FWGS - Probate Records Index - M

Index to Tarrant County, Texas Probate Records, 1876-1927



Maben J. P. Will 434
Maben Mary T. Will 4222
Maben N. M. Comm. Administration 480
Mabrey H. P. Will 547
Mabry Frances  Guardianship 9394
Mabry Geraldine Temp.Perm. Guardianship 4581
Machetti Dominick Temp. Administration 4745
Mack J. L. Will 4761
Mackey Elias Will 3660
Mackey J. W. N.C.M. 2690
Mackey, Jr. Lewis W. Administration 8700
Macon Mrs. D. J. N.C.M. 625
Macpherson Ellen Christy Inheritance Tax 9188
Maddox Benj. P, & James H. Guardianship 254
Maddox E. D. N. C. M. & Guardianship 9276
Maddox Elizabeth Temp. Administration 3418
Madden Gladys Temp. Guardianship 4129
Maddox Marguerite Ann Guardianship 3496
Madden Pat Guardianship 9339
Maddox Payton P. Guardianship 254
Maddox R. E. Administration 3343
Maddox Sallie Will 8236
Maddox, et al Victor F. Guardianship 2880
Maddox W. T. Will 3642
Maddux Mrs. J. S. N. C. M. 2970
Madry J. W. Comm. Administration 2113
Magers Berndina Guardianship 5539
Magers Clarence N. C. M. & Guardianship 7704
Magers Frank & Mrs. M. C. Temp. Administration 5508
Magers Paul D. N. C. M. & Guardianship 5574
Maggio Rosa Will 3353
Maginnis Joseph B. Will 4120
Magnan Etienne Administration 4155
Magnan Etienne Will 4203
Magruder Anna B. Will 7387
Magruder Dr. G. W. Comm. Administration 1134
Magruder Dr. G. W. Comm. Administration 1158
Magruder Kate P. Will 8581
Magruder Mamie L.  Guardianship 1108
Maguire Wm. J. Administration 528
Mahan Adeline Will 572
Mahan Clyde A. Guardianship 4954
Mahan John Administration 697
Mahan John Administration 699
Mahauck Gashon Temp. Administration 4518
Mahew Mrs. M. C. Will 4059
Mahone Tom W. Guardianship 2776
Mahrer Jose Administration 306
Major, et al Townes Guardianship 5355
Major, Jr. W. R. Guardianship 7639
Majors Clara & Lillian Guardianship 2513
Males O. M. Administration 2015
Males Solomon Will 3096
Mallard G. H. Will 8200
Mallick Abraham Will 7758
Malone D. L. Will 2125
Malone J. E. Will 7391
Malone Louella Temp. Guardianship 6042
Malone M. L. Will 4919
Malone Thomas Will 7421
Malone W. L.  Will 1282
Malone Wilburn Guardianship 1640
Maloney E. J. Comm. Administration 1842
Maloney, et al Ed J. Guardianship 3029
Man R. S. Will 2923
Manalle, et al Nickolos Guardianship 1957
Manchester, et al Corinne Guardianship 3216
Manchester Esther A. Will 530
Maney Pat Temp. Administration 159
Mann, et al Edith Guardianship 5363
Mann, et al Harold Guardianship 3547
Mann, et al Richard Guardianship 9047
Mann  Virgil Luther Guardianship 9206
Mann W. L.  Administration 8884
Manney W. H. Administration 1912
Manning Ernest Guardianship 2562
Manning Mrs. Mary Temp. Administration 3124
Mansfield Michael Temp. Administration 6094
Mansfield Michael Will 7001
Marchner Herman Temp. Administration 4801
Marcom J. D. Guardianship 5093
Marcott, et al Charles M.  Guardianship 7659
Marcum J. J. Will 9134
Markell Milton L. Administration 2750
Markgraff Mrs. Beatrice N. C. M. 114
Marklee Jeremiah Will 399
Marks Henry Malvern Will 7028
Marler J. W. Will 5589
Marlett Worth Guardianship 5860
Marley John N. C. M. 868
Marlow C. E. Guardianship 8951
Marney Andrew Temp. Administration 250
Marrs Sam T. Will 5010
Marschal Vernon Temp. Guardianship 3857

Marsh James Will 8331
Marsh Mary Cecelia Will 8973
Marsh  Mrs. Susie Will 5480
Marshall Homer Guardianship 7470
Marshall Jas. Will 308
Marshall L. H. Will 2721
Marshall Louis & Marvin Guardianship 5537
Marshall Mana Comm. Administration 8238
Marshall, et al Mary Kathryn Guardianship 8355
Marshall W. W.  Temp. Administration 7454
Marti Jost Will 9234
Martin C. A. Will 5769
Martin Charles  Administration 1958
Martin Duke L. Will 3882
Martin Effie & Bertie Guardianship 1139
Martin Mrs. Elizabeth Dunn Temp. Administration 8030
Martin, et al F. S. Guardianship 3066
