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Index to Tarrant County, Texas Probate Records, 1876-1927



Pacey Joseph N.C.M. 637
Pack Will N.C.M. 2471
Paddock Mrs. E. H. Will 8860
Padgitt C. E. N.C.M. 2401
Pafford Mayme Guardianship 4017
Page Mrs. Carrie L. Will 3991
Page R. M. Temp. Administration 1484
Page R. M. Administration 1499
Painpare A. N.C.M.- Guardianship 3339
Painpare O. Administration 3463
Palmer Bud N.C.M. 2321
Palmer E. H. N.C.M. 970
Palmer J. N. Will 2908
Palmer James, Martin, Nellie, Isabelle Guardianship 2094
Palmer L. L. Administration 4149
Palmer Mabel N.C.M. 6
Palmer Ned Temp. Administration 5379
Pamphrey ? N.C.M. 137
Pandle Wm. N.C.M. 2823
Pantz John Administration 517
Parchman J. A. Will 7210
Pard, et al Irene P. Guardianship 3213
Parden Juliet F. N.C.M. 1253
Parham Sarah E.  Temp. Administration 1251
Parham Willie Guardianship 2662
Parish Dorah Guardianship 984
Parish J. M. Will 2136
Parish Vera Mae Temp. Guardianship 5430
Park Edward B. Temp. Guardianship 3599
Park J. D. Administration 509
Park, et al Katherine Guardianship 5623
Park Wm. D. Temp.Perm. Administration 8987
Parker C. A. Will 2583
Parker Dan Temp. Administration 3007
Parker, et al Ermin F. Temp.Perm. Administration 9160
Parker F. B. N.C.M.Comm.Administration 7781
Parker Frances C. Will 3389
Parker H. I. Will 7293
Parker Hattie Appt. Appraisers 920
Parker I. D. Will 2257
Parker Miss Irene Temp. Administration 7473
Parker J. J. Will 5427
Parker Mrs. Mary N.C.M. 791
Parker, et al Mary E. Guardianship 7725
Parker Mary P. Will 3309
Parker Sam H. Administration 813
Parker W. R. Will 3896
Parker W. R. Will 9396
Parkinson Lee Dodge Will 9059
Parks, et al Ethel Guardianship 2480
Parks Frank B. Guardianship 1909
Parks Mrs. M. E. Temp.Perm. Guardianship 7441
Parks Mrs. M. E. Heirship 7565
Parks Madie N.C.M. 2641
Parmlee W. S. Administration 549
Parmley (Minors) Guardianship 599
Parr Jennie Will 4862
Parr, et al Vashti Guardianship 7256
Parrent Jennie V. Will 6024
Parris  Sarah F. Will 4067
Parrish Sallie Louise Comm. Administration 3603
Passalagua Tony Temp. Guardianship 3296
Passmore Dora N.C.M. 220
Passmore Mrs. E. J. Temp. Administration 2785
Passmore Joseph Administration 1301
Pate Cora Temp. Guardianship 5914
Patillo Henry Temp. Administration 4568
Patterson Ada L. Administration 1046
Patterson  C. E. Guardianship 1047
Patterson D. R. Will 3263
Patterson James M. Temp. Administration 1554
Patterson R. L. Administration 957
Patterson, Jr. W. F. Temp. Administration 886
Pattie Mary C. Comm. Administration 5865
Patton A. T. Will 8691
Patton, et al Luther F. Guardianship 3001
Patton R. L. Administration 59
Patty J. T. Will 5568
Patty J. W. Guardianship 2587
Paul Crews Guardianship 5476
Paxton M. A. Will 952
Payett Jim N.C.M. 165
Payne Apalonia Administration 8867
Payne Emma Comm. Administration 2097
Payne James Administration 4376
Payne Mary A. Will 2553
Payne, et al Norton C. Temp. Guardianship 3172
Payne, et al Vivian Guardianship 4380
Payton Guy N.C.M. 97
Peabody, et al Calloway Guardianship 1492
Peabody, et al Martha Malinda Will 8389
Peace Mrs. A. E. Guardianship 1030
Peace A. E. Guardianship 1406
Peace A. E. Temp. Administration 1459

Peacher Wm. R. Guardianship 426
