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Index to Tarrant County, Texas Probate Records, 1876-1927



Taber Charles Guardianship 781
Taber George Administration 603
Tabor Frank M. Guardianship 1568
Tabor, et al Willie Guardianship 2799
Tacabery Harry Guardianship 1371
Tackaberry, et al Harry and Wm. Robert Guardianship 933
Tackabery R. F. Comm. Administration 346
Taff George Thomas Guardianship 9237
Talbot Mary Guardianship 289
Talbott John A. Guardianship 1571
Talbott Mary J. Will 1067
Talbott Mary N. Will 5734
Talksdorf Helen P. Will 4228A
Tallant H. W. Administration 1751
Tally John E. Will 3472
Tamplet Arthur Will 1145
Tancred Margaret Will 5697
Tancred Peter Will 4052
Tandy G. E. Will 7249
Tandy W. L. Will 2148
Tankersley, et al Leslie Guardianship 5343
Tannahill J. M. Administration 3829
Tannahill Lucinda Will 5221
Tannahill Robert W. Will 538
Tannehill D. K. Administration 78
Tanner Dorothy Guardianship 7909
Tanner Emma Will 7842
Tanner H. Temp. Administration 3370
Tanner Henry Administration 8304
Tanner Orpha Receiver 8524
Tanner Orpha Administration 8698
Tarplay Ida May Comm. Administration 3180
Tate Edwin and Leon Guardianship 7515
Tate, et al Louis Guardianship 32
Tate, et al Martha E. Guardianship 945
Tate Newberry and Stella Guardianship 7514
Tate W. L. Administration 7508
Tate W. L. Administration 7904
Tatum F. J. Will 864
Tatum H. S. Guardianship 138
Tatum Henry W. Temp. Administration 3202
Tatum, et al Jessie W. Guardianship 2240
Tatuma, et al Elizabeth Guardianship 1072
Taylor Anna  Administration 5238
Taylor Anna L. Will 5212
Taylor Ethel Guardianship 195
Taylor Flora C. Guardianship 964
Taylor Frances Guardianship 4897
Taylor Frank  Administration 1268
Taylor George Administration 1472
Taylor I.M. Administration 9268
Taylor, et al Joe Lee Administration 4061
Taylor Johnnie Guardianship 1489
Taylor Joseph Will 3417
Taylor Joseph Comm. Administration 3524
Taylor Laura Guardianship 1734
Taylor Mary Guardianship 370B
Taylor, et al Mary J. Guardianship 3533
Taylor Peter W. Comm. Administration 470
Taylor R. C. Comm. Administration 892
Taylor Ray Guardianship 574
Taylor Rilla Administration 4676
Taylor Sallie Guardianship 7934
Taylor Sallie Will 8103
Taylor Sam Administration 7159
Taylor Tennessee A. Will 2600
Taylor W. A. Administration 4013
Teague Eliza and Thomas N.C.M.-Guardianship 7717
Teague G. A. Comm. Administration 367C
Teague John S. Guardianship 9348
Teague L. A. Administration 9231
Teall W. J. Will 2643
Tebbe George W.  Administration 8818
Tedford Arlo and Leslie Temp. Administration 7201
Tegarden E. J. N.C.M. 1943
Telfair Ed. N.C.M. 289
Temmey P. L. N.C.M. 946
Temple Mrs. A. A. Temp. Administration 5347
Temple E. A. Will 7086
Templeton, et al Bertha M. Guardianship 2593
Templeton Duke Will 5091
Templeton Jno. D. Temp. Administration 1233
Templeton John D. Administration 1408
Templeton May E. Will 3916
Terhune P. A. Comm. Administration 8583
Terhune Pearl Comm. Administration 7618
Terrell Ben M. Will 8777
Terrell Bertha H. Comm. Administration 2356
Terrell Charles Edwin Will 7738
Terrell Charles Edwin Temp. Administration 7739
