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Index to Tarrant County, Texas Probate Records, 1876-1927



Jackson, et al Albert Guardianship 2858
Jack, et al Alvin Guardianship 1861
Jacks R. W. Will 8812
Jackson, et al Andrew Guardianship 4014
Jackson, et al Andrew Administration 5308
Jackson Annie Wylie Will 8500
Jackson Clara Guardianship 9364
Jackson Mrs. Clyde Estelle Guardianship 8010
Jackson Dan Guardianship 3
Jackson E. A. Administration 4796
Jackson E. J. Guardianship 143
Jackson Mrs. E. L. Guardianship 1766
Jackson Ed Guardianship 146A
Jackson George Will 3145
Jackson Hannah Will 1901
Jackson Henry N. Guardianship 48
Jackson J. A. and M. E. Will 2763
Jackson J. H. Administration 8060
Jackson John L. Administration 5605-5634
Jackson John L. Will 5636-5637
Jackson John L. Administration 5674
Jackson Jno. L. Will 7561
Jackson M. M. Administration 7969
Jackson Mary E. Administration 4274
Jackson Robert Will 3448
Jackson Sam C. Will 5945
Jackson Sarah Guardianship 2131
Jackson Sarah A. and Vestal Guardianship 7259
Jackson Sarah A. and Vestal Guardianship 7382
Jackson Thos. Wm. Administration 8315
Jackson W. A. Administration 178
Jackson Willie Mae Administration 4792
Jackson Willie Mae Administration 4793
Jackson Willie Mae Administration 4825
Jacobs Dannie Mae Guardianship 4953
Jacobs Harry N.C.M. Guardianship 167
Jacobs Thomas Earl Guardianship 8750
Jacques A. Administration 2212
Jahns J. C. Will 3780
James, et al Camilla Frances Guardianship 8666
James Evan Preston Guardianship 7132
James Ferry and Terry Guardianship 235
James G. P. Administration 5234
James George Administration 7581
James Harold Guardianship 5853
James Lyle and Jack Guardianship 8822
James Ned and Mary Helen Guardianship 8391
James Price E. Guardianship 7912
James R. L. Will 5958
James T. B. Administration 641
James W. A. Will 3434
James Walter Davis Will 8823
Jameson Eva Bettie Guardianship 8167
Jameson Hiram Orther Administration 8130
Jameson Paul Guardianship 4328
Jameson Paul Administration 4333
Jamison James Guardianship 22
Jamison Jane Administration 580
Jamison Jane Administration 581
Jamison Joseph Guardianship 31
January (Minors) Guardianship 325
Jarvis James J. Will 4306
Jarvis William  Guardianship 4812
Jarvis William L. Guardianship 626
Jay James V. Will 4150
Jay John Will 4600
Jeeter J. H. Administration 38
Jefferies, et al J. C. Guardianship 2302
Jefferson Henry Comm. Administration 247
Jefferson Lillie Rose Guardianship 2677
Jeffrey Bert Lee Temp.Perm. Guardianship 7476
Jeffrey J. T. Temp.Perm. Administration 7437
Jeffrey Sam Administration 6067
Jeffries Dora P. Comm. Administration 2118
Jemerison Margaret M. Administration 7512
Jenkins A. B. Comm. Administration 435
Jenkins Eli M. Administration 121
Jenkins Goree Jesse Temp. Guardianship 8485
Jenkins Herman R. Temp. Guardianship 5219
Jenkins J. Administration 1965
Jenkins Mrs. Jennie N.C.M. Temp.Guardianship 4334
Jenkins Thomas J. Guardianship 122
Jennings Ada E. Administration 8980
Jennings Edwin R. Will 4699
Jennings Hyde Temp. Administration 2377
Jennings Hyde Will 2396
Jennings J. Marshall Temp.Perm. Administration 8728
Jennings Mary E. Will 7742
Jerinagan, et al Thurston Temp. Guardianship 3295
