FWGS - Probate Records Index - L

Index to Tarrant County, Texas Probate Records, 1876-1927



La Cava Albert Comm. Administration 1541
La Croix N. Will 2492
La Croix, et al June Guardianship 7650
Labhart S. Will 7638
Lacy A. F. Will 9083
Ladd Eliza Comm. Administration 392
Lahey Joe Comm. Administration 3409
Lahey Leo Temp. Guardianship 4348
Laird Rosa May Guardianship 216
Lake Ida Bell Comm. Administration 9009
Lally F. Comm. Administration 885
Lamb Glen Administration 7365
Lamb J. S. Comm. Administration 3664
Lamborn C. W. Administration 617
Lamote August Will 5866
Lampe George Comm. Administration 5889
Lampkin C. A. Administration 3732
Lampton Bill Guardianship 7237
Lancaster Charles Wagner Will 7316
Lancaster Jessie Wade Guardianship 8134
Lance Albert Edward Temp. Administration 8799
Landel Amanda Guardianship 984
Landess E. E. Guardianship 1094
Landess  E. E. Guardianship 1286
Landrum Addie S. Comm. Administration 1695
Landrum Cora L. Will 5608
Landy Gertie Guardianship 169
Lane Lena Will 4816
Lane R. L. Will 9063
Lane  Sallie V. Administration 3371
Lane Sam Administration 3175
Lane Sarah F. Will 4003
Lane W. J. Will 8603
Laneri Antonio Administration 1674
Laneri Clara Will 4959
Laneri George D. Will 5620
Laneri Julia Fay Guardianship 2091
Laneri Nannie Graves Will 5532
Lanford Amanda Guardianship 1662
Langford Sandy Guardianship 2644
Langiver, et al (Minors) Guardianship 718
Langless Joe Guardianship 991
Langley Mattie L. Temp. Administration 3115
Langley Mattie L. Will 3134
Lanius William  Will 5323
Lankford, et al Madeline Guardianship 5479
Lankford, et al Merrill Harris Guardianship 9278
Lansky Annie and Harry Guardianship 1776
Larason Lee Administration 4110
Lard, et al Vernon Guardianship 8692
Largent Wilbur D. Guardianship 7642
Largin R. N. Administration 5866
Larimer Sarah Luse Will 4187
Larkin A. C. Administration 1519
Larkin Adeline and Robert Guardianship 2110
Larkin William A. Guardianship 1295
Larson John Administration 8875
Larson Nancy J. Administration 8421
Lary F. B. Will 8639
Lashlee B. F. Comm. Administration 8563
Lashley Sallie B. Will 4929
Laskie J. B. Will 9333
Laskie L. E. Guardianship 301
Lassiter R. H. Will 2919
Latimer J. D. Comm. Administration 627
Latimer, Jr. John B. Guardianship 9030
Laurie H. G. Administration 7768
Lavender, et al Fred Guardianship 1984
Lavender  Julia I. Will 5420
Lavender, et al Walter Guardianship 5419
Lavin Martin In. Tax 8281
Law Missouri Belle Will 5985
Lawing A. Administration 7932
Lawing W. T. Comm. Administration 7346
Lawless Charles H. Administration 4319
Lawless Mrs. Jane Will 7294
Lawrence, et al A.J., Isabella, Wm. H. Guardianship 834
Lawrence  Emma G. Will 1834
Lawrence Jno. F. Will 5930
Lawson  George Administration 4084
Lawson Mrs. M. E. Administration 4133
Lawson Margaret Emma Will 4500
Lawson, et al Minnie Guardianship 3733
Lay Hattie Will 7857
Lazenby Henry Will 5345
Leach, et al Ann Eliza Administration 905
Leach Jonathan H. Will 3218
Leach Leland Roy Guardianship 3280
Leach  Sarah E. Will 1945
Leadingham Walter N.C.M. 1990
