FWGS - Probate Records Index - W

Index to Tarrant County, Texas Probate Records, 1876-1927



Waddell Mrs. Irene Limper Temp.Perm. Administration 8021
Waddell Wm. N.C.M. 110
Wade Doris Temp. Guardianship 7797
Wade John M. Guardianship 3075
Wade M. F. N.C.M. 2997
Wade M. J. Administration 111
Wade W. A. N.C.M.-Guardianship 5795
Wafer Lillian Temp. Administration 7152
Wagener Jean Scott Guardianship 8517
Waggoman Charlie Guardianship 3635
Waggoner Luther L. Temp. Guardianship 9203
Waggoner W. F. Comm. Administration 1075
Waggoner W. T. Will 8707
Wagley S. L. N.C.M.-Guardianship 4753
Wagner Furlo Temp.Perm. Guardianship 8176
Wagner Warren Temp. Administration 7221
Wagner Warren Administration 7589
Waide Eliza Ann Will 4421
Wainwright Drucilla N.C.M. 724
Wait, et al Agnes Glenn Guardianship 8588
Wakelin Annie B. S. Will 5869
Wakelin Annie B. S. Temp. Administration 7013
Wakelin Annie B. S. Administration 7149
Walden C. Will 4473
Walden, et al Ethel Guardianship 1594
Walden John W. Will 1708
Waldrip ? N.C.M. 2494
Waldron Eugene Temp. Guardianship 7691
Walker Amanda N.C.M. 1813
Walker Amos, David, Charlie Guardianship 1206
Walker, et al Carter Guardianship 213
Walker Clara Belle Guardianship 3700
Walker Claude Guardianship 1170
Walker, et al Eva Temp. Guardianship 5449
Walker Fannie E. Will 2989
Walker Miss Florence N.C.M. 2497
Walker Dr. Frank N.C.M. 115
Walker Herbert Temp. Guardianship 7099
Walker Hiram Comm. Administration 416
Walker Iva G. Comm. Administration 7246
Walker Jas. A. Will 342
Walker Jennie Administration 7640
Walker John E., Mary A. Guardianship 1206
Walker John H. Will 459
Walker Mrs. Kate Will 3501
Walker L. B. Administration 79
Walker Lillian Guardianship 4353
Walker Lillie A. Comm. Administration 4312
Walker, et al Mary Elsie Guardianship 4877
Walker Matt Guardianship 7178
Walker Maud B. Guardianship 165
Walker Paul Guardianship 1322
Walker, et al Pearl Guardianship 3350
Walker R. A. Will 7241
Walker, et al Rhoda Guardianship 1562
Walker S. E. Will 2277
Walker Sidney H. Guardianship 3625
Walker W. F. Receivership 3934
Walker W. F. Comm. Administration 4058
Wall A. B. Guardianship 476
Wall Charles Will 7538
Wall Charlotte Will 5070
Wall Clara Comm. Administration 2225
Wall Clifford and Charlie Guardianship 638
Wall Clifford Guardianship 1668
Wall Fannie Marjorie Guardianship 4712
Wall H. R. Temp. Administration 7832
Wall Ida Will 3809
Wall J. F. Comm. Administration 491
Wall Lula Will 4934
Wall Z. T. Will 3835
Wallace A. Neal and Lee A. Temp.Perm. Guardianship 9014
Wallace Annie Will 5845
Wallace Archibald Hay Will 3555
Wallace Esther Guardianship 2192
Wallace F. R. Will 9108
Wallace Mrs. Helen Will 7498
Wallace J. H. Will 556
Wallace J. S. Comm. Administration 824
Wallace J. T. Temp. Administration 3023
Wallace Jack Carter Temp.Perm. Guardianship 7007
Wallace James Temp. Administration 5994
Wallace Jennie N.C.M.-Guardianship 5875
Wallace R. A. Comm. Administration 4611
Wallace Rebecca L. Will 5218
Wallace Rudolph Guardianship 307
Wallace Sallie K. N.C.M.-Guardianship 3430
Wallace, et al Walter V. Guardianship 1016
Wallace William Guardianship 4127
Wallace Wm. N.C.M. 320A
Wallace Wm. A. A. Temp. Administration 4481
Wallace Willie W. Guardianship 4511