Peacock Dixon W. Temp. Administration 7279
Peacock Dixon W. Receiver 7355
Peacock, Jr. Dixon William Guardianship 8352
Peacock J. A. Will 3684
Peacock John A. Will 7537
Peacock Margaret Hudson Will 8408
Peak C. M. Will 540
Peak Florence C. Will 7623
Pearce Chas. Guardianship 2521
Pearce Emma C. Guardianship 802
Pearce Frank and Emma Guardianship 989
Pearce J. N. and L. B.  Guardianship 1440
Pearce Jessie Guardianship 2409
Pearcy Mrs. M. L. Will 2227
Pearcy, Sr. W. H. Guardianship 1524
Pearson Chas. Oscar Guardianship 5576
Pearson E. D. Guardianship 8535
Pearson (Minors) Guardianship 2672
Pearson W. E. Will 8419
Peckham John S. Will 3946
Pecknam W. H. Will 3609
Pederson Clara Guardianship 3406
Peers Electa Ann Will 4637
Peers Flora Guardianship 30
Peers Flora Lilly Guardianship 4640
Peers J. M. Will 4183
Peitzel B. F. Administration 1505
Pemberton James E. Will 5293
Pemberton, et al Jesse Lee Guardianship 1660
Pendleton Albert Temp. Administration 4642
Penneman Charles N.C.M. - Receiver 7260
Pennington William Temp. Guardianship 3602
Penson Bessie Lee Griffith Temp. Administration 8372
Peppard C. C. Administration 7336
Pepper, et al Anna Guardianship 411
Pepperson Laura N.C.M. 2952
Pepperson Sarah  N.C.M. 2531
Percy Lula and S. T. Temp. Administration 3898
Percy Robert Guardianship 3911
Percy Wm. T. N.C.M. Guardianship 4629
Perderson John Administration 3583
Perkins ? N.C.M. 1900
Perkins Clara N.C.M. 1764
Perkins Ed Will 3726
Perkins J. P. Will 4530
Perkins John Elmer Temp. Guardianship 8406
Perkins Linton Administration 1118
Perkins, et al Mack Guardianship 2296
Perkins S. A. N.C.M. Guardianship 1133
Perkins S. A. N.C.M. 1193
Perkins S. A. Administration 7254
Perkins Susan Malissa Temp.Perm. Guardianship 8405
Perry A. L. Administration 4584
Perry Annie Administration 4172
Perry E. O. N.C.M. 201
Perry Horatio Guardianship 235
Perry Horatio Guardianship 309
Perry J. Matt Will 5383
Perry, et al Leroy Guardianship 422
Perry M. B. Administration 421
Perry Mack Temp.Perm. Administration 7716
Perry (Minors) Guardianship 2365
Perry Percy Guardianship 139
Perry William W. Will 9182
Perry Zonie F. Administration 5587
Peter Robert Hewitt Will 7773
Peters Allen W. Temp. Administration 4537
Peters F. H. Will 9275
Peters Harriett S. Guardianship 2209
Peters Mrs. Hattie Will 4827
Peterson Albion K. Will 8310
Peterson, et al George A. Guardianship 8725
Peterson H. W. Administration 3739
Peterson John  Will 2180
Peterson John Will and Codicil 8714
Petta, Jr., et al Frank Guardianship 4021
Petta, et al Gurden Temp. Guardianship 8344
Pettijohn Etta Lena Guardianship 3106
Pettit, et al Margaret Guardianship 5935
Pettit Sydney Guardianship 731
Petty Fanny and Rella Temp.Perm. Guardianship 2679
Petty G. T. Guardianship 183
Petty N. L. Comm. Administration 8618
Peyton W. H. Will 3545
Pfarr Augustus Temp. Administration 3065
Phares Andrew B. Temp. Administration 5947
Phelps Everett H. N.C.M. 1341
Phelps (Minors) Guardianship 620
Phelps, Jr., et al Orien E. Guardianship 9161
Phenix Fay Guardianship 9381
Philley Frank N.C.M. 2737
Phillips Annie Frances W 9151
Phillips C. A. Temp. Administration 6091

Phillips C. M. Temp. Administration 3234
Phillips Delmar Guardianship 9317
Phillips Edward H. Will 7907
Phillips Eliza Heirship 8660
