FWGS - Probate Records Index - C

Index to Tarrant County, Texas Probate Records, 1876-1927



Cabre F. Administration 7605
Cade J. H. Will 4746
Cahill Ralph Guardianship 5002
Calahan Neal Guardianship 2855
Calcaterra Jennie Guardianship 9006
Calder, et al Clarice Guardianship 8142
Calder William Administration 5406
Caldwell E. A.  Will 1467
Caldwell May Guardianship 1468
Caldwell May Guardianship 1474
Caldwell Ralph Guardianship 4835
Caldwell William Administration 4540
Calhoun Erie Guardianship 8081
Calhoun Ray Guardianship 4232
Calkins Cora May Will 5709
Call Mary E.  Will 3536
Call, et al Martin Guardianship 3367
Call, et al Eliza Estelle Guardianship 7465
Callaghan J. F. Will 1947
Callahan C. H.  Administration 2749
Callahan R. W. Will 2625
Callbeck P. F. Administration 2929
Calloway Bonnie Temp. Administration 8404
Calloway J. W. Comm. Administration 112
Calloway, et al Jewell B. Guardianship 7266
Calloway M. E. Guardianship 408
Calloway Sallie Will 8834
Caloway, et al Viola Guardianship 5304
Calvin James Administration 7686
Cambrin Thos. Administration 11
Cambron Frankie Lee Guardianship 1969
Cambron Henry Administration 878
Cameron Amis S. Administration 2463
Cameron Edna M. Administration 7024
Cameron Luellen Guardianship 3382
Cameron S. J. Will 9235
Cammell Caroline M. Administration 1746
Camp Elizabeth Guardianship 2161
Camp Elizabeth Guardianship 2162
Camp Opal Guardianship 3951
Camp Tommie Administration 2089
Campbell Argyle Habeas Corpus 1702
Campbell Bill N.C.M. 2603
Campbell Don Will 4352
Campbell Eliza Will 7861
Campbell, et al Federick D. Guardianship 1788
Campbell George N.C.M. 2738
Campbell J. M. N.C.M. 257
Campbell J. W. N.C.M. 4582
Campbell J. W. Administration 7579
Campbell Lela Comm. Administration 8126
Campbell Maude Guardianship 1156
Campbell Mildred Ione Guardianship 8400
Campbell Ralph N.C.M. 102
Campbell Will N.C.M. 1832
Campbell Wm. N.C.M. 1241
Canaberry Jack Guardianship 2852
Cannon B. A. Will 9045
Cannon Carter Administration 54
Cannon Elizabeth, Carter Guardianship 21
Cannon Ethel Eunice Guardianship 2937
Cannon Houston R. Guardianship 4138
Cannon J. Q. Temp. Administration 1360
Cannon Jane & Rhoda Guardianship 21
Cannon Jessie Lee Temp. Guardianship 7372
Cannon John Administration 10
Cannon Julia  Temp. Administration 1348A
Cannon Lewis A. & Lillie Guardianship 953
Cannon Louis A. Comm. Administration 739
Cannon May Bell Guardianship 3091
Cannon Minnie Comm. Administration 1127
Cannon T. M. Temp. Administration 3478
Cantey S. B. (blank) 8321
Canto Alex Administration 3247
Canto Mary E.  Will 4083
Cantrell Jennie Willie Guardianship 143
Cantrell Lula Guardianship 5482
Cantrell P.  Will 117
Cantwell, et al Elijah Guardianship 261
Capera Jno. F. P. Will 2291
Capps Edgar D. Comm. Administration 4251
Capps J. G. Will 5340
Capps Mary Susan Will 5910
Capps William Will 8676
Caraway Mrs. M. N. C. M. 2019
Caraway Mrs. Nettie Administration 9061
Caraway, et al Wesley Guardianship 9062
Carb Mrs. Babette Will 7209
Carb Isidore Will 4680
Carb Sarah  Will 7072
Carder B. S. N. C. M. 838
Carder B. S. N. C. M. 1959
Cardon D. N. C. M. 684
Cardwell George Thomas Guardianship 8150

