FWGS - Probate Records Index - H

Index to Tarrant County, Texas Probate Records, 1876-1927



Haamman George R. Comm. Administration 3033
Haas Dorothy E. Guardianship 5428
Haas, et al James Guardianship 1804
Haas Mary B. Will 4000
Haas  Simon Will 2086
Habern Drusilla Comm. Administration 9038
Haberzettle Anna Will 5166
Hackbusch, et al Henry C. F. Guardianship 7128
Hackenberg Sarah Will 8359
Hackett Ben Administration 2734
Hackett Mabel B. and Nellie G. Guardianship 473
Hackler Annie Will 4204
Hackler Troy Will 2847
Hackney David Walter Guardianship 8983
Hackworth, et al Melrow Temp. Guardianship 8912
Haddix A. J. Administration 5028
Haden, et al Cortez Guardianship 9279
Haden G. W. Guardianship 1189
Haden R. A. Administration 5552
Hadfield Joseph Administration 2244
Hadfield Joseph Administration 2363
Hadley Chas. Administration 965
Hagan, et al Marie F. Guardianship 8007
Hagan Mary Ann Will 484
Hagan, et al Mary E. Guardianship 8240
Hagemeier, et al Gladys Lola Guardianship 9139
Hagen Harry Administration 8584
Hager C. C. Will 8456
Hager William Will 7119
Hagerty John Will 2177
Hagg Mary Administration 1921
Hagler John S. Guardianship 215
Hagler John S.  Guardianship 3275
Hagler John S. Administration 3764
Hagood Anne Administration 5563
Hagood J. O. Will 3408
Hagood R. L. Will 3999
Hague Charles Guardianship 2813
Hague Johnnye Guardianship 5859
Haile B. F. Administration 7580
Haile Benjamin Franklin Will 7587
Haile Mamie Guardianship 659
Haines Robert Guardianship 592
Haire, et al Floice Guardianship 8257
Hale F. L. Administration 90
Hale Nora B. Administration 7265
Hale Stella Administration 9048
Haley Chas. Guardianship 40
Haley James Administration 2612
Haley, et al John Will 3616
Haley Melvin Will 7993
Haley, et al O. F. Will 7164
Haley, et al Robert M. Guardianship 1124
Halford, Jr. J. C. Guardianship 3360
Hall Anna Temp. Administration 8223
Hall Anna Will 8224
Hall Arabella Will 5776
Hall Archie N.C.M. 198
Hall, et al Arthur S. Guardianship 7513
Hall C. C. Will 7009
Hall C. E. Temp.Perm. Administration 7851
Hall Dr. E. T. Temp. Administration 3745
Hall Emeline Comm. Administration 1078
Hall Emma V. Guardianship 708
Hall Emma V. Guardianship 948
Hall Frank N.C.M. 9
Hall J. W. N.C.M.-Receiver 7876
Hall Jodie Paul Temp. Guardianship 7968
Hall Mrs. Mamie R. Comm. Administration 5953
Hall Mrs. Mary A. Will 3482
Hall Wm. N.C.M. 1208
Haller P. G. Administration 8950
Haller  P. G. Administration 9251
Hallerson, et al Thomas B. Guardianship 3404
Hallford Dizania Administration 251
Halman Ida Administration 8792
Halstead Rueben E. Will 3114
Halsted L. H. Will 4444
Ham Margaret J. Will 3285
Hamby Milton E. Temp.Perm. Administration 8040
Hamby R. M. and C. N. Guardianship 100
Hamby T. A. Administration 36
Hamelton S. B. Comm. Administration 1203
Hamer, et al John Francis Guardianship 8916
Hamilton A. J. Administration 4491
Hamilton Bettie N.C.M. Guardianship 5991
Hamilton Bettie Temp. Administration 6003
Hamilton Charles H. Temp. Guardianship 7854
Hamilton Esther A. Guardianship 4800
Hamilton J. M. Comm. Administration 2251
Hamilton, et al James Guardianship 3619
Hamilton John Alexander Will 1212
Hamilton L. G. Will 8701
Hamilton T. R. Comm. Administration 220

Hamilton T. R. N.C.M. 238
Hamilton Walter J. Temp. Administration 4311
Hamilton, et al Wesley Temp. Guardianship 5456
Hamlin F. D. Will 5969
Hammer D. H. N.C.M. 471
Hammock, et al Thomas Ray Guardianship 5707
Hammock Thomas Rufus Comm. Administration 5395
Hammon I. S. Will 8643
Hammond Mrs. M. E. Will 3815
Hammond, et al Rose Temp. Perm. Guardianship 8369
Hammond, et al Wilson Guardianship 9111