Terrell Erlene Baker Will 5492
Terrell J. C. Will 9370
Terrell John L. Will 5336
Terrell Mrs. M. V. Will 604

Terrell Mrs. Mary Y. Will 7063
Terrell W. R. Administration 973
Terrell W. R. Comm. Administration 1018
Terrill J. C. Will 3454
Terrill John Administration 2027
Terrill Reubin Administration 140
Terrill Susan S. Will 2772
Terry Mrs. Belle Will 3753
Terry Daniel S. Drunkard-Guardianship 1514
Terry, et al Ella Guardianship 3561
Terry F. C. Guardianship 818
Terry F. C. N.C.M.-Guardianship 1032
Terry Mrs. F. C. N.C.M. 837
Terry Jas. Logan Guardianship 437
Terry Nathaniel Administration 16
Terry Nath'l Administration 83
Terry S. Administration 817
Terry, et al William F. Guardianship 3754
Terry, et al Willie Mae Guardianship 5321
Tevington John Will 593
Tevington John Administration 629
Tevis John F. Will 360
Tevis (Minors) Guardianship 370
Thannisch Leonard R. Temp. Guardianship 4279
Thannisch Martha L. Will 5937
Thewret Joe Temp. Administration 5235
Thielemann Ernest L. Will 4103
Thill G. E. N.C.M. 2871
Thomas A. R. Will 1395
Thomas Amanda Will 4647
Thomas Amy Administration 519
Thomas Angeline Administration 8229
Thomas Annie Administration 3849
Thomas Annie E. Will 4336
Thomas Bertha Guardianship 3840
Thomas Clifton Guardianship 9189
Thomas Dorothy Administration 4396
Thomas H. A. Administration 5652
Thomas, et al Harvey M. Guardianship 7764
Thomas Inez Guardianship 4635
Thomas, et al Iva May Guardianship 1153
Thomas J. A. Administration 1393
Thomas J. G. Administration 8544
Thomas James R. Will 4552
Thomas Jewell B. Guardianship 4601
Thomas Jim Administration 4344
Thomas Julius Guardianship 194
Thomas Leonard Guardianship 1760
Thomas M. V. Guardianship 56
Thomas Mary Guardianship 2294
Thomas Nettie Guardianship 680
Thomas Nettie Guardianship 795-796
Thomas Nettie Guardianship 1417
Thomas R. J. Administration 7122
Thomas Sarah Administration 3977
Thomas, et al Verda Guardianship 4487
Thomas W. D. Administration 5650
Thomas W. J. Administration 536
Thomas W. P. Will 1565
Thomason Claudia Temp. Guardianship 7081
Thompson Mrs. A. E. N.C.M.-Guardianship 7471
Thompson Alex Fred Guardianship 9368
Thompson Mrs. Anna Will 4948
Thompson C. D. N.C.M. 1812
Thompson Daniel B. Temp. Administration 9085
Thompson Mrs. Frank N.C.M. 170
Thompson Mrs. Frank N.C.M. 224
Thompson G. C. N.C.M. 2727
Thompson George  Will 8458
Thompson H. J. Comm. Administration 450
Thompson Jane E. Will 9126
Thompson Jeannette B. Temp.Perm. Administration 8893
Thompson John H. Administration 5132
Thompson Kelton N.C.M. 2629
Thompson Lula F. Comm. Administration 1400
Thompson M. J. Comm. Administration 4819
Thompson Marion S. Guardianship 9293
Thompson Mrs. Martha Ann Will 8945
Thompson Martha J. Administration 3271
Thompson Mary Alice Temp.Perm. Guardianship 9073
Thompson Mary E. Guardianship 4098
Thompson Mattie  Temp. Administration 5955
Thompson Mrs. Nellie Guardianship 4906
Thompson R. J. Temp.Perm. Administration 7803
Thompson R. L. Temp. Administration 3581
Thompson Raymond Guardianship 3800
Thompson Richard  Temp. Administration 5939
Thompson Richard Melvin Temp. Administration 5635
