FWGS - Probate Records Index - G

Index to Tarrant County, Texas Probate Records, 1876-1927



Gabbert John L. Will 4849
Gable Ambrose Will 2342
Gage Sam Guardianship 8527
Gaines E. Porcher-Porcher Will 9213
Gaines Mary Administration 2694
Gaines Mattie Administration 4096
Gaines Wm. A. Guardianship 4101
Gains J. T. Administration 2704
Galbraith, et al Margaretta E. Guardianship 3854
Galbraith R. C. Administration 2474
Gale A. Will 7676
Gale Albert Guardianship 7467
Gallaher J. W. Will 4382
Gallaway Annetta Mary Administration 5738
Gallaway Minnie Administration 7383
Galliher David I. Will 4028
Galloway C. M. Administration 4588
Galloway, et al Lee Guardianship 4543
Galloway, et al Lee Guardianship 4626
Galloway Lucile Guardianship 3852
Gamewell Thos. Administration 655
Gammill, Jr. Ben F. Guardianship 8955
Gammill Hattie Guardianship 8646
Gammon, et al Herbert Guardianship 7532
Ganaway E. T. Guardianship 2933
Gandy Mary Administration 1572
Gann J. H. Administration 4245
Gann J. M. Will 4383
Gann, et al Ruel Guardianship 4201
Gans Sol Will 8978
Gans Sol Will 8978
Gant Ada B. Guardianship 149
Gant B. F. Administration 3158
Gantt J. T. Administration 2194
Gantt James Guardianship 4354
Gantt Joseph R. Guardianship 1560
Garbutt James Will 1311
Gardner Hunter E. Will 7818
Gardner Joe Temp. Administration 7661
Gardner Wm. Scott Guardianship 3931
Garland Grady, et al Guardianship 4838
Garland Louisa and Peter Temp. Administration 2435
Garland Sadie N.C.M. 2476
Garmany Hugh F. Guardianship 8994
Garmany Wm. Burnice Temp.Perm. Administration 9053
Garmon Clara Belle N.C.M. 1407
Garner F. T. Administration 4303
Garrett Charles Administration 4139
Garrett John Guardianship 2844
Garrett John T. Will 3184
Garrett Julia Will 4267
Garrett Mary N.C.M. - Guardianship 3936
Garrett Mary E. Will 1574
Garrett Roy, et al Guardianship 2337
Garrison Archie Temp. Administration 8683
Garrison E. E. Will 2468
Garrison Hunt Temp. Administration 8683
Garrison J. C. Guardianship 8949
Garrison Joseph  Temp. Administration 8778
Garrison Mattie Temp.Perm. Administration 8205
Garvey Lula R. Will 4579
Garvey W. B. Temp. Administration 4683
Garvey W. B. Will and Temp. Admin. 4689
Garvin T. B. N.C.M. 370A
Garza Juan N.C.M. 242
Gass, et al J. L. Guardianship 764
Gaston L. E. Temp. Administration 8657
Gaugh Glen Guardianship 2350
Gause W. R. Will 428
Gaynor Bessie Guardianship 1658
Gaynor Ernest Lawrence Guardianship 8044
Gaynor Lena May Guardianship 3038
Gee Mollie I. Will 8550
Geiger Lena  Will 1142
Geiger M. C. Will 5876
Geiger, et al Margaret  Guardianship 7843
Gentry Jewell Ernestine Guardianship 8715
Gentry T. A. Temp. Administration 4845
Gentry T. A. Administration 4949
Gentry Wm. P. Guardianship 171
George Amanda F. Will 7481
George Dee Temp.Perm. Administration 7282
George Irene M. N.C.M. - Guardianship 279
George J. R. N.C.M. - Guardianship 5912
George J. W. Comm. Administration 4492
George T. B. Temp.Perm. Administration 7320
George Wm. Will 1627
George Wm. W. Guardianship 6026
George Will Temp.Perm. Administration 4291
George Willie Temp. Guardianship 4287
Gerlich Tom Administration 2068
Getzendaner John A. N.C.M. 1986
Gholdston Frank Will 8667
Gibbins E. H. Will 630

