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Index to Tarrant County, Texas Probate Records, 1876-1927



Yale J. Betts Will 8512
Yan Perry N.C.M. 1243
Yancy Adelaide L. Will 8048
Yancy Augusta A. Comm. Administration 709
Yancy J. A. Comm. Administration 4072
Yancy J. T. Will 5421
Yancy Rose Margaret Guardianship 8120
Yancy Sophia A. Temp.Perm. Guardianship 4404
Yandall Mary N.C.M. 551
Yandall Mary E. N.C.M. 874
Yandell Mrs. ? N.C.M. 1262
Yandell M. E. N.C.M. 1041
Yandell M. E. N.C.M. 1103
Yandell Mrs. Mary N.C.M. 663
Yankee S. A. Will 172
Yarbrough  C. P. Administration 229
Yarbrough Lillie May Guardianship 5682
Yarbrough, et al Stephen A. Guardianship 219
Yarbrough T. E. N.C.M.-Guardianship 8049
Yates Mrs. L. A. Will 4415
Yates Lon E. Will 4664
Yeager (Minors) Guardianship 352
Yeager Mrs. Virginia C. Administration 8624
Yeager Wm. H. Administration 434
Yeates Cynthia S. Will 3365
Yoakum Sadie Will 8757
Yohnson H. C. Temp.Perm. Administration 5654
Yohnson O. C. N.C.M. 376A
York, et al Frances Guardianship 4671
York Gussie Comm. Administration 4523
York J. B. Partition 32
York J. B. Petition 136
Yost Clement H. Will 8428
Young Andrew E. Guardianship 5949
Young Arthur Guardianship 2998
Young B. J. Comm. Administration 7826
Young Bettie B. Comm. Administration 2954
Young Christi and James Guardianship 303
Young Cue O. Guardianship 998
Young Mrs. E. J. Administration 5833
Young Elizabeth Will 275
Young Frank M. Will 9103
Young Hord Administration 962
Young J. R. Guardianship 4944
Young J. S. Will 4356
Young James Guardianship 2103
Young Louise Temp. Guardianship 4197
Young M. L. Temp. Administration 1866
Young Maggie Administration 8022
Young Thelma May Guardianship 7087
Young U. E. Administration 7339
Young W. P. Administration 1169
Young W. B. Will 1255
Young W. T. Temp. Administration 1493
Youngblood, et al Della May Guardianship 711
Youngblood F. J. Temp. Administration 7022
Youngblood F. J. Administration 7027
Youngblood F. J. Will 7050
Youngblood F. J. Temp. Administration 7054

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