Hampton Addie Guardianship 833
Hampton Bell  Guardianship 3480
Hampton Belle N.C.M. 188
Hampton Belle Administration 3612
Hampton J. C. Will 2881
Hampton Wayne Temp. Guardianship 7744
Hamrick George A. Temp.Perm. Administration 8464
Hanaway Mary J. Will 2661
Hancock Caroline E. Guardianship 5597
Handler D. M. Will 3159
Handler Louis Guardianship 193
Hands, et al Melvin Guardianship 7288
Handy Patrick Administration 8373
Haney I. J. Administration 8928
Haney Luther A. Guardianship 8892
Haney T. M. Will 7354
Hanna Inez and Johnnie Guardianship 801
Hanna John Administration 482
Hanna Peter Administration 7394
Hans Henry Guardianship 2962
Hansford Mary Administration 288
Hansom Ida W. Guardianship 5592
Hanson O. W. Will 897
Haralson Emma H. Will 7637
Harbison Effie Guardianship 3268
Harcrow, et al Bertha May Guardianship 9159
Hard A. J. Administration 1714
Hard Mrs. Anna Will 5578
Hard Clinton G. Administration 4309
Hardaman Mrs. R. A. Will 9158
Hardeman Ella Guardianship 2786
Hardeman Marie Administration 8253
Hardeman Rose Administration 8595
Harden D. S. Guardianship 212
Harden Robert E. Temp. Guardianship 7270
Harder Adam Temp. Administration 4764
Harder Adam Administration 4788
Harder, et al Harold Guardianship 7769
Hardesty A. C. Guardianship 1676
Hardesty, et al Cora Guardianship 1355
Hardesty Elizabeth Administration 909
Hardesty James Will 23
Hardesty James Will 5838
Hardesty Lillian Guardianship 230
Hardesty Thomas Administration 104
Hardgraves America Will 1000
Hardgraves T. Guardianship 2168-2200
Hardgrove Frank H. Guardianship 5538
Hardgrove Mrs. J. E. Will 9000
Hardin John R. Guardianship 9380
Harding, Jr. B. M. Will 7775
Harding, et al Elizabeth Guardianship 3362
Harding Hallett Will 1054
Harding Mary M. Administration 1012
Harding N. Will 4317
Hardisty, et al Clement Guardianship 1335
Hardisty  Ethel Guardianship 4577
Hardwick Ellen Goodwin Will 8353
Hardwick W. P. Will 2241
Hardwick Wilber F. Will 8831
Hardy S. A. Will 7503
Harelson D. S. Administration 8283
Harelson Maggie Will 7883
Harelson W. J. Temp. Administration 3582
Hargis Martin M. Administration 7228
Hargrove Ellen B. and Walker, Jr. Guardianship 3960
Hargrove Walker Administration 3230
Harkey B. L. Administration 3917
Harkey Prudence Jane Administration 7971
Harkins J. D. Temp. Administration 5184
Harkrider Caleb E. Administration 8828
Harlan Mollie Will 3373
Harlan Samuel Will 2372
Harman David B. Temp. Administration 4360
Harmer J. D. Temp. Administration 7096
Harmer John David Will 7109
Harmon Edna Jenesse Guardianship 4685
Harmon Flora Lee Administration 9069
Harmon Homer H. Administration 9013
Harmon Isaac N. Administration 7226
Harmon Mary A. Guardianship 73
Harmon Thomas Administration 956
Harnes Sudie Administration 8181

Harral Mary Administration 415
Harrel Harvey Guardianship 412
Harrell Bonnie and T. W. Guardianship 5759
Harrell Dixie Guardianship 2046
Harrell, et al Geo. S.and James A. Guardianship 687
Harrill Charles C. Temp. Administration 7171
Harrill Dixie Guardianship 1558
Harrington, et al Bryant, Pauline and Ryan Guardianship 1087
Harrington O. M. Will 7496
Harrington R. Administration 539
Harris ? N.C.M. 2214
Harris A. J. Administration 4299
Harris Agnes Louise Will 3981
Harris Agnes Louise Temp. Administration 3982
Harris B. W. Temp. Administration 1419
Harris B. W. Administration 1420
Harris B. W. Administration 1426
Harris Benjamin G. Will 3468
Harris Bessie Ethel Comm. Administration 7314
Harris Byron Will 1614
Harris Callie N.C.M. Guardianship 7148
Harris D. H. Will 8979
Harris Mrs. E. J. Temp. Administration 3364
Harris Mrs. Elizabeth Will 3608