Gibbins J. M. Administration 198
Gibbins Lee E. Guardianship 1115
Gibbins T. J. Administration 1085
Gibbins Thos. J. Temp.Perm. Administration 1074
Gibbon Bessie Administration 3155
Gibbon, et al Mary M. Guardianship 3118
Gibbon Sallie M. Will 7092
Gibbons H. B. Temp. Administration 5979
Gibbs John C. Administration 4335
Gibbs Martha R. Temp. Administration 5627
Gibson Elizabeth T. Will 8805
Gibson Eugene Administration 4813
Gibson Helen Louise Temp. Guardianship 3142
Gibson Isaac N. Guardianship 1290
Gibson M. E. N.C.M. 1651
Gibson Mary Teeter Will 8918
Gibson Thos. L. Will 5039
Gidcumb Mrs. Ruby O. Will 4645
Gideon J. H. Administration 1109
Gideon J. H. Administration 1150
Gilbert L. G. Will 9117
Giles H. D. N.C.M. - Guardianship 4343A
Giles H. D. Administration 4422
Giles H. D. Administration 4571
Giles William P. Will 1903
Gill Early Administration 5946
Gill Jane C. Will 481
Gill R. L. Administration 2906
Gillen John Administration 3858
Gillen, et al Ralph Guardianship 3859
Gillespie A. Elizabeth Will 7698
Gillespie Daniel R. Guardianship 156
Gillette Gladys Guardianship 3156
Gilliard Cathrine & Leah Guardianship 1551
Gilliland Mrs. Fanny Suddeth Will 8620
Gilliland Mrs. M. J. Will 8112
Gillis J. O. N.C.M. - Guardianship 759
Gillis J. Q. N.C.M. - Guardianship 922
Gillis J. Q. N.C.M. - Guardianship 1131
Gillis J. O. N.C.M. - Guardianship 1457
Gillis J. Q. N.C.M. - Guardianship 2105
Gilmore Mrs. Ella N.C.M. - Guardianship 1227
Gilmore Emily F. Will 2149
Gilmore Esther V. Administration 9289
Gilmore, et al Eula F. Guardianship 5755
Gilnagh Lawrence Will 3903
Gilpin J. W. Administration 4561
Gilpin J. W. Administration 4594
Gilroy Isabel N.C.M. - Guardianship 2221
Gipson L. G. Administration 3656
Girard Joe N.C.M.  1384
Girard Joseph N.C.M. - Guardianship 9060
Givens J. M. Comm. Administration 3269
Givens Thos. N.C.M. 1591
Gladson Mrs. S. C. Administration 4837
Glasgow John Reese Guardianship 7423
Glass J. A. N.C.M. 379
Glass Mary E. Comm. Administration 949
Glass, et al Roberta Guardianship 951
Glass Sam N.C.M. 901
Glass W. J. N.C.M. 458
Glazener Sion B. Will 3305
Gleason Mike N.C.M. 898
Gleason W. T. Administration 3497
Gleeson Dennis N.C.M. 776
Glenk Eugene Guardianship 3231
Glenn E. R. Temp.Perm. Administration 5236
Glenn M. E. Temp. Administration 5215
Glenn W. B. Administration 3919
Glenn, et al Wayne B. Guardianship 8885
Glisson Mrs. Mason L. N.C.M. 123
Gloff, et al Gus H. Temp. Administration 8078
Glover A. J. Will 8776
Gobhard Lewis G. Temp. Administration 9391
Godair Als Will 4118
Godfrey Sallie V. Administration 7353
Godley Joseph Administration 5279
Godsey Hexley & Tyndall Guardianship 3597
Godsey Huxley Guardianship 4441
Godwin Alice R. Will 3447
Godwin David W.  Will 6056
Godwin J. S. Will 3442
Godwin J. S. Administration 3460
Godwin Joe N.C.M. - Guardianship 263
Godwin R. Ryan Administration 4520
Godwin R. Ryan Will 4521
Godwin Richard W. Guardianship 8724
Goforth Lallene B. Guardianship 5621
Goings R. M. N.C.M - Guardianship 142
Goins Elbert H. Will 7966
Goldberg Lizzie N.C.M. - Guardianship 2146
Goldgraber Joseph Will 8032
Goldsmith Mrs. Rosie Administration 5989
Goldsmith Walker Emory Administration 6002