Waller Mrs. Margaret A. N.C.M.-Guardianship 7918
Wallis A. A. Guardianship 4921

Wallis B. F. Will 3513
Wallis F. M. Will 4846
Wallis John Will 1149
Wallis Wm. Guardianship 4771
Walraven, et al N. F. Temp. Guardianship 3701
Walsh Cathrine Will 4981
Walsh Jno. M. Will 4980
Walter M. H. Administration 3308
Walters Mrs. Janice Administration 8122
Walton Miss Alice N.C.M.-Guardianship 4164
Walton Alice Guardianship 7475
Walton, Jr., et al Chas. and Wm. Temp.Perm. Guardianship 7490
Walton F. B. Will 612
Walton Gracie N. Guardianship 1271
Walton M. R. Will 3955
Walton Velma Lusk Temp. Administration 7491
Walton Virginia B. Will 7309
Walton W. F. Guardianship 4137
Waltz Pauline Guardianship 2115
Wandelohr Edward C. Will 9378
Wandray W. Comm. Administration 649
Wandry Katy Louise Will 3926
Want W. J. Guardianship 410
Waples J. B. Administration 4720
Waples John G. Will 4086
Waples Paul  Will 4938
Ward Annie Will 2036
Ward Ardes L. Guardianship 373
Ward Charles Guardianship 4346
Ward Jas. Comm. Administration 166
Ward Louis F. Guardianship 3941
Ward Lovidie S. Temp. Administration 5303
Ward M. Administration 1331
Ward M. F. Will 372
Ward Matthew Temp.Perm. Administration 1336
Ward, et al Meddie Guardianship 2316
Ward Richard Copy of Will 329
Ward Samuel M. Will 2656
Ward Tom N.C.M. 83
Ward W. M. Will 4643
Wardlow Nellie May Guardianship 8165
Wardlow V. S. Will 8274
Ware Ester L. Will 1299
Ware Mat Guardianship 971
Warlow Verner S. Guardianship 4237
Warner Nora N.C.M. 77
Warner Rose Marks Will 789
Warren Ed F. Comm. Administration 1013
Warren Fareb Guardianship 7124
Warren J. Temp. Administration 4400
Warren L. A. Comm. Administration 1987
Warren Sarah A. N.C.M. 447
Warren W. L. Temp. Administration 4724
Warren W. L. Will 4784
Warren W. L. Comm. Administration 4879
Warren W. L. Administration 4911
Washam J. C. Administration 1991
Washborn J. M. Administration 277
Washer Jacob Will 2811
Washington Irener Guardianship 3105
Washington Malinda Will 3677
Washington Sam. Guardianship 121
Wastor Frances Guardianship 3252
Watham Grace Emmons Administration 9205
Watkins Archer W. Administration 5284
Watkins D. M. Guardianship 1418
Watkins Elois Guardianship 5465
Watkins Ethel B. Guardianship 1974
Watkins, et al Henry Guardianship 3930
Watkins James Administration 397
Watkins Mary Administration 6021
Watkins Mary and Ann Guardianship 57
Watson, et al Arthur Guardianship 4707
Watson Daniel Will 9270
Watson E. M. Will 5820
Watson, et al Frances Lelia Receivership-Guardianship 8829
Watson J. H. Will 9088
Watson J. J. Will 5998
Watson J. J. Temp. Administration 6052
Watson James Comm. Administration 63
Watson Jarriet James Guardianship 9199
Watson, et al Nannie May Guardianship 2778
Watson P. A. Will 1316
Watson Robert L. Administration 4476
Watson T. J. Will 8982
Watson Williiam Thomas Guardianship 7628
Watt Maggie M. Administration 5270
Watt, et al Mary K. Guardianship 5272
Watt R. H. Administration 5271
Watts William Guardianship 1820
Wayland Steve Guardianship 2728
Weatherbee Elizabeth Administration 8273
Weatherby D. S. Will 631
Weatherford Alice Guardianship 282

Weatherford Harriett J. Administration 2538
Weatherly Sue Will 8815
Weathers Tennessee Ruth Bolin Will 8140
