FWGS - Probate Records Index - F

Index to Tarrant County, Texas Probate Records, 1876-1927



Faber Jacob Will 3538
Fabian Edwin H. Will 8173
Fagan A. E. N.C.M. 1201
Fagan R. F. N.C.M. 1314
Faggard Martha Temp. Administration 4469
Fagin Albert Ellis N.C.M. - Guardianship 2392
Fahey Patrick Will 4331
Fahey Thomas Will 5306
Fahey William Will 5154
Fahey William Joseph Will 7972
Faker F. A. Temp. Administration 5701
Fallansbee L. E. A. Will 3978
Famble Jobbie Administration 5540
Fanning Elizabeth Will 2092
Fanning Frank Guardianship 2687
Fanning John Will 5084
Fanning M. F. Will 5153
Fanning R. A. Administration 5488
Fant Charles W. Will 3881
Fant Etta N.C.M. 2689
Farkas Rosa Will 6029
Farley Mrs. ? N.C.M. 225
Farmer, et al Ada M. Guardianship 1618
Farmer E. Will 2270
Farmer E. W. Administration 4592
Farmer Grace C. Guardianship 3562
Farmer Ina Comm. Administration 5368
Farmer Ina Administration 5369
Farmer Mrs. Jane Administration 1561
Farmer Joe Guardianship 8717
Farmer Joseph Preston Guardianship 7895
Farmer, et al Joseph Preston Temp. Guardianship 7375
Farmer Mattie H. Will 7607
Farmer (Minors) Guardianship 248
Farmer Oval Lee Temp.Perm. Guardianship 9081
Farrar Thomas B. Guardianship 8139
Faulkner H. Will 4226
Faulkner, et al Karl Guardianship 1883
Faulkner Minnie Administration 4925
Faulkner  Olive Will 2308
Faulkner W. F. Administration 3130
Feagin Lillie Will 7284
Feazell Sallie Wallas N.C.M.-Guardianship 8114
Feegles Mrs. S. A. Will 5146
Feemaster, et al Mollie Guardianship 3792
Feidl Henry Temp. Administration 4365
Feild Minnie C. S. Will 7815
Feild Mollie E. N.C.M.-Guardianship 8284
Feild Mollie E. Will 9207
Feild Sanie Will 5633
Feilds Miss Ann N.C.M.-Guardianship 9001
Felder Senola Guardianship 9365
Felder Thelma Rea Guardianship 9366
Felton, et al Fred A. Administration 5278
Felton, et al Margaret Temp. Guardianship 5481
Fender J. W. Administration 938
Fender Martha A. Will 3698
Fender, et al George H. Guardianship 2014
Ferguson A. J. Temp.Perm. Administration 2561
Ferguson, et al Agnes Temp. Guardianship 5513
Ferguson C. C. N.C.M. - Guardianship 8220
Ferguson Collin C. Will 8231
Ferguson Collin C. Temp. Administration 8266
Ferguson Mrs. E. J. Will 4848
Ferguson J. L. Will 2837
Ferguson Mrs. L. A. Administration 2002
Ferguson Laura N.C.M. 117
Ferguson Mrs. Lizzie N.C.M. 1694
Ferguson W. E. Will 1731
Ferguson Walter E. Guardianship 2582
Fernie James Administration 7468
Ferrell Belsora Guardianship 24
Ferris, et al Willie Guardianship 3837
Field Curtis Administration 1031
Field Henrietta R. Comm. Administration 413
Field James H. Will 4361
Field Julian Will 1698
Field, et al Rosetta Guardianship 5210
Field William Henry Will 4307
Fields Mrs. J. E. Comm. Administration 4920
Fields R. O. Temp. Administration 7326
Fields R. O. Will 7425
Fields R. O. Temp.Perm.Administration 7613
Fillinger Myrtle I. Temp. Administration 5891
Fillinger Myrtle I. Administration 6066
Finger J. P. Will 8127
Finklea Augusta Avett Administration 8996
Finley Dora N.C.M. 1050
Finley Dora Guardianship 1116
Finley Ellen T. and W. W. Guardianship 1345
Finley Jessie and May Guardianship 1391
Finley Roy Guardianship 3632
Finley Sarah Guardianship 1305
Finley Walter Gordon Will 808

