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Index to Tarrant County, Texas Probate Records, 1876-1927



Kam John N.C.M. 1182
Kaiser Anna Will 3961
Kaiser Will N.C.M. 2953
Kalvas Henan Administration 1577
Kalvas Herman Comm. Administration 1588
Kampeter Fred Joseph Temp.Perm. Administration 7144
Kane E. P. Administration 1126
Kane J. J. Temp. Administration 2114
Karklits Amanda D. Will 8148
Karnes, et al Albert Guardianship 7235
Karnes I. L. Temp. Administration 7200
Karo Eugene N.C.M. 191
Kasminskey Antoni Administration 5746
Kavanaugh Francis J. Temp. Administration 8541
Kavanaugh Frances J. Temp.Perm. Administration 8741
Kavanaugh W. B. Temp.Perm. Administration 8742
Kay, et al Pearl Guardianship 3344
Kaysing Henry N.C.M. 2626
Kaysing Henry N.C.M. 2950
Keathley Maurine Guardianship 4956
Keating Dan Temp. Administration 7160
Keating Jeremiah D. Will 5138
Keegan Virgie Guardianship 6073
Keeler Adelphine F. Will 7991
Keeler David Burr Will 5557
Keen Newton E. Comm. Administration 8133
Keenan E. C. Administration 2181
Keene Margaret R. Will 4578
Keever Tom Will 5402
Keiley John T. Temp. Administration 7107
Keiley John T. Will 7112
Kein, et al Clara C. Guardianship 391
Kein, et al Francis Guardianship 406
Keisel, et al Irma D. Guardianship 2422
Keith B. E. and Eda Guardianship 1823
Keith George T. Will 4477
Keith Mary Ella Comm. Administration 1629
Kelive E. P. Guardianship 834
Kellar Reubin Administration 161
Keller Amanda M. Will 1283
Keller Elizabeth Administration 3210
Keller O. W. Administration 891
Keller, et al Ruth Guardianship 3203
Kelley A. Administration 4883
Kelley Etta Administration 5857
Kelley Helen Marie Guardianship 4191
Kelley Helen Marie Guardianship 4192
Kelley Robert Thomas Will 8801
Kelley Walter Guardianship 176
Kellorn John Guardianship 2165
Kellum L. J. Administration 5250
Kelly Anna Temp. Administration 5490
Kelly Dorothy Temp. Guardianship 4388
Kelly, et al Florence M. Guardianship 2102
Kelly, et al H. R. Guardianship 153
Kelly Helen Guardianship 4191
Kelly Henry H. Temp. Administration 8809
Kelly J. H. Administration 144
Kelly J. J. Will 5825
Kelly John N.C.M. 1195
Kelly John Irvin Guardianship 694
Kelly Mary Theresa Will 7199
Kelly (Minors) Guardianship 346
Kelly O. P. Comm. Administration 191
Kelly Robt. Thomas Temp. Administration 8801
Kelly Samuel Administration 292
Kelly Thos. Comm. Administration 162
Kelly Willie Edna Guardianship 2218
Kelso R. M. Administration 7834
Kelsve Lee Guardianship 1179
Kemp Rose Will 4403
Kemp W. H. Heirship 1747
Kendall C. B. Will 3387
Kendall Carson Administration 8571
Kendall Sherrod Hammond Guardianship 8604
Kendrick H. W. Administration 4398
Kendrick Pauline Guardianship 4419
Kennedy Alice T. Administration 8670
Kennedy D. P. Will 5366
Kennedy Mrs. Georgia C. Will 5837
Kennedy Mrs. Georgia C. Administration 5843
Kennedy J. Guardianship 5978
Kennedy Jim Guardianship 5981
Kennedy Mollie N.C.M. - Guardianship 1590
Kennedy Mollie J. Temp. Administration 7517
Kennedy Mollie J. Will 7518
Kennedy, Sr. Oliver S. Will 3384
Kennedy Willard N.C.M. - Guardianship 513
Kennedy William Will 8800
Kennen Robert Administration 3690
Kennon R. B. and E. V. Guardianship A81
Kent, Jr. Dudley M. Guardianship 3293
Kent Galda N.C.M. - Guardianship 9064
Kent Golda Will 9300