Martin Flora N. C. M. 20
Martin Flora N. C. M. & Guardianship 5619
Martin J. B. Will 5209
Martin J. E. Will 1001
Martin J. N. Will 4459
Martin J. P. N. C. M. 2648
Martin John Will 7960
Martin John E. N. C. M. & Guardianship 3451
Martin Jno. E. N. C. M. 190
Martin L. T. Administration 8002
Martin Lillie L. N. C. M. & Guardianship 7741
Martin Margaret E. Will 8712
Martin Margaret E. Will 5095
Martin Mathi A. Comm. Administration 3521
Martin Mildred N. C. M. 1071
Martin N. P. Temp. Administration 5052
Martin N. P. Administration 5067
Martin Nannie E. Will 1245
Martin Nickey N. C. M. 158
Martin Sidney Will 2343
Martin Vinnie Friend Temp.& Perm. Guardianship 7231
Martin W. A. N. C. M. 260
Martinez R. B. Temp. Administration 5105
Martinson Pearl A. Guardianship 5295
Marvin, et al Roy Grant Guardianship 8968
Marx I. Will 8972
Maserang Jacob Administration 1028
Masey J. V. Administration 1687
Mason C. R. Administration 7056
Mason Jack Administration 7722
Mason Jim N. C. M. 1838
Mason Jim N. C. M 1966
Mason Jonez Guardianship 5048
Mason Lucy Merle Guardianship 7292
Mason, et al Ray Guardianship 3200
Mason Tom  Will 8488
Massengale Myrtle Administration 7141
Massengale, et al Weldon Bailey Guardianship 7942
Massengill P. C. N. C. M. 792
Massey, et al (no name) Guardianship 3026
Massey  Carrie May Guardianship 3488
Massey, et al Duff Guardianship 3019
Massey, et al Murphy N. C. M. 47
Massey, et al Ruth Guardianship 7397
Massey, et al Ruth Guardianship 8045
Massey, et al William T. Guardianship 1893
Massie Isabel A. N. C. M. 2310
Massie J. M. Will 3574
Massie, et al Margaret Ann Guardianship 4599
Master (Minors) Guardianship 2395
Mastin Julian B. Guardianship 4506
Mastin Thos. F. Administration 8023
Mastin Thomas F. Will 9084
Mathers (no name) Guardianship A234
Mathers Kittie Administration 3049
Mathias G. U. S. Will 5744
Mathias Henry  N. C. M 1327
Matiasic, et al Margaret  Guardianship 7945
Matkin Burts Administration 6058
Matlock Alice L. Administration 2427
Matlock Mrs. M. D. Administration 1348
Matranga, et al Christine Guardianship 8749
Matthews  Mrs. N. C. M. 545
Matthews A. Ex. Parte 2653
Matthews Alice Mary Will 7938
Matthews Clarinda Guardianship 2347
Matthews, et al Franklin Guardianship A45
Matthews L. C. Administration A33
Matthews Maurine Guardianship 8840
Matthewson W. E. Will 5596
Maurice C. E. N. C. M. 108
Maury Hilarion A. Temp. Administration 1375
Maury Louis  Will 3397
Maxey Vallita Temp. Guardianship 4429
Maxwell Analiza Comm. Administration 3251
Maxwell C. L. Administration 1931
Maxwell C. W. Will 4142

Maxwell, et al Elizabeth Guardianship 5934
Maxwell J. H.  Temp. Administration 5444
Maxwell Lillian Viola Comm. Administration 3542
Maxwell Oliver T. Temp. Administration 5186
Maxwell Oliver T. Administration 5246
Maxwell W. H. N. C. M. 2876
May Lela Berry W 9304
May Susan Will 1029
May Vera Maurine Guardianship 9055
Mayer Mrs. Amanda Inh. Tax 8362
Mayer Joe Comm. Administration 1438
Mayer Joseph  Administration 2502
Mayer, et al Laura Guardianship 1443
Mayer, et al Laura Guardianship 1616
Mayer, et al Wm.  Guardianship 2529
Mayfield I. J. Will 7924
Mayfield Ike Thomas Temp. Administration 8779
Mayfield Isaac Thomas Will & Codicil 8756
Mayfield Mrs. M. S. Will 7238
Maymon Henry Will 4711
Mayne Carlie Louise Guardianship 8769
Mayne G. C. Will 8375
Mayo Gus Guardianship 8129
Mays Ed N. C. M. 283
Mays Wesley Guardianship 4844
Mayton Jimmy Guardianship 5895
Mayton Susie Will 3527
McAbee, et al Carl Temp. Guardianship 4438
McAdam, et al John E. Guardianship 8188
McAdams D. P. Temp. Administration 4960
McAdams D. P.  Administration 5046
McAdams, et al Edgar Lowe Temp. Guardianship 5862
McAdams J. E. Temp.&Perm.Administration 5560
McAdams Virginia D. Comm. Administration 1157
McAfee G. E. Temp. Administration 5582