Goldstein William Administration 8360
Gonning Francis C. N.C.M. - Guardianship 4924
Gonzalez Irines Temp. Administration 5896
Good Mary R. Will 5276
Goode John V. Will 2391
Goode J. V. Temp. Guardianship 3556
Goode John V. Guardianship 3546
Goodell Jack N.C.M. 2067
Gooden M. L. N.C.M. - Guardianship 894
Gooden W. L. N.C.M. 927
Goodger Leta Guardianship 3427
Goodley W. R. Will 9369
Goodman Duke Will 2581
Goodman, et al Rosa Temp.Perm. Administration 4472
Goodnight Grace N.C.M. 498
Goodwin J. R. N.C.M. 312A
Googins Joseph B. Will 7682
Goolsly Chas. N.C.M. 1693
Gordon C. J. N.C.M. 34
Gordon, et al Charles Desmond Temp.Perm. Administration 8090
Gordon Charles P. Temp. Administration 8264
Gordon, et al Irene Guardianship 3988
Gordon William F. Will 7213
Gorman David Administration 3831
Gorman G. M. N.C.M. 2994
Gorman. et al Helen  Guardianship 5254
Gorman Henrie C. L. Will 7059
Gorman Mrs. Henrie Clay L. Administration 5950
Gorman Maud E. Administration 9005
Gormany John Hamilton N.C.M. - Guardianship 9246
Gorner Geo. N.C.M. 12
Gorrell J. W. Will 5826
Gorton Francis T. Will 2385
Goshorn Mattie Allen Will 7381
Gosney, et al Cora E. Guardianship 2176
Gott A. H. Temp. Administration 5798
Gough Martha  N.C.M. 609
Grace Bob Guardianship 1177
Grace John A. Guardianship 5689
Gragg Mary Martha Guardianship 8261
Gragg Maud E. Administration 8248
Graham Dr. A. E. Will 2339
Graham Ada H. Will 2210
Graham Charles M. Will 7115
Graham, et al Fred Guardianship 4157
Graham Manvia E. Will 681
Graham Mysie Will 8094
Graham R. K. Administration 7953
Graham R. N. Will 7832
Graham Robert Guardianship 720
Graham Rosa L. Administration 5585
Grambling Josie Guardianship 5766
Grammer Nat E. Administration 3812
Grammer Nathaniel E. Will 3827
Granger, et al Aneta Guardianship 9120
Granger W. H. Will 4466
Granger Mrs. W. H. Will 9119
Granger W. S. Administration 2609
Grant, et al Forrest Guardianship 3749
Grant George & Mrs. S. M. Will 2054
Grant George C. Will 3645
Grant, et al Helen  Guardianship 3074
Graves, et al Ariana L. Guardianship 570
Graves James P. Will 3393
Graves Mrs. N. E. Will 3668
Graves T. C. Will 2255
Gray Doryne J. Temp. Guardianship 7714
Gray H. E. Will 5262
Gray Henry N.C.M. 95
Gray Henry N.C.M.-Guardianship 3243
Gray Ida N.C.M. 2049
Gray Ivy N.C.M. 259
Gray, et al Johnathon Guardianship 3374
Gray Martha E. Temp, Administration 5079
Gray Mattie  N.C.M.-Guardianship 4885
Gray, et al Mattie Temp Guardianship 7042
Gray Nicholas B. Will 4785
Gray Sam N.C.M. 57
Gray W. J. Will 9123
Gray W. R. N.C.M. 465
Gray W. R. N.C.M. 557
Gray W. R. N.C.M.-Guardianship 673
Greathead Janies Henry Will 2607
Greathead James Henry Will 3743
Greathouse George R. Administration 3381
Green C. D. Administration 5527
Green, et al Eva Ione Guardianship 3197
Green G. C. Will 2265
Green, et al J. R. Guardianship 4814
Green Joe T. Will 5523
Green Margie Guardianship 8631
Green, et al Pearl Guardianship 4502
Green, et al Rufus Clyde Guardianship 5822
Green S. P. Will 2493

