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Index to Tarrant County, Texas Probate Records, 1876-1927



Nagger Mike Guardianship 268
Nail Savannah S. Will 8537
Nance M. M. Will 523
Nance Minnie Gray Will 7516
Nash Charles E. Will 5135
Nash D. A. Administration 1300
Nash David B. Guardianship 7521
Nash Elizabeth Administration 8671
Nash J. T. Guardianship 1045
Nash Julia Administration 1188
Nash Mrs. O. M. Will 7488
Nash Rachael Guardianship 1806
Nash Z. E. B. Will 1661
Nathan Jno. T. Guardianship 2663
Nave Mrs. L. R. Administration 4474
Nawatny L. Guardianship 882
Naylor John Administration 5057
Neace Irenius Will 222
Neal Alonzo Administration 88
Neal C. J. Comm. Administration 170
Neal Catherine Will 854
Neal Charlotte M. Will 7269
Neal James W. Will 8072
Neal, et al Joe Guardianship 9353
Neal S. L.  Temp, Administration 9345
Neal W. O. Will 7523
Nealy J. L. N.C.M. 24
Neary J. H.  N.C.M. 956
Neary E. L.  N.C.M.-Guardianship 1066
Needels, Jr. Charles F. Guardianship 7401
Neely, et al Clara Guardianship 5074
Neely, et al James Gaufley Guardianship 7726
Nehab Gustav Will 7369
Nelson Charley Temp.Perm. Administration 8468
Nelson Charley Administration 8558
Nelson David  Guardianship 4424
Nelson E. H. Comm. Administration 9387
Nelson, et al Frank Guardianship 4339
Nelson Frank Guardianship 4423
Nelson Frank Guardianship 4644
Nelson Jesse Jones Temp, Administration 5628
Nelson Julia Guardianship 9011
Nelson La Trelle Guardianship 1167
Nelson Nannie Guardianship 2484
Nelson Robert Administration 8690
Nelson S. Will 5966
Nelson, et al Sareon Temp. Guardianship 8171
Nelson Virgie Viola Will 4598
Nelson W. B. Temp.Perm. Administration 9191
Nesbit, et al Floyd Guardianship 4895
Nesbitt H. R. Temp, Administration 4886
Nesbitt, et al James Ray Guardianship 7823
Neu Edwin H. Temp, Administration 4907
Neu Edwin H. Perm. Administration 4908
Nevill Emma N.C.M. 50
Nevitt Mrs. Emma N.C.M. 2935
Nevitt Mrs. Emma Guardianship 3122
New Phillip N.C.M. 2523
Newberry Stella Temp. Guardianship 7514
Newby A. N.C.M. 140
Newby Wm. G. Will 4811
Newcomb Frank Temp, Administration 4939
Newcomb Frank Administration 4950
Newcomb, et al Harry Guardianship 4994
Newcomb William Jackson Will 4604
Newcome Mrs. Fannie C. N.C.M. 183
Newell Augusta Will 8858
Newhouse J. C. Will 741
Newland J. W. Comm. Administration 5361
Newman Ella Comm. Administration 3265
Newman, et al Eveart Lawrence Guardianship 2605
Newman Henry N.C.M. 107
Newman Henry L. N.C.M.-Guardianship 3276
Newman J. I. Administration 405
Newman, et al Paul Temp. Guardianship 4976
Newsom S. A. Temp. Administration 9360
Newsome John E. Will 4270
Newsome Joseph Park Comm. Administration 8839
Newsome Richard A. Guardianship 3326
Newson Jessie F. Will 8570
Newton Bettie, Carrie & Jessie Guardianship 485
Newton E. Will 8574
Newton Geo. R. Will 686
Newton, et al Hattie Guardianship 3120
Newton, et al Henry Guardianship 496
Newton M. E. Will 7984
Newton N. A. Comm. Administration 1380
Ney  Edward Guardianship 937
Neylon  W. S. Temp. Administration 9250
Nicholas Jas. U. Temp. Administration 3929
Nicholas, et al Josie Guardianship 3933
Nichols A. H. Will 8041
Nichols A. H. Temp. Administration 8042
Nichols, et al Clara Etna Temp. Guardianship 4054

Nichols Della Comm. Administration 4178
Nichols Elizabeth Comm. Administration 3273
Nichols Gula Bell Guardianship 5787
Nichols J. T. Will 2135
Nichols, Jr. et al J. R. Guardianship 8913
Nichols, et al James Guardianship 569
Nichols John Will 568
Nichols Joe N.C.M. 49
Nichols (Minors) Habeas Corpus 903
Nichols T. A. N.C.M.-Guardianship 3320
Nicholson A. P. Will 2408
Nicholson A. S. Comm. Administration 1222
Nicks J. P. Administration 1877
Nicks (Minors) Guardianship 2419
Nicol D. M. Administration 2611
Nicols T. A. N.C.M. 116
Nierman Zachary Will 2515
Nies Mrs. Eudora L. Comm. Administration 1564
Nies, Jr. et al Geo. E. Guardianship 2164
Nies, Jr. et al Geo. E. Guardianship 2683
Niessley P. E. Temp. Administration 2678
Nigh Emma A. Temp.Pem. Administration 9174
Nilsson John Guardianship 1292
Nininger Ethel V. Guardianship 661
Nipp Emil Temp. Administration 3212
Nix Mrs. Laura N.C.M. 1401
Nixon Chas. H. Temp.Perm. Administration 7657
Nixon Nancy Temp.Perm. Guardianship 8932
Nixon Ray Will 8515
Noble Robert Guardianship 1892
Noe Susan J. Will 2764
Nolan Mrs. Minnie N.C.M. 1825
Nolan Minnie Guardianship 1862
Nolan Minnie Administration 1908
Nolen G. M. Administration 1871
Nolen H. A. Will 5060
Nolen T. B. Temp. Administration 5807
Noll Augustus Administration 4007
Noonon J. O. Administration 403
Nored Eugene Guardianship 4302
Norman E. L.  Temp.Perm. Administration 4766
Norman Millie L. Will 5131
Norris John Will 7224
Norris, et al John Guardianship 8161
Norris John M. N.C.M. 1416
Norris Rebecca Guardianship 15
Norris Rebecca Administration 43
Norritt Mary Will 1129
Norritt William  Administration 1160
Norton, et al Carrie E. Guardianship 2215
Norton Frankie Will 8138
Norton Horace Will 670
Norton J. C. Comm. Administration 1344
Norvell C. H. Administration 398
Norwood Mary Temp. Administration 8903
Norwood W. L. Will 3390
Nowak Rudolphine N.C.M. 1669
Nowell Sarah E. Temp.Perm. Administration 5504
Nucholls, et al Nolen G. Guardianship 4593
Nugent Joseph Will 2403
Nugent T. L. Will 1517
Nunn Sam A. Comm. Administration 8308
Nye Elijah N.C.M. 1435
Nye Mary J. Will 3891

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