Weaver Mrs. D. C. Guardianship 7287
Weaver David C. Administration 3636
Weaver Davy Guardianship 4166
Weaver Dorothy L. Will 5726
Weaver Harrison Temp. Administration 3731
Weaver, et al Howard Vinton Guardianship 7169
Weaver. et al Pauline Guardianship 5603
Webb Britain B. Will 2833
Webb, et al Charles Ray Guardianship 8172
Webb, Jr. D. C. Will 8532
Webb, et al Ida May Guardianship 5961
Webb Jesse W. Guardianship 3640
Webb Thomas Will 1330
Webber Maggie S. Will 2829
Webber Martha Guardianship 9034
Webber S. Will 9124
Webber Sanford Administration 8984
Weber Gertrude Guardianship 3043
Weddell Nettie Guardianship 157
Weddington John Guardianship 66
Weddington Mattie Will 9247
Weed, Sr. Lee H. Administration 7770
Weekly Mary Guardianship 250
Weeks J. W. Administration 1473
Weeks Mae Potter Guardianship 4020
Weeks W. C. Will 8802
Weems Lois Guardianship 5933
Weidenhamer Ray H. Administration 3479
Weidner Henry Guardianship 2631
Weiler Sarah T. A. Will 2219
Weiner Charles H. Administration 8214
Weinstein L.  Administration 5185
Weinstein Louis Will 8413
Weinstein Sol Guardianship 4433
Weirauch Bertha Administration 5055
Weirauch E. P. Will 4485
Weiss Amelia Administration 8622
Welborn Lola Administration 5870
Welch Arena Administration 2216
Welch Laura Guardianship 2283
Welch Percy L. Administration 1811
Welch Sarah C. Administration 8123
Welder Annie Guardianship 3006
Wellington Anna M. Will 9384
Wells Amanda Will 7692
Wells Elizabeth and James M. Receivership 1620
Wells, et al Harry Guardianship 3477
Wells J. B. Administration 1034
Wells James Morgan Administration 1606
Wells Joseph  Guardianship 1864
Wells Lon Tully Will 1008
Wells M. J. Administration 9071
Wells, et al Morgan G. Guardianship 2423
Welsh R. M. Administration 4762
Wendeborn W. J. Will 3604
Wendleborn Wilhelmine Will 7955
Wendt Hans Will 3467
Wenig Theodore Will 7413
Wentworth, et al Edwin Guardianship 3131
Wentzel J. H. Will 8569
Wernet John Will 4332
Wesley Agnes  Guardianship 2623
Wesley Agnes  Guardianship 2968
Wesson Miley B. Will 3611
Wesson Miley, Mary, Proctor Guardianship 947
Wesson Thos. E. Guardianship 436
West Clarissa Guardianship 435
West D.C. and E. B. Guardianship 116
West F. L. Will 5598
West Geo. T. Administration 3340
West H. B. Guardianship 4583
West Jane C. Administration 2318
West Lizzie B. Guardianship 276
West M. E. Will 86
West Margaret A. Administration 3725
West Dr. R. B. Administration 7632
West Mrs. S. L. Will 8838
Westbrook Mary Comm. Administration 5461
Westover William A. Administration 2705
Wetmore Olive Guardianship 409
Wewe Bessie Administration 5710
Wewe Joe Administration 5750
Wharton George W. Administration 8788
Wharton Geo. W. Will 8866
Wharton Mrs. George W. Will 9242
Wharton Henry J. Will 431
Wharton, et al Vivian Doris Guardianship 8880
Wheat J. Z.  Will 2922
Wheat J. Z. Administration 2939
Wheeler A. D. Will 2145
Wheeler Ben and Mrs. Lee Guardianship 8191

Wheeler Flem Daniel Guardianship 5125
Wheeler Lula Belle Guardianship 35
Wheeler Robert  Guardianship 8153
Whelan J. J. Will 4233
Whilley Nellie Administration 1657
Whisonant, et al Doris Guardianship 5708
Whitcomb Mary Willard Guardianship 4297
Whitcomb W. Administration 8591
White, et al Abner Guardianship 2116