Finnell John K. Administration 1478
Finnell M. C. Administration 1833
Fish L. M. Guardianship 7495
Fish Nathan E. Guardianship 3984
Fish Reseta Guardianship 8827
Fish Rosa Guardianship 2040
Fish Roseta N.C.M. 2814
Fish Rosetta N.C.M. 8
Fisher A. C. Guardianship 7556
Fisher Hellena Elbertine Guardianship 5883
Fisher Minnie P. Guardianship 359
Fisher Minnie P. Guardianship 622
Fisher Paul Administration 7181
Fisher Rosa Etta Will 2245
Fitzgerald Ellen Proffitt Administration 1818
Fitzgerald Eva E. Guardianship 181
Fitzgerald J. H. Will 5324
Fitzpatrick, et al Mildred Guardianship 8087
Flanagin Nancy H. Administration 8582
Flatt Robert Will 5016
Fleming, et al Alma Guardianship 3861
Fleming J. W. Administration 467
Fleming Lee Will 3652
Fleming Mary Julia Guardianship 2373
Fleming Patrick Will 1810
Fletcher Bennett Guardianship 3575
Fletcher Bessie L. Will 3576
Fletcher Ila Guardianship 5370
Flinn Tieda N.C.M. 1097
Flood, et al Frances Guardianship 8028
Flood W. W. Will 2563
Flores Alijo Guardianship 7870
Flores Pablo Administration 7865
Flory Bertha C. Administration 7448
Flory Frank W. Administration 2328
Flory Mrs. ? N.C.M. 1768
Flory Mrs. M. E. N.C.M. 1800
Flory Mrs. M. O. Administration 7678
Flournoy H. W. Will 8323
Flournoy Martha Fountaine Guardianship 8330
Flournoy Ophelia C. Will 8013
Flowers Annie E. Guardianship 449
Flowers J. B. Will 2475
Flowers, et al Tilmon Guardianship 8752
Floyd H. M. Administration 5170
Floyd J. W. Will 7625
Floyd, et al Nallie Wray Guardianship 5231
Floyd Stephen Administration 3166
Floyd W. A. Administration 3554
Fly W. C. Administration 8672
Fly W. C. Will 8673
Flynn Thomas J. Guardianship 1718
Flynne Mary T.  Administration 2775
Flynne Mary T.  Will 2781
Fogg Frank Morrison Will 8990
Foley, et al Robert Carlton Guardianship 8502
Foley W. T. Comm. Administration 5827
Follein Cecile Administration 1349
Follein S. G. Will 1405
Follett G. W. Temp.-Perm.Administration 7376
Follett G. W. Will 7416
Follett Ola Virginia Guardianship 7524
Follin Mrs. S. C. Will 4162
Folts Frankie Guardianship 940
Forbes Monroe N.C.M. 1739
Ford, et al Joe Guardianship 4087
Ford S. F. Administration 89
Ford William V. Administration 8260
Forgason, et al Connie Lee Guardianship 7480
Forgy, et al Clyde C. Guardianship 2665
Forgy, et al Clyde C. Receivership 2666
Forgy Eslie Guardianship 3079
Forman, Jr. Benjamin Rice Guardianship 8025
Forrester R. A. Will 7585
Forsen Bevly Administration 4526
Forsen Bevly Administration 4527
Forsen Bevly Will 4532
Forson Ann Will 4531
Foscue F. F. Will 2759
Fosdick Edwin E. Will 4587
Foshall H. F. Comm. Administration 494
Foster Annie D. Will 3245
Foster C. W. N.C.M. - Guardianship 5248
Foster Dizanie, Ambers Guardianship 820
Foster Mrs. E.  Will 3250
Foster, et al Edward Everett Guardianship 1692
Foster Ell, Virginia Guardianship 820
Foster Fred B. Temp. Administration 7711
Foster Fred B. Will 7712
Foster Mrs. Ida N.C.M.-Guardianship 2465
Foster Isaac Will 2197
Foster Jacob Administration 2098
Foster James Guardianship 2413
Foster Joel L. Will 2657