Harris Emma Will 8219
Harris F. O. Will 5700
Harris Frank Wesley Guardianship 7399
Harris Hughetta Jane Temp. Guardianship 7547
Harris J. T. Will 3028
Harris James H. Will 7980
Harris John G. Will 2590
Harris Laura Guardianship 1352
Harris Lyrline Temp. Guardianship 4535
Harris Mary N.C.M. 29
Harris, et al Mary L. Guardianship 369
Harris Mary V. Temp. Administration 5426
Harris Mary V. Administration 5432
Harris N. J. Will 9292
Harris Nick N.C.M. 1480
Harris Nick N.C.M. 1836
Harris Nick N.C.M. 1868
Harris Nick N.C.M. 1844
Harris Nick N.C.M. - Receiver 4750
Harris O. L. Comm. Administration 2791
Harris, et al Olin Temp. Guardianship 3897
Harris Olivia Guardianship 2700
Harris Raymond Guardianship 4300
Harris Richard E. Temp. Administration 4928
Harris Richard E. Administration 5026
Harris Steven Guardianship 5612
Harris Mrs. V. T. Will 2850
Harris W. D. Will 4754
Harris W. H. Comm. Administration 652
Harris W. Holt Will 7436
Harris W. W. Comm. Administration 5191
Harris Wm. Comm. Administration 388
Harris, et al Wm. O. Guardianship 651
Harris Willie Mae Guardianship 8771
Harrison Alvin Temp. Guardianship 2851
Harrison DeWitt and Sallie A. Guardianship 844
Harrison E. Administration 103
Harrison Mrs. Elizabeth Will 1859
Harrison F. L. Administration 1950
Harrison F. M. N.C.M. 563
Harrison Fannie Drake Guardianship 3164
Harrison J. V. Temp.Perm. Administration 9169
Harrison J. V. Comm. Administration 9211
Harrison John C. Will 3147
Harrison L. W. N.C.M. 1678
Harrison Owen D. Guardianship 4436
Harrison Owen M. Guardianship 3358
Harrison R. H. N.C.M. 22
Harrison R. H. Will 5024
Harrison Selma Guardianship 5147
Harrison T. J. Administration 4019
Harrison Vern Alexander Guardianship 5140
Harrison Wm. M. Will 1392
Harrold, Jr. A. D. Guardianship 3288
Harrold, Jr. Arch Duvall Guardianship 2426
Harrold E. B. Will 3785
Harrold Elam W. Administration 1680
Hart Edwina Guardianship 3672
Hart J. A. Will 8965
Hart J. H. Will 9288
Hart James C. Will 4723
Hart Joe (Josephine) Will 5156
Hart, et al John M. Temp. Guardianship 3651
Hart, et al John Morris Guardianship 4871
Hart Joseie F. Guardianship 9170
Hart Lizzie Guardianship 8265
Hart Martin Temp. Administration 5099
Hart W. H. Will 9186
Hart William A. Will 9054
Hartman, et al Clint Guardianship 2173

Hartmen, et al Mary Ann Guardianship 9290
Hartsfield W. P. Guardianship 2483
Hartson T. J. Will 8293
Hartwig August Administration 9116
Hartwig Elisabeth Will 8452
Hartzog Mary C. Administration 2190
Harum Johanna L. Administration 760
Harum Martha Guardianship 710
Harvey Abner O.  Administration 7487
Harvey, et al Charlie Temp. Guardianship 5180
Harvey Corine Guardianship 3697
Hasking, et al Bennie Lee Guardianship 5681
Haskins James Administration 3388
Hass Mary B. Will 4899
Hassell S. L. Temp. Administration 6005
Hassell S. L. Comm. Administration 6037
Hassett Rose Comm. Administration 7720
Hastings Carrie and Jo Burney Guardianship 1756
Hatchell  Harry Administration 1364
Hatchell, et al (Minors) Guardianship 1361
Hatcher N. L. Will 8645
Hatcher Mrs. Ruth Estelle Comm. Administration 7807
Hatchett Eva Guardianship 2541
Hatfield Allie Guardianship 4882
Hatfield Mrs. Allie Administration 7519
Hathman Mary Guardianship 634
Hathman Mary Guardianship 7486
Hauger W. A. Guardianship 1020
Haughton Mack J. Administration 4773
Haughton Zora Temp. Guardianship 5864
Hauptvogel Hedrig Will 2720
Hausmann G. Will 2860
Havens H. T. Guardianship 518
Havens H. T. Guardianship 584
Hawes L. L. Will 9386
Hawes Mary McHenry Guardianship 4852
Hawes Myrtle M. Administration 2101
Hawkins C. E. Will 821
Hawkins Minnie L. Will 7482
