FWGS - Probate Records Index - S

Index to Tarrant County, Texas Probate Records, 1876-1927



Saabedra Antonio Guardianship 8855
Saabedra, et al Medaro Guardianship 8585
Saabedra  Theresa Will 9033
Sadler E. E. Will 8402
Sadler John Comm. Administration 177
Sadler W. Will 2442
Sailsberry, et al Kathleen R. Guardianship 8111
Saler M. Guardianship 1213
Sallas Boral Guardianship 274
Salniski Filki Guardianship 3811
Salter Edna V. Will 8398
Samaha John Guardianship 159
Sammons Annie Administration 7530
Sampley Helen Ivy Guardianship 8089
Sampson, et al Ray Guardianship 7957
Samson L. Guardianship 258
Samuel B. L. Will 243
Sanchez Ludie Administration 7543
Sandeqard A. J. Will 7777
Sanders Carl Guardianship 1595
Sanders Henry Administration 1458
Sanders, et al Horace H. Guardianship 4180
Sanders J. A. Will 4415
Sanders J. R. Administration 1369
Sanders, et al James A. Guardianship 4416
Sanders, et al James Jackson Guardianship 1896
Sanders Rhonda Guardianship 1515
Sanders Thomas Jefferson Guardianship 4710
Sanders William D. Guardianship 621
Sanders Wm. Everett Guardianship 8814
Sanderson W. A. Will 2473
Sandidge J. R. Will 7243
Sandidge Nannie Thornton Will 8651
Sandifer Susan E. Administration 4630
Sandifer Willie M. Guardianship 4631
Sandifer Willie M. Guardianship 5171
Sandler Joe Will 3301
Sands W. R. Administration 8888
Sankery Eleanor Ruth Guardianship 7793
Sankery John S. Will 7403
Sanson S. D. Will 1396
Santee Milby Comm. Administration 1083
Santillo Antonio Guardianship 1976
Sargent Mrs. Amelia F. Will 2654
Sargent Erle Guardianship 1053
Sargent, et al Joseph Norman Guardianship 9284
Sargent Mary Louise Temp. Guardianship 9318
Sargent Ruby V. Comm. Administration 3484
Sarpfield John Will 2974
Sassey Mandy Guardianship 3805
Saufley J. Ras. Will 8962
Saunders Bacon Will 8614
Saunders Mary A. Will 2178
Saunders Wallace E. Guardianship 3327
Sausing John D. Will 3873
Savage, et al Edna Temp.Perm. Guardianship 4402
Savage, et al Jerrel Guardianship 5526
Savage, et al Jerrel Guardianship 5948
Savage W. E. Will 9286
Savage W. S. Temp. Administration 5389
Sawyer Beall Guardianship 585
Sawyer Mrs. Betty Will 4325
Sawyer Calvin Temp. Administration 4901
Sawyer Colvin Comm. Administration 4927
Sawyer Eden B. Will 3057
Sawyer Mrs. Francis M. Guardianship 2108
Sawyer, et al Mollie Audrey Guardianship 4902
Saylor Elsie May Guardianship 8986
Scales Charles C. Will 8697
Scaling Harry S. Inheritance Tax 9056
Scarlett, et al John S. Guardianship 7887
Schaefers, et al Johanna Guardianship 3278
Schafer Chester C. Administration 9183
Schafer Ingle B. Will 5495
Schaffer David G. Will 9154
Schanewerk Benard Will 8065
Schanewerk Charlotte P. Will 8141
Scharf Chas. Will 3151
Scheiman August Administration 4797
Schell Jacob B. Will 5388
Schenber Charles Temp. Administration 1461
Schieman Augustine Will 3473
Schieme Alfred Temp. Administration 5799
Schieme Alfred Will 5808
Schieme Bertha Administration 5165
Schieme G. Will 4216
Schilder Carl Will 4866
Schiro Antonio Administration 1688
Schiro, et al Peter Guardianship 1592
Schlicker C. N.C.M. 84
Schmaufel John N.C.M. 700
Schmidt C. W. Temp. Administration 3274
Schmidt Frederick Temp. Administration 1146
Schmitt Mrs. Sabine Administration 7850

Schneider, et al George J. Guardianship 8100