McAfee G. E. Administration 5583
McAlister (Minors) Guardianship 519
McAllister, et al Paul C. Temp.& Perm. Guardianship 5549
McAllister, et al Paul C. Temp.& Perm. Guardianship 5570
McAllister  W. J. Will 5577
McAnally D. H. Administration 1388
McAnear Mary Elizabeth Guardianship 8079
McAnear Nancy Temp. Administration 4855
McAnnally Hazel Temp.& Perm. Guardianship 5273
McArdle James Joseph Temp. Guardianship 9287
McArdle James Joseph Temp. Guardianship 9392
McArdle John Will 7407
McArthur M. A. Will 1679
McAuley Lola Temp. Administration 7627
McAuley Lola Comm. Administration 8177
McBride Mrs. N. C. M. 1819
McBride C. N. C. M. 2043
McBride C. & Martha G. Administration 2050
McBride, et al Jno. A. Guardianship 3310
McBride Maggie Comm. Administration 4379
McBurnett, et al Sarah Temp.& Perm. Guardianship 7229
McCabe Caroline L. G. Will 8737
McCabe J. W. Temp. Administration 3707
McCabe John P. Guardianship 8886
McCafferty C. B. Comm. Administration 3512
McCafferty Jno.  Comm. Administration 85
McCaffrey Kittie Guardianship 2375
McCain Eliza A. Temp. Administration 3910
McCain M. E. Comm. Administration 677
McCaleb, et al Neely Temp. Guardianship 4062
McCall J. C. Guardianship 8454
McCall, et al M.C. & John W. Guardianship 271
McCall M. D. (none given) 64
McCall, et al Mary O. Nannie Guardianship 271
McCallen T. F. Guardianship 2410
McCampbell Harry Temp. Administration 3648
McCampbell Willie D. Guardianship 3716
McCanne Alexander C.& Mrs. M.C. Heirship 8354
McCanne C. S. Guardianship 2620
McCarroll S. Guardianship 28
McCart Charlie Guardianship 2414
McCart McGregor Temp. Guardianship 7130
McCart Nancy Will 5521
McCarthy Alma Will 5206
McCarthy Chas. Comm. Administration 2878
McCarthy Joseph E. Will 7910
McCarthy, Jr. Joseph E. Guardianship 8270
McCarthy Magie Guardianship 5364
McCarty, et al Clifford Guardianship 4681
McCarty Julia  Heirship 5902
McCarty  Lena Guardianship 5437
McCarty W. E. Administration 5778
McCary Jessie S. Guardianship 3969
McCaskey Mary F. Will 7535
McCaughan H. D. Will 8493
McCaughan H. D. Temp. Administration 8592
McCaulay L. P. Administration 8213
McCauley W. S. Administration 9315
McClain Averil Guardianship 7440

McClain R. W. Temp. Administration 3489
McClanahan Dora V. Temp. Administration 4217
McClanahan Dora V. Temp. Administration 4224
McClanahan Dora V. Temp. Administration 4228B
McClanahan Mary E. Guardianship 3366
McClaran, et al Muriel Guardianship 5602
McClary Lula Comm. Administration 8080
McClellan J. A. Guardianship 2023
McClellan Robert H. Will 2290
McCloud Dan Terrell Guardianship 5106
McCluer D. H. Administration 8093
McClung A. G. Will 5824
McCluny Mattie N. Comm. Administration 1313
McClure H. Administration 3682
McClure John Temp. Administration 4493
McClure Lillie Will 4580
McConnell John R. Administration 8611
McCord Julia C. Will 1665
McCormick Frances E. Will 4439
McCormick Mime Guardianship 1439
McCowan, et al Mary Guardianship 2897
McCown Mary L. Comm. Administration 48
McCoy Bessie J. Comm. Administration 8640
McCoy D. C. Temp. Administration 3292
McCoy D. C. Will 3316
McCoy Francine L. Guardianship 8066
McCoy Isaac C. Will 4808
McCoy Lucy  Temp. Administration 5512
McCoy Mary Angeline Comm. Administration 7708
McCoy Minerva Will 2003
McCraney Horace Guardianship 3607
McCrany Melvina Comm. Administration 5629
McCrary Mrs. Boyd Will 8607
McCreary Mary D. Will 3899
McCreary Nelson M. Temp. Administration 4256
McCreat Wm.  Guardianship 2175
McCreat Wm.  Guardianship 2186
McCreight Mary Temp. Administration 4468
McCulloch Walker Administration 164
McCullom Mrs. W. L. Receivership 4737
McCullough W. Will 5514
McCully H. K. Administration 4283
McCutchan J. D. Will 5848
McDaniel C. L. Administration 5264
McDaniel Charles L. Will 3687
McDaniel Elijah Guardianship 2787