Hawkins, et al Wm. E. Guardianship 2309
Hawks Mary Elizabeth Guardianship 7875
Hawley A. C. Will 2660
Hawley Charles L. Temp. Guardianship 6088
Hawley Mary Jane Will 9051
Hawrylak Gregan Temp. Administration 7166
Hawrylak Gregor Administration 7598
Hay Fay and Ollie Guardianship 3153
Hayden G. W. Guardianship 1294
Hayden Minnie Guardianship 1975
Hayden Mrs. T. E. Will 7076
Hayes Amelia Guardianship 996
Hayes Amelia Guardianship 1512
Hayes Claude C. Administration 4347
Haygood, et al (Minors) Guardianship 385
Haymaker Mary H. Administration 934
Hayne A. S. Administration 969
Haynie Mrs. Georgia Guardianship 5643
Haynie Mrs. George A. Administration 8084
Haynes Mary M. Will 1537
Haynes Robert Guardianship 1138
Haynie, et al Logan Guardianship 8781
Hays Mrs. Josephine Zeller Will 5032
Hays M. F. Guardianship 380
Haywood Eliza Will 4393
Haywood Fred Guardianship 689
Haywood Laura Guardianship 2926
Haywood S. R. Administration 782
Hayworth George W. and Martin R. Guardianship 249
Hazzard Richard J. Will 3219
Head Minnie B. Administration 8901
Head O. E. Comm. Administration 2632
Healey D. F. Administration 7951
Healy, et al Ardmore Guardianship 7963
Healy Julia Guardianship 7962
Healy Patrick Administration 1246
Healy T. J. Administration 1497
Heard, et al Ivan Guardianship 2525
Hearn Thomas Will 9330
Hearn Thomas N. Administration 9306
Hearne Alice T. Administration 4102
Heath Daniel W. Comm. Administration 814
Heath Freeman Guardianship 7277
Heath Julia Ann Comm. Administration 142
Heath Laura Guardianship 552
Heath, et al Lilie Faun Guardianship 3573
Heath T. J. Will 3566
Heaton Ala Will 7298
Heaton, et al Daisy Guardianship 4636
Heberle Josephine Will 8343
Hedges Mrs. Aaron Guardianship 856
Hedges Hosa Guardianship 1881
Hedges Louisa Guardianship 671
Hedock Edward Lancaster Guardianship 9127
Hefner Mrs. R. Guardianship 2816

Heidelberg J. O. Administration 2714
Heilhecker Mrs. J. F. Guardianship 7694
Heimer Julius F. Administration 2554
Heimer Julius F. Will 3022
Heimer Louisa C. Will 5686
Heinemann Augustus J. Administration 8877
Heinemann James John Guardianship 9218
Heintz Louis Administration 3415
Heisner Elizabeth Will 5222
Helm Dena Guardianship 4100
Helman Emma Will 3355
Helms J. O. Guardianship 2172
Helms James Gwinn Administration 690
Heman, et al Chas. F. Guardianship 3046
Hembree Fred Guardianship 7276
Hemby Thankfull Guardianship 357
Hemmel O. R. Guardianship 2675
Hemphill Aurelius Guardianship 9027
Hemphill Valeria Administration 7571
Hemsell M. L. Guardianship 2741
Henderson Mrs. Alice H. Will 9359
Henderson Alvin N.C.M. 1192
Henderson, et al Annie S. Guardianship 2803
Henderson Ardalia Guardianship 3736
Henderson Ardalia Temp. Guardianship 4011
Henderson Florence N.C.M. 2011
Henderson Miss Florence Guardianship 4023
Henderson G. A. Will 8946
Henderson J. C. Will 7567
Henderson J. L. Administration 2789
Henderson J. M. Will 2368
Henderson James G. Will 8612
Henderson, et al John J. Temp.Perm. Guardianship 5400
Henderson M. C. and W. C. Guardianship 1171
Henderson Mrs. M. L. N.C.M. Guardianship 2488
Henderson Monroe Guardianship 2479
Henderson, et al Ruby N. Guardianship 4025
Henderson W. B. Comm. Administration 2437
Henderson W. C. Will 4759
Henderson W. M. Administration 3394
Henderson W. T. Will 7551
Hendrick W. W. Temp. Administration 3068
Hendricks Mrs. E. A. Administration 1337
Hendricks E. A. Will 1340
Hendricks Lillian E. Guardianship 2901
Hendrie John Gibson Will 5725
Hendrix M. J. Will 7424
Hendry Mrs. Annie E. Will 6044
Henecker Katie N.C.M. 1277
Henegar R. L. N.C.M. 128
Heninger Rebecca Will 8959
Henington Mattie and P. J. Temp.Perm. Administration 8762