Phillips Fannie D. Guardianship 3102
Phillips Henry Temp.Perm. Administration 8318
Phillips James W. N.C.M. 783
Phillips Jas. Ward N.C.M. 982
Phillips Lee Everett Guardianship 4001
Phillips Maud Frances Comm. Administration 7911
Phillips Philip J. Temp. Guardianship 5917
Phillips Steve N.C.M. 2074
Phipps Woody Guardianship 5982
Pich C. Will 9303
Pickard J. W. Comm. Administration 454
Pickett B. C.  Administration 8782
Pickett Doris Administration 8958
Pickett Lizzie E. Temp. Administration 3932
Pierce Arthur W. Administration 3264
Pierce Benjamin Franklin Will 4413
Pierce Frank and Emma Guardianship 714
Pierce, et al George C. Guardianship 5241
Pierce, et al Gracie Guardianship 3795
Pierce Victoria Jane Will 4893
Pierce W. A. Will 8981
Pierson George F. Temp. Administration 2425
Pierson George F. Will 2429
Pigman C. L. Administration 322
Pike Catherine Guardianship 2335
Pike Frank L. Administration 8232
Pilant, et al Louise Temp. Guardianship 7055
Pile Ann C. Will 1628
Pilgrim Z. Administration 1895
Pinkard J. W. Will 578
Pinney William Guardianship 4914
Piper Jeremiah N.C.M. 1849
Pipkin Jno. M. T. Heirship 8163
Pipkin William H. Administration 3248
Pitman Mrs. Flora E. Comm. Administration 2284A
Pittinger F. Paul Guardianship 2602
Pittman Robt. M. Will 2150
Pitts Mary Guardianship 1697
Plangman Robert H. Comm. Administration 7852
Platt Robert Guardianship 2534
Platt Robert Ellis N.C.M. Guardianship 5794
Plumber Lula  N.C.M. Guardianship 7760
Plumelee Lula N.C.M. Receiver 5993
Poe Bob Temp. Perm. Administration 8732
Poe, et al Coy Guardianship 8733
Poindexter Arthur Gano Will 8507
Pointer A. J. Will 3803
Pointer A. J. Will 3803
Poland  James Will 4659
Poland, et al Wm. J. Guardianship 4261
Polk Harding Guardianship 2357
Pollard John J. Will 8180
Pollard Margaret  Will 2268
Pollard W. H. Administration 1324
Pollard W. H. Will 1325
Pollard William Guardianship 1281
Pollard Wm. Will 5511
Pollock Joseph B. Will 3848
Pollock Loyd Temp. Administration 3548
Pong Eng Will 4034
Pong Eng Temp. Administration 4035
Ponnell Bill N.C.M. 217
Pool N. A. Will 1872
Pool  W. B. Appt. Appraiser 917
Poole Mollie C. Will 7143
Poole Neppie Will 460
Pope, et al Lelo Guardianship 8198
Pope W. A. N.C.M. 2366
Pope  W. A. N.C.M. 2034
Pope William N.C.M. 1948
Popejoy Lizzie and Ora Guardianship 1403
Poplin Arthur B. Temp. Administration 7849
Poppel Mrs. Mary N.C.M. 14
Popplewell J. M. Will 5611
Popplewell Simcoe Partition 214
Pore James Temp.Perm. Administration 2017
Porter Evelyn Comm. Administration 7333
Porter Katie Guardianship 3783
Porter, et al L. Roy Guardianship 3784
Porter Mary Will Administration 2640
Porter Mary Temp. Perm. Administration 2667
Porter Tabitha P. Will 2913
Post A. A. Will 7431
Post Caroline L. Will 4461
Post Caroline L. Will 5244
Post Charles R. Will 5831
Potishman Dorothy Guardianship 5983
Potter Eliza Administration 1511
Potter Grace Stewart Guardianship 1296
Potts S. S. Will 3673

Pouncy Georgia Guardianship 3080
Pouncy Georgia A. Guardianship 3132
Pouncy Louis  Administration 7863
Powell Amelia Will 1585
Powell Buna Temp. Guardianship 4053
Powell E. A. Temp. Administration 5176
Powell Fannie L. Will 7085
Powell Julia E. Will 3798
Powell, et al Margaret B. Guardianship 3804