McDaniel Henry E. Administration 7390
McDaniel J. J. Will 537
McDaniel J. J. Guardianship 1621
McDaniel J. J. Guardianship 1646
McDaniel (Minors) Guardianship 366
McDaniel S. T. Guardianship 7456
McDaniel, et al Sallie Guardianship 1357
McDarum Robt. Guardianship 2739
McDermott J. M. Administration 2708
McDermott Mr. S. Guardianship 4509
McDermott Mr. S. Administration 4619
McDonald Bernice Administration 5897
McDonald Charles H. Administration 5761
McDonald Ella C. Guardianship 3943
McDonald J. H.  Will 4275
McDonald J. H.  Will 4341
McDonald John Guardianship 867
McDonald, Jr. Wm. M. Administration 4983
McDonnell J. R. Will 4620
McDonnell Maurice Administration 4961
McDow Nathan A. Guardianship 4964
McDowell Ray Ella Administration 4411
McDowell T. A. Guardianship 4022
McElrath W. C. Administration 9264
McElroy John Guardianship 8830
McEwen Harvey Lee Guardianship 7065
McFadden J. S. Will 3009
McFadin, et al Alice M. Guardianship 8131
McFall Mattie E. Comm. Administration 9115
McFall Mike Will 2639
McFall Mike Guardianship 2969
McFarlane Henrietta Guardianship 1202
McFoy Eula Guardianship 4566
McGaughey J. H.  Administration 1666
McGee, et al Annie Laurie Guardianship 5507
McGee, et al David Guardianship 2912
McGee H. B. Will 8915
McGee Mildred Guardianship 8016
McGee Peter Will 2211
McGee T. C. Administration 5843
McGee W. F. Administration 7956
McGinness, et al Phillip E. Temp. Guardianship 3493
McGinness  Raymond Temp. Administration 3495
McGinnis Nicholas J. Will 9010
McGinnis Peter Administration 756
McGinnis Raymond Administration 3589
McGinnis Wm.  N. C. M. 1267
McGlaughlin Stella N. C. M. 466

McGonan James Administration 7959
McGouirk Annie Temp. Administration 2369
McGowan Mrs. Ellen Will 3653
McGowan James Administration 7922
McGown Agnes D. Will 4369
McGraw Mrs. Isabella Temp. Administration 1460
McGraw Mrs. Isabella Comm. Administration 1463
McGrew Edgar E. Temp. Administration 4955
McGrew Edgar E. Guardianship 5335
McGrow J. B. Administration 2327
McGuffin Eva N. C. M. 2873
McGuire Charles N. C. M. 100
McGuire J. H.  Guardianship 7215
McGuire John Administration 8743
McGuire S. S. Will 1387
McGuire T. J. Administration 356
McHam G. G. Administration 616
McHam Laura Administration 7765
McIlhaney Patrick Administration 1404
McJilton Mary Guardianship 2142
McKee Helen M. Will 1354
McKee Henry Will 2790
McKee Joseph  Administration 1025
McKee W. M. Will 394
McKenna Mary A. Will 5548
McKey H. J. Administration 2758
McKillen, et al Frances Guardianship 9148
McKillip J. E. Administration 8210
McKinley Susan H. Will 5717
McKinney Mary Ann Guardianship 184-164
McKnight Almer Guardianship 243
McKnight, Jr. Frank Guardianship 5763
McKnight Jessie Frank Guardianship 4763
McKowan Jerry Guardianship 8185
McKowan Ruth Administration 8174
McKown Bill Guardianship 5322
McKown J. L. Administration 5263
McLanahan C. D. N. C. M. 43
McLarren Joe Temp. Guardianship 5823
McLaughlin Ms. S. M. N. C. M. -Guardianship 2071
McLaurin Leslie Administration 5997
McLaurin Mollie Will 8004
McLaury Malona Will 338
McLean, et al Hanson L. Temp.Perm. Guardianship 6099
McLean Jeff D. Temp. Administration 3035
McLean John E. Will 6065
McLean Margaret B. Will 8562
McLean Mima C. Will 5925
McLean Mrs. Nannie Will 3667
McLean W. A. Will 8642
McLean, et al W. P. III Guardianship 4840
McLean, et al William Hunter Guardianship 4841
McLean William P. Will 8450
McLemore S. B. N. C. M. 1250
McLendon John M. Temp. Administration 4557
McLeod Douglas Guardianship 4121
McLeod Mary A. Will 1685
McLin James Will 5394
McLoughlin Frank M. N. C. M. 822
McLoughlin Frank M. N. C. M. 836
McLoughlin Lewis E. Comm. Administration 586
McMahan Wm. L. Guardianship 5267
McMakin Ada and Wm. Guardianship 827
McMann Lyda Administration 4913