Thompson Rueben Guardianship 5957
Thompson Dr. S. H. Will 2330
Thompson S. H. Will 7952
Thompson Sallie A. Will 7602
Thompson Susan Will 3383
Thompson W. R. Guardianship 5971

Thompson William Harold Guardianship 7964
Thompson Wright Comm. Administration 9143
Thomson Virgie Guardianship 4551
Thoren Mrs. Lizzie Temp.Perm. Administration 5923
Thorne, et al Lawrence E. Guardianship 4153
Thornton, et al Earl B. Guardianship 4610
Thornton Florence May Comm. Administration 7120
Thornton Geo. W. N.C.M. 100C
Thornton George W.  Will 4529
Thornton H. C. Will 330
Thornton J. A. Administration 4208
Thornton John A. Will 4215
Thornton Mrs. L. J. Temp. Administration 7324
Thornton Lillie Temp. Administration 7749
Thornton W. A. Administration 4392
Thornton William P. Temp.Perm. Administration 8366
Thrasher James H. Will 8071
Threlkeld Wm. A. Guardianship 2938
Thresher Laura M. Guardianship 252
Thurman Charles N.C.M. 192
Thurman Chas. N.C.M. 181
Thurman Clem Will 5659
Thurman, et al Ethel Guardianship 2271
Thurman Mary N.C.M.-Guardianship 8708
Thurman Ollie Temp. Guardianship 7058
Tichanowitch Lazas Temp. Administration 7017
Tidball Thos. A. Will 1886
Tidball Virginia A. N.C.M.-Guardianship 1887
Tidwell, et al Mary Jane Guardianship 7906
Tierce E. S. Comm. Administration 5975
Tiffee Joseph Guardianship 202
Tighe M. R.  Will 7258
Tillar Benjamin J. Will 8057
Tilly Chas. P. Guardianship 577
Tilly (Minor Heirs) - J. M. Guardianship 223
Timberlake J. F. Comm. Administration 227
Timberlake Parker Will 3286
Timis Charley Carlton Guardianship 3450
Timmerman Edwin and Seth Guardianship 862
Timmey Dennis Will 2999
Timmons F. R. Will 4488
Timmons Mrs. F. R. Temp. Administration 4435
Timmons Mrs. F. R. Administration 4454
Tinis E. D. L. Will 7798
Tinker E. M. Comm. Administration 1232
Tinsley Maria A. Temp. Guardianship 3090
Tinsley W. F. Comm. Administration 3369
Tippens Martha Will 8029
Tipps Ora M. Will 8605
Tipton Jennie Emmerson Comm. Administration 7151
Tipton Mary D. Will 1003
Tipton Rebecca J. Will 3351
Tipton, et al Wm. E. Guardianship 2292
Tischler, et al Henry  Transcript 3777
Tobisca Lutha N.C.M. 2615
Todd Florence E. Comm. Administration 3195
Todd Iantha Temp.Perm. Administration 3868
Todd Lelia A. Guardianship 429
Toland Clay Guardianship 5042
Toland, Jr., et al J. P. Guardianship 7905
Tolbert Alma Comm. Administration 3063
Toliver Aurelia Temp.Perm. Administration 9173
Toliver Joe Temp. Administration 8703
Toliver Mose Heirship 9299
Tolksdorf Mose Temp. Administration 8835
Tolliver Joe Will 8693
Tolliver Rachel Will 8052
Tollman John C. Temp.Perm. Administration 2121
Tomas Joseph W. Administration 1114
Tomlin, et al Luella Lee Temp. Guardianship 8440
Tomlinson Mattie J. Will 1100
Tompkins R. T. N.C.M. 244
Ton Lee N.C.M. 693
Toombs Roy A. Will and Administration 8278
Toontas Sam Temp. Administration 3885
Torian James A. Temp. Administration 1725
Torkilson Anton Administration 6022
Tornero Luis Temp. Administration 8927
Towery Dorothy Temp.Perm. Guardianship 8280
Towery R. H. Temp. Administration 1256
Townsend Alfred Will 1102
Townsend Mrs. C. B. N.C.M. -Guardianship 8538