Leahey William Will 5716
Leak Millie Will 5782
Leath J. E. Temp. Administration 7794
Leath J. E. Will 8466

Ledbetter S. M. Will 582
Ledbetter S. M. Will 5477
Ledgerwood H. O. Will 4709
Ledingham Walter N.C.M. 196
Ledingham Walter Guardianship 3466
Lee A. J. Administration 200
Lee Mrs. Belle Guardianship 6057
Lee D. L. Temp. Administration 5468
Lee Dillard N.C.M. 45
Lee G. W. N.C.M. 1937
Lee John Temp.Perm. Administration 1379
Lee John Administration 1540
Lee John Administration 1726
Lee Josie Will 6081
Lee Mrs. L. V. E. Will 5391
Lee Louisa N.C.M. 355A
Lee Nelson Temp. Administration 5529
Lee Nelson Temp. Administration 5736
Lee, et al Mrs. Rebecca J. Will 3398
Lee Shelly N.C.M. 356A
Lee, et al Wm. N. Guardianship 72
Leehy John Will 1347
Lees Mrs. Mary Temp. Administration 2031
Lehane Annie E. Will 2686
Lehman  Lina Will 8687
Lehman, et al William Temp. Guardianship 8686
Lehmberg Adolph and Paul L. Guardianship 916
Leito Charles Guardianship 7101
Lenglet Arthur C. Guardianship 5922
Lenglet Oscar M. Will 5208
Lens Albert  Will 7118
Leonard Mrs. A. E. Administration 5631
Leonard A. F. Administration 13
Leonard J. N. Guardianship 378
Leonard Lillian M. Guardianship 4362
Leslie, et al Myrtle L. Temp. Guardianship 3759
Lesser Salina Administration 1228
Lester, et al Raymond H. Temp. Administration 7271
Lester, et al Robert D. Guardianship 3421
Letchworth Addie  Temp. Administration 5240
Letterle, Jr., et al Fred J. Guardianship 9389
Levenson Benjamin Will 9164
Levy Mrs. Addie Will 8803
Levy Sam Will 8677
Lewellen, et al James  Guardianship 7025
Lewis Althea B. Will 8649
Lewis Annie  Will 4227
Lewis Arthur Temp. Guardianship 7649
Lewis, et al Bertha M. Temp.Perm. Guardianship 5179
Lewis, et al Billy Guardianship 5661
Lewis Mrs. Carrie N.C.M. 1260
Lewis Cassie N.C.M.-Comm.Administration 1266
Lewis Cole Guardianship 3054
Lewis Donna Comm. Administration 3030
Lewis Ed N.C.M. 1888
Lewis Eliza Ann Administration 9156
Lewis Elizabeth P. Will 4254
Lewis Hannah Will 3055
Lewis Hattie M. Will 5974
Lewis Ida N.C.M. 10
Lewis James B. Will 8487
Lewis John W. Will 4255
Lewis Johnie Temp. Guardianship 7367
Lewis Leroy Temp. Guardianship 3413
Lewis Lillian N.C.M. 15
Lewis Nellie H. Will 8790
Lewis Pierce K. Guardianship 8567
Lewis Sam K. Will 9355
Lewis, et al Tommie Walker &Rich. W. Comm. Administration 2379
Lewis W. A. Temp. Administration 4280
Lewis W. T. Temp. Administration 9196
Lewis Walter H. Will 8849
Lewis Wm. B. Temp. Administration 8272
Lewis William B. Heirship 9046
Lieb A. Temp. Administration 1374
Liedke Hugo Comm. Administration 7989
Lieto, et al Hattie Allene Guardianship 6006
Liggett L. H. Administration 4700
Lightfoot Martha Elizabeth Will 7005
Ligon Celeste Guardianship 109
Ligon Emma E. Temp. Administration 4585
Ligon, et al Hazel J. Guardianship 8259
Ligon J. M. Administration 7812
Liles, et al Paul Temp. Guardianship 8559
Lillie Henry L. Temp. Administration 8871
Limmer Emma Will 4026
Lindley Jacob M. Guardianship 5
Lindsay Wm. Landon Administration 7275
Lindsey, et al Clarence McKnight Guardianship 8688
