Tx                          12-22-1947                       

Rock Island Tx                  1854                                                           Retired Cattleman chg Hazel Foster order per Mrs. Taft



Buchan           Fred                 4210 Ave T Galveston Tx           4-6-1949
                                                                                                                    Lutheran chg Mrs. Stanley E. Babb 4210 Ave. T.


Burdick             Mrs. Emma        5027 Ave R 1/2 Galveston         12-16-1947                                                Coronary Occlusion 

Gal. Memorial Hitchcock Tx   8-16-1879 Utica N. Y.                                                                                     Chg Albert A. Bohn



Burrell            Wm. M.               4816 Ave R Galveston Tx         7-22-1948 At home                                      Carcinoma

Hollywood Houston Tx         2-29-1884 Houston Tx                                                            Chg Mrs. Mattie Burrell -4816 Ave R



Bushers          Freddie Leroy      3410 Ave R. Galveston Tx         7-1-1949  61st & Beach                                             Drowning

Gal. Memorial Hitchcock       1931 El Reno Oklahoma    Roy Bushers(Ok)-Lena Tinsley(Tx)



Byrne             Miss Mary Jane     1402 Broadway Galv. Tx .         1-21-1948 St. Marys Inf.                                               Heart 

Calvary Gal Tx.                6-1865 Byrnesville Mo.     Patrick Byrne(Ire)-Rose (Unknown) Bryne(Ire)



Carley            Ray M.                 1015 Main LaMarque Tx           1-25-1949                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Taking Remains to Waco Tx.



Carpenter       Marion                     Troup Tx                             4-1-1949                       

Shipped to Troup Tx .          1893                                                                                Paid by Fredda and Kenneth Carpenter



Caston           Niram Allen              Jack Tar Courts Galv. Tx       12-13-1947   St Marys Inf                      

Cooper/Enloe Tx.                3-19-1882 Enloe Tx                                                              Ret. Atty SS 451-32-8721  WW I Vet.



Cobb              Gaston Lloyd            Lubbock Tx                         4-9-1949                       

Lubbock Tx.                                                                                                                                                       Methodist



Coldwell          Infant                  41B Oleander Home Galv.       1-10-1950                 

Oleander  Galveston Tx.                                                                                                                          Chg S. A. Colwell



Compton        Dianne Mary          62 H Oleander Homes Gal       7-24-1948  John Sealy Hosp                                          Polio 

Gal Memorial Hitchcock       12-16-1945 Galveston   Guy R. Compton (San Antonio Tx)-Audrey Helen Brosig(Gal Tx)



Cotten            Aubrey A.              3407 Ave L Galveston Tx        12-15-1947 Galveston Tx                        

Kemp Tx.                          7-27-1885 Kemp Tx.   W. A. Cotten (Kaufman Tx ) - Joanna Harris (Miss)                                                                                                                                                                         Ship remains to Terrell Tx.



Crowder          W. Frank                1702 Ave I Galveston Tx        2-27-1948 St. Marys  Galv.                             Pneum. / Heart 

Rose Hill-Okla City Okla     6-26-1905   Madill Okla.   S. A. Crowder( Tn )  June Hedgecock(Tn)  
Chg Mrs 
W. F. Crowder  Lodge:Eagles FOE


Dantin            Jacques Leon          2115 31st St Galveston Tx     4-10-1949                    

Old Catholic Galv Tx           1881                                                                                     Wife: Isabella Chg Mrs. J. L. Dantin



DePass          Victor                      Columbia South Carolina       2-4-1949                                                                                                                                                                                                Chg Marine Hospital   Marine contract



Dempsey        Joe Thos.                1306 Strand Galveston Tx    6-6-1948                  

Paris Tx                                                                                                                                                  Ship to Paris Tx.