Townsend Ella Guardianship 2828
Townsend Mrs. Georgia Scott Set Aside Will 3869
Townsend J. T. Administration 2815
Townsend Lillie N.C.M. 2076
Townsend Lillie L. N.C.M. 2877
Townsend W. B. Will 7975
Tozier G. M. Administration 4717
Trabue Frank Will 633
Trask Claudina Will 3174
Trask Nancy M. N.C.M.-Guardianship 2332
Tratler Joe N.C.M. 1906
Trauernicht Henrich Gustav Will 8430

Traylor Mary F. Guardianship 129
Trevenio Albert Administration 9097
Trigg D. C Administration 2182
Trigg D. C. Administration 2208
Trimble A. D. Will 8255
Trimble G. B. Will 4779
Trimble L. A. Will 4132
Trimble Mrs. L. V. N.C.M. 61
Trimble Mrs. Maggie Will 8277
Trimble Mrs. Martha H. Will 4131
Trimble Missouri Comm. Administration 524
Trimble Missouri Comm. Administration 526
Trimble W. D. Will 8891
Trimbul Kate N.C.M. 1656
Trippet W. W. Will 2853
Trippet Wm. P. Guardianship 3290
Trontham Nancy J. Comm. Administration 3710
Tropp F. M. N.C.M. 2698
Troutt Elvin Temp.Perm. Guardianship 9165
True Frances L. Will 8846
True Lemuel H. Guardianship 708
True Morgan H. Guardianship 2448
True Mrs. Patt Administration 2433
Truelove Ed Temp. Administration 3963
Truex Andrew Temp.Perm. Guardianship 8095
Truitt A. F. Administration 794
Truitt T. M. Administration 2972
Tuck Louis Temp. Administration 5251
Tucker Mrs. ? N.C.M. 590
Tucker A. T. Will 5217
Tucker Adam Guardianship 106
Tucker Elizabeth C. Will 9266
Tucker Eza A. Guardianship 678
Tucker Hager Will 1199
Tucker Harry Wheeler Comm. Administration 3832
Tucker Iva Beatrice Temp. Guardianship 7936
Tucker, et al Iva Beatrice Guardianship 8193
Tucker Jas. Administration 102
Tucker May N.C.M. 1792
Tucker Rowan Hardin Will 7198
Tucker Seth P. Temp.Perm. Administration 2597
Tucker Vianna Administration 29
Tucker W. B. Will 1935
Tudor Charlotte Jane Will 7799
Tudor Mrs. S. M. Will 7810
Tufel Van Archer Temp. Guardianship 5743
Tullis Richard Anthony Guardianship 8416
Tully H. Will 1445
Tummins  Bertie Guardianship 606
Tummins, et al Vienna Guardianship 174
Tunnell Ellen J. Comm. Administration 315
Tunnell, et al Sidney Guardianship 3111
Tunny Thos. Temp. Administration 5695
Turck Mary A. Will 5328
Turner Carrie Guardianship 160
Turner Charles  Deceased 3
Turner Chas. Minor Heirs Guardianship 3
Turner Daisy and Evelyn Temp. Guardianship 5771
Turner Eda B. Guardianship 99
Turner G. W. Temp. Administration 4289
Turner George R. Temp.Perm. Administration 5931
Turner H. B. Will 5332
Turner J. B. Administration 231
Turner J. K. Will 1841
Turner James B. Administration 283
Turner James E. Will 5670
Turner Jesse Temp. Administration 4968
Turner Lloyd Guardianship 4290
Turner M. F. Will 4936
Turner Mattie  Temp.Perm. Administration 8267
Turner W. J. Will 5320
Turner W. Z. Administration 7828
Turner W. Z. Administration 8146
Turnipseed, et al Rufie L. Temp.Perm. Guardianship 4574
Turnipseed W. R. Will 4570
Turnpaugh H. C. Will 9204
Turpen Soloman Temp. Administration 2434
Twombly Royal T. Will 596
Tye G. W. Will 4892
Tye Jas. N. Guardianship 141
Tyler John N.C.M. 314A
Tyson Mrs. C. T. N.C.M. 797

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