White Bessie C. Guardianship 1701
White Bettie Administration 7077
White Charles N.C.M. 525
White Claude E. Comm. Administration 7427
White, Jr. et al Claude E. Temp. Guardianship 7177
White D. F. Comm. Administration 3070
White D. M. Will 8144
White E. L. Will 6019
White, et al Edith Madelene Guardianship 8511
White Eugenia M. Temp.Perm. Guardianship 8152
White Flora Lou Temp. Guardianship 3998
White Flora Lou Guardianship 4591
White Frank Temp. Administration 5777
White, et al Freeman Guardianship 2056
White G. S. Temp. Administration 371
White George E. Administration 8319
White, et al George Garner Guardianship 7839
White Mrs. Goldie N.C.M.-Guardianship 7825
White, et al Ida Elizabeth Guardianship 1904
White Jefferson Davis Will 4544
White Johanna Temp. Perm. Administration 1981
White John B. Will 4010
White Katherine P. Will 7591
White L. B. Temp. Administration 2407
White Lennet M. Will 5556
White Lois Catherine Guardianship 6064
White M. E. Administration 669
White M. E. Temp. Administration 703
White Mrs. M. M. N.C.M. 2736
White Maggie E. Will 7584
White Mamie Guardianship 4783
White Martha Guardianship 5767
White Mildred Guardianship 4614
White O. J. Administration 4538
White R. I. Administration 3149
White, et al Richard Guardianship 3615
White Ruth Guardianship 7097
White Sallie Temp. Administration 8908
White T. A. Temp. Administration 5878
White Timothy Guardianship 4782
White W. F. Will 3315
White W. F. Will 5123
White Willie Guardianship 3663
Whitehead Annie Administration 9358
Whitehead C. W. Guardianship 118
Whitehead, et al Thetis Guardianship 2627
Whitehurst Winford C. Guardianship 3435
Whiteside K. Comm. Administration 5884
Whiteside R. A. Administration 3850
Whiteside R. A. Administration 3878
Whitesides Amelia F. Administration 7836
Whitfield Houston J. Administration 7409
Whitley Gilmer and Leith Guardianship 2928
Whitley Maggie B. Administration 8653
Whitley Mettie Administration 8367
Whitlock G. F. Guardianship 273
Whitlow D. A. Will 3801
Whitlow Olive Will 2773
Whitman Gabe Administration 7801
Whitman Mrs. M. C. Guardianship 2432
Whitman Marjorie Guardianship 9125
Whitman, et al Parthenia Guardianship 6062
Whitman, et al Patheena Guardianship 5812
Whitman T. M. Will 8619
Whitsel James D. Temp. Administration 7679
Whitsel James D. Will 7680
Whitsel Jas. D. Administration 7772
Whitsel John D. Will 3217
Whitsitt J. G. Will 4498
Whitson Maggie M. Will 7941
Whitt J. F. Administration 7196
Whitta Clara and Mary Guardianship 479
Whittaker John Will 2540
Whittaker Thomas E. Will 994
Whitten Floyd Administration 7648
Whitty Marie Frances Will 5358
Whitworth C. A. Administration 5096
Wicks Josephine Administration 8051
Widener D. H. Will 3036
Widener W. E. Administration 5299
Wier, et al Willie Guardianship 5056
Wiesheier Mary B. Will 9357
Wiggins Emmet Administration 1091
Wiggins Lewis A. Guardianship 3076
Wiggins Lewis A. Guardianship 3631

Wiggins Lewis Arthur Guardianship 3508
Wiggins Louisa Will 643
Wiggins Martha Guardianship 206
Wiggins Thomas N. Will 5502
Wiggins W. F. Will 3629
Wilburn, et al Annie Guardianship 3617
Wilburn W. Will 8063
Wilcox, et al Frank Will 2132
Wilcox, et al Mary Guardianship 649
Wilcoxon Alice Guardianship 5817