Carel J. N. C. M. 2152
Carey Dan Temp.& Perm. Administration 2024
Carey J. W. N. C. M. 2499
Carl W. R.  Will 4547
Carleton William Will 809
Carleton Mrs. William Administration 978
Carlson G. R. Administration 666
Carlson Harry Guardianship 3799
Carlson John Administration 7227
Carlton M. A. Comm. Administration 765
Carnes Alva R. Will 8249
Carnes Mary Alice Guardianship 8250
Carney Arminda Co-Administration 2817
Carney Charles Edward Guardianship 3539
Carney Jim N. C. M. 175
Carney Mike N. C. M. 2237
Carney Rosa Comm. Administration 7753
Carnrike Gertrude Guardianship 3537
Carpenter Wm. O. Guardianship 1409
Carr Ed Administration 8209
Carr James A. Temp. Administration 4480
Carr Minerva C. Temp. Administration 3823
Carr Tom N. C. M. 1611
Carrett Edward Guardianship 9096
Carrico B. J. Temp. Administration 5455
Carrico B. J. Will 5463
Carrier T. S. Will 9321
Carrington  J. D. Administration 9026
Carrington, et al Mary Cecelia Guardianship 5899
Carroll B. H. Will 4449
Carroll Beatrice Virginia Temp. Guardianship 3883
Carroll Ed Temp. Administration 7010
Carroll Geraldine M. Will 3884
Carroll Lewis Shepherd Will 7734
Carruth (Minors) Guardianship 7062
Carruth Otis Administration 7935
Carruth Waldine Guardianship 8551
Carruthers Janie Francis Will 7631
Carsley M. P. N. C. M. 86
Carson Henry N. C. M. 1831
Carson Henry N. C. M. 1847
Carson L. M.  Will 2777
Carson Minnie N. C. M. 1789
Carson Pauline Elizabeth Guardianship 6016
Carson T. E. Will 4301
Carson William Comm. Administration 6009
Cart N. Leonard Guardianship 7154
Cartan, Sr. John J. Will 8169
Carter A. M. Will 3348
Carter Mrs. Ada N. C. M. 2453
Carter Alicee Guardianship 2047
Carter, et al Alpha May Guardianship 8495
Carter, et al Fred C. Guardianship 8625
Carter Josephine Will 7671
Carter Marrie R.or Mrs. W.D. Will 8786
Carter, et al Robert H. Guardianship 5491
Carter Wm. Anthony Guardianship 8034
Cartwright G. C. N. C. M. 2504
Cartwright, et al Harvey Guardianship 3332
Cartwright Marvin L. Guardianship 5928
Cartwright Sarah C. Co-Administration 3297
Carver E. B.  Temp. Administration 5288
Carver E. B.  Will 5289
Carver H. P. Will 3416
Cary Sallie B. N. C. M. 1332
Case  Clarence M. Will 3717
Casey John Will 7002
Casey Martin Will 3654
Cash G. L. Administration 3686
Cash George L. Guardianship 4824
Cash, et al Walter Guardianship 5677
Cashin Sadie N. C. M. 135
Casper Dora N. C. M. 89
Cassell Alma S. Guardianship 2646
Cassell James. W. Will 4242
Cassell, Jr. John L. Will 7179
Cassidy, et al Irene Lillian Guardianship 7624
Casstevens Flossie Susan Guardianship 7018
Casstevens John Will 5855
Casstevens  M. C. Will 4151
Casstevens Vera Guardianship 4345
Casstevens, et al W. W. Guardianship 2319
Caster Mrs. Eunice Administration 7242
Castleberry, et al Claud Guardianship 4090
Castleberry Mrs. Fannie T. Will 5678
Castleberry W. Z.  Will 2587
Caston L. M.  Temp. Administration 1518
Caswell Miss L. N. C. M. 2824
Catchpole Fannie Guardianship 935
Cate Julia E. Comm. Administration 1770
Cate May M. Comm. Administration 2655
Cathey Alma  Comm. Administration 5575
Cato, Jr. George S. Will 4263
Caudle John W. Will 9222