Powell, Jr. T. J. Temp. Administration 5416
Powell, Jr. T. J. Administration 5417
Powell Mrs. Thetis A. Appt. Trustees 1238
Powers Edward  Will 863
Powers Fred Guardianship 2394
Powers, et al Wm. H. Guardianship 7541
Poythress, et al Frank F. Guardianship 8919
Poythress Joe W 7696
Pratt George D. Will 5733
Pratt Joe Comm. Administration 2187
Pratt (Minors) Guardianship 725
Pratt R. B. Temp. Administration 8930
Presley Thomas A. Administration 61
Pressley E. W. Administration 3628
Preston, et al Birdie Guardianship 1779
Prewett J. H. Temp. Administration 2284
Prewett Laura E. Will 2417
Prewett, et al Max Guardianship 2275
Prewett Minnie Comm. Administration 3621
Prewitt J. H. Comm. Administration 3770
Prewitt T. M. Will 2418
Price Doris May Temp.Perm. Guardianship 7879
Price Hannah Will 2967
Price J. M. A. Will 9352
Price Lucinda E. N.C.M. 1365
Price Maggie May N.C.M. 1987
Price Mahalie Temp. Administration 9098
Price (Minors) Guardianship 575
Price Nancy J. Guardianship 137
Price Veolia Webster Will 7464
Price W. A. N.C.M. 146B
Price W. S. Comm. Administration 182
Price William A. Administration 7727
Price Willie L. Guardianship 1529
Prickett Anna Guardianship 1165
Prickett Annie N.C.M. 1559
Prickett, et al Jake Guardianship 1442
Prickett Nathaniel I. Administration 1857
Priddy C. B. Temp. Administration 7433
Pridemore Guy H. Temp. Administration 8821
Priest E. T. Will 3015
Priest Katie E. Temp. Administration 5337
Priest Katie E. Will 5541
Primmer Hazel Guardianship 8434
Primmer Vevia Comm. Administration 8521
Prince Elizabeth Guardianship 936
Prince Elizabeth Guardianship 1231
Prince H. P. Administration 5314
Prince H. P. Temp. Administration 5318
Prince H. P. Comm. Administration 5380
Pringle, et al Nina Guardianship 5157
Pritchard Ella L. Will 8228
Pritchard James G. Guardianship 5728
Pritchard L. G. Will 5673
Pritchard, et al Laurine Guardianship 3238
Pritchard, et al Pauline Comm. Administration 5528
Pritchett Van Buren Will 5085
Probst Erby M. Temp. Administration 5962
Probst, et al Murry Guardianship 7643
Probst Selina P. N.C.M. 21
Proctor E. S. Will 746
Proctor Mace N.C.M. 166
Proctor S. W. Will 597
Prosser Joseph S. Administration 2894
Prosser Lillas C. N.C.M. 2895
Prosser Lillias C. Administration 3112
Prosser Lottie N.C.M. 2865
Prosser Melisse Fox Will 8037
Provine, et al Rubin C. Guardianship 4596
Provine Sarah A. Will and Codicil 8753
Provine Mrs. W. C. Will 4550
Pruitt, et al Mrs. Maggie Temp.Perm. Administration 8013
Pruitt, et al May Guardianship 2275
Puckett C. A. Will 8235
Puckett G. W. Will 7919
Puckett, et al James Robert Guardianship 8902
Pugh, et al Joe N.C.M. 202
Pugh, et al Martha Guardianship 67
Pulliam E. A. Will 1531
Pulliam W. T. Will 3757
Purce Cresy N.C.M. 1780
Purcell Frances A. Will 8471
Purinton Arthur B. Guardianship 751
Purkerson James E. Will 6060
Putman Elizabeth J. Will 4068
Putman Jessie M. Will 3141
Putman John J. Administration 1528
Putman Maria A. Will 8006
Putman Palestine Will 3146
Putman Worthie Guardianship 1654
Putnam C. H. Will 1247
Putnam Morris Temp. Administration 1869
Pyeatt Delbert Guardianship 5327
Pyles A. B. Comm. Administration 1787
Pyles Lewis Administration 239

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