Donovan         Edwin Albert             Oleander Homes Galv. Tx    1-31-1949   Kemah Tx                                           Drowning   
Gal. Memorial Hitchcock       2-17-1922 Galveston Tx        E. P. Donovan(Galv) - Marie Pinkenberg (Galv)           

                                                                                                                                                     Drowning/Car off bridge 


Doty                Lee                      1800 St. Thos. St. N.O. La     10-22-1948                                                                                                                                                                                               Chg US Marine Hospital resident of New Orleans


Duggar            Robt.                                                             6-21-1949                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Baptist


Eby                 Mozelle Renee       1718 Ave F Galveston Tx      9-7-1947 St. Marys Inf. Galv  
Galv Tx                9-6-1947 Galveston Tx          E. D. Eby(Ok) - Mary E. Clark(Ok)



Eckstein          Louis                     512 1/2 25th St. Galv. Tx     10-15-1948                    

Old Catholic Galv Tx                                                                                                           Clergyman: Rev. Geo. A. Beck



Eiband            Mrs. Clara F.          1503 Tremont Galveston Tx   7-15-1948                   

Gal. Memorial Hitchcock Tx  9-29-1870 Galveston Tx   Franklin Jos.(Germany)-Mother(Germany)  

Emert             Lloyd                                                               10-13-1948
                                                                                                                                                      Chg US Marine Hospital

Emmert          Chas Edward     4819 Ave O 1/2 Galveston, Tx  7-1-1949
Gal Memorial Hitchcock, TX   1901    Arkansas                                                                                     Chg US Marine Hospital

Fairley            Kenneth Lewis             Virginia Point Tx .            2-13-1948 Virginia Pt. Bay                                        Drowning

South Park Houston Tx         1907    New Baden Tx   Frank Faulkner Fairley(Robinson Co. Tx) - Eva Andrews (Tx)          

                                                                                                                                     Chg Mrs. Eva Faulkner Franklin Tx 



Fenech            Joseph                   206 15th St. Galv. Tx           1-10-1948 St Marys Inf. Galv                                Carcinoma

Calvary Galv. Tx.                 10-15-1881 Musta Malta     Joseph M.French(Musta Malta )-Maria Mofseth (Malta)                 

                                                                                                                            Police/SS 461-30-1273 Chg Jack De Mack



Fleming           Andrew Gordon       6315 P 1/2 Galveston Tx       1-19-1948 St Mary Inf Galv                                      Heart

Gal Memorial Hitchcock Tx    7-18-1889 Greenville S.C.      Fleming (TX)-Mother (Tx)                                



Fore                Roger W.                 4802 Ave Q Galveston Tx    3-22-1949                    

Floresville, Tx                                                                                   Services Corpus Christi Tx Chg B.D. Fore 1427 Eunice Dr.



Frazier             Dwight L. Jr.           1715 19th St. Galveston Tx   2-13-1948 St Mary Inf.                                              Flu

Oleander Gal Tx        12-30-1945 New Port News VA      D. L. Frazier, Sr.(NC)-Virginia Verenette Couper



Gallaway           Mrs. Louise        909 18th St Galveston Tx         12-4-1947 At home                       

Evergreen Galv Tx        5-19-1871 Galveston Tx    Herman Denzel Gallaway(Germany)-Mother(Germany)    
                                                                                                                                                  Chg Mrs. Victor Micheletti  


Garcia              Henry                1624 Ave I Galveston Tx          10-2-1949 John Sealy Hosp                                

                                         1903                                                       Catholic Chg Mr. Cardenas/Cardenas Drug Store Galv. Tx



Graham            Robt B.               1310 Ave B. Galveston Tx       4-19-1945 Lazon Phil. Isles                                 Army Action

Old Catholic Galveston Tx     9-18-1925 Galveston Tx           step-father-Florence S. Escoba - Mudie Burton(OK)         

                                                                                                                                                  WW II Lazon Phil. Islands


Grayson            Robert B.                 Houston Tx                      1-12-1950                                                                        

New Port, Arkansas                                                                     Remains taken  to New Port Arkansas - Jackson Funeral Home