Cauker Mrs. Pearl Will 4397
Cauthron Charles  Will 3215
Cavener Howard Temp. Administration 4691
Cavener Howard Will 4694
Cawthron J. G. Temp. Administration 8577
Caxdwallader Mrs. Mayme Co-Administration 8186
Caylor P. C. Temp. Administration 5442
Caylor Philip C. Comm. Administration 5816
Cazlor, et al Charles C. Guardianship 5452
Cetti Emma Amalia Zane Will 5970
Cetti Emma Amalia Zane Ex de Bonnis Non 7563
Cetti Harriet E. Will 1450
Cetti Harriet E. Ex de Bonnis Non 7562
Cetti Zane Will 7478
Chamberlin C. H.  Comm. Administration 7811
Chambers A. J.  Will 1225
Chambers A. J.  Administration 1399
Chambers Addie Guardianship 1992
Chambers Adie Guardianship 1793
Chambers Herman Habeas Corpus 1026
Chambers Judge Watts Guardianship 1356
Chambers Martha A. Will 1386
Chambers Martha Jene Guardianship 2250
Chambers Mike Guardianship 1207
Chambers Rufus Will 3657
Chambers Sallie Comm. Administration 7173
Champion Helen Irene Guardianship 5601
Chandler T. M. Administration 7553
Chaney Leona Will 8295
Chaney Major Administration 8399
Chaney W. M.  Will 8909
Chapman, et al Bessie B. Guardianship 4774
Chapman Elizabeth Comm. Administration 3116
Chapman Fred  Guardianship 7978
Chapman G. L. Temp. Administration 3950
Chapman J. A.  Will 7220
Chapman John W. Comm. Administration 618
Chapman Myra Comm. Administration 3392
Chappell, et al Jas. H. Guardianship 505
Charbonneau N. F.  Administration 1648
Charbonneau Sarah Octavia Will 8939
Charles Sam Comm. Administration 8109
Charnley E. W. Will 5911
Chase Virginia A. Administration 1924
Chastain Clarice Will 4739
Chastain J. A.  Will 4082
Chastain Merritt Guardianship 4740
Chastain T. S. Administration 5000
Chedester T. F. Will 3525
Cheek Mrs. M. T. Will 3325
Cheney Alzada Guardianship 355
Chenoweth H. W. Administration 4367
Cherry F. W.  Will 8770
Chesnut Jennie Will 4478
Chesnut Leander L.  Administration 2315
Chesnut Ona Lee Guardianship 2317
Chesser Wm. Thomas Will 8158
Chickman Paul N. C. M. 145
Childers Lizzie and Mattie Guardianship 1159
Childers M. E. Comm. Administration 784
Childers Mrs. Paralee Comm. Administration 5199
Childress, et al Belle Guardianship 2235
Childress, Jr. C. W. Receiver 2820
Childress Hugh M. Administration 2045
Childress J. V.  Administration 698
Childress R. C. Administration 1009
Chipps D. E. Administration 8967
Chiseldine Sanil D. Administration 2157
Chism E. W. Administration 876
Chism E. W. Administration 929
Chism Emma  Guardianship 1451
Chitwood Julia  N. C. M. 1209
Chivers L. N. Administration 139
Choat A. A. and R. I. Guardianship 486
Choat Jackson M. Will 3071
Choate Hattie E. N. C. M. & Comm. Admin. 5566
Choate, et al John Leeland Guardianship 8704
Choate Lula E. Comm. Administration 7992
Chokas Pedro Administration 5315
Chollar George W. Will 2671
Chorn J. B. Will 2158
Chrestnian Robert Lee Guardianship 9163
Chrisholm, Jr. Octavius Guardianship 732
Christ Nicholus Will 7792
Christensen, et al Charles P. Guardianship 2616
Christenson Lula A. Comm. Administration 8446
Christie Cora D. Guardianship 8664
Christopher Belle C. Will 3509
Churchill E. E. Will 7767
Churchill Preston Guardianship 5649
Cisco Ed Temp.& Perm. Administration 2730