Jernigan Fleda Bell Guardianship 5113
Jernigan Hazel Fay Guardianship 5965
Jernigan Mary Blanche Temp. Guardianship 3691
Jett H. C. Administration 2536
Jett, et al Valda Guardianship 6004

Jewell Clara W. Temp. Guardianship 3637
Jinks Shannon Guardianship 5749
Johns S. E. Will 4751
Johnson Ada Will 7283
Johnson Albert Sidney Guardianship 1994
Johnson Alice and Alfred Guardianship 5684
Johnson Andrew Administration 5411
Johnson Anna Belle Administration 2203
Johnson Anne Valliant Burnett Will 4495
Johnson Arthur Guardianship 242
Johnson, et al Blanche Guardianship 3864
Johnson C. D. Administration 50
Johnson Calvin Administration 5282
Johnson Carrie Guardianship 7379
Johnson, et al Cecil Pierce Guardianship 8705
Johnson Charlie Guardianship 1748
Johnson Dora A. Will 8768
Johnson, et al E. T. Guardianship 327
Johnson Edward and Pearl Guardianship 8713
Johnson Erle C. Administration 7926
Johnson, et al Eva Guardianship 3530
Johnson F. M. Will 3560
Johnson Gabriel Administration 492
Johnson George Administration 441
Johnson George R. Administration 8534
Johnson Georgie Administration 5850
Johnson Gottfried Will 7223
Johnson, et al Hattie M. Guardianship 2324
Johnson Henry Clay Administration 4066
Johnson Henry Clay and Tobe Will 1645
Johnson J. E. Will 2507
Johnson J. H. Administration 2614
Johnson J. Taylor Will 8328
Johnson Jake Will 3431
Johnson James Will 2900
Johnson Jas. B. Guardianship 850
Johnson James J. Administration 2899
Johnson, et al Jesse Guardianship 3352
Johnson, et al Jessie Guardianship 7037
Johnson, et al Jessie Guardianship 7041
Johnson John Guardianship 1059
Johnson John Administration 5183
Johnson John P. Will 1786
Johnson Josie Guardianship 73
Johnson, Jr. Lewis Guardianship 3357
Johnson Lewis Guardianship 5001
Johnson Louis Guardianship 3236
Johnson M. T. Deceased 26
Johnson, Jr. M. T. Administration 12
Johnson, Jr. M. T. Administration 51
Johnson M. T. and Vianna Administration 17
Johnson M. T. and Vianna Administration 273
Johnson Mrs. M. V. Guardianship 566
Johnson Mrs. M. V. Guardianship 644
Johnson, et al Madeline Guardianship 3277
Johnson, et al Madeline Guardianship 4112
Johnson Madorah C. Guardianship 8513
Johnson Maggie E. Administration 8820
Johnson Maggie E. Administration 8995
Johnson Marguerite Guardianship 5785
Johnson Mary Guardianship 2707
Johnson Mary Will 7529
Johnson Mary E. Administration 4705
Johnson, et al Mary L. Guardianship 390
Johnson Maude C. Guardianship 2314
Johnson, et al Maurice Administration 3694
Johnson Mike Administration 2455
Johnson Mike Administration 2457
Johnson, Jr. Mike Guardianship 1553
Johnson Roberta Guardianship 8338
Johnson Rosa Administration 3303
Johnson Ruth Louise Guardianship 8929
Johnson, et al Samuel E. Guardianship 639
Johnson Sarah A.  Administration 49
Johnson Shadrack Will 1376
Johnson Thomas Guardianship 52
Johnson Vivian Vaughn Guardianship 7554
Johnson W. S. Guardianship 131
Johnson Mrs. Yates Administration 5630
Johnston Charles N. Temp. Administration 7048
Johnston, et al Clarence Guardianship 7442
Johnston Les Farmar Will 4979
Johnston Mary E. Administration 3588
Johnston, et al S. V. Guardianship 3643
Johnston Sallie Comm. Administration 3220