Schneider Margaret  Guardianship 5616
Schneider N. J. Guardianship 1434
Schober Charles  Will 3485
Schooler C. C. Guardianship 928
Schooler Nannie H. Guardianship 3681
Schooler Wm. L. Will 1507
Schoolfield Blanche M. Comm. Administration 8263
Schopmeyer F. W. Will 9388
Schrey J. W. Will 7133
Schubert, et al Louis W. Guardianship 2287
Schubert Paul Comm. Administration 7939
Schultz C. F. Will 9122
Schultz Otto E. Administration 4412
Schulze F. W. Will 9294
Schwartz, et al Bertha Guardianship 393
Schwarz Rosa Guardianship 512
Scoble Andrew W. Will 2451
Scoble Mrs. Virginia  Will 4915
Scoggin J. L. Temp. Administration 4275
Scoggin Mrs. S. H. Will 4296
Scogin C. M. Administration 1742
Scoma Elenora Will 8934
Scott A. M. Administration 4555
Scott Archie N.C.M. 1521
Scott Charlie May Guardianship 2756
Scott Chas. J. Will 3708
Scott Chester H. Will 5775
Scott, et al Mrs. Elizabeth Set Aside Will 3869
Scott Hannah Will 3935
Scott, et al Howard Guardianship 2266
Scott J. M. Administration 798
Scott J. W. Will 3834
Scott James C. Will 5290
Scott James G. Receiver & Guardianship 908
Scott Lola Guardianship 6096
Scott Louisa Will 963
Scott Mary J. Comm. Administration 567
Scott, et al Mildred Lee Guardianship 5754
Scott Myrtle Comm. administration 4281
Scott N. B. N.C.M.-Guardianship 3800
Scott Otis Guardianship 3949
Scott Roy N.C.M. 2111
Scott Roy N.C.M.-Guardianship 5040
Scott Ruth N.C.M. 2079
Scott, et al Tom E. Temp. Guardianship 3856
Scott W. F. Comm. Administration 2095
Scott W. T. Temp. Administration 2061
Scott, et al W. T. Guardianship 3128
Scott William Will 8290
Scott Wm. Will 2524
Scott, et al Wm T. Guardianship 2769
Scott Winfield Temp. Administration 3806
Scott Winfield Will 3807
Scott Winfield Set Aside Will 3869
Scott Winfield Guardianship 4595
Scribner Fannie N.C.M. 2007
Scrimshire Mrs. Mollie N.C.M. 72
Scrimshire W. B. Administration 4633
Scrimshire W. B. Administration 4634
Scroggin, et al (Minors) Guardianship 1814
Scruggs, et al Janie Guardianship 1728
Scruggs, et al Lucile Guardianship 1797
Seahorn Lolia May Guardianship 7474
Searcy W. H. N.C.M. 1969
Seaton Jennie Will 623
Secrest J. H. Comm. Administration 2624
Seiber Ella Temp. Guardianship 3040
Seibold Margaret D. Temp. Administration 5615
Seigler A. N.C.M. 2841
Sell Mrs. H. S. Temp.Perm. Administration 1851
Sell H. S. Will 1953
Sellars Millard F. Administration 4760
Sellars S. J. Temp. Administration 4854
Sellers J. D. Will 4284
Selman, et al Birdie Temp. Guardianship 8258
Selman Mrs. Emmet N.C.M. 168
Semple Caroline M. Will 2228
Sercy L. C. Guardianship 7445
Serface Jessie Guardianship 4832
Serface Raymond Porter Will 4648
Sergeant G. A. Administration 664
Sessions ? Administration 124
Sessions Lettie Guardianship 125
Severa Simon Guardianship 52
Severa Simon Guardianship 67
Sewell Katherine Guardianship 4200
Sexton, et al Amanda Guardianship 1121
Sexton C. B. Administration 128
Sexton John Administration 961
Seymour G. W. Administration 559
Seyster Nolen E. Guardianship 8784
Shackelford T. Administration 2618
Shafer Alice Guardianship 8974

Shafer Jenny Guardianship 573
Shaffer, et al Helen Lucile, Mildred Agnes Guardianship 5065
Shahan Clyde Administration 7420
Shahan Jackson G. Will 4073
Shanahan Andrew J. Guardianship 2109
Shanahan Mary Administration 1696