Wilder Ellen M. Will 5908
Wiley W. W.  Administration 676
Wiley W. W. and R. O. Guardianship 960
Wiley W. W. and R. O. Guardianship 966
Wilhite, et al C. L. Guardianship 7138
Wilkerson Amelia Guardianship 1870
Wilkerson George Guardianship 1741
Wilkerson Robert Edward Administration 7389
Wilkerson S. H. Guardianship 37
Wilkerson Sam. Guardianship 148
Wilkes Addie Guardianship 2805
Wilkes Ethel R. Guardianship 1161
Wilkes John T. Administration 1378
Wilkes Sarah Will 1502
Wilkey A. L. Administration 594
Wilkinson J. B. Guardianship 58
Wilkinson J. T. Will 5916
Wilkinson Monroe Guardianship 236
Willbrick Joseph Administration 238
Willey Sarah I. Administration 3402
Willi Bettie Guardianship 4406
Willi Bettie Administration 7378
Willi Eureing Guardianship 7525
Willi H. Guardianship 1737
Williams Alec B. Will 7915
Williams Artie and Irs Guardianship 7084
Williams, et al Bell Guardianship 2696
Williams Cad Edward Temp. Administration 9331
Williams Ceola Guardianship 374
Williams Cynthia Ann & James W. Guardianship 453
Williams Elizabeth Comm. Administration 5311
Williams, et al Elnora Guardianship 7820
Williams Emma M. Will 3937
Williams Dr. G. R. Administration 8621
Williams, et al Gracie Guardianship 3044
Williams H. W. Will 8445
Williams, Jr. et al Henry C. Guardianship 4012
Williams Howard Temp. Administration 5919
Williams, et al Ida Verna Guardianship 5075
Williams J. A. Comm. Administration 5448
Williams J. C. Will 5117
Williams J. M. Guardianship 101
Williams J. M. Guardianship 3266
Williams J. M. Administration 3622
Williams J. W. Guardianship 730
Williams J. W. B. Administration 240
Williams Jean Administration 5294
Williams Jennie Administration 8580
Williams Jennie Guardianship 9226
Williams, et al Joe Marvin Guardianship 8162
Williams John and Mrs. J. C. Guardianship 5045
Williams John Christopher Will 8436
Williams Johnnie Guardianship 7780
Williams Mrs. Kate Guardianship 255
Williams Kate F. Guardianship 3735
Williams, et al Leenora Guardianship 8394
Williams Lewis Guardianship 1249
Williams Mrs. M. A. Guardianship 1767
Williams Mrs. M. A. Guardianship 2420
Williams Margaret Elizabeth Guardianship 5693
Williams May Guardianship 88
Williams May E. Guardianship 3185
Williams Mike Administration 1155
Williams Mildred B. Guardianship 5169
Williams Minnie R. Guardianship 241
Williams Minnie R. Administration 1503
Williams Moses S. Comm. Administration 682
Williams Noble Guardianship 4184
Williams Nora L. Will 8444
Williams Ocie Guardianship 7860
Williams P. I. Will 7114
Williams, et al Paul Guardianship 5469
Williams Sam. Administration 5671
Williams, et al Sarah E. Guardianship 906
Williams Sarah J. Administration 8197
Williams T. S. Comm. Administration 7368
Williams W. J. Administration 4389
Williams Wiley Guardianship 564
Williams Wiley C. Administration 8862
Williams Wiley C. Will 8878
Williams William Administration 7380
Williamson Elizabeth and Pauline Guardianship 123
Williamson Fannie Guardianship 87
Williamson, et al Jessie Roy Guardianship 7105

Williamson Mrs. M. E. Guardianship 186
Williamson Mary E. Guardianship 4048
Williamson W. S. Guardianship 610
Williard J. D. Administration 5702
Willing E. Pearl and Phil E. Guardianship 742