Henley Charles Preston Jr. Temp.Perm. Guardianship 7134
Henley E. J. Temp. Administration 7204
Henley H. J. Temp.Perm. Administration 9080
Henley Virginia Cassell Comm. Administration 7080
Hennessey Pat N.C.M. 514
Hennessey Pat  Temp. Administration 757
Hennings C. C. Temp. Administration 6054
Hennings C. C. Will 7015
Hennion A. G. N.C.M.-Guardianship 5466
Hennion A. G. Temp. Administration 5668
Hennion A. G. Administration 5672
Henrietta ? N.C.M. 778
Henrietta ? N.C.M. 879
Henry A. C. N.C.M. 488
Henry Alexander N.C.M. 51
Henry Alexander Will 6010
Henry Eugene F. Will 968
Henry Grace Guardianship 4756
Henry L. P. Temp. Guardianship 2957
Henry Mrs. Mamie L. Appoint Appraisers 1567
Henry Wm. Will 851
Henry William A. Comm. Administration 5964
Hensley H. B. Comm. Administration 5396
Hensley James Temp. Administration 4368
Hensley Rebecca J. Temp. Administration 4437
Hensley Rebecca J. Will 4443
Henson Prof N.C.M. 2812
Herbert John H. Temp.Perm. Guardianship 7078
Herbert John T. Will 7419
Hergert, et al Erich Louis Guardianship 4806
Hergert Ernest Guardianship 3705
Herman, et al Annie Guardianship 3385
Herman, et al Annie Guardianship 5758
Herman John N.C.M. 1082
Hermsdorfer Selma Administration 8706
Hernandez Frank  Administration 5243
Herndon Mrs. F. O. Temp. Administration 5174
Herring Beal M. Guardianship 4607
Herring, et al Clifford R. Temp.Perm. Guardianship 9129
Herring E. D. Will 9130
Herring Geo. M. Administration 4562
Herring George M. Comm. Administration 4173

Herring Mrs. Laura I. Will 4450
Herring, et al Lizzie Temp. Guardianship 4373
Herring Mrs. M. E. Will 8097
Herring Morris Temp. Guardianship 7745
Herron Tillie Temp.Perm. Administration 8376
Herron Tillie Will - Temp.Perm. Admin. 8447
Herrscher Harry Will 8291
Herscher Mrs. Jane A. Will 5333
Herscher Jane A. Temp. Administration 5567
Hertig Curtis A. Guardianship 1449
Herzberg Julius Comm. Administration 2856
Hester Charlotte N.C.M. 1570
Heston Lora Maude Will 4174
Hewitt Nellie Ingham Temp.Perm. Administration 9181
Hibbler John Temp. Administration 4093
Hickerson Earnest Administration 8465
Hickey C. C. Administration 8341
Hickey David C. Guardianship 8586
Hickey, Jr. David C. Guardianship 8566
Hickey Mrs. W. C. N.C.M. 245-246
Hickman Paul N.C.M. 141
Hicks, et al Alice Lorine Guardianship 7402
Hicks Charles E. Will 5216
Hicks Florence Temp. Administration 5423
Hicks, Jr. et al H. L. Guardianship 7899
Hicks R. M. Administration 7736
Hicks, et al Ralph Guardianship 4786
Hickson Eugene and Alvin Harold Guardianship 9379
Hiett Albert N.C.M. 1236
Hiett Albert N.C.M. 219
Hiett, et al Cary Guardianship 8298
Higbee C. H. Will 981
Higbee Charlton, Belle, and Sue Guardianship 995
Higbee Mary B. Will 3138
Higgins Dock N.C.M. 560
Higgins George  Temp. Administration 7004
Higgins J. N.C.M. 464
Higgins J. W. Will 8124
Higgins Thos. Comm. Administration 349C
Higgitz W. J. N.C.M. 1573
High Andrew Temp. Administration 3183
High George L. Guardianship 5676
High Mandy Temp. Guardianship 3187
High William C. Temp. Administration 5742
Hightower D. H. Administration 4999
Hightower J. A. N.C.M. 174
Hightower J. H. Will 8011
Hightower Lalla May Guardianship 353
Hightower Lewis Will 1510
Hightower S. A. Comm. Administration 348C
Hightower Sallie M. Administration and Will 5364
Hightower W. F. N.C.M. 126
Hilburn N. C. Will 8470
Hill Cassandra Joplin Guardianship 71
Hill Earl Guardianship 8196
Hill Eli Will 733
Hill Ellen B. Will 7526
Hill, et al Estell Guardianship 7248
Hill, et al Forest Guardianship 4076
Hill J. R. P. Will 3391
Hill Jannie Will 5898
Hill Jennie B. Guardianship 75
Hill John A. Administration 4560