McManus Alberta Dickson Administration 7188
McManus Mary N. C. M. -Guardianship 4122
McMican W. R. N. C. M. 1615
McMichael, et al Rowena Guardianship 9184
McMillan Frank N. C. M. 122
McMillan Marion Guardianship 5614
McMillan Raymond J. Guardianship 7341
McMullan J. R. Comm. Administration 553
McMullen, et al Eugen L. Guardianship 4815
McMullin Emily Guardianship 5384
McMurray Blanche and Valera Guardianship 1744
McMurray Chas. and Oscar Guardianship 1307
McMurray, et al Leonard Temp. Perm. Guardianship 5790
McMurray S. C. Comm. Administration 221
McMurray T. E. Temp.Perm. Administration 1144
McNabb Grover D. Temp. Perm. Guardianship 7544
McNabb Grover T. Comm. Administration 5115
McNamara Annie M. Guardianship 5722
McNamara Edward Patrick Comm. Administration 5835
McNamara James Temp. Administration 7658
McNamara James Will 7663
McNamara M. Will 2070
McNamara Mattie Josephine Temp. Administration 7460
McNamara Mattie Josephine Will 7461
McNatt Ada M. Comm. Administration 1999
McNatt Hubert S. Temp.Perm. Administration 9017
McNeely David N. C. M. 587
McNeely M. D. Will 5595
McPherson Clara Guardianship 1653
McPherson J. L. Will 7045

McPherson J. L. Comm. Administration 8088
McQueen Ida Will 5410
McRae D. Will 3890
McRee B. L. N. C. M. 1670
McTeer Eva B. and Grace Temp. Perm. Guardianship 3239
McToy Eula Temp. Guardianship 4589
McVane Dan Guardianship 35
McVean W. Will 4622
McVean W. D. Comm. Administration 2246
McWhirter Katie L. Guardianship 5031
McWright Mamie Administration 5239
Meador Jesse Administration 7732
Meador P. I. Will 4431
Meador Walter A. Will 9172
Medford, et al Cecil Temp.Perm. Guardianship 5438
Medlenka Charles N. C. M. -Guardianship 7667
Medley Ed. N. C. M. 2706
Medley Edward N. C. M. 2768
Medley John Levert Temp. Guardianship 8731
Medling, et al Mahale Temp. Guardianship 3181
Medrand Valentino Temp. Administration 8552
Meeks, et al Henry Edgar Guardianship 1015
Meeks, et al Lillie Comm. Administration 5904
Meeks, et al M. L. Will 4141
Meggs F. D. N. C. M. 2684
Mehaffie, et al Lewis H. Guardianship 1422
Meier Neville C. Administration 1444
Meldin W. O. Administration 1967
Melton, et al Annie M. Guardianship 3226
Melton Howard B. Administration 7896
Melton J. J. Comm. Administration 7438
Melton Jas. T. Administration 3601
Melton, et al Lela Blanche Guardianship 8998
Melton Mary E. Guardianship 828
Melton William O. Administration 8999
Mendel Berta and Wm. Guardianship 591
Mendel Mary W. Will 9058
Mendelson Ruby Guardianship 4553
Menefee, et al Bessie  Set Aside Will 4045
Mercer Houston Administration 4869
Merrell, et al Bruce Temp. Guardianship 7044
Merrett Mollie W. Comm. Administration 1414
Merrill B. E. Administration 119
Merrill R. B. Will 1137
Mershon Wm. H. Temp. Administration 4494
Messenger Mrs. M. T. N. C. M. 345A
Messenger Mrs. M. T. N. C. M. 377
Messenger Martha N. C. M. 561
Metcalf W. H. Administration 636
Metcner Ann N. C. M. 955
Mexican ? N. C. M. 241
Meyer, et al James Guardianship 2638
Meyer Oscar Will 5116
Meyer W. A. Will 8759
Meyers Henry A. Temp. Administration 4931
Mignon A. R. Will 4688
Mignon Helen S. Will 5641
Mihniewicz Paul Comm. Administration 8459
Milam Napoleon Administration 2390
Milan, et al D. C. and Chas. W. Guardianship 1048
Milburn Minnie Sharp Will 9114
Miles Dulcenia Administration 1593
Miles Dulcenia Administration 1605
Miles Dulcenia Administration 1608
Miles Kathleen Guardianship 1762
Miles Maynard D. Will 8460
Miles Nellie Will 7595
Miles Oscar Administration 9601
Milholland A. H. Comm. Administration 1884
Miligan John Guardianship 127
Millard Geo. F. Will 1433
Miller ? N. C. M. 218
Miller Alex N. C. M. 1785
Miller Alex N. C. M. 1826
Miller Alfred E. Temp. Administration 7492
Miller Amanda N. C. M. 366A
Miller C. R. N. C. M. 163
Miller Caroline and S. P. Will 2301