Shanahan W. M. Administration 1650
Shanahan Wm. Guardianship 1122
Shanahan Wm. M. Guardianship 1377
Shannon Chas. Administration 1479
Shannon J. R. Will 3359
Shannon Juanita Guardianship 8086
Shannon Wm. Richard Guardianship 4667
Shapard Elizabeth and Charles Bell Guardianship 1612
Sharp Fannie Henderson Will 2151
Sharp Ida I. Will 2444
Sharp J. W. Will 2278
Sharp R. E. Will 297
Sharpless, et al Richard Guardianship 7713
Shaw August Guardianship 2743
Shaw George A. Will 9153
Shaw, et al Jerome Guardianship 9155
Shaw Lillie Mae Guardianship 5120
Shaw Mary Administration 9142
Shaw Mary J. Administration 9152
Shaw Sterling Guardianship 16
Shaw William E. Guardianship 1843
Shaw William Thos. Will 7931
Shawberger Earl E. Will 8448
Shea Minnie Marsh Timberlake Guardianship 7809
Sheard Harry H. Comm. Administration 4943
Shearer George Anthony Administration 7884
Shedd Harry Robert and K. Walter Guardianship 1088
Sheets Maud Guardianship 8462
Sheets, Jr. William Guardianship 8475
Sheets William E. Administration 8417
Sheets, Jr. Wm. E. Guardianship 5687
Shelburne William S. Guardianship 6093
Shelby Nancy Administration 1
Shell B. F. N.C.M. 136
Shell Helen Comm. Administration 5565
Shelton Carrie Comm. Administration 8654
Shelton, et al Clarence Temp. Guardianship 4471
Shelton Irene Guardianship 5390
Shelton Dr. J. F. N.C.M. 1005
Shepard Mrs. Annie Bell Comm. Administration 1634
Shepard Frank Will 4733
Shepard Frank Temp. Administration 4822
Shepard, et al Sidney Guardianship 4842
Shepherd D. Administration 3839
Shepherd Driff Temp. Administration 3515
Sherar James B. Will 4684
Sherrod, et al Robert E. Guardianship 5043
Sherrod, Sr. W. T. Comm. Administration 6011
Shiel H. P. Temp. Administration 3433
Shiel H. P. Will 3443
Shiel H. P. Comm. Administration 3471
Shields Josie Comm. Administration 7182
Shifflett Rosa L. Comm. Administration 8155
Shifley Hortense Eugenia Habeas Corpus 1242
Shine John Temp. Administration 7681
Shipe, et al Maxine Guardianship 8882
Shirley D. T. Will 7622
Shirley, et al Jim Guardianship 4798
Shirley Mary H. Will 8900
Shockley Alice B. Will 8433
Shockey, et al Sallie Guardianship 3880
Shockley T. J. Guardianship 8243
Shoemaker W. A. Guardianship 442
Shoemaker W. A. N.C.M. 443
Shook Merle Temp. Guardianship 5081
Shorb C. A. Will 1302
Shorb Mary Louise Will 9198
Short Mrs. C. B. Administration 4453
Shortal Robert  Temp. Administration 7335
Shrewder Blanche Comm. Administration 5441
Shropshire Mrs. Susie Will 8437
Shroyer Chas. N.C.M. 1691
Shugart A. C. Guardianship 2810
Shugart A. C. Administration 4230
Shugart Mrs. A. C. Administration 1334
Shugart A. E. Administration 7697
Shugart Alma  Guardianship 2099
Shugart Alma May Guardianship 1624
Shugart Carrie Brown & Almer May Guardianship 1110
Shugart Ella Guardianship 974
Sibley Ada Will 9050
Sibley J. P. Will 8609
Sieber, et al Dossie Ellen Guardianship 9244
Sieber G. H. Will 8936
Siegler Anna Guardianship 55
Siegler Anna Guardianship 64
Siegler B. B. Miscellaneous 53
Siegler, et al John Guardianship 62

Simmons C. B. Will 8626
Simmons Daniel P. Temp.Perm. Administration 7620
Simmons George J. Miscellaneous 5655
Simmons George J. Will 5658
Simmons Gertrude Temp. Guardianship 4597
Simmons J. T. Will 4304
Simmons Julia Catherine Guardianship 8157