Hanson            Emily Katherine       1016 Ave C. Galveston Tx    10-19-1948                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Catholic  Chg. Chas. Hanson



Hargrave           Mrs. Mary Lou         Silsbee Tx                        2-13-1948 John Sealy Hosp                                    Carcinoma

Silsbee Tx                           10-22-1905        Chas Stanburg( Sweden )-Mary Lawrence           
                                                                                                                                       Farmer Funeral Home Silsbee,Tx


Harnett             Katherine Sue        4621 Ave R Galveston Tx     2-17-1949                                                                                                                                                                                                 Catholic  Chg to Joseph D.(Hartnett)


Hastings            Wendel Ervin         2328 Ave I Galveston Tx     2-24-1948 At home                                              Pneumonia

Oleander Galv Tx                  1-12-1948 Galveston Tx      O. E. Hastings(Itech Mo)-Edna Beller (Hickman Ky)   Chg O. E. Hastings



Henry                Mrs. Florence         3307 Ave R 1/2 Galv. Tx     11-20-1948 John Sealy Hosp                                   Pneumonia

Oleander Galv Tx                  9-15-1886 Dallas Tx                                                                                     Chg Patricia Henry



Henry                Mrs. Martine Du      1622 Ave N 1/2 Galv. Tx     3-5-1949              

Calvary Galv Tx                                                                                                                                              Chg  A Henry



Howell               Art                           Bartlett Tx                      8-27-1949            

Bartlett Tx                                                                      Chg Sam Hargroves LaMarque Tx Phys: Weldon G Cobb LaMarque Tx



Howell              Mrs. Hazel Oweda     2327 1/2 Market Galv Tx    9-20-1947 John Sealy Hosp                         Gunshot wound  

Jefferson Tx                         6-20-1915 Jefferson Tx              T. H. Hall (Marion Co Al)- Maude Phillips (Cass Co Tx)         

                                                                                                                                                 Date of Funeral 9-22-1947


Jacobson          Robt Louis                   Seattle Washington       6-22-1949                                                                    
                                                                                                         Chg Daniels & Bronton F.H. per US Marine Hosp Galv Tx



Johnson           James P.                                               no death date (Between Oct. 1949 - Jan 1950)



Jones               Infant                                                            1-10-1950                                                                    
Chg W. J. Jones  Mirmar Courts Galv Tx



Jones              John Paul            1104 3rd St LakeCharles La     3-8-1948 St Marys Inf Galv             

Lake Charles La.                   12-24-1875  Florida       Wm. Bailey Jones(Va)- Rebecca Butler(SC)                

                                                                                  Funeral 3/10/1948 Chg Mrs. Stanley Kravis 626 Woodlawn Memphis Tn


Joseph             Mrs. Jessie Faye       Crate Apts LaPorte Tx        8-27-1947 Texas City Wye                            Broken Neck

Red Bluff Ca.                        8-12-1914 Tulsa Okla.   M. J. Pickett-Mona McGee (Illinois)


Keller               Dr. Harold             5702 Ave O 1/2 Galv. Tx        3-20-1949                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Baptist



Kerns               D. W.                                                             11-1-1948                                                               
Catholic  Remains shipped but not stated where



King                 Mrs. Alice               Crystal City Tx                     9-25-1947    St. Joseph Inf.                          Skull Fracture
Crystal City Tx                      10-25-1909   Texas       W. M. Bullard   
                                                                Order by Arlugh King (son)-Auto Accident  Hwy 6 and 288-19mi South of Houston, Tx  


King                 Clifton Wesley       Crystal City Tx                     9-26-1947 St. Joseph Inf                              Skull fracture

Crystal City Tx                      4-8-1901   Texas          J. B. King (Georgia)-Mary J.(Georgia) 
                                                                                                                         Auto Accident 19 miles South of Houston Tx   


Kirchem            Edward                1528 Ave K Galveston Tx      2-26-1949                                                                                                                                                                                                        Catholic   Cert. Phys: J. L. Jinkins