Willing R. M. Administration 744
Willis Bennet Fletcher Administration 5204
Willis Helen Carrie Guardianship 7695
Willis Helen P. Administration 3345
Willis John and Mary Guardianship 39
Willis Rose Irene Guardianship 8306
Willson, et al Henry R. Guardianship 7252
Willson Jennie S. Guslin Administration 2384
Wilson A. J. Will 7153
Wilson Ada Will 7840
Wilson, et al Arthur W. Guardianship 4269
Wilson Eva Administration 5829-5830
Wilson Eva May Guardianship 6084
Wilson F. G. Guardianship 2740
Wilson G. W. Will 3996
Wilson George Administration 548
Wilson Gust Administration 3729
Wilson H. J. Will 6007
Wilson Mrs. H. V. Guardianship 7418
Wilson, et al Hazel Temp. Administration 3242
Wilson Henry Will 4973
Wilson, et al Herbert Guardianship 2546
Wilson Hugh F. Will 1257
Wilson Hugh P. and Virginia Guardianship 1140
Wilson Isaac T. Will 3843
Wilson J. A. Will 7405
Wilson James M. Will 2280
Wilson John I. Administration 8876
Wilson Joseph W. Administration 766
Wilson Laura I. Administration 7782
Wilson Luther Guardianship 5690
Wilson Luther L. Guardianship 4239
Wilson, et al Margie E. Guardianship 4804
Wilson Mary Guardianship 2183
Wilson N. J. Guardianship 135
Wilson Newton Will 2438
Wilson Novella Will 3592
Wilson Priscilla Will 3024
Wilson R. P. Administration 7666
Wilson Robbie Guardianship 5385
Wilson Robert Guardianship 7668
Wilson S. B. Administration 6078
Wilson Mrs. S. C. Will 106
Wilson, et al Susan Guardianship 150
Wilson Susie Guardianship 6020
Wilson W. H. H. Will 4049
Wilson W. W. Guardianship 1229
Wims John A. Will 962
Winberg A. J. Administration 5800
Winder Addie Administration 5844
Winder John B. Will 904
Winder, et al Lloyd Guardianship 5378
Winebrenner Thos. Apprentice 237
Winfrey B. F. Guardianship 763
Winfrey B..F. Guardianship 829
Winfrey B. F. Guardianship 835
Winfrey B. F. Guardianship 5393
Winkler Byron Guardianship 2964
Winn H. A. Administration 499
Winn Lutie Guardianship 240
Winn, et al (Minors) Guardianship 662
Winn Sarah E. Comm. Administration 1613
Winston J. K. Will 7311
Winston Thomas L. Will 5909
Winter Daisy Powers Will 7145
Winterman Reuben J. Guardianship 9272
Winters Ella Administration 8195
Winters, et al Frank and Harold Guardianship 3819
Winters J. A. Will 1971
Winters Mabel Administration 3814
Winthrop William C. Will 1303
Wipp Albert Frederick Administration 7995
Wisdom Luther L. Guardianship 1543
Wisdom Luther L. Guardianship 1555
Wise Melvin J. Guardianship 8337
Wisrock Nicholas Administration 351
Witherington Newton S. Administration 497
Withers, et al Madge Guardianship 3395
Withers Mary Jane Will 2516
Witten J. Z. W. Will 145
Witten T. B. and Paralee Guardianship 343
Witten Thomas Will 3532
Witten Thos. Crawford Guardianship 861
Wixon J. R. Guardianship 884
Wixson Bessie Guardianship 786
Wixson Bessie Guardianship 788
Woerner, et al Chas. Guardianship 3321
Woerner Jessie E. Comm. Administration 2240
Wolcott James T. Will 2450

Wolf Evans Guardianship 7651
Wolf L. Will 9157
Wolf William Administration 4031
Wolgast F. C. Administration 272
Wolinsky Max Administration 7731
Womack Alma B. Will 7588
Womack E. S. Temp. Administration 5066
Womack John Edwin Guardianship 7098
Wommack M. A. Will 1304
Wood Alice Guardianship 9070
Wood Amelia E. Will 4455