Simmons Lillian Temp. Guardianship 4374
Simmons Newton Columbus Will 8156
Simmons Squire Will 7408
Simms Wm. E. Will 9099
Simons J. A. Administration 7082
Simons J. A. Temp. Administration 7091
Simons Sam Will 8383
Simpson, et al Lee Anderson Guardianship 7257
Simpson, et al Lee Anderson Guardianship 7509
Simpson Lone N.C.M. 54
Simpson Mamie N.C.M. 1462
Simpson Nat Administration 1960
Simpson Mrs. Sarah Will 8825
Simpson William N.C.M. 2498
Simpson William N.C.M. 2495
Sims Errel M. Temp. Administration 7268
Sims Harriet Temp. Administration 7633
Sims Margrett Bell Comm. Administration 8018
Sinclair Burton Will 6079
Sinclair C. M. Will 3817
Sinclair Carrie Will 4313
Sinclair Joe Administration 9385
Siner Ben Guardianship 1216
Singleton, et al Elsie Mattie Guardianship 4326
Sinis B. B. Guardianship 3228
Sirer Benj. F. Guardianship 1339
Sisk S. A. Administration 462
Sivek Fanny Will 5484
Skaggs Blanche Guardianship 1932
Skaggs J. M. N.C.M. 81
Skelton Claudie Guardianship 4903
Skelton, et al Ola Guardianship 3756
Skinner William A. Will 5302
Skinner William A. Will 5305
Slack Eliza Jane Will 1217
Slack Thomas Will 1584
Slaight Joseph A. Comm. Administration 3983
Slate Harry N.C.M.-Guardianship 4427
Slater Jas. E. N.C.M. 979
Slaughter H. J. Temp.Perm. Administration 5493
Slaughter Raymond Guardianship 7307
Slavashevic George Temp. Administration 4117
Slay Will N.C.M. 2818
Sledd Elmo Will 8208
Sligh E. W. Comm. Administration 7040
Sloan Hays N.C.M. 2797
Sloan Oscar B. Comm. Administration 9200
Sloan, Jr. Wm. Wilson Will 4145
Small Josh N.C.M. 178
Small  Lillie May Temp. Guardianship 9249
Smallwood E. A. Administration 389
Smallwood J. H. Administration 158
Smallwood T. B. Comm. Administration 169
Smallwood Walter S. Will 4719
Smilanick Mike Temp. Administration 7466
Smith A. B. Will 1317
Smith A. D. Guardianship 487
Smith A. D. Guardianship 1684
Smith Albert B. Guardianship 1318
Smith Alberta R. Administration 4972
Smith Alexander Guardianship 104
Smith Alfred and Earl Guardianship 2511
Smith Ava E. Guardianship 2995
Smith Barbara Ann Guardianship 8615
Smith Britton C. Will 5516
Smith C. B. Administration 8246
Smith C. H. Administration 923
Smith C. H. Administration 980
Smith C. M. Administration 8418
Smith, et al Cal Guardianship 2940
Smith Catherine Administration 7748
Smith Chapman Guardianship 7127
Smith Charlcie Guardianship 2652
Smith Charles Administration 5150
Smith, et al Charles, Carrie, Harry, Lula Guardianship 721
Smith Charles J. Will 3462
Smith, et al Charles and Lula Guardianship 721
Smith, et al Clara B. Guardianship 2193
Smith David W. Will 6063
Smith, et al Dovie Marie Guardianship 9101
Smith Dovie May Administration 9102
Smith E. O. Administration 9322
Smith E. R. Will 4718
Smith Earl and Alfred Guardianship 2511
Smith Ed F. Will 3267
Smith Effie Guardianship 3550
Smith Eli Administration 188

Smith Eliza Will 1455
Smith Elmer Lee Guardianship 5720
Smith Emmett Will 1636
Smith Evylin Guardianship 8307
Smith F. G. Administration 8503
Smith, Sr. F. M. Guardianship 1465
Smith Florence Viola Administration 5639
Smith Francis I. Guardianship 8350
Smith G. C. Guardianship 1351
Smith George C. Will 736
Smith Gwendolyn Durette Guardianship 5964
Smith, et al Harry, Charles, Carriel, Guardianship 721
Smith Hattie Jeff Guardianship 8953
