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Index to Tarrant County, Texas Probate Records, 1876-1927



Oakley James C. Will 7973
Oberbeck Claude Guardianship 1180
Oberlin R. A. Comm. Administration 758
Oberwetter Miss Inez N.C.M. 132
O'Brien John N.C.M. 702
Ochs Mrs. Caroline N.C.M. 1639
Ochs Caroline N.C.M. 1783
Ochs Mrs. Low N.C.M. 1342
Ocliff Emma Will 5995
O'Connell Annie Will 4040
O'Connell P. J. Will 4853
O'Conners Patrick Administration 3257
O'Connor Hiram Will 5107
Odell D. W. Temp. Administration 8443
Odell D. W. Will 8760
O'Dond Katie  Will 3905
Officer Geneveve Comm. Administration 5119
Officer Katherine Marie Guardianship 8483
Ogden, et al Winsell Temp. Administration 5429
Ogilvie Fred Temp. Administration 7615
Oglesby J. H. Will 4070
Ogletree, et al Thelma Guardianship 8099
O'Hara Mrs. Lizzie Temp.Perm. Administration 1619
O'Hara Mary Temp. Administration 2959
O'Hara Mary Will 2961
O'Hearn Margaret Temp. Guardianship 3851
O'Hern, et al Mary F. Temp. Guardianship 5704
Ohlendorf Louis Will 1309
Oland Cora M. Will 9197
Oldfield Ola Aline Guardianship 4679
Oldfield Wm. Will 1288
Oldham Leigh Administration 18
Oldham Leigh Reinstate 190
Oldham (Minors) Guardianship 326
Oliver Charles E. Comm. Administration 6000
Oliver Frank Temp. Guardianship 4384
Oliver Miss Lora N.C.M. 2378
Oliver Shelton Perm. Administration 4512
Oliver W. M. N.C.M. 2585
Oliver Walter N.C.M. 69
Oliver Wm. N. Comm. Administration 439
Olsen Oscar Will 3703
O'Malley Kathleen Guardianship 5861
O'Neal Sarah E. Comm. Administration 1699
O'Neall Hattie C. Will 7315
O'Neall Wm. M. Comm. Administration 185
O'Neil  Mary Will 4285
O'Neill Mrs. Fannie N.C.M. 2013
Oppe, et al Amelia Temp. Guardianship 7211
Oppenheimer Michael Comm. Administration 7247
Orahood Alice Thelma Guardianship 7985
Orchard Thos. N.C.M. 2234
Orchard Thos. Comm. Administration 2826
Orear Bettie D. N.C.M.-Guardianship 4258
Orgain W. A. Will 8907
O'Riley (Minors) Guardianship 1042
Orlopp Harry A. Administration 1778
Ormsbee Myrtle H. Temp. Administration 8921
Ormsbee Myrtle H. Will 8926
Ormsby  Frank H. Will 4273
Ormsby, et al Lois Edna Temp. Guardianship 4342
O'Rourke Nellie Administration 2032
Orr Chas. Temp. Administration 2286
Orr R. R. Will 5454
Orrick Chas. N.C.M. 162
Orrick E. C. Will 4181
Ortolani Hugo Administration 5023
Orvig Annie N.C.M. 2943
Orvig Claus Comm. Administration 7961
Orvig Gurine and Claus Administration 8187
Osborne C. H. Comm. Administration 2902
O'Shaughnessy Denis Will 7672
Oswald Joseph Temp. Administration 3689
Oswald Joseph Will 3763
Otis J. K. N.C.M. 2591
Otten Mrs. G. M. Temp. Administration 5745
Ousley Etta Guardianship 2198
Ousley Mrs. Lucy N.C.M. 160
Ousley Miss Lucy N.C.M. 1447
Ousley Wm. Will 1353
Overbey John T. Temp. Administration 9225
Overbey John T. Will 9229
Overhiser Annie Mae N.C.M.-Guardianship 8746
Overlease Geo. M. and Viola Guardianship 1358
Overleese J. D. Guardianship 1723
Overton Augusta N.C.M. 1183
Overton B. F. Administration 336
Overton Mrs. V. A. Will 598
Overton W. H. Comm. Administration 215
Owen J. R. Will 4859
Owen Reynold W. Guardianship 8681
Owen Robert Temp. Administration 6098
Owens  Alma Yarbrough Administration 5680
Owens  Buford Temp. Administration 5207
Owens  Mrs. Elizabeth N.C.M. 207
Owens  Mrs. Elizabeth N.C.M -Guardianship 3506
Owens, et al George H. Temp. Guardianship 3855
Owens  J. S. Will 4755
Owens  Mrs. ? N.C.M. 237
Owens  Oliver W. N.C.M. -Guardianship 5851
Owens, et al Osie Temp. Guardianship 7489
Owens  W. L. N.C.M. 1587
Owens  W. L. Comm. Administration 2239
Oxford Mary F. Comm. Administration 154
Ozee W. J. Will 8074

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