Hill John L. Administration 7264
Hill Jonathan Riley Guardianship 68
Hill Lydia M. Administration 3476
Hill Margaret E. Will 4225
Hill Mollie Guardianship 233
Hill Ora F. Administration 7470
Hill, et al Robert Nelson Guardianship 4363
Hill Thos. H. Will 3842
Hill Walter Guardianship 1705
Hilliard Alonzo Administration 8793
Hilliard Alonzo Administration 9039
Hilliard W. E. Will 9175
Hillin G. P. Administration 8490
Hills Jerald C. Administration 2795A
Hillyard Clifford Guardianship 2349
Hillyer Frank H. Administration 7203
Hiltz Henry Guardianship 454A
Himebaugh Lillie Administration 3109
Himes Walter Ray Administration 8504
Hinckley Mary Will 7570
Hindman, et al Flossie Temp.Perm. Guardianship 5489
Hinds Eliza N.C.M. 1757
Hines E. Temp.Perm. Administration 3828
Hines Eliza N.C.M. 1275
Hines, et al George Temp. Guardianship 9015
Hines Mollie B. Administration 9090
Hinesdale Carrie Marshall Will 7295
Hirschfield, et al Allyne Guardianship 3256
Hirschfield  Heirs, J. S. Guardianship 130
Hirshfield Jno. S. Administration 105
Hirschfield, et al Wm. Henry Guardianship 110

Hirst Harry H. V. Temp. Administration 4408
Hite James R. Temp. Administration 7733
Hitt J. F. Administration 8669
Hitt Ruby Guardianship 8339
Hix Richard  Temp. Guardianship 5542
Hizer Wm. N.C.M. 649
Hochstadter M. Will 550
Hock Robt. Lee Guardianship 2530
Hodge Mary Ollie Comm. Administration 8251
Hodges John F. Comm. Administration 1040
Hoefle John  Administration 688
Hoefle William H. Guardianship 1647
Hoeflein William E. Guardianship 5062
Hoen Sadie and Herman Guardianship 1956
Hoffman Aaron Freeman Guardianship 4826
Hoffman Aaron Freeman Guardianship 5143
Hoffman, et al Fred, Anna, Edna, James, Guardianship 1187
Hoffman Harry Administration 5285
Hoffman, et al Julia and Minnie Guardianship 1187
Hoffman, et al Nathan Guardianship 5286
Hoffman Tony Will 8810
Hogan Kate Guardianship 490
Hogan Mattie Belle Guardianship 5372
Hogg Alexander Will 3776
Hogsett Anna M. Will 8102
Hogsett C. Y. Will 4940
Hogsett J. Y. Will 3444
Holbert Libbie Administration 3740
Holcombe Sallie  Will 9326
Holden Junior Ronell Guardianship 8599
Holden, et al Lillie Guardianship 5804
Holden Lillie E. Will 5805
Holden, et al Raymond Nash Guardianship 3461
Holder Cecil Guardianship 5229
Holiday Eliza Guardianship 2748
Holland Earl R. Administration 9258
Holland Harold Temp. Guardianship 8317
Holland J. D. Administration 255
Holland J. H. Will 4670
Holland Malinda Guardianship 425
Hollander, et al Georgia M. Guardianship 3067
Holleran Margarette Guardianship 2892
Holleran Marguerite Guardianship 2289
Holleran T. B. Administration 2726
Holleran, Jr. T. B. Guardianship 2755
Holliday J. M. Guardianship 456A
Holliday John Guardianship 645
Hollingsworth G. W. Administration 4875
Hollingsworth Geo. A. Guardianship 3095
Hollingsworth, et al Laura L. Guardianship 2713
Hollingsworth Mary E. Will 7819
Hollingsworth Percy Administration 8659
Hollins Rosa Lee Guardianship 5604
Hollinsworth M. E. Will 790
Hollis F. S. Administration 521
Hollis Grace H. D. Will 8096
Hollman Charlotte Temp. Guardianship 7866
Holloman J. W. Administration 657
Holloway H. C. Will 2617
Holloway J. W. Guardianship 734
Holloway Margaret Ann Will 7406
Holloway, et al S. C. Guardianship 5487
Holman Charles R. Administration 8451
Holmes A. J. Administration 1829
Holmes Al Administration 1828
Holt Charlcie Guardianship 2652
Holt D. D. Administration 1952
Holt Elizabeth L. Administration 5760
Holt Elizabeth L. Guardianship 5988
Holt Etta F. Will 3225
Holt Fannie E. Administration 8453
Holt Lewis A. Will 4917
Holt W. H. Temp. Administration 8001