Wood C. A. Will 3349
Wood Ethel Guardianship 7043
Wood H. E. Comm. Administration 807
Wood Mrs. Ida M. Will 8520
Wood John L. Administration 8964
Wood Josie B. Will 5893
Wood Lulu H. Guardianship 1112
Wood Maggie J. Will 1280
Wood Myrtle Guardianship 2752
Wood, et al Robert Guardianship 5617
Wood Mrs. S. M. Will 2843
Wood Tennessee C. Will 7370
Wood Tom J. Will 3354
Wood Van E. Will 8182
Wood Van E. Will 8455
Wood Winter W. Will 3490
Wood Wm. T. Pennington Will 7274
Woodall Joanna Guardianship 683
Woodard J. W. Administration 3773
Woodard Virginia  Administration 4182
Woodbery Hays Guardianship 2518
Woodlaw Sue Will 9089
Woodman J. L. Guardianship 206
Woodman Wanda S. Guardianship 4890
Woodruff W. W. Administration 2469
Woods Alfred T. Guardianship 133
Woods Claude and Queena Guardianship 3782
Woods, et al Clifford Guardianship 4791
Woods Isaac Temp. Administration 3157
Woods Jim N.C.M. 1873
Woods John N.C.M. 2802
Woods Sophie K. Administration 2520
Woods T. H. Temp. Administration 5034
Woodson, et al Maggie, Luella, Wm. E. Guardianship 866
Woodward J. E. Guardianship 204
Woolery J. T. Comm. Administration 7404
Woolery Nannie Francis Guardianship 9168
Woolsey Jack Warren Guardianship 9141
Woolsey Melba E. Will 9140
Woosley T. J. Administration 3324
Wooten Lou Guardianship 1643
Wooten Thos. W. Administration 3866
Wooten, et al Velma Louise Guardianship 9254
Worrell H. G. Will 8335
Wortham A. J. Guardianship 5326
Wortham William A. Will 3606
Worthington Ida May Foreign Will 3449
Wray Mary Elizabeth Comm. Administration 8415
Wren Willie Comm. Administration 3915
Wright A. W. Foreign Will 5451
Wright C. M. Will 3137
Wright Charles H. Temp. Administration 8092
Wright, et al Currie Guardianship 1544
Wright Edna Earl Temp. Guardianship 7990
Wright Eugene Will 5163
Wright Herbert L. Guardianship 692
Wright Ira N.C.M. 249
Wright J. O. Will 3081
Wright J. O. Will 5757
Wright Jack Administration 5283
Wright L. L. Will 1411
Wright Lillian Temp. Administration 5301
Wright Mrs. ? N.C.M. 535
Wright Maggie and Sallie Guardianship 4947
Wright Mamie Guardianship 1716
Wright Mary  Guardianship 2973
Wright Maude M. Comm. Administration 4870
Wright Mildred Temp. Guardianship 7691
Wright Minnie G. Administration 7332
Wright, et al Nellie  Guardianship 5114
Wright Opal L. Guardianship 3205
Wright Polly Will 5624
Wright Sadie L. Will 8490
Wright Sophia Guardianship 4817
Wright Sue Elizabeth Guardianship 8091
Wright T. Y. Administration 2443
Wright U. G. N.C.M. 78
Wright Virgel Guardianship 5291
Wright Willette Temp. Guardianship 7709
Wronecki Frank  Administration 7502
Wyatt Emma Guardianship 1995
Wyatt Everett N. Bell Administration 5894
Wyatt J. L. Will 546

Wyatt P. D. Comm. Administration 849
Wyatt Sue Ann Will 804
Wyatt Wallace Guardianship 1430
Wylie Dorothy Nell Guardianship 7976
Wylie Mollie Guardianship 8489
Wylie Mollie M. Temp. Administration 8718
Wyly Cora Lee Comm. Administration 5748
Wynne Laura K. Will 8303
Wynne Robert  Guardianship 5038
Wynne Sallie W. Administration 76
Wynne T. R. Will 7646
Wynne Thomas Harmon Administration 7609
Wynne Virginia D. Comm. Administration 4243
Wynne W. C. Administration 7501

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