Miller, et al Chas. S. Set Aside Will 4193
Miller Clifford Lee Guardianship 8662
Miller Clyde Guardianship 8199
Miller E. E. Temp.Perm. Administration 7789
Miller, et al Edith Guardianship 3580
Miller, et al Edith Guardianship 4163
Miller Elizabeth Will 4109
Miller Elizabeth Set Aside Will 4193
Miller Embers Lee Guardianship 9399
Miller Etta Temp.Perm. Administration 4231
Miller Evelyn and Eudora Temp. Guardianship 3002
Miller Frances Kathryn Guardianship 9398
Miller Francis Comm. Administration 8054
Miller Frieda Will 4077
Miller George E. Will 7564
Miller George E. Temp. Administration 7566

Miller Mrs. H. C. Administration 3334
Miller, et al Harry S. Guardianship 2543
Miller Helen Eldora Temp. Perm. Guardianship 7795
Miller Henry Julian Temp.Perm. Guardianship 7629
Miller J. B. Comm. Administration 3377
Miller J. C. Temp. Administration 6032
Miller J. W. Administration 253
Miller Jacob Temp. Administration 943
Miller James T. Will 3997
Miller Joe N. C. M. 150
Miller Jno. F. Will 2832
Miller Lena Comm. Administration 2613
Miller Louis T. Temp. Administration 5422
Miller Lula Temp. Administration 4970
Miller Lula Administration 4995
Miller Lula Clay Will 5392
Miller Mrs. N. C. M. 562
Miller M. V. Will 3144
Miller, et al Mary E. Temp. Guardianship 4524
Miller Marjory E. Guardianship 3685
Miller Matthew Administration 2154
Miller, et al Melba Guardianship 7534
Miller Mrs. Minnie Will 8233
Miller Mollie J. Guardianship 74
Miller Nannie Will 4078
Miller Sadie Elizabeth Temp. Administration 8414
Miller Samuel H. Will 1659
Miller, et al W. M. Set Aside Will 4193
Miller William James Will 8439
Millican Bill C. Guardianship 4147
Millican, et al Francis Guardianship 1795
Millican James K. Will 7147
Millican Mary Comm. Administration 642
Millican Mary E. Guardianship 1938
Millican Mary E. Guardianship 1962
Millican Mary E. Guardianship 2744
Millican Minerva Will 1363
Millican, et al Ola May Guardianship 8553
Millican S. E. Administration 1306
Mills Benjamin C. Administration 3423
Mills Clarence Guardianship 2822
Mills James Herman Will 7193
Mills James Knox Guardianship 5232
Mills Jennie Comm. Administration 7459
Mills Jessie May Guardianship 8104
Mills John H. Administration 8403
Mills, et al Lillian C. Guardianship 5705
Mills Lula May Guardianship 2346
Milton C. E. W. Heirship 3993
Milton James T. Administration 3520
Milton Solon Guardianship 7937
Mims Mary E. Administration 8482
Mims Shadrack Will 8824
Minge Mary C. Administration 4565
Minor Homer Guardianship 3436
Mitchell A. C. Temp. Perm. Guardianship 7982
Moffett, et al Alla Guardianship 2326
Mitchell Anna Will 3486
Mitchell, et al Anna May Guardianship 5646
Mitchell C. G Comm. Administration 2710
Mitchell Chester L. Temp. Guardianship 5640
Mitchell Chester Lawrence Guardianship 7057
Mitchell Cora Guardianship 401
Mitchell E. M. Will 3291
Mitchell E. T. N. C. M. 76
Mitchell, et al Ethel Pearl Guardianship 8340
Mitchell Mrs. Fannie P. Administration 4156
Mitchell Gracie Comm. Administration 8738
Mitchell Ida Guardianship 1955
Mitchell J. S. N. C. M. 2156
Mitchell J. W. Will 531
Mitchell John Douglas Will 8009
Mitchell Mary A. Will 4496
Mitchell Myrtle Guardianship 1773
Mitchell Patrick N. C. M. 541
Mitchell Pauline Temp. Perm. Guardianship 7859
Mitchell Mrs. R. K. Temp. Perm. Administration 8364
Mitchell Samuel Administration 157
Mitchell W. D. Will 3505
Mitchell Wm. N. C. M. 987
Mitchell, et al Wm. N. C. M. 1044
Mitchener Jack Guardianship 4951
Mittler Wm. Temp. Administration 1508
Mock Mrs. Mary L. N. C. M. -Guardianship 7831
Moellendick Mrs. Adda Will 6027
Moeller August Will 7947
Moffitt, et al Gail Barkley Temp. Perm. Guardianship 7621
Moffitt Horace B. Temp. Administration 5407
Moffitt Horace B. Administration 5409
Momey W. R. N. C. M. -Guardianship 9171