LaFrance          Mrs. Anna A.     1012 Arlington S. Ft. Worth Tx  11-29-1947 Ft. Worth Tx            

Calvary Galv Tx                   1868   Galveston Tx                                                      Secured from Harper F. H. Fort Worth Tx



Larson             Charles Arvin     903 Mechanic Galveston Tx      3-2-1948 At home                                              Heart

Oleander Galv Tx                 1-14-1885     Sweden                             



LeCollen           Guillame           Longreivey de La Mar France     8-12-1949 US Marine Hosp.  Granulomatous Septomengis   

Shipped to France                 11-10-1908 France                                                                            Chg Billings SS Co. Galv.



Lindley              Sandra Jane     1528 Broadway Galveston Tx   5-21-1948 St Marys Inf

Oleander Galv Tx                  5-21-1948 Galveston Tx    D. D. Lindley(Mexia Tx)-Helen Long(West Va) 
                                                                                                                                                Date of
Funeral 5-22-1948



Lovell               Henry L.                   Bryan Tx                       4-26-1948                                                                   
Baptist-Order by John Sealy Galv Tx



Luce                 John Horace        1317 Ave G  Galveston Tx    8-3-1947 St Mary Inf Galv.                                                  
Chg Phillips & Luckey Rockdale Tx



Maisel              Mrs. Julia Mary     3421 Ave P Galveston Tx     2-22-1948 At home                                                Carcinoma

Oleander Galv Tx          3-9-1908   Orange Tx  W. A. Green(Tx)-Teel (hard to read) (Tx) 

                                                                                                                                                              Chg Chas. Maisel



Martin              Joe Bill                 1911 Ave L. Galveston Tx   8-3-1948 St Mary Inf Galv.                                  Premature 

Calvary Galv Tx.            8-3-1948 Galveston tx     Joe Bill Martin(Houston Tx)- Beatrice Meza (Ft Worth Tx)         

                                                                                                                                              Infant   Chg Mrs. J. F. Meza



Mazzantini        Hugo L.               2314 Ave M Galveston Tx     2-28-1949                    

Gal. Memorial Hitchcock Tx                 Texas                                                                                Hugo Lawrence  Mazzantini 



McDonald         Joseph B.              Oklahoma City Okla.          3-28-1949                     

Lakeview Galveston Tx           1908                        



McDonough       Mrs. J. P.           1604 Post Office St  Galv Tx     6-14-1948  At home                 

Gal. Memorial Hitchcock Tx     2-28-1869 New Orleans La.    Jas. Moore (Ireland )-Catherine Unknown(Ireland)


McKinney           Florence                   Tyler Tx                         8-3-1948 John Sealy Hospital
                                                                                                                   Occup. Nurse-Chg Burks Walker Tippitt Tyler Tx



McLeod             F. H.                         Velasco Tx                    4-8-1949  2617 Ave R 1/2 Galv               

Damon Tx                                                                                                                     Catholic-Chg J B McLeod Freeport Tx



Mease              John Gale                                                     6-18-1948                                                                


Meurer             John H.                      Bridge City Tx               2-18-1949                                                                 



Meza               Domingo         1911 Ave L. Galveston Tx          1-25-1949                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Catholic



Moody             Mrs. Jane                                                       4-11-1948               

Hill of Rest - Goose Creek Tx                                                                                  Catholic-Clergyman  Rev. D. P. O'Connell



Morris              Marie Louise     721 7th St Galveston Tx           6-30-1949 At home                              Cerebral Hemorrhage

Calvary Galv. Tx                10-14-1906 Galveston Tx     Otto Lawson                                  Chg G L Morris 721 7th Galveston Tx



Muller              Mrs. Alma Ellen  4827 Ave N 1/2 Galveston Tx    4-10-1948                                                            
Chg Walter Muller 4827 Ave N 1/2 order Dr. Chas Mares


Murphy            Mrs. Beatrice           Port Arthur Tx                    9-2-1949                      