Johnston W. L.  Administration 4027
Johnston W. L.  Comm. Administration 4051
Joiner S. B. N.C.M. 1415
Jolly A. B. Comm. Administration 4337
Jones A. D. Administration 4728
Jones A. D. Administration 4767
Jones Mrs. Albert Guardianship 2005
Jones Albert Forrest Administration 8636
Jones Alice A. Guardianship 420

Jones Annie L. and Lewis J. Guardianship 780
Jones Calvin Guardianship 8137
Jones Carrie S. Will 2565
Jones Charley Administration 7245
Jones Curtis Guardianship 4434
Jones D. H. Administration 299
Jones Earl J. Guardianship 8730
Jones Ed Administration 8623
Jones Ella A. Guardianship 9052
Jones Francis Douglas Administration 8873
Jones Frank Administration 4770
Jones Frank Administration 4499
Jones Frank Administration 7083
Jones Freda Corine Guardianship 8215
Jones George Guardianship 1575
Jones Harper Will 8774
Jones I. A. Administration 2588
Jones, et al I. W. Guardianship 3314
Jones J. J. Will 8486
Jones J. R. Will 3294
Jones Jesse Administration 4037
Jones John A. Administration 3169
Jones Kathaleen Joice Guardianship 5741
Jones L. W. Will 1522
Jones Lena Guardianship 56
Jones, et al Lillian P. Guardianship 5197
Jones Lizzie Administration 7908
Jones Lois Louise Guardianship 8808
Jones Margaret  Guardianship 5126
Jones Marion Guardianship 8641
Jones Mary L. Administration 3989
Jones Morgan Howell Will 9194
Jones Mrs. N. E. Comm. Administration 825
Jones P. S. Guardianship 267
Jones, et al R. S. Guardianship 173
Jones Rainey Administration 7881
Jones Ruth B. Administration 8634
Jones Sara Administration 4293
Jones T. P. Administration 1929
Jones Thomas M.  Guardianship 2676
Jones, et al Travis B. Guardianship 3322
Jones, et al Velva Guardianship 4426
Jones W. H. Administration 9320
Jones Mrs. W. H. Will 5880
Jones W. J. Administration 7527
Jones W. J. Will 7528
Jones W. T. Administration 294
Jones Walter T. Will 9144
Jones, et al Warren B. Guardianship 9145
Jones William J. Administration 2719
Jones Willie Mae Guardianship 8435
Jopling, et al Alfred K. Guardianship 1902
Jopling, et al Alfred K. Guardianship 2117
Jopling Bery Administration 28
Jopling Casandra Guardianship 68
Jopling Catharine Comm. Administration 475
Jopling L. L. N.C.M. Guardianship 1978
Jopling L. L. Will 2073
Jopling M. M. Comm. Administration 1176
Joquel Arthur L. Temp. Administration 5431
Jordan B. F. Will 3088
Jordan Cicero N.C.M. 1141
Jordan F. L. Will 5071
Jordan Lee N.C.M. 2380
Jordan Leon Lamar Temp. Guardianship 7664
Jordan Louise Guardianship 9193
Jordan Mrs. Mary N.C.M. 1051
Jordan Mrs. Sarah E. N.C.M. 1850
Jordan W. J. Administration 1452
Jordan W. M. Administration 4669
Jorden C. M. N.C.M. 92
Joseph Charles Temp. Administration 3031
Joseph Clo C. Temp. Guardianship 3179
Joseph Clo C. Guardianship 3595
Joyce Josephine J. Comm. Administration 880
Joyce N. L. Will 5732
Joyce William R. Will 2220
Joyslyn Mary Jane Guardianship 9035
Judice Felix Will 1939
Judice Felix J. Administration 2163
Judice, et al Walter Guardianship 1431
Juneman Mrs. Minnie Temp. Perm. Administration 4656
Jurgenson Ulrich, Jurgen, Sylvester Guardianship 9147
Justice A. L. Temp. Administration 5376

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