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FWGS Society Projects

Digitizing and Indexing Footprints, 1998-2013

Rob Yoder is converting back issues of Footprints to a digital format in preparation for the publication of another CD-ROM. This is a continuation of the work of Joe Grant, who scanned the first 41 years of Footprints dating from 1957 through 1997 and published the Society's first ever CD-ROM. At present, Rob has 58 of 64 issues complete. In the process a cumulative Full-Name Index is being created and updated as each issue is digitized. This index will be FREE OF CHARGE. It is being continually updated as the project advances.

FULL-NAME INDEX for Footprints 1957-1997

Rob Yoder is heading up a committee of VOLUNTEERS who will create a Full-Name Index for Joe Grant's Footprints 1957-1997 CD-ROM that contains the first 41 years of our journal. The project is just getting under way, but will resemble the index above. This index will also be FREE OF CHARGE and will be made available online even while it grows.

If your would like to volunteer to help with indexing, please contact Rob at: RGYoder@hotmail.com

2014 Summer Seminar

Saturday, August 9, 2014 at Trinity Terrace Towers in Fort Worth

Click here for information

Pioneer Families of Tarrant County

A project to identify and honor those researchers who have deep ancestral roots in Tarrant County, Texas. To qualify for membership, you must descend from a person who resided in Tarrant County during or prior to 1870.  Click for more information.

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