Clack, et al (no name) Guardianship 611
Clack, et al Arthur Guardianship 1798
Clanton Raymond Guardianship 7449

Clardy Charles H. Will 7479
Clark Mrs. Alice B. Administration 8727
Clark, et al Andrew Guardianship 5536
Clark Ben N.C.M. 2173
Clark Ben N.C.M. 2196
Clark Ben N.C.M. 2353
Clark Bill N.C.M. 103
Clark C. C. Administration 8244
Clark, et al Charles Temp. Guardianship 3987
Clark Charlie N.C.M. 189
Clark Clarence N.C.M. 1989
Clark Dave Temp. Administration 7719
Clark Fannie A. Comm. Administration 5932
Clark George Dewey Guardianship 4168
Clark Gus Comm. Administration 5247
Clark Harry Temp. Guardianship 7047
Clark J. F. Administration 8286
Clark, et al J. H. Guardianship 384
Clark J. T. Administration 5189
Clark J. T. Temp. Administration 5198
Clark J. T. Will 5265
Clark Johns N.C.M. 2893
Clark, et al Louise R. Guardianship 5724
Clark Lucinda Will 4698
Clark Lucinda Administration 5471
Clark Mrs. M. J. Will 7165
Clark Mrs. Mattie Administration 4989
Clark Maud Permelia-Orion May Guardianship 848
Clark Mrs. Minnie A. Guardianship 8287
Clark Nellie Administration 554
Clark Rose M. Will 8113
Clark Sallie N.C.M. 2174A
Clark Sarah E. Comm. Administration 3283
Clark Silas N.C.M. 266
Clark W. E. Administration 8925
Clark W. R. N.C.M. 2559
Clark Wiley Temp. Administration 2191
Clark Willie Guardianship 810
Clark Wm. Guardianship 5362
Clarke Albert F. Temp. Administration 5233
Clarke Boyd Will 3042
Clarke Howard Boyd Guardianship 8121
Clarke Walter Washington Will 9082
Clarkson Charles W. Will 7693
Clay C. B.  Will 2153
Claypool America Comm. Administration 3282
Claypool Emma Louise Will 8923
Claypool Homer Temp. Guardianship 8510
Claypool, et al Mary V. Guardianship 3289
Clayton Ivy L. Guardianship 3680
Clayton W. S. Administration 5336
Clemens J. R. Will 3189
Clement Zaw Temp. Guardianship 4909
Clement Zaw Administration 5047
Clements, et al Ada Guardianship 1926
Clements John Will 4244
Clements W. A.  Will 1856
Clemons Lomita Guardianship 5009
Clemons W. E. Administration 5036
Cleveland M. E. Will & Administration 2594A
Cleveland Nancy Lillian Guardianship 8869
Click Celeste Temp. Guardianship 4496A
Clifton J. T. Temp. Administration 8425
Clifton J. T.  Temp. Administration 8881
Clifton R. P. Will 7334
Cline Beatrice  Temp. Administration 5721
Clingman G. W. Will 4036
Close Cephas M. Guardianship 2207
Clouch Hanna A. Comm. Administration 3211
Cloud C. C. N. C. M. 2905
Cloud, et al Harry W. Temp. Guardianship 4199
Cloud Jerre E. Administration 5022
Clowers, et al Lawrence Guardianship 6082
Coan Hugh  Administration 3287
Coates Arthur R. Guardianship 3047
Coates Mrs. Joe Guardianship 1429
Coates Richard E. Administration 3380
Coats Alta I. Comm. Administration 8896
Cobb D. E.  Administration 4795
Cobb Dora Lee Guardianship 4641
Cobb J. W. F. Will 9224
Cobb Maggie Guardianship 5325
Cobb Mary Ellen Will 1637
Cobb Robert  Will 3152
Cobb Samuel Guardianship 1784
Cobb Sophia C. Guardianship 1997
Coberly Arthur M. Administration 7944
Coble Linnie Administration 7665
Coble Martha A. Will 8879
Coble S. D. Administration 1002
Coburn Ada Guardianship 1535
Coburn Sidney W. Administration 8083