Holtzclaw C. E. Administration 8961
Holtzclaw Evelyn Guardianship 9078
Holtzclaw J. A. Administration 8942
Homan, et al James Guardianship 7374
Homer, et al Alberta Lee Guardianship 1527
Hood, et al Etta  Guardianship 3860
Hood H. M. Administration 5960
Hood  H. M. Temp. Administration 5839
Hooe Sallie E. Administration 910
Hook S. W. A. Will 5014
Hook  Susan A. Will 2526
Hooks Mary P. N.C.M. 983
Hooks T. J. Comm. Administration 2861
Hop Pong Sam Temp. Administration 4035
Hop Wahalias Temp. Administration 4035
Hopkins Ethel Mary Guardianship 4932
Hopkins J. K. Perm. Administration 4503
Hopkins Mary E. Will 7987
Hopson Geo. I. Guardianship 148
Hopson Susan V. Guardianship 97
Horn Frank  Will 8239

Horn John H. Comm. Administration 3862
Horn Mrs. Minnie Lanckart Temp. Administration 4878
Hornbeak W. A. Temp. Administration 5227
Hornbeak W. A. Will 5228
Hornby Mrs. Johanna Hasse Temp. Administration 8387
Hornsby, et al Evelyn Nell Guardianship 6033
Hornsby J. D. and Lula Guardianship 4447
Horton, et al James Guardianship 337
Hosie Peter Will 7612
Hoskins Oran Guardianship 2281
Hoskins William Paine Guardianship 8329
Hostetler Lydia M. Will 3401
Hostetter Arthur A. Will 8850
Hostman Louisa N.C.M. 1205
House Fannie W. Administration 395
House, et al John Guardianship 1043
House Margaritte Guardianship 2272
House P. M. Will 4674
House W. T. Comm. Administration 8135
Housells John Kell Guardianship 2800
Houston Annie N.C.M.-Guardianship 1359
Houston, et al Carmine Guardianship 3659
Houston H. H. Temp. Administration 3459
Houston. et al Maude Estell Temp.Perm. Guardianship 7619
Houston Maudie E. Guardianship 7126
Houston R. J. Temp. Administration 5936
Houston R. J. Administration 6025
Hovenkamp Amanda Will 1428
Hovenkamp Edward Temp. Administration 1632
Hovenkamp Dora Belle Will 3073
Hovenkamp J. Frank Temp. Administration 4612
Hovenkamp J. Frank Will 4615
Hovenkamp T. D. Will 4881
Hovenkamp Walter A. Comm. Administration 7497
Hovey S. B. Inheritance Tax 8221
Howard, et al Edith Guardianship 5921
Howard Emma Administration 1542
Howard Hetty Will 3594
Howard James Will 9363
Howard John Administration 205
Howard John Guardianship 1933
Howard, Jr. John J. Guardianship 1707
Howard, et al Leroy Guardianship 5747
Howard Perry L. Will 3005
Howard Rose T. Will 8370
Howard Syloma W. Will 3876
Howard T. R. Will 1410
Howard Wm. R. Administration 4046
Howell F. A. Will 8371
Howell Harry A. Temp. Administration 3865
Howell S. R. Will 7864
Hoyt Rena M. Will 5226
Hubbard Mary E. Will 5109
Hubbard Noah Will 9346
Hubbard Thomas Harvey Guardianship 9340
Hubbard Thos. Holt Will 7761
Hubbard Thomas J. Will 5008
Hubbell W. D. Administration 7606
Huber Chas. Administration 3062
Huber Eunice Guardianship 3050
Huckabee Thos. Guardianship 477
Huckaby, et al Edgar Hurt Guardianship 7347
Huckbeaker Mrs. J. P. Guardianship 224
Hudgins, et al Dillard Guardianship 9356
Hudgins, et al Dorris D. Guardianship 8107
Hudgins J. C. Will 3208
Hudgins Lucy Administration 2285
Hudgins Thomas B. Guardianship 1914
Hudgins Thomas Moore Will 5651
Hudleton, et al Learline Guardianship 9028
Hudson Burke and Tom Guardianship 1263
Hudson Charlotte Brady Guardianship 8647
Hudson Charlsie Pauline Administration 5554
Hudson, et al Francis and Melissa Guardianship 7592
Hudson J. W. Guardianship 9076
Hudson Jno. D. Will 3272
Hudson Mary Jane E. G. Will 5753
Hudson W. T. Will 8709
Huey Milburne Pinkerton Guardianship 7800
Huff, et al Bulah C. Guardianship 3089
Huff Susan F. Will 5797
Huff W. L. Will 2140
Huffman Amanda Guardianship 93
Huffman Clarence Temp.Perm. Administration 8598
Huffman E. L. N.C.M. 177
