Gaines County Deeds and Land Records

Deeds and Land Records

Blythe-Spearman Deed of Trust

(Contributed by Penny Perry Hayes)

A Deed of Trust, recorded in Gaines Co. Commissioners' Court records, vol.9, p. 53, deed of records: "S. J. Blythe to Thomas C. Spearman for cash sum of $48,904.00 for sections 1, 2, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15, in blk C-34, of 640 acres, recorded in book 3, pages 336 to 339. Revenue stamps in the sum of $39.00 attached and cancelled."

Mr. Spearman, mentioned in the above, was an agent for Panhandle Santa Fe Railway.

Sam J. Blythe was a rancher and the mail to "Blythe, Texas" came to his ranch headquarters, so I guess that made him a postmaster as well as a rancher.

The post office designation was officially changed (by Santa Fe) to Seagraves in 1918; although, the town itself was still called Blythe at that time. It was not incorporated as Seagraves until 1925.


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