Cockrell A. S. Will 5124
Cockrell, et al Floyd L. Temp. Guardianship 7846

Cockrell James Alfred Temp. Administration 7791
Cockrell W. D. Guardianship 87
Cody John Administration 8992
Coe Augusta Comm. Administration 5944
Coe J. M. Will 2979
Coe J. M. Administration 3791
Coffee Jennie Guardianship 282
Coffey, et al Wm. H. Guardianship 3053
Coffman L. S. Guardianship 156
Cogburn Jessie Marie Administration 5791
Cohen Louis Comm. Administration 5577
Cohen M. Guardianship 1769
Cohen M. Guardianship 1963
Coker Taylor Guardianship 319
Colbert Julia  Guardianship 5023
Colbert Wm. N. C. M. 1
Cole Clarkson H. Guardianship 2947
Cole  Dan F. Administration 1312
Cole G. A. Will 3227
Cole H. L. Will 2921
Cole I. C. Administration 4316
Cole I. N. Will 3750
Cole Janies & Marianne Temp. Administration 5164
Cole Jennie Heirship 8432
Cole John P. Temp. Administration 1381
Cole John P. Administration 1382
Cole T. A. Temp. Administration 4420
Cole, et al Thomas S. Guardianship 2405
Coleman Bettie Will 5259
Coleman Charles D. Administration 7321
Coleman J. C. Will 3676
Coleman John Administration 1326
Coleman M. T. Administration 91
Coleman Nancy C. Guardianship 42
Coleman Mrs. Piety R. Will 7330
Coleman Sadie Mae Guardianship 7940
Coleman Sallie N. C. M. 347A
Collard Nannie Administration 9137
Collier J. W.  Will 8910
Collier J. W. Administration 8914
Collier Janies S. Will 4395
Collier Mrs. Louisa V. Will 5613
Collier Rosa Alexander Temp. Administration 8378
Collinralch George N. C. M. 2322
Collins Ada McCord Will 2984
Collins Arthur Temp. Administration 9004
Collins D. N. Will 1910
Collins Ed Temp. Administration 2461
Collins, et al Elmer D. Guardianship 2550
Collins Ida Isabell Will 9105
Collins J. Burnett Will 3519
Collins James H. Will 7239
Collins Joe M. Will 7313
Collins Joe M. Administration 7362
Collins Lottie Comm. Administration 7582
Collins Lucile Temp. Guardianship 7894
Collins Margaret Temp. Guardianship 7317
Collins Mary Temp. Administration 4864
Collins Mrs. Mary Frances Will 2188
Collins Mattie J. Will 2078
Collins P. H. Will 7142
Collins Sebastian E. Temp. Administration 3432
Collins W. J. Will 2574
Collins, et al W. M.  Guardianship 132
Collup Ellen Temp. Guardianship 39.21
Coltharp, et al John R. Guardianship 2701
Colthorp J. J. Temp. Administration 4843
Colton David Temp. Guardianship 4044
Colton J. B. Comm. Administration 4057
Comford John N. C. M. 1210
Commander Dorris Guardianship 5607
Compton, et al Hattie  Temp. Guardianship 2936
Compton J. B. Temp. Administration 4663
Compton Thomas A. Will 9342
Condon John W. Will 3692
Condor Tom Temp. Guardianship 5334
Coniglio Amelia P. Will 7796
Conklin Joseph Columbus Guardianship 705
Conley H. F. Will 3469
Conlisk Mrs. Annie F. Will 7031
Conlisk Annie F. Temp. Administration 7278
Connelley Patrick J. Will 7925
Connelley, et al Warren Guardianship 9221
Connelly, et al Marie M. Temp. Guardianship 4097
Conner Sallie A. Will 8035
Conner W. L. Guardianship 873
Connolly R. F. Temp. Administration 2361
Connor L. M.  N. C. M. 25
Connor L. M.  Guardianship 3061
Conrad  Elizabeth A. Will 9302
Conrad, et al Julius Guardianship 5892