Lindsey Lois Elizabeth Guardianship 5840
Lindsey Rufus Guardianship 522
Lindsey W. V. Administration 2119
Ling, et al Leona Guardianship 4778
Ling Y. P. Administration 5669

Lingenfelter E. P. Will 7927
Lingenfelter E. P. Administration 7929
Lingstein Carl Guardianship 2560
Link H. H. Guardianship 2088
Link Nancy Will 7802
Linquist Mary J. Will 4658
Linthicum Emma Will 4158
Linville S. Will 4185
Lipscomb, et al Carrie L. Guardianship 3018
Lipscomb Clara May Comm. Administration 4004
Lipscomb Clara May Administration 4391
Lipscomb, et al G. C. Guardianship 3796
Lipscomb Wm. S. Guardianship 362
Lisco Mrs. Sarah G. Temp. Administration 1569
Lisco, et al Will B. Guardianship 1732
List  Alfred C. Will 4136
Liston Addison Guardianship 2976
Litsey Georgie Comm. Administration 4218
Litsey, et al Mary Temp. Guardianship 4056
Little, et al Alma Guardianship 3412
Little Mrs. Annie Guardianship 151
Little Ben F. Will 7586
Little Fred Guardianship 4207
Little Honard D. Will 3758
Little J. B. Will 4238
Little James Calvin Guardianship 534
Little Mrs. Maggie Will 5924
Little Mollie Rice Comm. Administration 5927
Little W. H. Will 4794
Littlefield Frank Administration 5360
Litton S. A. Will 4501
Livingston Dixie Lee Guardianship 7453
Livingston, et al Marvin Willis Guardianship 9324
Loar S. R. Comm. Administration 3167
Lobban Alice Stewart Will 8509
Lobban Alice Stewart Will 8514
Lobban Alice Stewart Will 8516
Lochrie James Guardianship 11
Locke Almon A. Will 8393
Locke Grace L. Guardianship 3333
Lockett Cecil Comm. Administration 5818
Locklear Ormer Temp. Administration 6083
Locklear Ormer Temp. Administration 6089
Locklear Ormer Will 7038
Locklear Ormer Will 7100
Loftin Emma Comm. Administration 402
Loftis Martin Guardianship 36
Lofton John T. Will 7297
Loftus Martin Temp. Administration 3121
Logan, et al Agnes Guardianship 1808
Logan, et al Bertha Guardianship 1681
Logan Bessie and Ernest Guardianship 1589
Logan Joseph A. Administration 812
Logan  Martha D. Guardianship 1965
Logsdon A. S. Will 8997
Logue William C. Guardianship 153
Lomax Estelee Will 7074
Lomer Walter Abraham Will 2608
Lond James Administration 600
Long Edwin Ellis Guardianship 9109
Long Eliza N.C.M. - Guardianship 1827
Long James Roy Guardianship 7411
Long, et al Mary Guardianship 5610
Long W. M. Administration 7805
Long Wm. H. Administration 4930
Longer Vincent Will 7412
Lopez Emerterio and Adolfo Guardianship 4867
Lopp, et al John R. Guardianship 7677
Lopp, et al Tommie Audrie Guardianship 7359
Lord Charles G. Will 7075
Lord Charlie N.C.M. 172
Lord, et al Geraldine G. Guardianship 7331
Lord J. C. Will 8969
Lotspeich Florence N.C.M. 2915
Lotspeich, et al Viola Guardianship 5739
Loughery M. J. Will 4159
Loughry James E. N.C.M. 17
Loughry Mrs. M. C. Administration 8857
Louis Johnie Temp. Guardianship 7367
Love Carstroma Guardianship 3338
Love Mary E. Administration 5467
Love Willie Guardianship 3971
Lovegreen Peter N.C.M. 100A
Lovejoy Mrs. C. A. Nuncupative Will 5498
Lovejoy Mrs. C. A. Temp. Administration 5503
Loveland W. Comm. Administration 774