Huffman E. L. N.C.M. Guardianship 3419
Huffman J. B. Temp. Administration 7880
Huffman James B. Will 7889
Huffman P. A. Temp. Administration 3058
Huffman W. A. Administration 2783
Huffman W. E. Temp. Administration 3123
Huffman Walter A. Will 972
Huffman Walter A. Will 3000
Huffman Walter A. and Phil A. Guardianship 1583

Huffman, et al Wm. E. Guardianship 3329
Huffmaster Bonnie N. Guardianship 4169
Hughes Mrs. Cordell Guardianship 1983
Hughes Mrs. Cordell Guardianship 2048
Hughes David Will 8954
Hughes Ella Will 3453
Hughes H. P. Administration 7110
Hughes J. P. Administration 2670
Hughes J. P. Administration 2673
Hughes Mary Ann Will 5519
Huguley Carmen Guardianship 9202
Hukill J. W. Guardianship 2747
Hukill Oscar G. Guardianship 1172
Humble Helen Will 4390
Hummel A. Will 3927
Hummel August Temp. Administration 3879
Hummel Mary Will 3994
Humphrey J. B. N.C.M. 275
Humphrey Jake H. Will 7195
Humphreys D. W. Will 3954
Humphreys Enoch Will 1163
Humphreys Mrs. Mary A. Administration 5609
Humphries Beulah Guardianship 2754
Hunsicker Louis Temp. Administration 1427
Hunsicker Louis Perm. Administration 1432
Hunt Addie Guardianship 819
Hunt Annie Will 4016
Hunt D. M. Temp. Administration 5485
Hunt Ernest de Vere Comm. Administration 7462
Hunt G. W. Will 7902
Hunt Mary E. Will 7267
Hunt William H. Administration 1328
Hunter A. J. Temp.Perm. Administration 7949
Hunter Eliza Will 9128
Hunter Frank A. and Walter S. Temp.Perm. Administration 2731
Hunter Horace Guardianship 7560
Hunter J. H. Temp. Administration 3481
Hunter Jas. H. Administration 1329
Hunter Joe W. N.C.M. 264
Hunter John Alexander Will 1212
Hunter Mrs. Kate Burnett Will 3665
Hunter Kate Burnett Temp. Administration 3972
Hunter Kate Burnett Perm. Administration 3973
Hunter Lutie Luckett Temp. Administration 7161
Hunter Lutie Luckett Administration 7162
Hunter Marion J. Guardianship 4262
Hunter R. D. Will 2299
Hunter, et al Robt. D. Guardianship 1425
Hunter, et al Robert D. Guardianship 1890
Hunter Roy Will 4918
Hunter Sam R. Guardianship 4818
Hunter, et al Virginia Guardianship 8183
Hunter W. E. Will 2986
Hunter Wm. Petition 114
Hunter Wm. N.C.M. 353A
Hunter William  Administration 1889
Huntley H. W. Will 3349
Huntley Howard Guardianship 1370
Hupler R. H. N.C.M. 1796
Hurd Rogers Guardianship 5706
Hurley C. W. Administration 2075
Hurley J. M. Will 4988
Hurley M. C. Administration 5203
Hurley Mary Will 3241
Hurley Mary T. Guardianship 3342
Hurley Rachel M. Will 1894
Hurst Hamilton Comm. Administration 387
Hurst, et al Hammond Guardianship 8610
Hurst Katherina Guardianship 4833
Hurst Minnie Nora Guardianship 1230
Hurst Minnie Nora Guardianship 1258
Hurt Martin Administration 5137
Hussar Emil N.C.M. 2072
Hust Christena Administration 382
Huston May and W. M. Temp.Perm. Administration 8073
Hutchens Lutishie Temp. Guardianship 5275
Hutcheson Alfred and Matilda Will 993
Hutcheson E. F. N.C.M. 2155
Hutcheson Ed Guardianship 2160
Hutcheson Ed F. Administration 6087
Hutcheson G. N. Will 7853
Hutcheson G. N. Temp. Administration 7921
Hutcheson Margarette Will 2282
Hutcheson Mary E. Will 1799
Hutcheson (Minors) Guardianship 328
Hutcheson Ruth Will 2981
Hutchins Harvey N.C.M. 2199
Hutchins Linton C. Will 3162
Hutchins Sallie A. Will 8491
Hutchinson Ed. F. N.C.M.-Guardianship 5401
Hutchinson Evert N.C.M.-Guardianship 8807
Hutchinson Sallie Guardianship 127
Hutchison Ed N.C.M. 2932
Hutchison Ed N.C.M. 62
Hutchison Ed N.C.M. 161
Hyatt Samuel W. Temp. Administration 4470
Hyatt Samuel W. Temp. Administration 4603
Hyman Joseph H. Guardianship 2185
Hynds Robt.  Will 9007

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