Conroy William N. C. M. 149
Conway John W. Will 2179
Cooke Robert Will 5253

Cooley J. Edward Administration 8606
Coon Mrs. Abigial N. C. M. 147
Coon Mrs. Abigial Guardianship 3378
Coons J. K. Will 8861
Cooper Annie E. & R. E. Administration 729
Cooper Charles Administration 1453
Cooper E.Gregg, Floy E., Guardianship 722
Cooper Ella J. Will 4143
Cooper Eva Marie Guardianship 7066
Cooper George  N. C. M. 1582
Cooper Ike Will 5258
Cooper Henry F. Temp. Guardianship 5373
Cooper Ira Administration 2718
Cooper J. T. Will 7299
Cooper Laura C. Will 7784
Cooper Laura C. Comm. Administration 8564
Cooper Lillie E. & Roderick D. Guardianship 722
Cooper, Jr. Marvin J. Guardianship 8755
Cooper Sina Comm. Administration 7344
Cooper Thomas Brooks Will 8872
Cooper William D. Will 9310
Cooper Wm. Thomas Will 4905
Cope J. A.  Will 8684
Cope J. B. Administration 212
Cope Mary J. Will 5735
Cope (Minors) Guardianship 318
Cope Reuben F. Will 3188
Copeland F. N. C. M. 365A
Copher Martha E. Will 7950
Coplin Gertie Comm. Administration 7856
Coppedge Ira Francis Temp. Guardianship 4440
Coppins Edward Will 4536
Corbett Oliver H. Guardianship 4176
Corder B. S. N. C. M. 2080
Corkery Pat  Temp. Administration 2729
Corn Charles Will 7305
Corn J. W. Temp. Guardianship 7577
Corn J. W. Will 7878
Cornegy P. M. Administration 27
Cornelius Charles Administration 126
Cornett Joseph McChanahan Will 8332
Cornstuble Wm. S. Guardianship 516
Cornwall Georgia N. C. M. 1777
Cornwall Georgia N. C. M. 1853
Cornwall Richard  N. C. M. 1854
Cornwall Richard O. N. C. M. 2354
Cornwall Richard  N. C. M. 2645
Corpany (Minors) Guardianship 2766
Corum O. A. Will 8381
Cory Sallie B. N. C. M. 1996
Couch B. W. Will 8985
Court William Percy Temp. Administration 7174
Courtney Ella N. C. M. 2028
Cowan A. C. N. C. M. 1178
Cowan Annie  Will 7301
Cowan Jessie  Guardianship 4880
Cowart, et al Cora Ethel Guardianship 2628
Cowart H. T. Temp. Administration 2589
Cowden George E. Will 7296
Cowell Wm. Leonard Temp. Guardianship 7323
Cowger W. M.  Comm. Administration 8204
Cowsar D. A. Administration 2788
Cox Beverly Guardianship 8498
Cox E. V. Will 8254
Cox Frankie Venita Guardianship 5006
Cox Geo. A. Temp. Administration 296
Cox George Lewis Guardianship 7485
Cox H. S. Comm. Administration 4094
Cox Helen Temp. Administration 7163
Cox J. Fred Will 1065
Cox James L. & Mary C. Guardianship 931
Cox Josephine E. Will 7754
Cox, et al Lea Guardianship 2699
Cox M. J. Comm. Administration 1504
Cox (Minors) Guardianship 184
Cox Nellie N. C. M. 1722
Cox William Manly Will 8429
Cozad John Thompson Temp. Administration 5086
Cozad John Thompson Temp. Administration 5309
Cozad Perry Administration 7871
Cozby J. A.  Temp. Administration 7322
Cozby W. N. Temp. Administration 8279
Crawford D. R. Administration 189
Crabtree C. C. Temp. Administration 2010
Crabtree C. F. Comm. Administration 7172
Crabtree Eagle Guardianship 2012
Crabtree Tennessee Comm. Administration 1194
Craddock Donna Will 4735
Craddock, et al Jean Guardianship 4736
Craft Virginia C. Will 4627
Craft Wm. A. N. C. M. 685
Craft Willie N. C. M. 1622
Craig, et al Benj. E. Guardianship 2397
Craig, et al Helen G. Guardianship 5626