Momey W. R. Temp. Perm. Administration 9260
Mondon James Temp. Administration 7139
Mondon James Administration 7185
Moneyhaw Jno.  N. C. M. 2325

Monnig Emma Comm. Administration 1927
Monnig Geo. B. Will 5780
Monnig, et al Ollie Guardianship 3223
Monnig Otto  Will 3008
Monnig Otto E. Will 2112
Monnyhan Laura May N. C. M. 208
Monnyhan Laura May N. C. M. 214
Monohan John M. Will 358
Montague A. W. Will 4590
Monte Mrs. N. C. M. 1566
Montgomery Arthur Julius Temp. Guardianship 7967
Montgomery Mona Belle Guardianship 8368
Montgomery Neubern N.C.M. Temp. Guardianship 9301
Montgomery Mrs. Ollie Comm. Administration 9180
Moody John M. Comm. Administration 3741
Moody L. H. N. C. M.-Guardianship 7601
Moody T. O. Administration 84
Mooney James Will 2532
Moore A. B. Will 3429
Moore Charles M. Administration 8327
Moore Earl Temp. Perm. Guardianship 5809
Moore, et al Ella Louise Guardianship 4799
Moore, et al Ella Louise Guardianship 4839
Moore Ernestine Guardianship 8424
Moore Etta V. Comm. Administration 1128
Moore G. F. Temp. Perm. Administration 4154
Moore Gertrude Caroline Guardianship 7669
Moore, et al Gladys Guardianship 5774
Moore H. Oscar Temp. Administration 5030
Moore H. Oscar Administration 5061
Moore Hattie R. Temp. Perm. Guardianship 2903
Moore Henrietta Comm. Administration 4213
Moore J. L. Comm. Administration 256
Moore J. M. Comm. Administration 2305
Moore, Jr., et al J. W. Guardianship 5196
Moore, Jr., et al J. W. Guardianship 5359
Moore James Will 3875
Moore, et al James Guardianship 3117
Moore Jas. F. Will 3679
Moore John A. Will 4047
Moore Mrs. Kathleen L. Temp. Administration 2760
Moore Mrs. Kathleen L. Will 2793
Moore Kathrine Guardianship 7116
Moore Kemper M. Guardianship 2462
Moore L. P. N. C. M. 120
Moore L. P. N. C. M. -Guardianship 3313
Moore L. P. Temp. Administration 3331
Moore Mrs. Lillian N. C. M. -Guardianship 7715
Moore Lilly Will 1423
Moore, et al Lucile Guardianship 8924
Moore Mrs. Lucy N. C. M. 2945
Moore Lula Administration 1470
Moore Mamie H. Comm. Administration 3045
Moore Mrs. Margaret L. Temp. Perm. Administration 4692
Moore Mary A. Will 1600
Moore Mary Davis Temp. Guardianship 5814
Moore Milton Will 4295
Moore, et al Minnie May Guardianship 5149
Moore (Minors) Guardianship 1272
Moore R. Dudley Comm. Administration 5784
Moore Mrs. R. E. Will 5474
Moore Mrs. Rachel E. Temp. Administration 8305
Moore Rebecca C. Temp. Administration 2948
Moore Rhoda E. N. C. M. 173
Moore Richard Guardianship 3494
Moore Ruby Jane Guardianship 5531
Moore Mrs. Sarah A. Temp. Perm. Administration 8843
Moore T. W. Will 2594
Moore Thelma Temp. Perm. Guardianship 5344
Moore Tom G. Temp. Administration 5434
Moore Tracy Administration 8991
Mooreland Frank N.C.M. Temp. Guardianship 7983
Moorman Chas. C. Temp. Administration 2169
Moorman Early Norris Comm. Administration 8526
Moorman, et al Mary Gertrude Guardianship 9312
Morehead H. N. Will 7342
Morehead Mrs. Mattie B. Will 8863
Morehouse Sarah Margaret Will 5205
Moreman C. M. Temp. Administration 5280
Morey Annie Will 4000
Morey Chas. N. N.C.M. Guardianship 1049
Morgan A. G. Will and Codicil 9338
Morgan D. N. C. M. 1774
Morgan Dave N. C. M. 1913
Morgan Dorothy Guardianship 7094
Morgan Emma D. Will 9354
Morgan Eva Temp. Administration 8575
Morgan J. S. Temp. Administration 1095
Morgan M.A.J. and James Thomas Guardianship 1113
Morgan Mary Temp. Guardianship 9041
Morgan Nettie Will 8469
Morgan Vedora Guardianship 4632
Morgan Vidora Temp. Guardianship 4327
Moriarity Fergus Will 9177

Morin Chas. Guardianship 753
Morphis Mary S. Will 7752
Morris Brink Will 1184
Morris Charles Temp. Perm. Administration 5506
Morris Donovan Temp. Perm. Guardianship 5551
Morris, et al Fannie I. Guardianship 3336
Morris Henry Temp. Administration 8568
Morris Mrs. Isabella Will 8145