Kent, et al Ruby Guardianship 5459
Kenworthy, et al Mary Mildred Guardianship 8285
Kerby, et al Hugh Guardianship 2447
Kerling J. E. Will 8496
Kerly J. C. N.C.M. 1690
Kern Mary Guardianship 1940
Kerr Alice N.C.M. 1550
Kerr Eleanor Comm. Administration 7965
Kerr Marguerite Guardianship 4668
Kerr, et al Zola Guardianship 4451
Kervin, et al John B. Guardianship 2313
Ketchum C. F. Temp. Administration 3518
Ketchum M. J. Comm. Administration 3437
Ketzler Dovie Comm. Administration 9362
Keuhn Mary E. N.C.M. 2804
Key Alma N.C.M.- Guardianship 4484
Key Mrs. M. G. N.C.M. - Guardianship 3922
Keyes Mrs. Georgia N.C.M. 209
Keyes Robert Will 345
Keys Henry Administration 3638
Kidd J. R. Will 8971
Kidd J. R. Temp. Administration 9021
Kidwell Jack Temp.Perm. Administration 2945
Kier Joe H. Temp.Perm. Administration 7893
Kilander F. A. Will 4896
Kile, et al Mary V. Guardianship 2978
Kiley Mary E. Will 8189
Kilfoil James Will 3901
Kilgore Laura Maude Guardianship 5618
Killinger Eugene E. Administration 5190
Killough Mackie Guardianship 8842
Kimball Joseph C. Guardianship 3092
Kimberlain Eddie Guardianship 3552
Kimbrough Annie L. Guardianship 3980
Kimbrough James L. Administration 3078
Kimbrough James L. Administration 3503
Kimbrough, et al Myrtle Guardianship 2430
Kimbrough R. Emmett Guardianship 3617
Kimpton H. K. Administration 5155
Kimzey E. R. Will 8773
Kincaid T. J. Will 8682
Kindles Will Administration 9323
King  A. P. Will 4997
King, et al Albert Guardianship 5653
King  B.  Administration 3658
King  Ben R. Temp.Perm. Administration 8301
King  Mrs. D. C. N.C.M. 231
King, et al Edward Temp. Guardianship 9236
King  Ellen S. Will 4456
King  Emerald K. Temp. Administration 9057
King  Mrs. Eudora Will 2096
King  Franklin N.C.M. 2077
King  Franklin N.C.M. 2126
King  Helen Frances Guardianship 2253
King  Mrs. India Will 8311
King  John W. Comm. Administration 3535
King, et al Johnie Guardianship 3254
King  Lewis Administration 1147
King  Martha Lee Temp. Guardianship 9176
King  Mary Administration 5569
King, et al Mary Elizabeth Guardianship 7483
King  Sam Administration 2171
King, et al Talmage Guardianship 3655
King  W. B. Will 4675
King  William Brockman Temp.Perm. Administration 7366
King, et al William George Guardianship 8785
Kingsbury Josephine T. Will 5195
Kingsbury Robert  Administration 7913
Kingsbury Robert Will 7914
Kinkle Agnes, Mattie, Robert Guardianship 1248
Kinnebrew L. L. Administration 9349
Kinnebrew, Jr. L. L. Guardianship 9361
Kinney Willie Mae Administration 9350
Kinsey T. F. Administration 8935
Kirby J. C. N.C.M. 1735
Kirby John Guardianship 555
Kirby R. Lee Temp. Administration 7443
Kirby W. G. N.C.M. 2570
Kirby W. R. Will 4576
Kirhn Mrs. Mary E. N.C.M. 96
Kirk Boone Will 2983
Kirk Carolina M. Will 9337
Kirk J. C. Will 4292
Kirk, et al John Hollis Guardianship 5162
Kirkley L. I. Temp.Perm. Guardianship 8234
Kirkpatrick Francis Guardianship 4672
Kirkpatrick W. S. Comm. Administration 7776
Kirsch Mrs. Mattie Nuncupative Will 3086
Kitchen Mary C. Comm. Administration 9215
Klein Marion Temp. Perm. Guardianship 4977
Klinklaus Emma N.C.M.- Guardianship 3970
Klinklaus Emma N.C.M.- Guardianship 9232
Klopner J. G. N.C.M. 712
Klopner J. G. N.C.M. 1771

Knaggs Elijah N.C.M. 2993
Knebles Harry Temp. Administration 4514
Knebles Jack Temp. Guardianship 4516
Knight, et al Helen Guardianship 7900
Knight J. M. Comm. Administration 675
Knight James P. Temp. Administration 7029
Knipp J. L. N.C.M.-Comm.Admin. 4889
Knipp P. J. N.C.M. 39
Knipp P. J. N.C.M.- Guardianship 3093
Knoble Frank J. Temp.Perm. Administration 8506
Knoll R. G. Temp.Perm. Administration 7208
Knoll, et al Robert Guardianship 8729
Knowlton Jno. S. Guardianship 1130
Knox, et al Charlie Guardianship 7845
Knox James Will 7575
Knox Maggie Guardianship 2911
Koeppe, et al Winnie Guardianship 4240
Kohler C. F. Will 4805
Kohn Mrs. Matilda Will 8505
Koonce Beulah N.C.M. - Guardianship 8334
Koonce Beulah N.C.M. - Guardianship 8374
Koonce Emeline Will 3786
Koppen Mary A. Will 5220
Kossuth John Administration 5558
Kossuth John Nuncupative Will 5559
Kramer Alvin Will 5457
Kramer Birdie Temp. Administration 7721
Kramer Kate Will 5873
Kramer Luella M. Will 7724
Kramer Mrs. Kate N.C.M. - Guardianship 3064
Kramer Nat Temp.Perm. Administration 2668
Kramer Mrs. Nat N.C.M. 26
Kratky Charles Guardianship 8977
Kraus H. Administration 180
Kreager Mrs. ? Temp. Administration 258
Krickel Mrs. Fannie N.C.M. 1454
Kring, et al Jessie Guardianship 2555
Kruckman W. P. Temp.Perm. Administration 2917
Kruger F. A. Temp. Administration 5053
Kruger F. A. Administration 5064
Krull, et al Marie M. Guardianship 4810
Kuban Paul P. Will 9065
Kuhen J. M. Will 3755
Kuhn Annie and Robert Guardianship 1920
Kuhn E. Guardianship 1490
Kuhn (Minors) Guardianship 2770
Kujanski Sam Will 3246
Kummers, et al Virgil E. Guardianship 5404
Kurtz George Will 8716
Kurucar Anna Administration 5073
Kurucar Louis Will 7504
Kurucar Paul Guardianship 5772
Kynard J. B. Temp.Perm. Administration 5751
Kyser Chas. Guardianship 3012

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