Craig James Administration 8184
Craig James E. Guardianship 4177
Craig, et al Lucile Guardianship 5172
Craig  Payton Guardianship 4042
Crane C. M. Administration 1448
Crane C. M. Administration 1456
Crane Joseph Administration 2087
Cravans Wm. Will 368
Cravens, et al Carlisle Guardianship 7783
Cravens M. H.  Will 7700
Cravens, et al Mary Guardianship 8225
Craver M. J. Administration 3318
Crawford Elizabeth  N. C. M. 816
Crawford Geo. W. Temp. Administration 7477
Crawford N. M. N. C. M. 1362
Crawford, et al Robert W. Guardianship 7046
Crawford W. C. Administration 707
Crawford Willie B. Guardianship 7830
Crawford Wm. Will 7349
Crawford Wm. M. Will 2248
Crawford Wm. Massey Guardianship 8076
Crayton Mike N. C. M. 747
Cree  Mrs. A. B. Will 2927
Creech Geo.  N. C. M. 1563
Creecy C. M. Administration 4621
Crehan Richard Guardianship 2416
Creller Frank E. Administration 8726
Crenshaw, et al Quinton Administration 7385
Creswell Cycrene Administration 558
Creswell L. B. Will 2982
Creswell Lucy Guardianship 302
Creswell Wm. L. Guardianship 34
Crews G. B. S. Motion to Sub. Inv. 138
Crews Paul Guardianship 5476
Crews Robt. J. Temp. Administration 4111
Crews, et al Wm. Guardianship 520
Cribb Edward M. Guardianship 2439
Cribbs Mrs. Sidney Comm. Administration 3328
Criner John W. Administration 8898
Criner Josephine Constine Guardianship 8201
Crisman E. F. Will 5405
Criss Elise Guardianship 7634
Criss Lena Administration 9091
Criss W. S. Comm. Administration 1385
Crist George Guardianship 4898
Crittenden Solomon Will 3517
Cruise Isadore Temp. Administration 2233
Crumbaugh Thornton J. Will 785
Crume, et al Paul Guardianship 3671
Crumlish John Administration 628
Crump Silvia Administration 3626
Crumpler Jewell LaNell Guardianship 8845
Crutchfield W. A.  Will 1686
Culleson Nellie M. Temp. Guardianship 3578
Cummings C. C. Will 5312
Cummings Dean W. Foreign Will 9180
Cummings Edith Will 3918
Cummings Hattie S. Comm. Administration 175
Cummings J. Y. Will 5544
Cummings Jordan Y. Guardianship 542
Cummings Mrs. Laura T. Will 5713
Cummings T. W. Guardianship 543
Cummins Alta Lee Comm. Administration 8783
Cummins Elizabeth Will 8696
Cummins Mrs. M. L. Temp. Administration 7327
Cummins Mrs. M. L. Will 7328
Cummins P. A. Will 6051
Cummins Robert Guardianship 7432
Cummins T. W. N. C. M. 1724
Cunningham Annie L. Administration 5553
Cunningham, et al Charles E. Guardianship 3386
Cunningham Elizabeth,Mary, Martha Guardianship 228
Cunningham Ira E. Administration 8115
Cunningham, et al Juanita Guardianship 4308
Cunningham, et al M. E. Guardianship 186
Cunningham, et al (no name) Guardianship 737
Cunningham S. P. Will 713
Cunningham Samuel Guardianship 226
Cunningham Sarah Comm. Administration 924
Curry E. E. Guardianship 605
Curry Isaac Burgess Will 8601
Curtis Agnes & Mamie Guardianship 2509
Curtis A. K. Temp. Administration 5346
Curtis Sam Guardianship 130
Curtis William L. Guardianship 7867
Curtner, et al Thora Dell Temp. Guardianship 3718
Curtsinger Floyd  Guardianship 4655
Cutberth C. C. Guardianship 1174
Cutchin Thomas H. Administration 3190

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