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Index to Tarrant County, Texas Probate Records, 1876-1927



Eagleston Joe Temp. Administration 8168
Eagleston Violet Comm. Administration 3846
Eagleton E. C. Comm. Administration 8655
Eagleton John Campbell Temp. Administration 7088
Eagleton Poyner Guardianship 8309
Eakle H. P. Will 8026
Eakle Nannie D. Will 723
Earle Harriss Guardianship 7885
Earle Mary V. Will 9245
Earls Jeff Will 4851
Easter Lilly P. Temp. Guardianship 3810
Easter Mary Grace Temp. Guardianship 6075
Easterling Camilla E. Will 1816
Eastland Fred Will 5868
Eastman J. H. N.C.M. 2925
Eastman Joe Guardianship 4757
Eastman Johnny & Orville Guardianship 4758
Eastman Martha J. Guardianship 4092
Eastman Mrs. Martha (Patsy) Administration 4639
Eastman Martha J. Administration 4937
Easton, et al Molly Guardianship 226
Eastwood J. W.  Will 2711
Eaton Mary L. Guardianship 2733
Eaton Mrs. Navada Will 8499
Eaves Jim N.C.M. 1581
Eberling Herman Administration 660
Echols Ellen J. Will 8159
Echols Geo. Will 3154
Echols, et al George D. Guardianship 5274
Echols George Douglas Administration 5230
Echols Laura Comm. Administration 5436
Echols R. M. Administration 830
Eckert Dedrick N.C.M. 1469
Eddleman Sarah E. Will 8658
Eden B. F. Will 7190
Edens J. B. N.C.M. 1876
Ederle Charles  Temp. Administration 1745
Ederle Charles Administration 1759
Edins, et al Charles C. Guardianship 510
Edmiston Jennie LaCrois Administration 7660
Edmiston Oscar H. Administration 5225
Edmonds Thomas A. Will 8116
Edmunds Ludie Aurora Guardianship 8938
Edrington H. C. Will 4613
Edrington James F. Will 674
Edrington Virginia C. Will 5573
Edwards A. J. Administration 2044
Edwards, et al Almer Guardianship 7205
Edwards Charley L. Administration 9325
Edwards Charley Ray Guardianship 5011
Edwards Charlsetta Guardianship 8989
Edwards Elizabeth N.C.M.-Guardianship 890
Edwards Elizabeth N.C.M. 896
Edwards Elizabeth Will 1712
Edwards Elizabeth F. Will 2655
Edwards, et al Imogene Guardianship 8325
Edwards, et al J. B. Guardianship 5453
Edwards Mary E. Administration 2577
Edwards R. Temp. Administration 7614
Edwards Samuel Will 438
Edwards William N.C.M. 2222
Egbert J. D. Will 8392
Eggleston J. W.  N.C.M. 287
Eggleston John W. Guardianship 3704
Eggleston John W. Guardianship 3863
Eggleston Mattie Administration 668
Ehinger Herbert H. Guardianship 9220
Ehrnman L. C. Will 9095
Eiland C. E. Guardianship 2920
Elder C. E. Administration 3405
Elder Joe Guardianship 907
Elder, et al Welborn Wilson Guardianship 7898
Elder, et al Wilburn Wilson Guardianship 8565
Elie Bob N.C.M. 133
Elkin B. F. Administration 4371
Ellard Jewell Administration 5139
Elliott B. R. Will 3605
Elliott H. E. Administration 2695
Elliott Mrs. Harriet E. Will 6013
Elliott J. H. Temp. Administration 3979
Elliott John Substitute Will  246
Elliott Joseph and Ellen Guardianship 19
Elliott, et al Louise Temp.-Perm. Guardianship 4649
Elliott Low S. Temp. Administration 2388
Elliott Sarah Administration 872
Elliott Theresa P. Will 8817
Ellis Ann Administration 7822
Ellis C. J. Guardianship 4272
Ellis Chas.M.(NCM)-Edith E. Guardianship 1738
Ellis Chas. T. Guardianship 4104
Ellis Claud Guardianship 2849
Ellis Claud Guardianship 2958
Ellis Emily M. Will 4559
Ellis James F. Will 1807