Smith Idella Hubbard Will 7662
Smith Inez Guardianship 5462
Smith J. A. Will 2503
Smith J. H. Administration 8226
Smith J. L. Will 7569
Smith J. N. Guardianship 1308
Smith J. P. Will 2057
Smith J. W. Will 267
Smith J. Frank Administration 7559
Smith Jim Guardianship 1175
Smith John A. Administration 2303
Smith John C. Administration 5367
Smith Joseph A. Administration 3624
Smith Joseph Perry, Willie B. Guardianship 1689
Smith Joseph Perry & Willie B. Guardianship 1689
Smith Julia A. Administration 8069
Smith, et al Katie Guardianship 2515
Smith, et al Katie Guardianship 2795
Smith Leroy Guardianship 8944
Smith Lillian B. Will 9351
Smith Louis Guardianship 1633
Smith Louis Administration 7616
Smith, et al Lucy Guardianship 2242
Smith Lucy A. Guardianship 2224
Smith Lucy C. Administration 4990
Smith Lucy F. Will 2374
Smith, et al Lula, Lytton Guardianship 721
Smith M. P. Will 5836
Smith Malinda Guardianship 1397
Smith Maria Will 5386
Smith Mariah Guardianship 5351
Smith Martha M. Will 1343
Smith Mary E. Administration 1641
Smith Mary Young Will 8322
Smith Micajah E. Administration 533
Smith, et al Millie Guardianship 8008
Smith Myrtle Guardianship 2081
Smith Nathan Willard Will 4323
Smith Nathan Willard Administration 4608
Smith Nathan Willard Administration 4703
Smith Nora Administration 4716
Smith Odessa Guardianship 7446
Smith Olin Guardianship 3249
Smith P. R. Administration 41
Smith Percy K. Temp. Guardianship 6030
Smith Robert L. Guardianship 9012
Smith Roy N.C.M.-Guardianship 5815
Smith, et al Rozalin Guardianship 323
Smith Rufus A. Temp. Administration 7920
Smith S. A. Comm. Administration 1007
Smith S. P. Will 8948
Smith Sterling M. Will Not Produced 3913
Smith, et al Susie Guardianship 4320
Smith Mrs. Susie Will 8650
Smith Thos. B. Will 3724
Smith Thomas F. Temp.Perm. Guardianship 5173
Smith Thomas Jefferson Temp. Administration 5470
Smith, et al Tommie Guardianship 5161
Smith W. F. N.C.M. 2604
Smith W. H. Administration 601
Smith W. P. Comm. Administration 7928
Smith Wesley A. Temp. Administration 5662
Smith Wm. N.C.M.-Guardianship 5852
Smith Wm. H. Comm. Administration 2029
Smith Z. M. Temp. Administration 2258
Smith Z. M. Will 2261
Smith Zepora Dolphin Comm. Administration 9024
Smithee John Will 3013A
Smithee L. F. Comm. Administration 2263
Smithie, et al Effie Guardianship 2573
Smyer Albert R. Temp. Administration 7499
Smyer Chas. N.C.M. 2141
Smyth Britton C. Will 5516
Smyth, et al Ethel May Guardianship 2567
Smythe Ophey Temp. Guardianship 5450
Snead, et al Mattie Guardianship 3790
Snead R. M. Administration 3787
Sneed A. C. Administration 107
Sneed A. H. Administration 3206
Sneed Amanda R. N.C.M. 349A
Sneed Charles and Lula A. R. Guardianship 266

Sneed Heirs, H. H. Guardianship 14
Snell Mrs. M. Temp. Administration 7325
Snell Roy Guardianship 1720
Snell Roy Guardianship 1761
Snider Artie, Ola, Lee Guardianship 5371
Snodgrass Inah Will 7774
Snow F. M. Administration 332
Snow F. M. Administration 334
Snow James  Temp. Administration 445
Snow James J. N.C.M.-Guardianship 386
Snow S. B. Will 1765
Snow William Temp.Perm. Administration 7511
Snyder  Edgar Will 8064
Snyder, et al Kate Helen Temp. Guardianship 3746
Snyder W. G. E. Temp. Administration 4884
Sodd Esaw Comm. Administration 8557
Sodd, et al Jack Guardianship 7360