Lovett Wm. N.C.M. 1061
Loving J. C. Comm. Administration 2276
Loving, et al Jno. S. Guardianship 2505
Lowe Andrew T. Will 3549
Lowe Annie E. and Charley E. Guardianship 2304
Lowe  Emmet Guardianship 1772
Lowe Frank M. Will 5007
Lowe Hazel  Guardianship 3639

Lowe  J. M. Temp. Administration 2297
Lowe J. M. Will 2298
Lowe J. W. Will 5770
Lowe  Janie Guardianship 1719
Lowe  John A. and Lewis Guardianship 262
Lowe Morgan Guardianship 5690
Lowe Mrs. Sarah T. Temp, Administration 3841
Lowe  V. Will 2001
Lowe  W. C. Temp. Administration 1501
Lowenstein Lillian M. B. Temp.Perm. Guardianship 4241
Lowrey Mrs. Willie M. Clark Will 8211
Loyd Elizabeth C. N. C. M. & Guardianship 4039
Loyd Gussie & Ila Guardianship 5134
Loyd Gussie & Ila Guardianship 5956
Loyd Harrold Guardianship 3734
Loyd Luther Guardianship 1867
Loyd Luther Guardianship 3502
Loyd M. B. Will 3909
Loyd Margaret A. Will 1494
Loyd Rush Will 1988
Loyd Rush W. Administration 3721
Loydon Peter Will 2963
Luallin Allen F. Administration 3789
Luallin Effie M. Will 3940
Luallin Esteline Temp. Guardianship 4055
Lucas, et al C. J. Will 4482
Lucas, et al Emma T. N.C.M. - Guardianship 4548
Lucas, et al Mittie Lorene Guardianship 3568
Lucas, et al Thelma Guardianship 3570
Lucas, et al Wingate H. Guardianship 3569
Luce Hira M. Comm. Administration 9092
Lucius J. N.C.M. 247
Lucius J. N.C.M. 251
Luck Byron Bedford Temp. Administration 8890
Luck  Byron Bedford Will 8870
Luckett A. P. Will 3558
Luckett Charles N.C.M. 1677
Luckett Mary W. Will 1936
Luckett Mattie McL. Will 9168A
Luckett T. N. Will 1293
Lucore Mrs. N.C.M. 2254
Ludy Wm. P. Guardianship 602
Luedtke August Temp.Perm. Administration 9135
Lumley Wm. C. Administration 7979
Lumpkin Albert Meritus Temp. Administration 8917
Lumpkin Albert Meritus Will 8920
Lund Nelson Administration 608
Lundy Della N.C.M. 271
Lundy Gertie N.C.M. 91
Lunetta Joe Will 4533
Luniak Ida Comm. Administration 4115
Luniak Irene Guardianship 3976
Lupton Thomas N. Administration 4006
Lusby John F. Will 4106
Lusby, et al Rowan Guardianship 8695
Luse R. G. Will 5711
Lusk Mrs. E. I. Will 5854
Lusk Jeanette E. Guardianship 4486
Lusk Lydia E. Will 2486
Lutes John Will & Temp. Guardianship 4729
Luton, Jr., et al John Sidney Temp. Perm. Guardianship 7117
Luts Martha S. Will 3060
Luttrell J. N. N.C.M. 1794
Luttrell James M. Temp. Administration 3565
Luttrell Jesse N.C.M. 1713
Luttrell Wm. H. Will 3193
Lydick Mary D. Will 4160
Lyerley Calvin C. Will 9314
Lyle, et al Georgia L. Temp. Guardianship 4464
Lyle Josephine Will 2842
Lyle Thomas L. Temp. Guardianship 4428
Lyle, Jr. Thomas Luther Guardianship 5762
Lyle Will Will 9166
Lyles Ida Will 8438
Lyles J. M. Will 2232
Lyles Virginia Will 8960
Lyman B. T. Administration 1505
Lynch Edwin Temp. Administration 3491
Lynch Wm. E. HD-N.C.M.-Temp.Guardian. 8627
Lyons Annie Will 4179
Lyons Georgia Will 3258
Lyons Georgia Will 4146
Lytle J. C. Guardianship 320
Lytle Jas. N.C.M. 2288
Lytle Jas. Roy N.C.M. 2389
Lytle John W. Temp.Perm. Administration 5962

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