Ellis Jas. N. N.C.M. 875
Ellis Jerry F. N.C.M.-Guardianship 3214
Ellis Jerry F. Will 3335
Ellis Johnnie Temp. Guardianship 8033
Ellis Mary Francis Comm. Administration 1667
Ellis Mattie A. Comm. Administration 3511
Ellis W. J. Guardianship 6
Ellis W. T. Will 1733
Ellison R. L. Will 4687
Ellison Tina Guardianship 4107
Elliston M. J. Guardianship 295
Elliston Mark Administration 192
Elliston, et al (Minors) Guardianship 518
Elliston Sarah Eliz. Boaz Will 8554
Ellzey Maudie Mae Administration 8734
Ellzey Maudie Mae Will 8736
Elmore Georgia N.C.M. 80
Elrod, et al Wesley T. Guardianship 2184
Elseffer Peter Will 1226
Elser Lilly L. Administration 1973
Elva Senora Guardianship 1727
Emberson Jule Guardianship 1721
Emberson Jule Guardianship 1782
Emberson Sallie Will 1706
Embree James W.  Guardianship 7111
Embree, et al Maud Guardianship 3222
Emmons E. S. Administration 5496
Emmons E. S. - S. C. Administration 5683
England Houston Administration 7970
Englefield, et al Frances Guardianship 7555
English, et al Gretchen Guardianship 8333
Enos Ola Vester Guardianship 2941
Entwistle Helena Comm. Administration 918
Eppstein Milton L. Temp. Administration 8473
Eppstein Milton L. Will 8492
Erisman R. Y. Will 5382
Ernest Cartwright N.C.M. 211
Ernest Lillie F. Guardianship 2549
Erwin, et al Jerrell Guardianship 8474
Eskew Q. T. Temp. Administration 1483
Esler R. B. Temp. Administration 3715
Essex Virginia Will 3135
Estell Fred and Ethel Guardianship 5148
Estell Jack N.C.M. 1930
Estes Flournoy B. Temp.-Perm. Guardianship 7218
Estes George E. Will 8085
Estes Gerda Guardianship 2202
Estes, et al Imogene Guardianship 5951
Estes James Administration 199
Estes John W. Comm. Administration 8217
Estes Leta M. Guardianship 2528
Estes Margaret Temp.-Perm. Guardianship 7219
Estes Myrtle Comm. Administration 7583
Estes Silas Comm. Administration 658
Estill Charles C. Temp. Administration  7207
Estill Clara Comm. Administration 4294
Estill Jack N.C.M. 1412
Estill, et al Jimmie Guardianship 2709
Estill Ruby Marie Comm. Administration 8170
Estill Sallie Appoint. Appraisers 2527
Etherage Lee N.C.M. 2470
Eubank Bird N.C.M.-Temp.Administration 8644
Eudaler Emma Louise Temp.-Perm. Guardianship 7064
Eudaly G. N. Will 4935
Evans Alice Guardianship 762
Evans B. C. Temp. Administration 869
Evans Carrie Irene Temp.-Perm. Guardianship 5287
Evans Ethel, Albert, & Lena Guardianship 902
Evans Ella O. Will 7608
Evans G. F. Temp. Administration 2879
Evans Mrs. H. T. N.C.M. 2320
Evans Juanita Guardianship 8117
Evans Julia A. Will 2452
Evans Lula N.C.M. 2307
Evans (Minors) Guardianship 2490
Evans Portia L. Guardianship 7808
Evans Ruth Guardianship 5478
Evans Mrs. S. A. Administration 4966
Evans W. T. Will 311
Evans William M. Will 4041
Everard Patrick Deceased 25
Everett E. A. Will 7785
Everheart Bill N.C.M. 155
Everline A. R. Temp. Administration 3543
Eversole Chester A., Clara B., Guardianship 921
Eversole J. C. Administration 826
Eversole John B., Harry, Wm.C Guardianship 921
Evring Bessie Louise Temp. Administration 8409
Evring Lillie Temp. Administration 5486
Ezell Jeptha K. Comm. Administration 529
Ezell Namie S. Will 772
Ezell, et al Roy B. Guardianship 967

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