Morris Ivy Comm. Administration 5913
Morris J. C. Comm. Administration 5796
Morris J. E. Will 9075
Morris John C. Administration 365
Morris Lorena Guardianship 7167
Morris Virginia Guardianship 8463
Morris Wm. F. Will 5349
Morrison Barney N. C. M. 1055
Morrison Jeneva Temp. Guardianship 4696
Morrison John P. Will 259
Morrison Mrs. Matilda Administration 2746
Morrison Maude Comm. Administration 7186
Morrison William Preston Temp. Perm. Guardianship 9072
Morrow Grace May Temp. Perm. Guardianship 8897
Morrow H. M. Will 2839
Morrow James Thomas Guardianship 8539
Morrow John E. Guardianship 383
Morrow, et al Paul C. Guardianship 5103
Morrow, et al Vinita Guardianship 4124
Mosaly E. S. Will 8269
Moseley Banda Guardianship 860
Moseley Henry Administration 954
Moser Adolph N. C. M. 13
Mosier Ahra L. Guardianship 209
Mosier Sarah E. Guardianship 210
Mosier Wm. M. Guardianship 211
Mosley Lewis Temp. Administration 7522
Moss Aubrey D. Administration 8548
Moss John R. Guardianship 8549
Moss Sarah Jane Will 5399
Mosteller M. M. Comm. Administration 8216
Moten, et al John D. Temp.Perm. Guardianship 8678
Mothershead E. W. Will 9274
Mothershead Juanita  Guardianship 7090
Mothershead, et al Robert Guardianship 2249
Mothershead W. P. Comm. Administration 2238
Mountain D. F. Will 1536
Mountcastle G. C. N. C. M. -Guardianship 5905
Mountcastle G. C. Will 7308
Mountcastle W. E. Administration 5200
Mountcastle W. E. Guardianship 5201
Muckle, et al Mary Guardianship 493
Muense Mary Will 8297
Mugg John Guardianship 244
Muhlinghaus D. Administration 313
Muhlinghaus Mary A. Will 236
Muhlinghaus (Minors) Guardianship 324
Muir A. E. N. C. M.-Guardianship 8316
Mulkey Mrs. E. M. N. C. M. -Guardianship 4912
Mulkey Mrs. E. M. Will 5664
Mulkey George H. Temp. Administration 9100
Mulkey George H. Will 9106
Mulkey Harriet E. Will 859
Mulkey J. I. Will 2874
Mulkey Minnie E. Comm. Administration 257
Mulkey S. H. Will 3902
Mulkey S. H. Temp. Administration 3975
Mulkin Laura E. Will 7351
Mullaley T. W. Temp. Administration 4123
Mullane Carrie Will 3719
Muller Mary Kathlee Guardianship 4868
Mullins Alice, Maggie, & Peter J. Guardianship 619
Mullins Martin N. C. M. 2371
Mulvey Jennie N. C. M. 2127
Munn T. E. N. C. M. 154
Munos Agelita Guardianship 4030
Munsey Mrs. A. E. Temp. Perm. Administration 5509
Munsey, Jr. John A. Guardianship 1022
Munsey  Judson Guardianship 9372
Murcheson Miss Ella Inheritance Tax 9187
Murchison, Jr. E. P. Temp. Guardianship 7862
Murchison Ella  Will 9267
Murchison Gertie Will 5296
Murchison, et al Lillian Guardianship 2606
Murillo Eusebis Temp. Administration 7829
Murphree Alberta G. Guardianship 2697
Murphree J. D. N. C. M. 1878
Murphu W. T. Comm. Administration 1907
Murphy H. M. Will 6074
Murphy Henry N. C. M. 1835
Murphy Howard N. C. M.-Guardianship 9022
Murphy Jimmie Ray Guardianship 3375
Murphy Lula N. C. M. 2725
Murphy M. J. Temp. Perm. Administration 7869
Murphy Mrs. M. J. Will 2980
Murphy M. V. Will 3400

Murphy Margaret J. Will 3016
Murphy Sarah A. Will 3986
Murray Patrick Administration 5224
Murrell, et al Carl Guardianship 4572
Murrell Cynthia A. Will 5130
Murrell Elizabeth A. & Wm. L. Administration 5435
Murrell Maggie Administration 4861
Murrell, et al Nugent Guardianship 3209
Murrey J. E. Will 3559
Murrey Raymond Guardianship 1578
Murrin Stephen Will 3747
Murrin Steve N. C. M. 2548
Muse, et al Loyd Edison Temp. Perm. Guardianship 4609
Musselman Birch Administration 799
Mussett Amelia L. Will 7821
Mussett J. P. Will 7683
Mustard Ada Large Loar Will 7451
Myer James A. Temp. Administration 3887
Myers James A. Will 3889
Myhand, et al Ashsah May Guardianship 5915
Myles Alice N. C. M. 992
Myrick Mrs. Bertie Will 5354
Myrick J. F. Will 5813
Myrick Lydia Temp. Perm. Guardianship 7033

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