Gal. Memorial Hitchcock Tx                  Port Arthur Tx                                                                           Chg to: Carl B. Murphy                                                 



Murry               Walter  P.           1921 M 1/2 Galveston Tx       11-3-1948                                                                
Remains shipped but does not state where



Neal                Mrs. Mary            3724 Ave K Galveston Tx        6-28-1949                     

Gal. Memorial Hitchcock Tx   1875   Texas                                                                                         



Nicholas          Mrs. Loyis Rose    4110 Ave R Galveston Tx       7-1-1948   At home               

Old Catholic Galveston         4-23-1888  San Antonio Tx   Reimschussel (San Antonio Tx )-Vulsvaun      

                                                                                                                                  Services at St. Patrick’s Galveston Tx.



Norton             Edward G.           2519 Ave P 1/2 Galveston Tx  5-22-1949                    

Oleander Galveston Tx                                                                     Catholic-Chg Mrs. Marie Hall 2519 Ave P 1/2 Galveston. Tx




Osterman         Frank                1524 75th St. Houston Tx       1-2-1949  Marine Hosp                  

South Park Houston Tx        1885                                                      Occup. Seaman-Chg Morris Hall/Marine Transport Workers



Ott                   Louis L.             Beaumont Tx                        11-19-1947   Galveston Tx   

Beaumont Tx                                                                                                               Handled by Broussard’s Funeral Home



Pasket             Michael Charles         LaMarque Tx                   4-16-1947  Texas City Tx                                         Burned 

Gal Memorial Hitchcock Tx                Poland    Anderson Tx   George Pasket(Poland)-Mother(Poland)    Texas City Disaster 1947    


Penney            William H.          Coast Guard Station Galv. Tx   2-8-1949 Marine Hosp Galv.                                  Pneumonia  

Arlington National Cem.       10-27-1903 Mass.    Howard Penney(NovaScotia)-Margaret Havey(NovaScotia)   

                                                                                                                                    Shipped remains to Fort Meyer Va. 



Peterman         Infant                     LaMarque Tx                    9-21-1949 St Mary’s Inf Galv.         

Washington Tx              9-21-1949 Galveston Tx Charles Myron Peterman(Fargo.ND)- Hulda Caroline Holle(Washington Tx)    

                                                                                                                     Shipped to Washington Tx per M. C. Peterman



Pratali              Ferdinando           1401 13th St. Galveston Tx   4-20-1948 At home                                                   Heart

Gal Memorial Hitchcock Tx   10-19-1876 Pecopisano Italy      Leopoldo Pratali (Italy)- Elsidia Panattoui(Italy)  



Ringer             Charles Wilkinson    5412 Ave R  Galveston Tx   4-2-1948 St Marys Inf Galv Tx

Oleander Galv Tx        6-26-1882  Anson Tx     Wm. N. Ringer(Troup Co.Ga)-Unknown Harrison(Richmond Va)

                                                                                                            Chg V. P. Ringer 3638 Meadowlake Lane Houston Tx



Roach              Mrs. Chas M.         1328 Ave I Galveston Tx       12-31-1947 St Marys Inf Galv.    

Holy Cross Houston Tx          1-11-1858     Unknown Milligan(Michigan)- Unknown(Texas)                         Chg Raymond Stewart



Roberson          Archie              1395 1/2 Park St Beaumont Tx  3-31-1949                    

Beaumont Tx                                                                                                                                                        Baptist



Schirmer           Wm. D.               Milner Hotel                          2-22-1949                                                              
Chg  D. B. Tindall



Scott                Reece                  Conroe Texas                      7-3-1949 John Sealy Hosp                                            Hernia 

                                         2-14-1881  Texas                                                 Ret. Grocer -Chg Wahlenberger F. H. Conroe Tx



Smart              Johnnie                Silsbee Tx .                         5-3-1949                                                               
Embalmed for Farmer Fun. Home Silsbee Tx