Green W. A. Administration 3675
Green W. E. Administration 4725
Greene, et al James Guardianship 7236
Greene, et al James Temp.Perm. Guardianship 7236
Greene, et al Johnnie Guardianship 4130
Greene  Lollie F. Will 7674
Greenlee L. B. Guardianship 1285
Greenlee, et al (Minors) Guardianship 2572
Greenman Floy Rosalie-Josephine Melba Temp.Perm. Administration 5224
Greenman Margaret Elgie Will 5458
Greenman W. M. Temp. Administration 9347
Greenslade Gertrude Comm. Administration 8472
Greenwall Almira E. Will 2123
Greenwall Phil W. Will 5144
Greenway H. W. Temp.Perm. Administration 8218
Greenwell Allonia Guardianship 4119
Greer Annie Guardianship 1488
Greer H. W. Administration 9309
Greer Sylvia Temp. Guardianship 7392
Greer W. B. Guardianship 2351
Greer William  Guardianship 4769
Gregg G. R. Will 4872
Gregg John Gideon Will 9037
Gregory E. L. Temp.Perm. Administration 7687
Gregory James T. Administration 3895
Gregory John Thomas Guardianship 815
Gregory L. C. Receivership 2636
Gregory L. C. Administration 2762
Gregory, et al Louise Guardianship 3867
Gregory Mrs. R. A. Will 2637
Gresham Hattie L. and B. A. Will 4410
Gresham Philip Will 367
Greve Jurgen Will 7874
Grider J. C. Administration 4625
Grider J. M. Administration 4460
Grider J. M. Administration 4558
Griffin Annie D. Will 5968
Griffin B. H. Will 2167
Griffin Clarence & Townsend Guardianship 1979
Griffin Emma N.C.M. 1120
Griffin F. A. Administration 381
Griffin Herman & Mathau Guardianship 9374
Griffin J. M. Administration 871
Griffin Jas. H. Administration 4657
Griffin Jas. H. Will 4665
Griffin Jennie Guardianship 2100
Griffin John Administration 4946
Griffin Laura N.C.M. 1954
Griffin Lella Burt Will 7599
Griffin Mrs. M. A. N.C.M. 1223
Griffin Martha S. Administration 8826
Griffin Mat N.C.M. 2008
Griffin, et al Nathan  Guardianship 8202
Griffin Sam Will 3011
Griffing Fred Y. Guardianship 5025
Griffith Dora May Guardianship 4545
Griffith J. E. Will 4264
Griffith  Marselus A. Guardianship 2508
Griffith R. B. Will 7841
Griffith Stella Guardianship 4546
Griffiths James Comm. Administration 1164
Griggs Ewin Guardianship 3523
Griggs Laura A. Will 4257
Griggs Wm. Sadler Guardianship 2489
Grigsby D. J. Will 8975
Grimes J. J. Temp. Administration 8385
Grimmett Roy Oliver Temporay Administration 7214
Grimsley Henry Guardianship 6015
Grimsley Melvin Administration 1106
Grimsley William Henry Temp. Guardianship 7751
Grimsley William S. Guardianship 3101
Grimsley, et al Willie Guardianship 2348
Grisso George Washington Will 7652
Grisso Loland H. Guardianship 8342
Grizzle Jas. T. Administration 895
Groom C.H., N.C. & M.I. Guardianship 1211
Groom Mrs. N. E. Administration 3744
Groover, et al Annie Bell Guardianship 1915
Groover, et al Felix R. Temp. Guardianship 3307
Gross Robt. N.C.M. 286
Grossbeck M. H. Will 9214
Grove Bertha E. Temp. Administration 7158
Grunewald Peter C. Will 9094
Guerry Willie Guardianship 750
Guers Ola G. Will 4734
Guettler John Administration 2568-2569
Guettler John Will 2579
Guevara Joe Guardianship 5599
Guillett Mary Isophene Will 9328
Guimond, et al (Minors) Guardianship 407
Guinn James Guardianship 2370
Guinn James Dor Jim Guardianship 9032
Guinn James E. Will 5111
Gulden Mrs. Margaretha Will 5029

Gulick Lizzie Talley Will 9283
Gullion E.F. and Mary A. Administration 8675
Gullion Edward Franklin Guardianship 8723
Gum Ethel Guardianship 2647
Guming James Will 3748A
Gunn John F. Temp. Administration 6043
Gunn, et al Louise Guardianship 8905
Gunn Sarah Appoint Appraiser 919
Gunn W. A. N.C.M.- Guardianship 8906
Gunning Francis C. Guardianship 4924
Gunnip Mary Catherine Temp. Guardianship 3778
Gurley J. R. Will 7123
Gurney R. Frank Guardianship 3968
Gusler, et al Henry Guardianship 4971
Guston, et al Francis Edna Guardianship 5193
Guthrey Martha A. Guardianship 8003
Guy  Mrs. Mattie N.C.M. 38
Guynn Ellen & J. W. Administration 3253
Guynn Guy Guardianship 1509
Guyott J. M. Will 3069

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