Solfen, Jr. R. E. Temp.Perm. Guardianship 8593
Soloman Hyman Temp. Administration 4300
Solomon Bettie Will 4349
Solomon Helena Guardianship 4259
Somerandyke Frank N.C.M. 1333
Sommerville Wm T. Comm. Administration 1027
Southern F. D. Will 3346
Southern F. D. Will 3571
Sowells Henry, Franklin, Annie, Guardianship 855
Sowells Josephine Guardianship 855
Sowells W. T. N.C.M. 2558
Spanger Herbert Temp.Perm. Guardianship 5500
Spangler Della M. Temp. Administration-Will 5443
Spangler Gertrude Temp.Perm. Guardianship 5499
Spangler Hubert and Gertrude Guardianship 5090
Spangler M. D. Will 4847
Spangler Mrs. Montia Administration 6068
Spangler W. R. Will 5881
Sparkman, et al Essie Guardianship 4744
Sparkman J. W. Administration 5177
Sparks Sallie E. Will 1946
Spaugh Eugene N.C.M. 1482
Spear H. W. Comm. Administration 1204
Specht Mrs. Clara M. Will 3892
Specht Herman Will 8529
Specht Hermann Will 5505
Speck Welsley M. Guardianship 8579
Speer C. C. Administration 1084
Speer C. H. Comm. Administration 4080
Speer Eula and Octavia Guardianship 1809
Speer James and Oscar Guardianship 7175
Spencer Bernice Temp.Perm. Administration 8841
Spencer Billy Temp. Guardianship 8336
Spencer Claude L. Administration 8833
Spencer J. D. Administration 167
Spencer Margeret C. Will 4282
Spicer Alice Guardianship 4830
Spicer John R. Will 3244
Spikes Leon and Tom Temp. Guardianship 3818
Spillers Mrs. Georgia N.C.M. 1383
Splain Emma L. N.C.M. 276
Spoonts M. A. Will 4032
Spoonts Marshall Temp.Perm. Administration 7888
Spradling I. H. Will 9195
Sprague Frank Temp. Administration 7447
Springston Mrs. E. S. Will 7240
Springston J. V. Administration 3465
Sprinkle B. T. Will 8271
Sprinkle Fannie J. Will 4992
Sprinkle Lindell Temp. Guardianship 3728
Sprinkle W. H. Will 8617
Sproles Lois Temp. Guardianship 8813
Sproles Mary Katherine Guardianship 4300
Spruance Bettie G. Will 4095
Spruance Thomas Will 4377
Squires, et al Robert Guardianship 3143
Squires, et al Robert Guardianship 3194
Srienan Mrs. M. A. N.C.M. 105
Srienes Charley N.C.M. 253
St. Clair J. S. Will 1495
St. Clair Julia B. Will 3510
St. Clair W. C. Guardianship 2472
St. John C. R. Comm. Administration 4479
Stach, et al Katie Guardianship 7140
Stafford Robert Temp. Administration 1154
Staiti Grace Guardianship 3706
Stakes Wm. A. Administration 752
Staley Dorothy Temp.Perm. Administration 8357
Stallions Pearl Lou Perm. Administration 4628
Stanberry J. H. Comm. Administration 2944
Standifer L. E. Temp. Administration 8747
Standifer Louis E. Temp. Guardianship 7917
Standley J. W. Administration 583
Standley Annie and Richard Guardianship 635
Standley Mrs. Cornelia Will 9023
Standley R. H. Will 2449
Stanfield Emma L. Comm. Administration 2845

Stanford F. M. Will 9397
Stanley Ada Pauline Will 9008
Stanley Frank B. Temp. Administration 3947
Stanley Frank B. Administration 3958
Stanley R. H. Temp. Administration 2428
Stanley R. N. N.C.M. 2586
Stapp, Jr. W. J. and W. P. Guardianship 9377
Stark Alice N.C.M. 2544
Stark W. A. Will 9383
Starling Millard Temp. Guardianship 3813
Starns, Jr., et al ? Temp.Perm. Guardianship 8178
Starr Mrs. Angeline Will 2323
Starr Sarah C. Comm. Administration 274
Starr Wm. H. Guardianship 8
Stateham J. W. Guardianship 101
Stauffer, Jr. Isaac H. Will 2037