Smith              Mrs. Cecilia        2223 48th St. Galveston Tx      3-19-1949                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Catholic


Stanley            Mrs. Allie L.           Lampasas Tx                      8-1-1949 John Sealy Hosp                                      Pneumonia  

Lampasas Tx                       9-24-1927  Ranga Tx     Elmer Sullivan(Tx)-Bertha Banks(Tx)            

                                                                                                         Chg Louis Sullivan - order by Mrs. Bertha Absher Strawn


Staten             Percy                    Sweetwater Tx                     4-13-1949                      

Sweetwater Tx                                                                                            Catholic  Chg Patterson Fun. Home Sweetwater Tx



Stocks             Mrs. Lydia Ora        Kent Tx                             6-4-1950                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Shipped to San Angelo Tx



Stricker            Wm. Hammond          Edgewater Cabanas        2-8-1949                                 

                                          3-17-1896                                            Turned over to Geo. H. Lewis Houston Tx  Embalming only


Thomas           George A.                                                     5-15-1949              

Old Catholic  Galv Tx                                                                                                                                    Catholic



Thomas           Wm. E.            1715 40th Galveston Tx           4-30-1949                     
Old Catholic  Galv Tx                                                                                                              Catholic - Cert. Phys: Emil Klatt



Thornton          Harrol King       124 1st Ave N Texas City Tx     8-15-1948 St Mary’s Inf Galv Tx                       Skull Fracture 
9-20-1925       Guy K. Thornton(Tx)-Eve Hatter(La)
                                                                                         Auto Accident Causeway Galv. Tx -
 Ship remains to Columbia La.



Trotter             Mrs. Betty Ann           Old Ocean Tx                 7-9-1949 John Sealy Hosp                  Poliomyelitis Bulhospinal
                                          6-22-1917 Kansas City Mo. Charles V. Jones(KC Mo)-Irene Kenefick(KC Mo)

                                                                                                 See Trotter Inf H D shipped to KC Ks  Geo F. Porter & Sons



Trotter             H. D.                      Old Ocean Tx                   7-9-1949                                                                      
Mother Betty Ann Jones - Infent buried with Mother

                                                                                                                Geo. F. Porter & Sons F. H. Kansas City, Kansas



Truckenmiller    Herman Jr.            2419 Ave Q Galveston  Tx   10-20-1947 Marine Hosp Galv                          Bronchiestasis

Calvary Galv. Tx.                  2-13-1910 Galveston Tx   Wm.Truckenmiller(Germany)- Pauline Unknown(Germany)      



Watkins           Percy                    4302 S 1/2 Galveston Tx      3-9-1948 At Home                                   

                                         6-9-?                                                       Body turned over to J. Levy & Bros. F. H. Galveston Tx



Watson            Mrs. Mary Burke     3620 Ave Q Galveston Tx    11-22-1948 St Marys Inf Galv                    

Gal Memorial Hitchcock Tx      1878  Orange Tx     Frank Burke(Ireland)-Rosa Dowd(Iowa)      



Weaver            Catherine Ann          Itasca Tx                         3-7-1949                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Baptist



Whitcomb         Mrs. Florence King  815 Oak Ave LaMarque Tx   7-11-1948   3706 Ave N.

Oleander  Galv Tx                 10-23-1883 Brooklyn N Y     N King(New York)-Gertrude Cathoni (New York)     

                                                                                                                                               Chg Scotty Whitcomb/son



Widmaier         Paul Albert         1312 Ave H. Galveston Tx       9-8-1947 At Home                   

Alvin Tx                                                                                                           Chg Mary Russell Long order by Eddie John



Wilson              Paula Edythe    1115 1/2 Ave B. Galveston Tx  7-16-1948 John Sealy Hosp

Oleander Galv Tx                  11-21-1947 Galveston Tx      A. G. Wilson(La)-Julia Keselvich(Galveston Tx)         

                                                                                                                                        Cert. Physician: Dr. A. J. Jenkins