Foster Katherine Will 3788
Foster Lewis W.  Temp.Perm. Administration 8922
Foster Mrs. M. A. Will 5330
Foster Mary Elizabeth Guardianship 6092
Foster R. E. Administration 9043
Foster Robert Henry Comm. Administration 5077
Foster Robert Henry Temp. Comm Administration 5092
Foster Tallie Guardianship 224
Foulks (Minors) Temp. Guardianship 2765
Fournier Andre Temp. Guardianship 5976
Foust D. R. N.C.M. 254
Foust J. E. Temp. Administration 9133
Fowle Thomas J. Will 767
Fowler Arthur Temp.Perm.Guardianship 4575
Fowler Burl Owen Guardianship 8719
Fowler Eliza  N.C.M. 865
Fowler Esther Louise Temp. Guardianship 5338
Fowler Ethel Mae Temp. Administration 8853
Fowler Mrs. Ida Will 5591
Fowler L. A. Will 5375
Fowler Permelia Temp. Administration 4569
Fowler R. J. N.C.M. 839
Fowler Vethel Comm. Administration 5756
Foy Marion Temp. Administration 2464
Fox Mary C. N.C.M. 2806
Fox Myrtle Guardianship 5159
Fox Myrtle Marion Guardianship 5151
Fox R. P. Comm. Administration 6440
Francell Beatrice Will 8014
Frances James Richard Guardianship 1099
Frances Richard Will 1098
Francis  H. B. Will 8247
Francisco James M. Will 915
Frank Anna Administration 8046
Frank Henry Administration 2300
Frank W. A. Will 607
Franke Fred Will 8320
Franke Fred  Administration 8441
Franke H. B. Administration 3702
Franke Lena Will 8179
Franke Rosa Administration 7688
Franklin, et al Jesse Guardianship 7103
Franklyn Clarence Guardianship 8988
Franks Mary E. N.C.M. 262
Fraser Alexander B. Administration 4497
Fraser H. M. Guardianship 233
Fraser, et al Thomas A. Guardianship 1323
Frask Claudina Will 3174
Frazeur Anna M. Will 8547
Frazeur Benj. M. Will 7718
Frazier John Administration 3797
Frazier Marguerite Velva Guardianship 7049
Frazier, et al Velma Guardianship 8501
Freedman Harry N.C.M. 182
Freel M. U. Guardianship 5786
Freeman Millie S. Comm. Administration 889
Freese Laura C. Guardianship 3945
French Cora Will 5122
French Elma Guardianship 3229
French G. W. Heirship 7545
French Isabelle E. Administration 4165
French Junius B. Will 5242
French Nadine et al Guardianship 5211
French Peter Will 1753
French W. C. Will 4350
Freund Mrs. Maud Will 8175
Freytag William H. Will 9262
Friedman William Louis Will 5547
Friend Henry M. Will 4074
Frion Edward Will 4567
Frisbie L. W. Will 2402
Frisbie Marn E. Will 3199
Fritts Annie B. Comm. Administration 8763
Fritz Gustave Temp. Administration 7155
Froment Eugene McKinney Guardianship 4653
Froment T. W. Will 5121
Fromin Annie L. Temp.Perm.Guardianship 7701
Fronabarger Ollie M. Comm. Administration 8587
Frost C. L. Administration 1683
Frost Chas. L. N.C.M. 1487
Frost Charles L. Temp. Administration 1538
Fry Mrs. Caroline L. Will 9110
Fry Gertrude A.& Laberts Guardianship 1609
Fry S. M.  Will 3173
Fuller, et al John W. Guardianship 5900
Fuller, et al Robert F. Guardianship 2021
Fuller W. L. Will 5083
Fuller W. N. M. Will 3661
Fulton Thomas Arthur Will 7533
Funk Geo. N. Will 9093
Funk Olive Administration 7903
Fuqua George C. Will 8837
Furlow Francell Administration 8324
Furman Ella Vineyard Will 2411
Furman S.  Guardianship 30
Furman Sam Will 8966
Fussell William Stewart Guardianship 5856

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