Stauffer  Louise and Isaac Guardianship 2038
Stauffner Annie L. Administration 2651
Steadman, et al Homer Guardianship 8594
Stearnes, et al Lula Guardianship 424
Stearns Frank Leslie Will 4128
Steed J. W. Comm. Administration 2128
Steele George Guardianship 5849
Steele Jack Will 4071
Steele Mattie and W. T. Inheritance Tax 9332
Steele Mattie A. Will 3567
Steele, et al Shannon Guardianship 5021
Steele W. P. Temp. Administration 9382
Steele William T. Will 4355
Steele Wm. T. Will 5298
Steeley Thomas L. Will 3584
Steenbergens Sue Will 4140
Steere, et al Allen C. Guardianship 6090
Steets Mrs. ? Guardianship 18
Steffens, et al R. Guardianship 3165
Steinbert B. A. Comm. Administration 8791
Steineau Ella Will 1911
Stell B. B. and M. J. Will 2621
Steph Mrs. A. D. Temp. Administration 7690
Stephen Henry Temp. Administration 4089
Stephens A. D. Will 2331
Stephens Edward Will 3148
Stephens J. A. Temp. Administration 7232
Stephens J. T. Will 7036
Stephens J. V. Administration 8536
Stephens Jas. Guardianship 2129
Stephens John H. Comm. Administration 1234
Stephenson I. N. Comm. Administration 440
Stephenson Mrs. J. R. Guardianship 2898
Stephenson, Jr. J. Guy Guardianship 9185
Stephenson, et al Luther K. Guardianship 5104
Stephenson, et al Norma Guardianship 3379
Stepheson Mary  Guardianship 1635
Sterirger Henry Guardianship 1601
Sterley John J. Will 4314
Sterley W. F. Will 9036
Stevens, et al Bertha Guardianship 1038
Stevens George A. Will 7954
Stevens, Jr. James A. Guardianship 1224
Stevens T. C. Temp. Administration 1506
Stevens Warden M. Guardianship 4220
Stevenson William D. Will 8068
Stewart Carrie and Grace Guardianship 777
Stewart Edith E. Will 1599
Stewart Ella Temp. Administration 3563
Stewart Eunice B. Comm. Administration 9162
Stewart Irwin Guardianship 4963
Stewart J. M. Administration 3768
Stewart J. S. Temp. Administration 3872
Stewart Jim Temp. Administration 9118
Stewart Maggie Will 3014
Stewart S. A. Will 7304
Stewart Mrs. S. A. Temp. Administration 4962
Stewart W. H. Will 3713
Stewart W. R. Will 5223
Stickney Ernestine Temp. Administration 5033
Stickney, et al James Guardianship 5049
Stidham, et al Fay Guardianship 4505
Stiefe Isaac Will 2367
Stienback Kare Guardianship 134
Still, et al Annie Guardianship 8262
Still Mrs. Hattie G. Administration 8289
Still, et al Mollie  Temp. Guardianship 8020
Stillman Ella Will 3886
Stillman Henry Administration 5779
Stitt Mrs. A. H. Will 3171
Stockes John Temp. Administration 5005
Stocks J. G. Administration 1513
Stockton Eber Temp.Perm. Guardianship 6097
Stockton George N.C.M. 370C
Stockton, et al Harris Guardianship 8522
Stockton, et al Orbin Guardianship 4998
Stoffers Christian Will 8868
Stokes John N.C.M.-Guardianship 4985

Stokes W. A. Comm. Administration 667
Stone David Will 1036
Stone, et al Frances Elizabeth Guardianship 8288
Stone John K. Will 5387
Stone Sallie R. Will 1972
Stone, et al Samuel Guardianship 5877
Stoolfire Charles Will 7539
Stoolfire Charles Temp. Administration 7886
Storer Webster Will 7428
Storey J. B. Temp. Administration 7285
Storey J. B. Administration 7286
Storey, et al J. E. Guardianship 7410
Stott Flora P. Temp. Administration 8365
Stouffer Gaylon Guardianship 2866
Stout C.  N.C.M. 2201
Stout C.  N.C.M. 2635
Stout Hank N.C.M. 2933A
Stout Henry N.C.M. 939
Stout Jim N.C.M. 2535
Stout, et al Laura Guardianship 950
Stout Nelly Comm. Administration 743
Stovall D. J. Temp.Perm. Administration 7847
Stovall Jack Temp. Guardianship 7737
Stovall, et al Jack T. Temp. Guardianship 8864
Stovall, et al Otis Temp. Guardianship 3894
Stovall Ruth Guardianship 8395
Stovall Willie Borders Comm. Administration 8410
Stovall Mrs. Willie Borders Administration 8852
Stover John L. Temp. Administration 7014
Stover John L. Administration 7384
Strahan T. E. Will 5699
Strain J. D. Administration 380
Strang Gladys Guardianship 2780
Strathdee Annie Comm. Guardianship 3304
Straus Geo. C. N.C.M. 881
Strauss Henry Temp. Administration 4214
Streif William Guardianship 1181
Streit William Guardianship 1197
Strickland Ella J. N.C.M. 23
Strickland Ella J. N.C.M.-Guardianship 3041
Strickland Mrs. Ella Will 4605
Strickland H. J. Temp. Administration 4194
Strickland H. J. Will 4196
Stripling, et al Robert Guardianship 5789
Strobell Frank N.C.M. 1265
Stroder Benjamin F. Guardianship 2259
Strohl H. C. Will 4942
Stronesteadt Pete Temp.Perm. Administration 2097
Strong Annie Comm. Administration 2106
Strong Geo.  N.C.M. 2467
Strong Geo. N.C.M. 185
Strong George N.C.M.-Guardianship 3455
Strong George Will 3557
Strong Sarah A. Will 3319
Stubbs Mary N.C.M. 1496
Stublefield Lula B. N.C.M. 2421
Stuck Lloyd Will 7647
Stuewich F. H. A. Will 1298
Stugart Christian Temp. Administration 3623
Sturman Sam Will 4386
Sublett, et al Dixon Guardianship 1919
Sudderth W. A. Will 5027
Suggs A. G. Temp. Administration 4982
Suggs Mary E. Guardianship 2496
Suggs Velie C. N.C.M.-Guardianship 8754
Sugrue John Temp. Administration 4904
Sullivan Mrs. Estelle Will 4387
Sullivan, et al Leslie Guardianship 8887
Sullivan Maurine Temp.Perm. Guardianship 4463
Sullivan T. J. N.C.M. 285
Sullivan Tim Temp. Administration 3039
Sumerlin, et al Guy Guardianship 7463
Summers, et al Early Guardianship 2236
Summers, et al Early Guardianship 2243
Summers J. F. Will 5555
Summers W. A. N.C.M. 925
Sutherland George S. Will 4198
Sutphin, Jr. et al Martin Guardianship 7184
Sutton Mrs. E. J. Will 8933
Sutton Joseph  Will 3871
Sutton, et al William Thomas Guardianship 9018
Swallow Emma Comm. Administration 4510
Swan Thomas Guardianship 745
Swann D. C. Administration 5145
Swann Mary Eveline Will 7180
Swartz Chas. H. and Mrs. Jennie Guardianship 2985
Swartz Ella Guardianship 1797
Swartz John Talmage Guardianship 8151
Sweaney R. H. Comm. Administration 7364
Swearingen E. L. Comm. Administration 4321
Swearinger Fred Guardianship 1998
Swearinger Mary E. and Ida May Guardianship 2058
Swearinger W. Guardianship 1880
Sweel, et al Ruthe Guardianship 7684
Sweeney Gerrie Temp. Guardianship 3816
Sweeney Margaret  Will 9079
Sweeney Robert Temp. Guardianship 4202
Sweeney Ruby J. Apprentice 1805
Sweet Chas. Comm. Administration 1287
Sweet Jackson Temp. Guardianship 4682
Sweet O. L. Will 7958
Sweet, et al Wayne Temp. Guardianship 9280
Swezey Annie Temp. Administration 4445
Swezey Annie Administration 4448
Swick Ethelyne Guardianship 2934
Swift William B. Will 4874
Swim Lizzie Administration 430
Swinford, et al Samiel Temp. Guardianship 5980
Swor Ruth Adelade Will 4430
Sykes Emma R. Will 4564
Sykes, et al Emma Rosa Guardianship 2059

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